Tangled Ch. 03

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Ben Black and his twenty-one year old daughter Cynthia are having a steamy incestuous love affair. This affair has trouble Ben deeply all along. But now trouble looms on the horizon, something Ben may have never have expected.

Sitting in my office on the second floor I swing my chair around and I begin to day dream out the window. I watch as people come and go in and out of our building. I spot a familiar face walking towards the front door it was my daughter Cynthia.

I watch as she stops to chat to one of my younger colleagues for a moment before heading in. I wondered what had brought her here so early. Looking at my watch it was only 11:40am and I thought something must be amiss.

She knocked at my door and announced. “It’s me dad, can I come in?”

“Sure, sure you can.” I say. “I saw you talking to Joe Murray on the way in.” I say as she entered.

“You mean you were watching me?” she replied in what I took to be a slightly angry tone.

“I didn’t mean it that way Cynthia. Is everything ok?”

“I’m sorry I snapped dad. I’m not feeling so good today. And I came over to ask if I could take the car home?”

“That’s fine honey, we all have our off days. Look, I don’t have a lot on today so why don’t I run you home. And I’ll look after you for the evening.”

“You don’t really have to dad. I’m fine driving by myself.”

“I don’t mind pet, you are a funny colour. What kind of dad would I be if I didn’t look after my little girl?” I say, as I kiss her on the head.

She sat down in my swivel chair, and just as she did as a little girl she sat staring out the window soulfully.

I wondered what was wrong? I hoped it was nothing too serious. Perhaps a cold I thought, she was shivering on the couch the other night after we. Well after we finished being intimate.

“Ok babe. Ready to go.” I say.

We make our way to the car, and on the ride home she was unusually quite. Cynthia is a very bubbly girl, and most of the time I can hardly get a word in as she chats away to me. That’s one of the things I loved about her, I loved listening to the sound of her voice.

We arrive home and I let us both in, I suggested she get into her night clothes and settle into bed for a rest. I told her I would bring some lemon tea as it was a good pick-me-up.

The phone rang as I was fixing her tea, I answered it, and it was a client who needed advice. I spent about twenty minutes talking to him; walking him through his new server and the command lines needed to carry out the newer operations we had built in.

After I had dealt with him I made the tea for my baby. And I headed down to our room and she was no place in sight, she wasn’t in the bathroom as the door was open when I passed.

I called out to her and I got no reply. I noticed her room door was slightly opened and I went in.

I got a shock; there she was huddled up in the corner of her room with a childhood teddy bear clutched in her arms, and she was sobbing away bursa escort to herself.

I had found her like this once before; after what her mother did to her many years ago.

I put the cup down and I knelt in front of her,I started to rub my fingers through her hair and I ask. “What’s wrong Cynthia. What has happened?”

She threw her arms around my neck hugging me tightly. “Oh god dad,” she sobbed “I think I’m pregnant!”

Well holy shit did my world begin to collapse around me as the shock hit me. Jesus Christ she told me she was on birth control, what the fuck happened I thought.

“Fuck it, I thought you were on the pill.” I say, slightly raising my voice.

“I don’t know dad, really I don’t know.”

“Were you taking it, were you really taking it Cynthia?” I probe.

A horrible thought popped into my head. Perhaps she wanted to get pregnant, perhaps in her own mind this was her way of making sure we’d be together.

“Of course I was fucking taking it dad. Do you think I wanted to get pregnant, is that what you think!” she snapped back angrily, as her tears rolled down her face.

Her eyes were now quite red and puffy from crying and I began to regret my last statement.

I made her sit on the bed and I sat down beside her, and placing her head in my lap she continued to cry, she was shaking like a leaf just like all those years ago. And an image filled my mind as I recalled the past events.

I came home that day to find my estranged wife had cut off all of Cynthia’s beautiful hair with a scissors. I had found her just as she was today with her mother standing over her shouting “Your not a jezebel now are you?”

I grabbed the scissors from my wife and pushed her out the door. Cynthia was only ten I guess when it happened.

I pull a tissue from my pocket and lifting her up I begin to dry her eyes, I hug her close and say. “Don’t worry my love.I am here for you, just as I always have been.”

“I know dad, I know. You have always been my knight in shining armour.” She replies still shaking.

I wondered what she meant by her statement, was she also remembering the events from all those years ago too. Was it theses events that had driven her in to my arms? Was it the trigger for the love and affection she had for me? So many questions, but I pushed them aside.

“Are you sure you are pregnant?” I ask.

“Yes dad, I think I am. My period is five weeks late.”

“Did you test yourself; you know one of them home testers?”

“Yes I did! But the result was vague. It didn’t go either of the colours.”

“Well there you go, perhaps you may not be.” I say trying to calm her down a bit.

Fuck this is a fucking disaster I think to myself. You stupid fucking moron, why did you get involved in this crazy relationship with your daughter. Fuck!

Looking me deep into my eyes Cynthia spoke. “I must be, my period is way late dad.”

“This is my fault. I should have stopped this in the beginning.” I say.

“No bursa escort bayan dad, no. I wanted this. I have always wanted this. I love you. I really really do dad.”

