Taking Care of Daddy

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Close Up

“Hello…Daddy’s home…” Frank Malone said dejectedly to his empty house. It had felt like a tomb in recent weeks. Cold…dead, like something rotten from the grave but still moving on automatic. Rachel had been the love and light of his life. His wife of twenty years had died tragically in an airplane accident. Some mechanical failure took her life and all the others on board. The payouts for surviving family members were insane. He would never have to work again and their daughter, who was about to graduate high school, would have a free choice of any school in the country.

Their little girl was all grown up, he thought as he looked at her pictures on the walls. A head cheerleader and star acting talent, Melissa was doing great with accolades abound. She was holding it together much better than her father. She was working hard on her final performance. The final play in the school year was to be Ovid’s Metamorphoses. Unbeknownst to Frank, Melissa had been reading the whole thing.

Melissa Malone had stumbled upon one story in particular that drove her wild. She couldn’t explain it but the idea of seducing her father really struck a chord within her. It was so wrong but it got her so wet. She had these naughty and troublesome thoughts often, even before she read the ancient taboo tale. Ovid had just been the match which had alighted her flame of desire.

Melissa had a killer body. All the boys and girls that fucked her in school said so. She was a total slut and took any person she wanted. She used every tool just to train her body for her Daddy’s pleasure. She wanted him more than anything. She could only orgasm when she thought about him taking advantage of her. Using her like she needed to be used. Pressed hard into the bed and fucked like she had seen her parents do so many times. Her mind grew hazy and her knees grew weak when those thoughts overpowered her mind. She had a plan and with both of them suffering from loss, she knew it would work. She had left school a little early to get everything set up at home. She was in the living room with the lights turned off. She had a blanket over herself but was naked beneath. She had been playing with herself for over an hour. The couch was soaked but she couldn’t stop. She wanted to get caught. She wanted her Daddy to punish her, to spank her ass roughly and call her a dirty slut. She had a Daddy/Daughter porn on silent. The images were enough to get her gushing but she had a toy that took her over the edge easily. She had heard him open the door and began bringing herself over the edge again. She wanted him to hear it.

The silence was interrupted by soft moans and Frank dropped his keys on the table after hanging up his coat. He walked from the kitchen to the living room and found his sweet baby girl in the middle of something. He caught a glimpse of what was on the screen and quickly did an about face.

“Um…sweetie? I’m going to go get some pizzas for dinner. I’ll be back in a few minutes. That should be enough time for you to finish,” Frank said solemnly.

“Yes, Daddy,” Melissa said with a sigh making Frank feel uncomfortable. He didn’t pry into his daughter’s sex life. Whatever she did was up to her. He just hoped she was being safe and doing that at home was the safest thing imaginable. He thought the man in the video was a little too old for her but it was probably just a phase.

He headed into town and ordered the pizzas along the way by phone. Modern conveniences sure made life much simpler. The pies were ready when he arrived. A classic pepperoni and a hawaiian for his babygirl. She loved the sweet pineapple mixed with the salty ham. He got back in the car and headed home. Everything in the house reminded him of Rachel, especially Melissa. She looked quite similar to her Mother but more refined. All those years of cheer, dance and theater had given her definition. The boys must really be after her but he hadn’t seen hide nor hair. She never had time for boys with her schedule anyway, he assured himself. He shook his head before getting out of the car and heading inside with the pizzas.

He placed them on the kitchen table and by instinct got out three plates. His body was shaking when he realized his mistake but he held back the tears. He held himself together so his sweet baby wouldn’t see him break. He did at night though, when he was alone and not sleeping in his empty bed. He just stared into the darkness of his empty room and suffered in silence.

“Daddy…it’s okay,” Melissa said and she came up behind Frank and gave him a hug. She held him tight, clinging on but supporting at the same time. She didn’t want her Daddy to fall down and helped him to the couch. She sat him down on the opposite side of where she had been earlier and tried to make him comfortable.

“I’ll get the plates Daddy. You pick a movie you want to watch. Anything you want, I don’t care. I just want to eat pizza, watch a movie and cuddle with my Daddy. Okay?” Melissa said with a pendik escort smile. He just nodded his head and she headed for the kitchen.

