Teacher May I?

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:: A young man is pacing in a high school classroom::

It was 5th period and David Green knew exactly what that meant. Sarah Davidson. God how he hated the time he had to spend with her. She was so hot, her hotness bordered on perfection. She had a habit of using his class to masturbate. She’d sit in the middle seat of the front row right in front of his desk. To make matters worse she dressed to kill and always had a way of looking at you that made you want to cum right then and there. He’d been glad that this year his planning period was 6th period. He used that time to jack off all his mass tension. He couldn’t even get action at home. His fiancee wasn’t the kind of woman he could just fuck her brains out. In fact the reason he was getting married was because his best friend was dying from cancer and she wanted someone to look after her 18 yr. old daughter. Luckily he’d always had a weakness where Kim was concerned. So they agreed to get married. He still hadn’t met the daughter yet. She had been staying at her friends home these last few weeks. She couldn’t bear to see Kim so weak.

But back to the matter at hand (no pun intended).

Sarah was due any minute now and he hadn’t given himself the pep talk he needed.

:: The bell rings::

Hell, there she is.

:: A tall blonde on stiletto’s wearing a short strip of fabric that didn’t seem fit to be called a mini skirt and a tight white cotton low-cut tee walked in like she owned the place. It had been raining and the shirt clung to her like a second skin. It was obvious that her 32D’s were unrestrained. She dropped her pencil and slowly bent over to pick it up. She wore no panties and had on stockings with a garter::

David blew out a harsh breath. He knew that she did that for him and she knew he was the only one who saw.

“Hi, Mr. Green!” she said in her soft breathy voice.

“Good afternoon Sarah” was his response.

She took her seat and he started class.

Ten minutes later she was squirming in her seat. David knew what that bursa escort meant. She’d relieve herself soon. But before she could spread her legs and give him the daily show, an announcement came over the PA system. ” All students that are not seniors please report to the auditorium “

David quickly looked up and realized that only four of his students this period were seniors.

And guess who was

on that list? Yep, Sarah.

She smiled a mischievous smile and went back to squirming in her seat. He was sick of this and needed to sit down before she started her show. “Class, I want you to write a report on how being a senior has it’s advantages. You can work in groups of work individually.” She opted to work individually. The others gathered in the back corner and left David at Sarah’s mercy. She smiled that smile again. David sighed and took a seat behind his desk to pretend to work on grading papers, while Sarah fished around in her purse and pulled out one of those doodle pens. She glanced up at him and reached down and shoved it in her soaking twat. She shivered and then she turned the damn pen on. David’s eyes were glued to her young pussy as she fucked herself with the vibrating pen. She sighed and rolled her head around then she tensed up. Her legs spread wide and she threw her head back and shoved her fingers of her other hand in her mouth to muffle her groan as she climaxed. She slowly opened her eyes and smiled a contented smile as she readjusted herself. She licked the pen clean and put it back n her purse.

:: The bell rang::

“Bye Mr. Green” She called as she wandered out of his classroom.

“Bye Sarah”

What was he going to do? Should he confront her? Damn all he knew was he wanted to fuck that tight teen cunt with abandon. He waited till the room was empty and went to the door and locked it. He walked to her desk and pulled out his 10 inch cock. He reached down and wiped the seat with his fingers and they came back wet. He used that wetness to lubricate his meat and started to stroke bursa escort bayan it after he sat back in his desk.


She wiped her mouth and thanked the custodian. She’d just given him head for the key to Mr. Green’s classroom. She couldn’t believe what a rush it had been to fuck herself with his eyes glued to her. He was a man. A real man. Not like any of the dumbass boys at this school. She was glad she had saved herself. Now all she had to do was talk him into fucking her till she couldn’t walk anymore. She smiled at that. She knew what her goal was. She was being set up by her family to go to college and she wanted out. She wanted to get pregnant. Mr. Green could do that for her. She was outside the room now and she could hear him moaning slightly. She cracked the door open and found herself faced with her fantasy. Her hot as hell teacher was beating his meat and thinking of her!

She walked over to him after locking the door behind her, and slowly put her hand on his cock. He went very very still. Slowly he opened his eyes. Then they went wide. She laughed and said, “Would you like some help?”. He stammered, “Umm, no I,” she stroked him and he said, “oh fuck yeah,” she had her answer. She told him to keep stroking it while she pulled his shirt off revealing a rock hard chest and six-pack. She couldn’t help but moan then leaned down and kissed him with a fierce passion.

He groaned and she fully took over. She moved to the desk and was about to slide onto his rigid pole when he mumbled something about wanting to taste her. She put on leg on either side of the chair and he buried his face in her sweet cunt. After he made her cum she slid off the edge of the desk and onto his monster meat. She rode him hard and fast till her pussy muscles were pulsing and he was throbbing from how many times they’d cum. They took a break since it was almost time for his next class to start and she decided now would have to be the time they had the escort bursa talk.

“Mr. Green?”

“When it’s just us you can call me David.”

“David, I have something to tell you.”


“We didn’t use anything.”

“You’re not on the pill?”

“No. never had sex before, I just didn’t have a hymen because I have a dildo and I had to pop my own cherry to use it.”


“I was hoping you wouldn’t be that way about this.”


“Great, just great. I can’t marry you.”

“I know.”

“Well, what are you going to do when people ask who the father is?”

“I’ll tell them it’s not their damn business.”

“I can’t be seen with you, ever.”

“I know. I just wanted this. Maybe sometime we can work it out.”

“I doubt it. I’m getting married in a few months.”

“oh. OK then.”

They got dressed in silence.


*Three months later*

“Mother, why do I have to meet this guy?”

“Because honey, after I’m gone he’ll be all you have left.”

“I don’t understand why I have to have someone to watch over me.”

“I’ll tell you why, because you and your baby will need someone stable in your life.”

“OK, OK, just don’t mention the baby to him right away, I don’t want him to think I’m a whore.”

“Well, you are pregnant and still refuse to tell me who the father is.”

“Because I don’t want to ruin his life.”

“We’ve been through this for the last two months.”

:: A car pulls into the driveway::

“He’s here. Now behave yourself!”

::The doorbell rings and Kim answers it::

“Hi David!”

“Hi Kim!”

They hug and kiss.

Kim calls to Sarah to come meet her future stepfather. She walks in and sees him then faints. “Oh my God!” Her mother screams and rushes over to her to see if her daughter is all right.

“Mom,” Sarah croaks out,” Why didn’t you tell me you were marrying my English teacher?”

“You’re her English teacher?”

“Yeah” he replies dumbly. Sarah doesn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. David doesn’t know why he’s happy but he has a strange feeling his new stepdaughter and he will get along just fine.

……………..To Be continued………………..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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