Teasing Elderly Neighbor Ch. 07 Pt. 02

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“For fucks sake Frank, shes told you, get it up her cunt,” Bill was urging his friend on.

“Go on fuck the bitch, its what she wants,” he virtually ordered Frank.

I looked at Bill. He was now sweating heavily, his cock was straining in my hand. I dipped my head down again and sucked his bright red helmet.I then felt Franks cock nudging against my fanny lips.

He hesitated for a second, his cock end nestling against my wet, parting lips.

I could wait no longer.

I bucked back violently,desperate for a strange cock up me. He plunged up my sopping gash easily.

He simply muttered.”Oh fuck yes.”

I responded. “Oh Frank fuck me. I’ve wanted this for so long, get it all the way in, go on fuck it.”

He began to thrust at me, his old cock now buried deep within me. A few thrusts and he was in deep, right up to his aged sagging balls.

“Go on ride her hard Frank, this cunt is one little fucking slut,” Bill was staring intently at me.

I was wanking his cock and staring back.

“Oh yes Bill I am, I am yours. Go on Frank shag me, shag me fucking hard.”

Frank kept up a steady pace, all the time being urged on by his friend. After a few minutes Bill wanted in on the action.

“My turn,” Bill said emphatically. “I want a piece of this pussy.”

Frank slowly slipped his length from me, easing it out my soaking cunt.Bill got up. He got behind me as Frank sat down.

I eagerly licked Franks cock. My juices had coated his cock. I lapped them up, for the first time in well over a decade I was tasting my juices off another mans prick.

For the first time in ages I had been splayed open by the cock of another … it felt amazing.

Bills cock was harder and bigger than Franks.

It filled me easily, a couple of mighty heaves and he also was deep up me.

I greedily slobbered over Franks cock at the same time.

Bill fucked me hard and fast, then slowed down, only to speed up again, he was an expert at changing pace.

All the time he slapped my arse and pulled at my suspender tights.

“Fucking tight cunt … sexy bitch,” he commented as he banged away behind me.

Frank was hard as a rock in my mouth and hand.

Bill then slowed down.

“Face the TV,lets fuck you while you watch the fucking on TV.”

I was span around, remaining on all fours, again Bill reentered me from behind.

Frank sat in a chair to the side of us wanking slowly and steadily.

“Look at her getting screwed,” Bill said.

On screen a young blond girl was busy taking three big black men on. She was wearing boots and was on all fours, one cock pounding her from behind and the other 2 being sucked and wanked alternately by her.

“She’s fucking loves it,” Bill said.

“Fuck me hard,” I again urged him on. Mimicking the scene on TV Bill began ataşehir escort bayan to tug at my hair, he pulled on it hard and slapped my arse as he rode me.

“You fucking love cock Anna.Tell us you love it,” he was speeding up at this point.

“I fucking love it Bill, I have had so many cocks. I want you to fuck me harder.”

I was building up to a climax.

“Tell us how you love it,” Bill again urged.

“I love the feel of It, the taste of it Bill.I love to see it stiff and hard.”

“You’re a little cock teaser, aren’t you,” Frank joined in.

“I am Frank, I’ve loved teasing you, showing you my tits and legs in tight tops and short skirts. I fucking love it.”

“You should see how she dresses for the shops Bill,” Frank continued.

“She wears really tight skirts or short ones don’t you. You love the men looking at you.”

“I do,” I shamefully replied.”The young men looking at me, eyeing me up gets me so turned on.”

“You dirty fucker,” Bill was really pounding me now, pulling hard on my hair.

“Lets both get up her to bring her off,” he said.

With this Bill slipped out of me.

I was positioned over Frank in the chair, facing him. He slipped easily up my wet cunt. He slid into me as I sat on him, fully taking his old, stiff cock deep up me.

He began to chew my tits as he was ridden by me.

Bill then got behind me.

I expected his prick to be nudging my arsehole anytime … He took me by surprise.

Instead of going up my arse and DP’ing me as I had expected he slowly nudged his stiff cock alongside Franks. Right up my pussy.

I was, within a couple of thrusts, engorged, fully stuffed with both their cocks up my sopping wet cunt.

“Fucking hell … yes!” I shouted at them.”Go on fuck me. Please fuck it, fuck my pussy, fill it up,I love you both.”

I was now in ecstasy.

My eyes were flickering, rolling around in my head as my wave of climax gripped me.

I had been well and truly fucked by my two lovers.

Bill thrust up me with a steady rhythm as I slowly rode Franks cock.

“I’m coming off,” I screamed at them

I’m not sure who came first.

As I was creaming, Bill and Frank simultaneously both began to spurt up inside me.

My quim was flooded, flooded with all our cum.

My cum and the two sticky loads from Bill and Frank.

They came and came, spunk oozing, gushing out of my wide open, fully stuffed cunt.

Trickling down onto their massive hard pricks.

We collapsed in a heap.

Their cocks slowly softening whilst still up me.

Bills plopped out first then I got up and eased off Franks.

