Teaching Tara Ch. 07

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Of course I had always known that my daughter snored. But it is one thing to listen to her while watching at the door way, quite another when she is one of the women sharing your bed.

After Marion had recounted the story of her first time with Gramps, Tara had fallen into a deep sleep and snored. I couldn’t stand it and about 1am I had to wake her and send her back to her own bed. I curled into the warm body beside me and once again let the images of the day flow through my mind. My cock hardened despite all its use and I carefully fucked my wife awake. It was a gentle coupling, none of the arduous or frenetic pumping of earlier, but none the less satisfying.

I’d met Marion when I was working in a hotel, construction was always quiet and the money tight during winter so I’d take waiter jobs to tide me over. I watched this tiny woman dance all night, never tiring, always smiling. Ok so it was her bouncing tits that first caught my eye, I have already said I am a tits man but she looked glorious. I finished at midnight, so changed and went to ask her to dance with me. I have two left feet, but I wanted to know what that rack would feel like against me.

During the dance there were no bolts of lightning, no knowing this was the woman for me, just a hardening cock and a damp pussy. We used one of the rooms I knew was empty and had the most memorable fuck of my life. She said no to nothing. I fucked her hard and long and she kept coming back for more. The woman wore me out. What was supposed to be a one night stand turned into dating and turned into me falling for her completely. I’d met her kids, 7 year old Tara and the 6 year old twins Susie and Nathan. Not exactly what I had been expecting, but they were good kids, and it was fun taking them on outings. They all moved in about a year later.

When I asked her to marry me, she said no, she had been down that road and it hadn’t worked. She said she couldn’t regret it cause she had the kids, but she never wanted to do it again. She was never quite clear as to why her and John Marshall, the kid’s father had broken up, but he had walked out on them when the twins were only babies.

I made it clear to her, that I was not going to take no for an answer, and I would keep bugging her and asking until she said yes. I may not be the most romantic of guys, or the most forthcoming, but I knew I was never going to find a better woman for me. She actually got angry and yelled back: “Why can’t you just leave it? We work as we are now. Why mess with what isn’t broken?”

My hot Irish temper took over and I yelled back: “So I am traditional, so what, sue me.”

Her temper is at least as bad as mine and the screaming match continued: “I am not traditional, my family are not traditional, and I am so fucking bored trying to be so fucking traditional. Everyone applying their fucking rules to me.” And she walked out, no she stormed out.

It was not the first time so I sat and stewed for an hour but when she didn’t come back I sat and worried for the next hour. When she still didn’t come home, I called a neighbour and asked them to watch the kids and went to find her. Her sister was the obvious first place. Sam, her sister’s husband told me that she had been there but they had gone out for a drink and named a local bar.

I’d never seen her so drunk before, the two of them had been knocking back tequila shots. Judging from the empty shot glasses, they had drunk quite a few.

“Here he is my traditional, Irish man.” She was slurring badly. “Come to do his Quiet Man impression and drag me back home across the fields.” She had put on that fake Irish accent that she knew I hated. My temper flared again. Damping it down as much as I could I poured them into the car and headed back to Pauline’s. There was no way I was letting the kids see her like this. I nearly crashed the car when I looked in the rear view to check they were ok and they were kissing. Nothing sisterly about the kiss, it was full on.

Marion caught me looking and laughed “Told you we were not traditional” and went back to kissing her sister. Damn it was hot watching them. I took a detour and parked in the local supermarket car park, it was empty but the lights were still on. I parked under one of the lights and turned to watch.

Things had moved on while I was busy and they now had their hands in each other’s knickers. The smell of their pussies filled the car. If they noticed we had stopped moving or that I was watching closely they ignored it. Pauline bursa escort turned, put her back against the door and spread her legs before grabbing Marion’s head and pushing it towards her pussy. I watched as the woman I loved pulled her sister’s knickers to one side and feasted on her wetness before starting to finger fuck her. I was so hard I was sore and tried to release my cock from my jeans, I didn’t want to make noise and distract either of them.

“That’s it my bitch, eat me, you had better do it good or you know what I will do to you.” I heard Marion mumble a reply but could not make any sense of it. It was hot watching them, I loved that Marion was up for anything, but I’d never seen her with someone else. Let alone her sister.

“Liking the show are you?”

Pauline was staring straight at me. I didn’t answer but my enjoyment was obvious. I had to have some of the action. I walked around and opened the back door, grabbed Marion by the hips yanked her knickers to one side and drove my cock straight into her.

“Now, I’m enjoying the show.”

Pauline laughed.

I fucked her hard, pushing her mouth deeper into her sister’s pussy, without warning I dumped my load into her. Looking at Pauline, I said, “You don’t mind if I use her mouth for a moment”, I grabbed Marion by the hair and fed her my cock to clean. Even drunk, Marion knew how to suck cock. By the time she finished, I could hear gentle snoring from the far side of the car. Pauline had passed out. Without looking at Marion directly, I shoved her back in the car, got in and drove to Pauline’s.

