Taken as She Slept

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It was a hot summer night when I was walking up the hall to my own bedroom. As I passed an open door that I knew should be shut curiosity got the better of me and I just had to have a look see. As I looked in there she was lying there half covered with her duvet. I could see she was naked as her bare leg and ass were on view as she had one leg over her duvet. I sneaked right up to her bed jerking my now hard cock in one had as I rubbed my other hand over her naked ass.

I couldn’t believe my luck as here I was pants around my ankles, a throbbing cock in one hand and her bare ass being rubbed by my other hand as she slept. She has shoulder length black hair, brown eyes with long slender legs and a fantastic ass and body on her 5ft 10 frame. Not bad for a 43 year old even if I do say so myself I thought. Her name you ask…well its Alanis Miller. You are also wondering who she is to me, well my name is Danny Miller and Alanis is my mom.

I am 20 years old son and yes I still live at home as does my sister Darlene Miller who is a year older than me and is just as good looking as mom is. As I said I am 20 years old with short dark hair and blue eyes. I have an athletic body due to our home gym in our basement which I use every day and I stand at 6ft tall. My sister Darlene is 5ft 10 the same as my mom but her hairs is dark brown hair and brown eyes. Like mom she has long slender legs that go all the way up to her armpits and has a great ass on her.

Here I was right next to mom’s bed where she was laying naked half covered with her duvet and I was jerking my cock as I rubbed her gorgeous bare ass. The more I touched her ass the more I wanted to explore her hot body more. I was able to get her to lie on her back so I was able to take the duvet away from her and drop it on the floor.

Seeing her lay there naked made my cock lurch and it was all I could do not to cum all over her right there and then. I climbed as softly onto the bed as I could and lay down beside her and ran the palm of my hand over her big tits and nipples. Mom must have thought she was dreaming about dad as she began to respond to my touch. Mom started to moan at first it was like in her throat but then her mouth was open and her moans got a little louder.

I was now tweaking her nipple between my thumb and fore finger as she began to writhe on her bed beside me and her legs began to spread. It was now or never I had to get on top of her and bostancı escort get my cock buried as deep into her as possible before she was fully awake.

Moving up and over my mom I was now between her spread legs my cock and inch or two from her smooth wet pussy. I was now where I have wanted to be for a couple of years now, right between her open thighs and burying myself deep inside my mom. My cock was now nudging her wet cunt I was right at the entrance of her love hole when I heard my mom say it.

“Oh Roger yes put it in me fuck my cunt I want you to make me cum all over it.” She said now half awake.

Before she got to say anything else I drove my now dribbling hard cock deep inside her pussy as she commanded me to. OK she thought it was dad but who was I to say “No” to her? I buried my cock to the hilt into her warm wet pussy. It wasn’t just as tight as I thought it was going to be but it felt great to be in.

I began my slow deep thrusts in and out of her now soaking twat as she moaned out loud and arched her back. As I was fucking her she finally woke up and found out she was not dreaming and also that it was not her husband who was fucking her but her son. The realisation of it took a few seconds to hit her brain that it was her son Danny thrusting his cock in and out of her making her moan for more of the same.

“OMG no you can’t fuck me Danny your my son.” Mom cried out in shear panic.

“Please Danny you have to stop it’s not right you can’t be doing this to me.” She cried out again trying to push me off her.

It was no use I already had her pinned to the bed with my weight on top of her. My dick was now thrusting in and out of her faster and faster as I plunged in and out of her drenched cunt hole. I felt mom go stiff as a board under me as her body betrayed her, she was now cumming over my cock. As I felt her love juices begin to spray out of her and over my balls as I to hit the edge of no return and started spewing cum deep inside her. The next thing I knew I was hit on the head from behind and fell unconscious on top of my mom.

When I awoke a few minutes later there was my mom and my sister looking down at me as I lay on the floor wondering what the fuck happened. It was then that I noticed the hockey stick in my sister Darlene’s hands. I also noticed that all my sister was wearing was a sheer nightie that came half way down her thighs and from where I ümraniye escort bayan was laying on the floor I was having a good view up her nightie to know she wasn’t wearing any panties. Mom was still naked and peering over the edge of the bed at me as I looked back up at her.

