Tech Control for Rhoto Ch. 05

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Amanda Lane

Keley blinked as the wave of vertigo passed, shook her head to clear out the rattling feeling in her brain. She looked to Sasha and Clint to see them enjoying plates of flan, and was about to ask for some when she realized there was already a plate in front of her. She’d even taken a bite. What the hell was going on here? Last she remembered was… the salmon wellington, a bout of dizziness, and then… this. The dinner plates were gone, they’d even replaced the table runner, and she swore the flowers had more blue in them.

Keley glanced nervously from Clint to Sasha, had they noticed? Why couldn’t she remember? Her head still felt cottony, mouth dry as a bone, a metallic buzz suffused her senses. She needed to breath and calm down, the bathroom, that’d be a good place to freak out a bit.

“Uhh, I’m gonna use your bathroom. Just down the hall right?” Clint looked up from his flan and smiled at her. That smile was why her sister loved him so much, and Keley would never admit it but she’d more than once thought of him while cumming.

“Oh, go for it. We’ll be here when you’re done.” She stood up on slightly wobbly legs and walked quickly to the toilet, shutting and locking the door behind her.

Now what? Her whole body was buzzing like a cheap vibrator and she still couldn’t remember anything between dinner and dessert. Keley paced a bit, shaking her hands, unclipping her bra, but nothing worked. The buzzing seemed like it was growing, getting louder too, she was already freaking out and it certainly wasn’t helping.

Keley plopped down on the toilet lid, rubbing her arms and wondering when it’d end. She felt like the tail end of an oxy high but way more intense, not fun at all. The metal buzz permeated her brain, she could taste it, smell it, feel it inside her.

Then her ears popped. It felt amazingly good, euphoric, even sexual. She felt her nipples harden against her loose bra, her skin electrified, hand moving unconsciously to her lips to find them dripping. Tenderly she pushed two fingers into herself, nearly moaning from the burst of unrepentant ecstasy that poured out of her. Keley pumped her fingers a few times before raising them to her mouth and suckling on them, relishing her own flavor. It was sweeter than usual but soooo good. She suckled at her own fingers, wishing they were a cock covered in her sticky juices while her other hand pumped away at her hole. Fingers weren’t usually this good, but maybe it was because she was in her Sister’s house, shlicking like a slut while they ate dessert in the kitchen.

She felt the build up heralding an orgasm and swapped hands, filling her mouth with a fresh batch of sweet succulent pussy juice from her tight slutty hole. The taste was electric, sending shuddering sensual shockwaves through her entire body. Keley bit back another moan as she came, sagging onto the seat in the glow. Her watery thoughts told her she’d been gone longer than she probably should have, but it had felt sooo good. With the help of some head shaking and a spritz of deodorant she cleaned herself up and really did feel quite good.

Keley looked at her face in the mirror, making sure she didn’t look too disheveled. Other than the bags kartal escort bayan under her eyes she looked pretty good, felt good too. Then again there was nothing like losing yourself in the seductive pleasures of the flesh to put one back to rights. Without her phone, Keley had no idea how much time had actually passed. Hopefully her sister and her sister’s boytoy weren’t wondering whether she’d slipped and fallen into toilet narnia.

To Keley’s relief the two in question were still eating their flan slowly. They had been chatting about something but as soon as she walked in Clint turned around and smiled mischievously.

“You took too long, now your flan is gone. That’s what happened.”

Sure enough her plate sat empty, “pfft.” She glided to the fridge, “Like you haven’t pulled that before. I know your games little man.” and sure enough another plate of flan sat pristine on the middle shelf. Who did he think he was fooling? Though maybe he was just a perv and liked seeing her bend over. A shiver ran up her spine at the thought, causing her to blink rapidly to dispel the image of Clint staring at her with hungry eyes. Despite herself she found that image all too appealing, his eyes burning into her and seeing every curve of her lilywhite skin. She could feel the blood in her face, but sat down anyways. Shoving a spoonful of jiggling creamy flan into her mouth to punctuate her landing. It was pretty good actually, as good as any restaurant she’d been to, almost good enough to distract her from the ruby red burning in her cheeks. He was looking at her expectantly, face still plastered in that smile, his own plate empty but for the light remnants of caramel sauce.

“How is it?” Goddamn, his voice was sexy. She felt her pussy clench reflexively. ‘No. No no no no no. He’s Sasha’s man, I can’t think of him like that.’ With some internal headshaking she pushed past the thoughts of his cock in her sister and managed to respond with a mumbled “It’s good.”

“I’m glad you like it.” Clint gave her another wide smile, another clench, before going back to his tablet. Keley just sat, wondering how ruined her panties were, hoping she wouldn’t soak through the jeans, and eating her flan bite by bite.

It was Sasha who broke the silence, “I have an idea.” She had been quiet all night, barely responding let alone conversing.

“What’s your idea, my dear.” His voice was melodic, bright and still insanely sexual in Keley’s ears. Why was she so hot for him tonight? She hadn’t had a guy in 4 months but still… her sister’s boyfriend? Clint?

“I’m tired of being left out of your video games. You’re both here, I want to learn. Show me how to shoot stuff.” Really? Keley was surprised to say the least, for her sister to even want to play vidya was unheard of. It’d be a decent distraction though, get her mind off cock and find some focus.

“Yes! Let’s do that!” Shit that was way louder than she’d meant. Nothing for it though. Keley stood up, scooting the chair out from under her. The movement made her crotch squish ominously between her legs, but neither Clint nor Sasha seemed to notice.