“I love you Cynthia. I love you too. But lets think about this logically pet.”

“What do you mean dad?” she says, as she sits up still sniffling and shaking.

“Well just because that test did not work. Why don’t we try getting another one; you know, by a different manufacturer.”

“They are all pretty much the same dad.”

“Well then Cynthia, just humour me then. I can pop out and get one.” I say, in a reassuring tone.

“Ok dad. Go get it. I’ll stay here.”

“Ok babe, come on I’ll tuck you into our bed before I go and I’ll make you some fresh lemon tea as well.”

“Oh dad, what would I do I do without you.” she says, as a smile starts to light her face.

I head out in the car and my mind is racing at about a hundred miles an hour as I drive down the road.

Jesus you have really, really fucked up big time haven’t you? I think to myself. You are as bad as her mother, I think. You have hurt your beautiful baby girl.

I was so fucked up in the head I drove right passed the pharmacist and I was almost a mile down the road when I occurred to me.

I swung the car around and headed back. I saw a flash in my mirror and I thought fuck, that’s all I need a fucking speeding ticket. I had passed a mobile camera doing 75mph in a 50mph.

I head into the store to get the kit and like a nervous teenager in buying rubbers I was picking up useless items.

The shop assistant came over to me to ask if I needed help. I whispered to her telling her I needed a pregnancy kit. I told her my wife was at home sick and she thought she was pregnant.

Their stock was low she told me, but they still had older kits in back that were still good, but needed a more hands on approach; her exact words. Ok I said I will take one, and she goes off to fetch it.

She proceeds to explain the operations to me, but I say its fine, because beside me a nosey old woman was listening to our every word.

I head back home and when I enter the hall Cynthia is waiting there for me. She literally jumps into my arms and grabs me tightly saying.

“Don’t leave me dad, don’t ever leave me.”

“Never, I would never leave you pet.” I say, and I hug her tightly to me.

We sat at the kitchen table and opened the box, the instructions were five pages long in the booklet. Looking at me a rather crossly Cynthia asked me.

“Fuck dad, these went out with the stone age. Where did you get it?”

“It’s all they had in the store. And the lady said it would work ok.”

“Fine, fine I’ll give it a go!” she says, and heads for the bathroom.

About five minutes later she comes back in. “Any luck?” I ask.

“No I couldn’t go dad. I’m just too nervous to pee.”

“look, lets grab a couple of beers and try again later, a few beers will fill your bladder escort bursa up.” I chuckle trying hard to make light of this nightmare situation.

“Fine dad, fine.” she replied her tone sounding slightly impatient.

We sit there drinking beer in silence; I suppose we were both wool gathering, reflecting on the events that brought us here. I resolved to stand by my baby come what may.

Standing up after about an hour Cynthia was first to speak. “I’ll try this again dad.”

And she heads to the bathroom, after a few minutes she calls to me.

“Dad would you mind coming in here please?”

So I opened the bathroom door and she was standing in her nightdress with the plastic cup from the kit.

“I need your help, do you mind dad?” she asks.

“No, I don’t mind pet. What do you want me to do?”

“I need you to hold the cup while I pee. My hand is shaking so much, I can’t fill it.”

“No problem babe, don’t be embarrassed; I’m not.” I say.

So I take the cup and she lifts her gown up exposing her pussy, she takes a deep breath letting it out slowly, and a stream of piss starts coming out.

I admit I was getting horny at the sight of my daughter pissing. But I brushed that thought aside quickly.

The piss splattered over the cup splashing onto my hand; her bladder must have been filled to bursting point. I see her blush and she says

“Oh god I’m sorry dad.”

“It’s ok pet, don’t worry I clean up when you are done.” I reassure her.

I hand her the cup and she leaves the bathroom to place the wand or whatever it was in to the sample.

I turn to wash my hands and there are still droplets of her piss on my fingers. Without thinking about it I put a finger into my mouth and tasted her pee, it was slightly salty, but yet tasted sweet.

Before I knew it I had sucked my fingers dry. Fuck I thought to myself you are sick.

I went back to the kitchen and we both sat there looking at this experiment. After twenty minutes or so Cynthia removed the wand and compared it to the colour chart.

It was hard to tell if she was or was not pregnant. Fuck that for a game of cowboys I thought.

“See dad. What did I tell you.” she says pointing at this wand.

“Look I think the best thing to do is visit a doctor and have a proper test done.” I reply.

“Ok, but we should really go somewhere else, to a doctor who has never seen us before.”

“Ok, I will drive you across town in the morning to a doctor’s office.” I say.

I persuade her to go to bed, and after tucking her in I return to the kitchen to gather my thoughts.

Suppose she is pregnant I thought, could our child be somehow not right, deformed or some such other thing because of our father daughter relationship?

My mind began to run wild again as all sorts of horror scenarios filled my head. I drank a good few more beers before I went to bed. But I was not drunk, but I wasn’t far off.

I crawl in beside my baby and kiss her gently on her head; I can see her sleep is troubled. And I settle down to try and sleep myself not knowing what tomorrow’s events may bring.

Part four will be coming soon. I hope you are enjoying the story so far.

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