Teasing My Daddy Ch. 5

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Warning: This story contains depictions of adult sexual situations, including mind control, and lots of sex. If it is illegal for you to view this subject in your area do not view this file. If you find these situations unpleasant or offensive then you obviously won’t enjoy reading this story, so don’t read it. The author takes no responsibility for any illegalities arising from the viewing of this file.

The author retains all rights to this story and it is transmitted here by an authorised person, for free viewing only. Retransmission is allowed only if it is in its original form including this message and archiving only by prior permission. Please contact storysmith@hotmail.com to obtain permission from the author. This is basically so that I know where my work will be located. Most reasonable inquiries will be happily agreed to. Do not send flames as they will be ignored.

Be warned also that English is not my primary language, so stupid grammatical mistakes and weird sentence construction are problems you may face as you read my stories.

* * * * *

Cathy’s day passed in a very slow motion, she couldn’t pay attention to classes, or even what people around her said. She could only think about her father, her mind working furiously with a thousand fantasies and doubts.

Again she didn’t even thought about men and flirting, much to the disappointment of the male populace at school. All her mind was set on the question of her father’s feelings. It made her so horny she had to masturbate in the school bathroom.

She skipped her aerobics class in the afternoon, something she had never done without good reason, and spent the whole day in erotic fantasies and the pleasures brought by her own fingers, she imagined herself in every kind of forbidden situation with her father and was anxious to see him tonight.

The girl prepared the settings for her night scene putting some of her teen magazines on top of the living room small table, the one between her father’s favorite chair and the TV, then positioned the lamp shade to the side of the arm chair, so that the illumination in front of the chair was perfect. Satisfied she went to her bedroom to get dressed.

Today she wanted to outdo yesterday’s display, she wanted to dress even sexier, more provocatively. She grabbed one of her largest tank tops, it had been a birthday gift from an airhead friend. It was light pink and very sheer, but not see-through, with a famous cartoon character smiling face in it, the straps were thin at the shoulders and got larger as it went bellow to form it’s deep V-shaped neck line. Unhappily the girl bought it two sizes larger, and everybody laughed at her at the time, and Cathy kept it as a private joke, it looked like a dress on her!

But it was a very short dress, the hem line going just to half a inch bellow the bottom of her crotch. It was a very low necked tank top, and since it was on the wrong size for her the neck line stood in the lower half of her breasts, in fact what was covering her areolas from view was the lower part of the straps, the end of it’s V-shape was some two inches bellow her bosom.

The nipples went in and out of cover constantly as she walked or, in fact, moved in any way. Every time she bended or arched her body, even if lightly, it rode up, exposing herself to the hips if she went far enough. And today she decided to use no underwear. No bra, no panties.

When Cathy heard her father entering home her heart nearly exploded with excitement and she took a deep breath, getting the courage needed for tonight’s game.


I went to dad in a sexy walk, making sure to twist my hips as much as possible without making it unnatural. He was wearing his silk shorts and T-shirt, and I couldn’t say if he was using underwear. My pussy was already moist and my heart was beating hard as I approached him.

“Hi daddy!” I said trying to notice any kind of desire in his eyes, but he was doing a good job if he was hiding it.

As I got near him I arched my back slower than usual to kiss his forehead and finally saw a hint of exasperation as my breasts escaped to the sides of the top. I decided to do things a little different and got a little forward, some inches more than usual, and as I lowered my body to kiss him my boobs brushed lightly against his face.

It got me even hotter and I hardly managed to suppressed a moan. Then I straightened up myself and adjusted my tank top, raising it to cover my bosom. But, since it was too short to cover everything, my pussy lips went into view, the hem line a good half inch above the bottom of my crotch, I feigned drowsiness and stretched, causing it to go even higher, baring my pussy to the point where dad could see my blonde pubic mound.

His face was showing his lust and discomfort, but I pretended not to notice it, he swiftly recovered composure and again it seemed that nothing had happened. But it was obvious he noticed I wasn’t wearing panties… and daddy said nothing about it. The lamp shade made sure tuzla escort he have had a perfect clear view of what I was showing him.