They adjourned to the living room, where she and Clint did their best escort maltepe to help Sasha pick a game. In the end she settled on Halo 3, a solid, if outdated, choice. Sasha learned quickly though, getting a few kills in the first match and eventually finding a stride that put her in second or third for matches but with a still respectable number of kills. Keley was having fun, largely forgetting her achingly wet pussy until Sasha suggested they make it “interesting”.

As it turned out, “interesting” meant strip shooter. When you die your killer chooses an article of clothing and when you run out of clothes you lose. Keley normally would have laughed and refused but her win streak against Clint was substantial and she was just burning to know what he had hidden in those slacks. The first round began with a mad dash for good weapons, everyone started with a plasma pistol and nothing else.

Keley grabbed a gravity hammer but before she could smash her way through Clint’s pants he put a sniper round through her. “Dangit.”

He smiled and told her to lose the shoes. Nothing too big lost then.

She got the next kill, plowing through Clint in a warthog. “Socks, begone!” He peeled off his black dress socks. Shouldn’t be too obvious about her intentions, but while she was distracted her sister gunned her down.

“Don’t let your guard down, sis. But you can take off that zipup.” Keley obliged, though removing the hoodie revealed that her nipples still thought it was sex-o-clock, standing prominently despite her sports bra and shirt.

Clint killed Sasha and made her strip off her shirt. Her sister’s huge breasts were cupped by a lacy, almost stripper-like bra. When had Sasha started wearing stuff like that? Couldn’t get distracted though, or Clint would do the same to her.

She got him first though, and then again just after he spawned. Both his shirt and pants were forfeit, only a pair of steel blue briefs stood between her and seeing what her sister got to ride. She was a little worried her sister might be mad for trying to see but Sasha had suggested this game and the older girl’s leers were proof enough that this was what she had intended. Clint played dirty though.

He used a rocket launcher to blow both Sasha and Keley off the map just before Keley was able to score a sword kill off her sister. Sasha lost her skirt, revealing blue and black panties to match the bra, but Keley lost her shirt. Her nipples were hardened to the point where even the light movement of her bra was unbearable. Clint got Sasha again as she exited a building. This time she was ordered to remove her bra. Her sister’s breasts were incredible, perfect firm orbs with pert pink areolas. Keley just wanted to bury herself in them but remembered she had a game to win.

She got her own rocket launcher and searched wildly for Clint, but Sasha got her first, a flurry of needler rounds exploding her bra off. Compared to Sasha her tits were small, but still round and perky. She’d never had complaints about them from lovers, but if she got hit again then she’d be totally naked and she definitely didn’t want to be the first. Just after spawning Keley blew Sasha away for the last time. She pendik escort ordered the older girl to lose her panties, a knot of excitement bunched in her chest.

Sasha made a point of standing up in front of both of them, putting her toned bubbly ass on display as she wriggled out of the lacy blue panties. Keley watched, mouth open slightly at how incredible her sister’s body was. She saw the string of liquid need follow her sister’s panties, smelled its sweet intoxicance. Her own pussy cried out in needful response. Had this been her plan all along? Keley’s eyes turned to Sasha’s huge dripping mound, it was entrancing, like a fertility goddess brought to life. Did Sasha know she was bi? Was this all a plot to get her in some kind of sister-sister threeway? She hoped so but that wasn’t going to stop her from winning.

Clint’s spartan popped. She’d won and as the victor ordered him to “reveal that cock.” He stood and Keley thought she might get another show like Sasha’s, however he walked over to her. “Reveal it yourself, girl. This is what you want right?”

Her face burned, eyes locked on the growing bulge in front of her. It was hard to think through the thick milky fog of her arousal, her body simply acted on instinct. Keley reached up and slowly drew his briefs down over his… cock. Something slid into place in her mind, more than a desire or need she felt her few thoughts collapse into one single thought. Cock. It was in her mouth, flavor surmounting her and fuzzing her brain further. She didn’t care, it was so good, better than any other she’d had by huge margins.

As her mouth worked hard to suck her mind dry, Keley felt something press between her legs. She couldn’t look down but she knew it was Sasha, fingers dipping effortlessly into the younger girl’s dripping pussy. After a minute they retreated and she heard a slurping sound behind her, a lustful moan of “ooo… you taste so good. You like how he tastes?” All she could do was nod enthusiastically, gasping around his throbbing member. Keley felt him tense, and licked passionately at his frenulum, easily tipping him over into cumming. Her mouth was filled by him, pleasure soaking her thoughts away. His seed rolling in her mouth, flavor suffusing her existence. “Swallow.” She obeyed, felt him slither down her throat. Her fingers falling to her pussy, rubbing it through soaked panties.

“Good girl.” Her brain caught fire with ecstasy, his voice was beautiful, commanding, captivating. “Be a good slut and eat your sister out.”

She looked at Sasha, vision blurred from lust, and lept on her. Pinning her sister to the floor to get at that bubble-like mound, Sasha had other ideas and rolled to pin Keley instead, pivoting to place her mouth squarely on Keley’s soaking need and bringing her own close enough that the younger girl could smell sweet surrender and let her nose guide her tongue.

The taste alone would have been devastatingly good, but with Sasha’s gentle yet lustful ministrations it became a perfect storm of pleasure. Her brain was practically imploding from the mindcrushing power of her sister’s tongue. She felt herself crest and break, thoughts scattered once again to realms unknown, her body felt goooood. All that mattered, all that existed could be found in that numbing silence between Sasha’s thighs. Sweet juices flowed freely over her tongue as she slurped between lips that dwarfed her own. Keley’s thoughts blurred, slipped through her grasp, then… darkness.

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