“Serves you right you little bastard, next time I tell you to stop fucking me you better fucking stop.” Mom yelled at me.

“Mind you it does look rather impressive mom.” Darlene said as she stared at my half hard cock.

“Yes it does look inviting and it’s only at half-mast and it’s huge.” Mom stated with a smile on her face as they now both openly stared at my dick.

It was then that we heard a car pull in to our drive and then a car door slam shut. Shit it was dad he was home early as he wasn’t expected until later on tomorrow afternoon. Darlene helped me up off the bedroom floor and we both bolted for our own bedrooms. Mom got out of bed and went to the toilet to try and clean up as much as she could of what I had deposited inside her before her husband came in to their bedroom.

The next morning I awoke about 9.30am with my sister bouncing on my bed on top of me. It was then that I also smelled that someone had made coffee and toast. I pushed my sister on to her ass on the bottom of my bed and threw the covers back and got out of bed and hit the shower. As I was in the shower covered in soap suds I felt someone sneak in behind me and as I turned around to see who it was there was my sister standing there totally naked as the day she was born.

“Holy fuck if dad finds you here he will kill us both.” I said as I took in her naked form.

It was then that Darlene took matters into her own hands or should I say my now rock hard cock into her hands. She stood there in front of me as I stood rooted to the spot as she jerked my cock up and down in her soft hands. I knew I wasn’t going to last long with her hands on my cock and I was right about 2 minutes later I sprayed cum all over her tits and belly until she had milked my cock dry.

“Oh you better hurry your coffee is getting cold.” Darlene said as she got out the shower dried herself off and put on her t-shirt and shorts and was off out the door and away downstairs.

A few minutes later after I got my senses back and had dried myself off gotten dressed and came down stairs mom was putting bacon and eggs on to my breakfast plate and putting it on kartal escort the table in front of me. Across the table from me was Darlene with a huge smile on her face as she looked from me to mom. It was then that I noticed mom had a smile on her face also so I guessed that my sister had told her what she did to me in the shower. I didn’t get to ask though as my dad came into the kitchen and sat at the table as mom put his breakfast down to him as well as she kissed him on his bald head.

My dad is called Brian and he is 2 years older than mom at 45 years old. As I said he has lost all his dark hair and is now bald as a cute. He is a big man at over 6 and a half feet tall with a bit of a belly on him and looks like a barroom brawler kind of chap. But in reality he wouldn’t hurt a fly if the truth be told or as mom calls him…her big teddy bear. His job as a salesman takes him all over the country but now he was home and now in a joyful mood as well.

After breakfast was over dad took mom out shopping which really put a bigger smile on her face at the thought of buying shoes or a hand bag. Darlene went out into the back yard and lay by the pool topping up her tan and I went out and sat in a chair to be her life guard in case she got into trouble in the pool.

As Darlene lay there I studied her hot body. Her long slender legs were amazing and I would just love to get between them. I stared at her and wondered if she was asleep or not behind those mirrored sunglasses she was wearing? I lifted my chair and sat it 3 feet away from her and sat down on it again and waited to see what she would do or say. She did nothing she just lay there topping her tan up. As I leaned in closer to her I could hear her breath was deep and even, yes she was sleeping.

I sat there ogling her gorgeous body, her long legs and her bountiful boobs. Yes my sister Darlene would make a fine conquest. I now pulled my hard throbbing cock out and began to jerk off as I looked at her in that very small bikini that she almost wore. My hand was now a blur as I jerked my cock up and down as my wrist slapped against my thigh. As I stared at Darlene I could have sworn her head moved ever so slightly was she really awake and watching me as I bashed the Bishop? The thought of my sister watching me sent shivers threw me and brought me to the edge.

All it took to have me shoot cum over her beautiful body was for Darlene licked her bottom lip. As cum shot from my cock and landed across her belly, chest and thighs she just lay there and let her brother cum all over her.

“Oh Danny I love you.” She said as she just lay there covered in come.

“I love you to.” I replied as I lay down beside her.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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