I gave my back to him as I turned to the small table where my teen magazines were laying, scattered all along it, and bended over at the waist. The tank top billowed down on the front and rode up to my hips on my back, all my full round butt was open to his enjoyment. I swayed my ass while collecting and choosing among the magazines, my rear in his full view. I even opened my legs a bit, so that my vaginal lips were visible.

I knew I was making a great show!

When I turned to face him again he was flushed, his breath quicker than usual and his erection was impossible to hide. I still pretended nothing unusual was happening.

“Cathy…I-I think your dress is too short, and… well, it’s really to short.” He said with some difficulty, as if the words were coming out of his mouth against his will. “It would cause some violent reaction in any man who saw you…” he continued halfheartedly.

I could see that dad wanted to speak more, but stopped.

“Oh, come on daddy! It’s just me, your little girl, what’s wrong with me dressing comfortably in front of you?”

I walked to him and straddled his lap, face to face with my father. I lowered my crotch to his, feeling his half hard cock touching my slit through the sheer clothes we both were using. When my hands went to his shoulders, the straps of my top already were on my arms. I needed my years of practice to do a trick like that! My raised arms kept the garment in place, but my cleavage was nearly in his face. Since the straps were so down, the nipples were poking out on the sides of it, my already hard nipples making two visible points on the garment.

“You are my father and I love you… I trust you…” My pantiless crotch was hard pressed against his erection, I could feel he wasn’t wearing underwear!

“Yes, but… people wouldn’t understand my darling. They would think… well that…” he spoke with his face red and his stiff member still swelling to great proportions. I was wetting his shorts, my slit was dripping with excitement!

“No way! I like to be dressed in short dresses, and I like to sit on your lap. What people have to do with this?” I asked with a coy look in my face.

“Well, y-you are a beautiful young girl and I am a man… sometimes people can’t see that we are father and daughter, or they see it and know that even so there may be something… something unusual happening” he spoke it as if to himself.

“Like you getting hot for me?” I asked and moved my body a little, just enough to bare my nipples. I kept looking him in the eye and pretended not to have noticed it. “Maybe people would think such a thing because you’ve been alone for so long.”

“Maybe…” he said while staring at my tits for a second, then his eyes returned to my face.

“Daddy” I started. “I think we should have a important talk!” I was feigning to be nervous and changed the weight from one leg to the other, the effect was to massage his hardening cock.

“W-what? Cathy, my princess, what are you…”

“Please daddy!” I made my best little girl face, it always convinced him.

“Ok, what is it?”

“Well… You are still so young and handsome…” I said while feeling his manhood rock hard rubbing on my wet slit “… and I am a big girl now, you no longer need to worry about me… and I-I don’t see you interested in any woman, I don’t think it’s good for you. I don’t want you to be lonely!”

“I’m not lonely my darling, I got you…”

I interrupted him again as I lowered my hands to his. The straps of my dress falled with my arms, as I knew they would. Only my very firm and upturned mounds kept the top from falling completely to my hips.

“But you need a woman in a… ‘special way’, don’t you feel this need?” He was staring at my nearly nude bosom and blushing.

“Y-yes… sometimes…”

Oh my god! He hadn’t been dating women for more than two years now! And I had been walking around him in skimpy and sexy clothes, sitting on his lap and doing all kinds of nasty things. Of course I had cockteased him to his limits! But for how long? And how much more can he endure before he admits it?

He was very red in the face, obviously he was embarrassed, but his cock was rock hard bellow me!

“A good looking man like you should have a girlfriend! You are too young to loose interest in women… you still are interested in women, right dad?” My discreet movements were causing the straps to get each time closer to the middle of my jugs, my breasts already mostly bare. I kept looking at his face and feigning not to notice it.

“OF COURSE I am still interested in women! I’m not this old Cathy!” He looked a little shocked at first, but his speech changed in a moment. “I’m still in the age to be interested in young and beautiful girls.”

“Yeah! You should go out and get some blue eyed and blonde teen for you!” I said with a wide smile, I moved tuzla escort bayan my body up and down on his lap looking to be excited by the prospect of him getting a girlfriend. With this my straps ended tucked between my bobbies, the firm upturned glands bare and proudly standing in front of his eyes. “She will have to be pretty, with big breasts and a nice body!” I bobbed my body even harder, making my tits bounce up and down tantalizingly, making an obscene show. My movement caused a reaction in him as his rock hard penis stood up on his short, making a tall tent on it.