Sam came out to help me carry the drunks into the house and put them to bed. We went back to the living room and I collapsed on a chair.

I briefly told Sam what had happened, he didn’t look surprised. “Can you please explain to me what the hell is going on here?”

Sam was standing and pacing, “Why the hell does it always fall to me to explain? I am fed up with it.”

He sat down and looked at me. “You’ve heard the expression a family that lays together stays together? – Well welcome to the Buchanan’s. The family that lays together.”

I couldn’t process what he was saying? “You’re saying that the sister’s fuck each other?”

“Oh, not just the sisters, all of them.” He paused to let the words sink in. “On their 18th birthdays, Martha would fuck the boys and John would fuck the girls. After that was up to each if they wanted to continue.”

I had to stand, I paced up and down the room, hoping the activity would help clear my head, help me figure this out.

I looked back at Sam “You mean all of them Gramps, Grammy, JJ, Martin, all of them? Any of them back out.”


“And you?”

“On occasion.”

I collapsed back in the chair, running my hands through my hair. It made sense, they were close, a very close family. Marion spent a lot of time over there.

“John works off the philosophy that it is just another form of showing love and affection for the family.”

A thought struck me: “This is why John, John Marshall I mean, left them isn’t it?”

Sam nodded: “He found Gramps milking Marion’s tits on a visit back home after the twins were born. He lost it, stormed out, threatened to go to the police, the works. In the end we calmed him down, but he refused to have anything to do with the kids. Said he couldn’t even be sure they were his. Fucking idiot, of course they are his. Tara is the spitting image of him.”

“I need a drink”

Sam poured us both large ones, I wanted to knock it back, but needed to think about this.

“When did you find out?”

“Almost immediately I met Pauline.”

“So why didn’t she tell me?”

“Would you have told you? Conservative Catholic upbringing, Irish Catholic, bit straight laced, Marion knew you would freak. Last week she told Gramps that she was going to marry you, but that she would have to give up the family. He was not happy. Marion has always been his favourite.”

I was thrilled to hear that she was going to marry me, but I was still reeling.

“I better get back to the kids. Thanks for telling me Sam.”

“Tom, I know this is a bit of a shock but it sounds worse than it is. Marion really loves you, she is willing to walk out on her family for you.”

Sam’s words kept coming back to me as I sat thinking through the night. I got the kids to school the next morning and waited.

Just after 9.30am, the door opened to reveal a very hung over Marion. She obviously bursa escort bayan had hoped I had gone to work and was surprised to see me waiting for her. The tears began rolling down her face as she walked across the room.

“Sam told me what happened last night.” She faltered, “Tom I am so sorry you had to find out like that. “

I grabbed her by the arm and without saying a word put her in the car. There was still the smell of stale booze in the air. She curled up as far away from me as she could get.

After a while she realised where we were going.


I ignored her.

I pulled into the driveway, got Marion out of the car and walked into the house. Martha was sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee. She started to welcome us, but stopped mid sentence when she saw the look on my face. I handed her the phone, “Call your husband now, I want to talk to him.”

I heard Martha pass my message to John and followed up with, “I don’t know he just said he wanted to talk to you.” Pause “Ok.” Pause “Ok.”

“He says he will be here in 10 minutes, he is working nearby to-day.”

Marion had sat down and Martha went to her. I poured myself a cup of coffee and went out to sit in the garden to wait. I heard the car pull up and the door slam. A few minutes later John appeared in the front garden. He began to speak: “I have every right to ….”

I interrupted him, “Save it. It comes down to this, you have had my wife, I think it is only fair that I have yours.”

The look on his face was pure shock but he recovered quickly. “She is not your wife yet.”

That is how on my wedding night, I had my new wife and my new mother in law in my bed.

The ceremony had gone off without a hitch, it was a small group in John’s back yard, mainly family and a few close friends. By 8 in the evening the friends had left and my family were on their way back to our house. They were to stay with the kids for the few days while Marion and I went on our honeymoon. Sam and Pauline had also gone home, but would be back later.

The rest of the Buchanan family, John and Martha, JJ (John Jnr) the eldest by a few minutes, his twin Martin, Terry the youngest, Marion and I were sitting around the table. There was a tension in the air, nothing like the tension when I confronted John about how he raised his family. This was pure sexual tension, they all knew what I wanted and what I was going to get.

I pulled Marion onto my lap

“Hello wifey!”

“Hello you!”

We kissed lightly before I asked her: “You ready?” She nodded.

“You’re sure?” I nodded.

My wedding present to my new wife was a fuck fest. In the weeks between my discovering the family secret and the big day, I had explored her kinky nature. I had known of course that she loved being fucked, but I found out that she loved to be fucked by more than one at a time. She had recounted a story of when she had spent a night with the twins and had loved it. I had been surprised how turned on I got listening to her. But the idea of her small body being used as a cum dump, had lead to a raging hard on.

I unzipped her dress and she stood and shook it to the ground. I could hear the table being cleared but I was admiring the beautiful white lace encased body in front of me.

“New?” I looked up at her and she nodded. Her breathing had already changed. “Pity!”