While he had been gone she had gotten changed. She had put on some yoga pants that hugged her ass but no panties. No bra under her sweatshirt made her feel more relaxed. She wanted to see how wet Daddy would make her just from proximity. She hadn’t cuddled with her Daddy in years. The best and worst time was during a thunderstorm. It was an old memory that she cherished. It made her feel safe.

She had also put on some perfume. It was one of her Mother’s favorites and she knew her Daddy liked that one best. She got the plates ready and headed back to see what movie he had picked. She was surprised that he chose The Wizard of Oz. It had been one of Mom’s favorite movies. She used to sing along with all the songs. She had been the music of the house. After they ate and got more comfortable, she sang a few songs for her Daddy. She was really trying to cheer him up. She had no idea what she was doing to him.

Frank was in a haze. He had noticed the perfume but hadn’t said anything. He was glad to have a blanket to hide his massive erection. That scent always made him excited because his wife had worn it on date nights. It was his tell tale sign to ravage her in the evening when they returned home. Just thinking about those nights made his balls ache. He decided to take care of himself later and tried to focus on the movie and his daughter’s beautiful voice. She could sing better than her Mother and those old songs soothed him. He never thought his little girl would make him feel better. She got closer and wiggled in beside him as the movie drew to a close. He put his arm around her to hold her close and she put her head on his chest.

“It’s going to be okay Daddy,” she said as she slowly stroked his chest. “We only have each other now and I want to take care of you. I want to make you feel better,” she said with her eyes closed, fighting the urge to continue exploring his body.

“Thank you Princess. You help Daddy more than you know. Seeing you happy makes me happy and you’ve been keeping up with your schoolwork. When you’re done, you can go anywhere…after the settlement, we can afford to do anything” he said and looked away from her, trying to hide the pain of loss he knew was on his face. That money came with the greatest cost but at least it made life easier for them. Grief is more expensive than most people realize. It’s a weight and you carry it for longer than you think. Then he felt tiny fingers in his armpits and he erupted in laughter.

“That’s better Daddy,” Melissa said with a smile of satisfaction as her Father finally expressed some joy. He was quick to get her back along her ribs and she was giggling in no time. She went to get him back in the same spot and her left hand accidentally brushed his swollen member. She pretended not to notice and just went in for more tickles. He kept laughing but she noticed how his right arm quickly went to his lap. He was holding himself down. She decided she would tease him more. She got in his lap and used her little fingers along his ribs. Then she wrapped her legs closer around him, straddling him over his arm. She wanted to grind on his thick wrist, to pull it out of the way and get to what she needed. She just kept tickling him though and watched him wiggle and chuckle. Tears were in his eyes before he asked her to stop. She just kept going and he roared louder. As his body moved uncontrollably, his cock grazed her between her legs and she shuddered. He got stern with her and she gave him a clinging hug, while just shaking her head yes. His voice had scarred her and almost made her cum.

“Melissa…I’m sorry for shouting. I’m glad you didn’t listen to me and kept going. I really needed that laugh,” he said and she hugged him closer. The perfume hit his brain and made his cock swell. He kept it away from her and hugged her back just as hard. “Daddy’s tired Princess and I’m going to head to bed. I’ll see you in the morning. You should get some sleep too. Your big show is tomorrow. I know your Mom is not here to say it, but I’m proud of you baby. You’ve accomplished so much already and life is just getting started for you. Now hop off me and I’ll kiss you goodnight,” she did and closed her eyes as he kissed her forehead. He pulled the blanket up to his shoulders and did his best to hide his throbbing cock. Frank headed up the stairs with two problems. One was his throbbing cock. The other was his daughter’s recent choice in entertainment. When he went to put in his choice of movie, he had found what she was watching when he had gotten home. It was called Daddy Daughter Volume 3: Back Door Adventures. A winning title for sure but the disc had a picture of a young girl bent over looking back. The girl’s asshole was where the disc would spin. A sign of clever advertising but a different sort of problem for him. Why would his sweet Princess be watching this?