We kissed and cuddled, all the time their cum leaking from me.

I was showered with love and attention.

After a while we agreed I was staying the night escort kadıöy with the two of them.

I went upstairs, my legs weak and trembling as I climbed the stairs.

Once in our flat I text meassgaed Mike and said:

‘They’ve both fucked me.I’m dripping with their spunk.I love you so much, Thank you x x I love you. Phone me in 15 minutes’

I showered and as I was drying myself Mike rang …

I recounted what had happened to him. Telling him how much I love him and, of how I had been so horny and so well fucked by Frank and Bill.

He helped me choose my outfit for returning downstairs to the two of my older lovers.

Guiding me by phone on how to dress for the two old men downstairs.

I wore my red set of lingerie, red stockings, red camisole top and red knickers, topped off with my white high heeled boots.

After about an hour or so upstairs getting ready and talking to Mike I went down to Franks again.

As I said I was now going back downstairs to the guys after having showered, changed and chatted with Mike.

I walked down the shared stairway and knocked on the front door. Bill answered, again dressed in a bathrobe following a shower.

“Oh your back and looking sexy as fuck,” was how he greeted me.

I wandered in, Bill patting my arse as I passed him in the hall.

“Look at this Frank,” he called into the living room.
“Look at how our sexy slut has dressed for us this time.”

Frank came out and smiled as he saw me in my red suspender set and white boots.

“Gorgeous as ever,” he said with a smirk on his face.

For the rest of the early evening I prepared our meal, cooking in my suspenders, stockings and heeled boots as the guys wandered in and out.

Each taking it in turns to have a little grope,a kiss and a feel of me as I did so.

Afterwards we all sat down and ate our meal, again with the two guys in their bathrobes and me in my outfit.

Following this Frank had a good feel of my tits at the dinner table and popped both my titties out of the top of my bra to fully expose them.

Bill had a good suck on them as Frank watched and commented.

I was beginning to get that tell tale ache in my pussy and a moist patch was appearing on my panties as Bill sucked and nibbled on my tits.

Frank urged him on and then I was relieved of my panties so that Frank could lick my clit and probe my cunny with his tongue as I sat on the dining room table.

My legs spread wide, my tits being sucked on by Bill and Frank lapping away at me like a dog on heat.

They swapped over a couple of times, Each taking it in turns to lick my wet pussy and suck on my hard nipples and aching titties.

After this the ‘boys’ were both standing to attention and they unrobed.

I was bent over the dining room table, maltepe escort legs again spread as wide as possible, my stockinged and booted legs being caressed by the two older lovers.

Frank took his turn first, getting behind me as I stood lent over the table.

He probed my cunt lips with his engorged cock and was soon thrusting up me with a vigorous rhythm.

Bill giving him verbal encouragement as he fucked me.”Fuck her hard, pound her twat.Go on Frank fuck the little tart hard.”

I was being pounded heavily and my tits were swinging as I was ridden hard.

Bill then replaced Frank as I begged him to do me hard and fast.

“Fuck it,fuck me hard. Go on Bill give me all of your prick.”

They continued to fuck me standing up over the table in turns for a while, then we retired to the living area again.

During this session I was fucked on all fours by them in turns, my tits swinging as my two old lovers fucked the shit out of me.

They then both did me missionary position, both french kissing me as they rode me.

After I was well and truly wet and gaping from their various positions of fucking me.

Bill asked if he could “Fuck my arse?”

I was wet enough by now and Frank was also keen to get up my arsehole too.

I was positioned on top of Frank to start with. His cock deep up my gaping fanny hole as Bill eased his prick up my wet arsehole from behind.

Frank stopped his fucking motion to let Bill get his bigger tool up my ass.

Bill then began to bang away at my bum-hole, riding me hard and fast. Slapping my arse cheeks as his throbbing cock fucked me up my ass.

“Fucking dirty cunt,fucking slut,dirty fucking cock teaser,” he called me as he banged away at me.

Bill was calling me as he rode my ass.

Frank then replaced him and again I was filled with their two cocks as they DP-ed me and fucked me in a rhythm that allowed them both to fuck me at the same time.

“I want to spunk all over you,” Bill said.

Frank wanted the same so the finale of this session was me sucking and slobbering over their cocks after they had eased them out of my cunt and arsehole.

They both spunked together right in my face, both sending spurt after spurt of hot, sticky cum over me.

“Fucking plaster the whore,” Bill told his friend.

Frank was urged on by the dirty talk from Bill.

I was spunked on really heavily, the cum splashing over my full face and hair, covering me in the two guys cum juice;splattering my make up and dripping from me.

I had cum off twice when they were DPing me but wanted another cum.

As I knelt with the cum pouring off me from Bill and Frank, they both played with my clit and shoved a finger or two up me to bring me off to great climax.

The rest of the evening was spent cuddling up on the sofa and then I slept in-between the two of them all night.

I promised them a return at some point. Bill was still fully unaware that Frank has been playing with me for some time, and still blissfully unaware that Mike my hubby knew all about my fun times with them as well.

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