Pushing my hands between her and the lace, I ripped it apart so that her tits were free and she was left standing in white garter belt, stockings, heels and her jewellery.

I picked her up and laid her on the table pulling her across so that her pussy was just on one edge and her head was hanging over the other. The boys went to work and tied her arms to the table legs and after bending her legs secured her calves to her thighs, she was spread wide open. The ropes were then tied off so that she was virtually immobilised.

I swung a chair around and sat at the top of the table, I could watch both her pussy and mouth being used. “I believe it is customary for the father of the bride to go first.”

I left the sentence hanging and looked over at John.

“We thought maybe you would want her first.” I thought about changing my plan for a moment, my cock was twitching at the sight of my new wife, but shook my head.

“Would one of you just get up here and fuck me?”

I watched as John slapped her pussy, “Don’t be so impatient you fucking slut.” Marion squealed but answered “Yes Daddy!” escort bursa very meekly.

Unceremoniously John, dropped his trousers, he was well hung, had to be about 10″ and ploughed his cock into her pussy. “There slut, you got what you want, you have cock in your pussy, now shut up while Daddy fucks you.”

“Oh Daddy, fuck your girl good, please, fuck me hard. I am so horny.”

I heard JJ yell, “You are always horny Sis.”

John looked around at me: “You have her plugged?”

“Yeah – her ass is mine – you guys can have her pussy and mouth, her ass is off limits.”

John nodded approvingly, “Good plan.”

Martha had pulled up her skirt and was feeding her cunt to her daughter to lick. I was curious and went behind Martha, pulling the top of her dress down and released two enormous tits. Her clothes were getting in the way of my view, so I undressed my new mother in law.

For her age she was in great shape. I was pulling at her tits and my new wife, her daughter was eating her cunt, I pulled her back by her hair and assaulted her mouth. Marion had let slip a few things about her mother including that she liked it rough, pulling her away from her daughter I pushed her face down onto the table and rammed my fingers into her wet cunt. My wife’s mouth was not empty for long as Terry had taken his mother’s place and was lowering his balls onto her waiting tongue.

“Use the wooden spoon, the big one – she likes it – don’t ye Mom?”

JJ handed me the spoon, I had never used anything like it, but landed a few hard smacks on her ass. I have to say, I loved how it turned red.

My attention was drawn back to John, my father in law, he had been pounding away at my wife’s pussy for several minutes.

“Give that here boy, I’ll show you how to use it.”

Taking it from my hand, he turned it so that the flatter part of the spoon was facing down and proceeded to slap Marion’s tits. I heard her scream around Terry’s cock.

“The fucking maso slut just came over my cock.” He gave her a few more slaps with the spoon, “And again. Like mother like fucking daughter, the two of them love their pain.” He rammed his cock in and out of her pussy: “Dont .. you .. my … girl?”

“Try it on her”, he said, his chin indicating his wife who I still had pinned to the table, one hand on the back of her head and the other in her wet cunt.

I lifted Martha onto the table and spread her like Marion was. I climbed up onto the table and taking back the spoon, set about her tits.

“Mind if I?” It was Martin, his cock out and aimed at his mother’s pussy

“Be my guest.”

“It is unbelievable to fuck her while she is being hit, she cums so much, it is like she is trying to rip my cock off.” He pushed his cock into her wet cunt. “Mom, you feel good and tight. Dad slowing down is he? Not been giving you enough cock? “

“Hey you watch your mouth son, your mother gets plenty.”

“Hey sis swallow this!” Terry pulled his cock out of Marion’s mouth and sprayed his cum over her face and some onto her waiting tongue. As she moved her head, trying to catch more I caught her eye, she smiled broadly at me, and mouthed the words “Thank you” before taking Terry’s cock back in her mouth to milk the last few drops.

I turned my attention back to Martha and turning the spoon as John had, hit her squarely on the nipple. She bucked a little. “Hey hold still Mom, you nearly pushed me out there. JJ get over here and hold her down.”

JJ had been sitting and watching the fun on the table. Now he sauntered over and took out the fattest cock I have ever seen. He was maybe not as long as me, but it was as fat as Marion’s wrist. The smile on Martha’s face when she saw it heading to her mouth was pure delight. JJ teased her a bit, giving her only very top of the bulbous head, making her stretch her tongue out to taste it.

“Aww son, come on, give it to Mom, give me that monster.”

I guessed he was going to drive it down her throat so started to hit her tits and hit them hard. She screamed but it was muffled by the cock in her mouth. JJ high fived me.

The door opened and in walked Sam and Pauline. But it was not the couple who had left earlier. Pauline was in a black leather dress and Sam was naked apart from the collar around his neck.

“The last family secret.” Sam said to me, but Pauline turned on him and slapped his face, “Who said you could speak – now get over there and get busy.” He crawled over to John and from what I could see, separated the cheeks of his ass and began rimming him.

Oddly, I had not even thought about any guy on guy action. I had thought it would all be focussed on the women.

But nothing was unusual this night of all nights.

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