As escort pendik Frank headed up the stairs, Melissa’s hand dove down her pants. She found herself to be drenched. As the credits rolled on the movie she came hard on the couch. She had made her Daddy laugh again. More importantly she had made him hard as granite. She muffled her own mouth as she came just thinking about that monster inside her. She needed it now more than ever but she had to wait. Her plan was accelerating but it would be a few more days before she made her move. She cleaned up the plates and turned everything off before heading to her own bed. As she crept by her Father’s room, she listened for any signs of him doing anything. She knew her Father had lots of stamina. He was a marathon runner after all. Soon, she thought to herself as she crawled into bed naked and alone.

Frank slowly stroked his cock and thought about his former wife. All the good times they had kept him going for awhile but other thoughts crept in. Her not being there was most prominent but also his own daughter. The way her body felt against him with that perfume on. He knew it was wrong but he couldn’t stop himself. He needed to cum so bad that he did it while thinking about fucking his little girl’s ass. Slowly tearing her open and then fucking her hard for as long as he could. As he came he grabbed the sheets and his body spasmed. It was intense and the shame he felt after even more so. He couldn’t allow himself to think that anymore. He told himself it would be the last time.

Frank woke up the next day with a raging erection. He decided to ignore it and just hop in the shower to get ready for work. He only had a few days left to go. He had decided to quit the same day his daughter graduated and take some time off. He didn’t remember how to find his way by himself anymore and he knew he would need months to figure it out. Financially, they would be set for life. Emotionally, he was still devastated. He set the shower to cold. It set his mood as he methodically cleaned himself. After he dried off he shaved and quickly surveyed his bathroom. The huge tub for two he would never use again. The empty side of the counter, clean and missing all of her stuff. His daughter had taken what she wanted when she had helped him clean up. He could never forget his wife but he was glad that he still had his sweet Princess.

Melissa was out on the road and beating her feet. She loved the wind in her hair, especially the cool morning of springtime. She had started out alone but one of the boys from her school had caught up with her. It was a ritual for them both. She would run and he would chase her. When he finally caught up to her, they continued running until they got to the school. They made it into the gym locker room and they both headed for the Men’s shower. She striped and turned on the water. He did the same.

“Damn girl, you sure like to run,” her friend Mike said. He was a track athlete and one of the best runners at the school. He was tall, lean and dark as the night sky. “Now that I caught you, I get my prize,” he said as he grabbed her and forced his tongue down her mouth. She kissed him back and sucked his tongue. Her hand slowly stroked his cock before she got down on her knees and took his massive tool into her mouth.

“Fuck…you’re fantastic. If you keep that up I’ll…” Mike said and she doubled her efforts. He came in her mouth and she sucked him completely dry, kissing the tip when she was done. His knees were shaking and he had to place a hand on the wall to steady himself.

She rinsed off and grabbed her clothes feeling nothing about what just happened, anxious to get out before anyone else came in. She didn’t have the energy to deal with that scenario. She heard Mike say thanks as the door closed behind her and she headed to the Women’s side to find her locker. She dried off and brushed her teeth to get the taste out of her mouth. She put on some clothes and headed for her first class. Today would be over quick because she only had two of them. The rest of the time would be spent getting the stage ready for tonight. She loved performing for her Daddy. She got wet just thinking about his eyes on her. Him sitting in the crowd and just watching her.

At lunch she took a break and met up with one of her girlfriends. Amber was a cute girl with the classic bookworm personality. She loved the theatre and worked in costumes. Her glasses fit her petite figure and she wore baggy clothes with a ponytail. Melissa had texted her to meet for lunch. As soon as Amber arrived backstage where Melissa was, she got down on her knees and started sucking Melissa’s clit. She sucked, fingered and licked her pussy with a fiery passion. Amber was infatuated with Melissa. Melissa couldn’t care less. The only reason Amber was between her legs was because she was the best at school at eating pussy. Melissa thought about letting her Daddy have Amber. Watching him fuck her however he chose. Melissa came hard thinking pendik escort bayan about how her Daddy would reward his good little girl for such a present. He would let her clean his cock of Amber’s juices. Then, Daddy would fuck her stupid, just like she always wanted. She squirted on Amber’s face while thinking about taking her Daddy’s cock inside her. Amber sucked Melissa’s pussy clean and all she got was a pat on the head. Amber looked up at Melissa with such joy it made them both smile.