“A beautiful big breasted blonde teen like you my princess?” he said.

“Daddy! Are you talking about my boobies?” I got on my knees, up on his lap, not touching his crotch anymore. Looking down I pretended to have just noticed that my knockers were exposed and said “OOPS! I’m so embarrassed! My tits are nude!”

I feigned to be nervous, having problems to get the tank top back in place, cupping my breasts and placing the top in the wrong places, making my chest get out of cover as soon as my fingers left the garment, all the while I continued to speak “I-I’m sooo embarrassed! You were looking at my tits! Thank god it was you daddy, not some stranger…” I sat back on his lap, aiming for the tip of his erect member and I felt it pressed hard against my slit, the fabric of the shorts working like a condom as it entered my vagina a little bit.

“DADDY! Wh-what is this?” I was a great actress in that moment, my surprised expression tried to convince him that I had no notion of what I had done.

“I-I’m so-sorry my princess… I-I never…” He spoke, his face showing a great shame and excitement.

“Ar-are you this hard for me!?” my hands went to his cock and grabbed it, swiftly taking the stiff pole out of the shorts. It stood free, the grament tucked to the side of his tights.

“Y-yes… I’m sorry…” while he spoke I guide it to the entrance of my pink and virgin opening. “CATHY! Wh-what are you doing!”

“Is this cock so hard because of your little teen daughter?” I spoke, not answering him. I knew he desired me, but I need him to say it! I was dripping wet in anticipation of satisfying my daddy.

“CATHY!” he was so surprised he was incapable of speaking any other thing, his mind working hard to understand what was happening.

“Were my nude tits…” I arched my body forward, rubbing my ample bosom on his face, the jugs going out of the top again, “… or my hot pussy on your lap that made you so hard!” I forced my hips down, half the tip of the engorged manhood entering my most private place.

He moaned loudly, his face a mask of pure lust. I had another orgasm just then, my fluids flowing to his purple cockhead.

I asked again “Do you like my big teen boobies? Do you want to see my nipples daddy? They are hard for you!” I bent over, the top billowed down revealing my full hanging breasts, his eyes were riveted on that most beautiful sight. The areolas are big and round, of a deeper pink than my white skin, the tan marks beautiful on my body.

“Y-you are my daughter! I-I ca-can’t…” He was so confused!

I got as far on his dick as my hymen permitted and rubbed my hooters hard on his face, I even pressed my hard nipple to his open mouth while I spoke again “And you are my dad! I love you… and I will do anything to make you happy! Do you want me to love you… in the special way daddy?”

Please say it! I nearly screamed I need him to say it!

“Y-yes… YES! But it’s so wrong… we cannot…”

I french kissed him on the spot, my tongue exploring all of his mouth! When he admitted it I nearly gone mad with lust, it turned me on so much that I came at the same time! I had never been able to get myself off like that before!

When we broke the kiss he was looking flushed and wide eyed at me. “Ca-Cathy! Wha-what are you… oh god!” his hands went to my ass cheeks.

“Do you like your daughter’s butt daddy? Is it firm and hot?” He didn’t answer, and I kissed his mouth, this time for a long while.

We broke the kiss and dad stared and stared, unbelieving the scene, until I finally said, “Do you like my teen boobs? They are yours daddy!” I cupped my boobs and arched my back feeding him a nipple.

I had another orgasm just from my father sucking my tits, he cupped both my hooters on his hands and fondled them with care. His tongue ran on every part of my jugs, my hard nipples pointed up to his mouth and begged to be licked. My hands firmly wrapped in his erection. I was really surprised, it seemed to get even bigger as I held it on my hands. I spent a long time there caressing his stiff member while he sucked my tits.

It already was the most erotic moment of my life!

My hands worked on cock, I felt it’s hardness pressed against my virgin cunt. Yes, I gave lots of blowjobs but I never gone beyond that. But now I felt that the time had come for me to finally be fucked! I had to bring daddy the best sexual satisfaction possible!

“Tell escort tuzla me daddy… how long have you been wishing it?” I asked as I slid down on his body, until I was kneeling in front of him, jerking him off gently. I was looking at his manhood mere inches from my mouth, yet it seemed so far away. I had been sucking cock for a long time now but as I looked at his dick it felt too wrong, he is my daddy! Am I going to give head to my father?