“Good girl,” Melissa said as she cupped Amber’s chin, still wet and sticky. “You’re the best,” Melissa said while getting up.

“Thank you,” Amber said while shaking her head. Amber loved being used by Melissa and she would do anything for her. Amber then gazed up adoringly at Melissa but felt crushed when Melissa went to leave. Amber made a sound like a lost kitten and Melissa stopped in her tracks. Melissa spun on her heels and came back. She pulled Amber up into an embrace. They melted together at the lips and Melissa’s hands roamed all over Amber’s body. Melissa grabbed Amber’s ass roughly causing her to moan.

“Take your pants off and get on the floor,” Melissa commanded and Amber obeyed. For Amber, it was like a dream come true. For Melissa, it was just another training session. Melissa thought about eating Amber while her Daddy watched. He would come up behind, cock hard as a rock, and just shove it deep inside her pussy. The thought of her Daddy fucking her hard as she ate Amber’s pussy made her even wetter. Melissa moved her body and ground her wet pussy on Amber’s face. Amber dived in while trying to fight the urge to climax. Amber needed to please Melissa more than she wanted to cum herself. While Amber was in bliss, experiencing the moment, Melissa was in her head with her Daddy. It was over for both of them in a few minutes when Amber had a shrieking orgasm. Melissa covered her mouth with kisses to silence her but both of them were sure someone must have heard. They quickly got dressed and kissed goodbye. Amber would be backstage for the rest of the day and Melissa would be doing final practices all afternoon.

Time flew and the curtain came up. It was an adaptation of Ovid’s stage play and some scenes were cut. Melissa had been chosen to be the lead actress and that meant she had to change costumes frequently. She was in most of the vignettes in some capacity. When she first stepped foot on the stage she looked for her Daddy. She didn’t know where he would sit and so she scanned the seats. She finally found him, near the front. He was chatting and laughing with a few other parents. Melissa was so happy to see him that she needed to change her panties. It was like lightning the way he made her wet. She took a deep breath to focus. The show must go on afterall.

Frank had found an empty seat next to one of Rachel’s old friends. They both chatted before the show started. He felt bad because he couldn’t remember her name and he had known her for years. Luckily, one of the other parents asked Joan Miller a question and he quickly recovered. The memory of her came flooding back into his mind, allowing him to carry on their conversation. They made small talk before the curtain rose. After that he only had eyes for his lovely Princess. She didn’t miss a step and every line was delivered perfectly. When the show was over, the crowd erupted with a standing ovation.

Melissa was invited to the after party but she declined to go. She just wanted to go home and cuddle with her Daddy on the couch. Another night being next to him was all she wanted. Melissa told her Father that she was exhausted and just wanted to go. Frank just smiled and said, “Okay baby, let’s head to the car and go home. Do you want to pick something up on the way?” he asked her and she just nodded.

They stopped and got chinese food before making it back home. He laughed as she tried to use chopsticks again. It was funny to him that she still hadn’t mastered them when she was so good with dexterous activities.

“Like this baby,” he said while holding her hand and placing the sticks between her fingers. His touch lingered longer than it should have and he realized that she felt differently. Maybe it was just lingering thoughts from the day before. Another thought crept sinisterly into his mind. His beautiful daughter holding his cock, slowly stroking him, building him up to an epic orgasm. He pretended to cough to let her go. That didn’t stop his growing erection though. He finished his food quickly, trying not to think about his daughter’s lips wrapped around his cock.

“I’m going to take a shower real quick. Do you mind cleaning up without me baby?” he asked her.

“It’s cool Daddy. I can handle this. I’ll take a shower after I’m done and then…can we watch another movie and cuddle on the couch Daddy?” she asked in a voice he could never refuse.

“Sure Princess. Meet you on the couch in thirty minutes?” he replied.

“Sure thing Daddy,” she said and got up to plant a kiss on his lips. It was quick and paternal but it fired him up regardless. Touching those soft lips made his cock swell. The damn thing was infuriating him. He headed up to his room to take care of it.

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