I was feeling a irresistible desire to lick him, take him inside my lips, but the incest was just too nasty for me! His cockhead was coated with pre-cum, dad was surely very excited, his erection pulsated on my hand. I mustered all my courage and arched my head to plant a little kiss on the tip. The salty flavor tasted delicious on my lips, the best taste I ever felt. “How long have you been peeking at your little princess dad?” I asked again.

“Since you turned sixteen.” He confessed. “I had noticed you were a beautiful and sexy girl who loved to tease men when you were thirteen, but I only started to get hot about you when you got sixteen!”

Thirteen! God he started to notice me when I was thirteen! He had long years of repressed lust! And he started to get real hot by the time I was sixteen! He had been controlling himself for so long!

I was ashamed. I never noticed!

Poor daddy, living alone with me and having all that pent up horniness inside him! I looked at his cock with new eyes, I had six years of teasing to make up to him. The thought of satisfying a man I had teased for so long made me cum again.

I took hold of his hard member with both hands and forced myself to his hardness, I felt electricity when my closed lips touched the tip of his dick. I was nearly crying, what was I doing? It’s incest! It’s wrong! But I reached another climax when my lips parted and I tasted his engorged manhood entering my mouth.

It slid inside my throat as deep as I could take him, until my nose nestled into his pubic curls, I’m really good at it! Then slowly I pulled it out, raising my blue eyes to his face I asked “Did you liked it daddy?”

He just nodded.

“Do you want your little girl to suck your cock? Do you like when your darling Cathy’s tongue plays with your big adult prick?” I licked his meat with delight as he moaned and answered “yes”.

I gave him the best blowjob of his life, my throat and mouth working hard to give a strong suction effect to his dick, my daddy’s dick! I milked his stiff pole the best I could.

“Is my mouth hot enough for you daddy? Will you feed me your white and salty milk?” I talked dirty to him with all my heart, getting as much excitement from it as him.

I heard he saying “Oh yes! That’s my little girl, suck my dick Cathy… suck daddy’s dick, my princess!” The man was in heaven, he hadn’t had sex in a long while… I knew it.

Sex! A grown man would surely want to fuck to be satisfied. My dad was loving the blowjob but he would enjoy even more my pussy, my tight virgin twat!

This thought sent shivers down my spine, it was even nastier than giving a blowjob to daddy, I was ready to let him fuck me! God I am a virgin, is this the way to loose my cherry? Fucking my own father? But I couldn’t resist, I was madly horny at the thought of his hard cock pumping into my small opening.

I climbed him, returning to his arms, kissing his tongue while rubbing my clit hard on his manhood. His hands went back to my asscheeks and he molded them in his fingers. I felt him guiding my hips so that his cock poked at my virgin entrance. He played with me, forcing it a little, then easing the pressure. My moisture was such that I was lubricating his cock just by rubbing it on my slit, I was nearly cumming again!

“Oh daddy, it feels so good!” I was loving this most intimate game but I had to go on or I would get insane with lust. “Do you want to stick all this big and hard adult cock inside me, hum? Inside your only daughter’s pussy?” I aimed my slit to his cock and forced it down, but it just slid on the too lubricated small opening, ending up on my buttocks.

I rose and tried again, four times I had the frustration to feel it on my belly or my cheeks, until he grabbed the hard member and held it in place while I lowered myself.

“Try it now, my princess… feel my cock entering you!” I heard he speak and hesitated for a second, now there was no turning back, I was about to give my cherry to my daddy!

My hips went down slowly. I felt the cockhead making it’s way inside my slit, daddy forced the rest of his swollen tip into me, sliding the length in until he felt the hymen.

It felt so good! I started to move up and down in this short space and feel him shacking with pleasure. “God you’re so tight, my princess!” he said aloud and I came again, my fluids falling in his cockhead half buried inside my teen twat. It was driving me crazy, his words sent me beyond the edge.

“Yes daddy, I’m a virgin! And my first time will be with you!” Trembling I grabbed his shoulders and took a deep breath. I pulled out and then stabbed downward again, this time I did not support my weight, I had let my body fall all the way, feeling my hymen breaking, making way to his invading manhood.

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