Teenage Daughter Caught by Police

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Teenage Daughter Caught by Police

I’ve been a police officer for just over 20 years and I’m in my mid 40’s. I’ve seen a lot of crazy stuff but never been part of anything as crazy as what occurred last June. My new partner was a young guy in his late 20’s. He is big, black and built and had the reputation of being a womanizer. In fact he constantly bragged about the women he fucked and the size of his cock, which I’ve seen while showering and changing into his uniform and he looked quite hung.

One of the things my partner liked to do was to drive up to the Lookout Point where couples, especially the younger ones, went to fool around and have sex in their cars. He’d walk up to their car, shine a light in the window and if the girl was hot he’d have some fun with them. Nothing too extreme, but he’s made couples get out of the car while the girl is topless or naked to embarrass them and on one or two occasions would pat them down or even throw the handcuffs on them if they talked back, but he’d never write them a ticket or arrest them.

So it was a Wednesday afternoon around 1pm when we drove up to “the Point”. There was a car parked alone and my partner explained that at this time of day it was either a cheating wife or people getting high. We drove up from behind and parked just far enough not to be detected. My pervert partner quietly walked up behind the car then banged hard the passenger side window. Within a minute he had the guy stepping out of the car. He was naked and still had a big erection. My partner handcuffed him and walked him naked toward our patrol car. My partner yelled to me, “Jackpot! He has Smack!”

The guy was a thin, lean Latino guy with a pretty big cock! As I put him in the backseat his cock was still very hard. My partner handed me his license, which said the guy was 21 years old. My partner said “This asshole is a dealer and has a white girl sucking his cock as a down payment!” He then added, “Keep an eye on this one for me for a few minutes, I’m gonna question the girl.” He then asked for my handcuffs and went back to the other car and got in it with the girl and shut the door. He had never done this before so I was a little curious as to what he was doing, though I had a pretty good idea!

The guy in the backseat complained, “Are you gonna arrest me or let me go?”

I sternly replied, “Shut the fuck up and I better not hear another sound out of you or I will personally beat the shit out of you!” I always responded very aggressive to keep the suspects in line. I added, “Right now you better hope we don’t arrest your fucking ass!” As I sat in the car waiting for my partner I question the guy.

I asked him, “So you do this often, make girls suck your cock for smack?” He responded with a smirk, “Fuck yeah, especially the dumb white bitches like this one! She’s one of my favorites too and I was about to blow my load in her mouth when your fucking partner showed up!” I was surprised by his candor and fascinated. I guess he figured he wasn’t getting arrested today and his response kind of turned me on. I asked him, “So you have her give you blowjobs regularly?” He responded, “Yup! Couple times a week and her boyfriend even asked her to do it initially so I wouldn’t kick his fucking ass!” He laughed then said with confidence, “I know your partner is using the slut just like I do so you guys are gonna have to let me go!”

The scumbag was right, but I didn’t acknowledge that last comment. Ten minutes past and my partner was still in the car with the girl my mind raced thinking what my partner must be kaçak casino doing something with her. When it hit 15 minutes in the car I guessed he was fucking her by now, so I really wanted to see what he was doing to her.

I then warned the naked loser in the backseat what would happen if he ever talked about this to anyone and that this was his lucky day because he had a get out of jail card today. The asshole seemed to understand and accept his situation and seemed very happy with it. At that point I decided I might as well have a little fun too and I was dying to see what was happening, so I told him we’d let him go as long as he was smart and just wait here until I returned. As I was getting out of the car he said with a laugh “Tell the bitch when you two are done with her she is gonna get my cock up her ass for all this trouble!” The guy was so fucking arrogant, I felt like kicking his ass, but I figured maybe a good ass-fucking from this guy might make her get clean!

When I approached the car I heard them both moaning. I looked into the window and saw this petite naked thin white girl sitting on top of my partner’s big black cock with her hands cuffed behind her back! I couldn’t see her face, just her long blonde hair, as her head was resting on his shoulder and her face was turned away from me. But her body looked amazing! Her tits looked perfect on her small frame as they bounced up and down as he fucked her hard. She had such a firm round little ass and a thin waist. The girl couldn’t have been much more than 100 pounds!

Meanwhile my partner was 6’4’’ over 200 pounds of muscle and had his big black hands on her small white hips, man handling her like a little fuck doll making her slide up and down on his huge cock! I couldn’t get over how big his black cock looked with her tight pussy stretched around his shaft and how hot it was to watch him fuck this petite slut.

At this point I was hard as a rock and wanted some for myself even though I’ve never done anything like this before! Hey the slut was moaning intensely as if she was having an orgasm. I’m sure this teenager never had a cock this big before! She was bouncing on his 10 inch monster and I couldn’t believe how deep she was taking his cock into her pussy!

I opened the car door and my partner looked surprised. He said, “Hey what are you doing here?”

I said, “You been in here for a while. Just making sure everything’s okay.”

As he big cock continued to pound away at her little pussy he said, “We’re fine. She’s cum countless times and I’ve already pumped one load in her pussy and about to pump another…now get the fuck out of here!” I could see white cum on his shaft as his cock slide in and out of her.

I responded, “Hey man you got to share this little slut!”

He laughed and said, “You should do yourself a favor and go back to the car but if you must…go ahead and help yourself!”

I leaned into the car and placed my hands on her ass. Her skin felt so soft and her ass was really firm. I then slide my hands over her hips and up her waist until I reached her tits. I began to fondle the best set of tits I’ve felt in 20 years! They were firm but soft and I pulled on her nipples as my partner began to fuck her even harder saying “Damn this is hot…keep feeling her up!”

I slide one hand back down to her ass as I continued to pinch and tug hard on her nipples. I started to rub my finger around her asshole and then pushed it inside! She immediately flinched and my partner laughed and encouraged me to continue, so I fingered her asshole and could feel casino oyna my partner’s big cock as it slide in and out of her pussy! I started to slap her ass with my other hand and made the girl’s ass red. I’ve never done anything like this before, but this little slut just seemed to deserve it so I shoved another finger in her tight asshole, making her whimper, and pumped her asshole as fast as I could!

The girl’s moans really intensified and I knew she was starting to cum. As I continued to finger fuck her asshole I placed my free hand on her wrist which were cuffed tightly and was pushing down on her to meet my partner’s upward thrusts as he held her by the hips. The girl yelled “Oh I’m cumming!” as she grunted!

My partner seemed to love I was helping make this girl fuck him and he began to moan and grunt louder himself, as he started to cum again in her pussy. As I was fingering her asshole I could feel his massive cock pulsating into the slut’s cunt. As he was ejaculating inside her he exclaimed “I’m seeding your fertile little pussy again slut!” I guess from that statement the girl must’ve told him she wasn’t on birth control! I knew my asshole partner wouldn’t care either way if she was on birth control! When they both finished cumming the girl collapsed onto his body, still impaled by his huge cock. I pulled out my hard cock and feverishly began stroking it. I needed to cum so bad!

My partner laugh, “You really want to fuck her!” he then asked the girl, “you ready to do it with my partner now?” She didn’t reply so he told her, “Show him your pretty face.” She kept her face turned away and nodded no. He said, “No use trying to hide your identity any longer.”

I didn’t understand, but at this point I was dying to see what she looked like, to see if her face was a hot as the rest of her body. I grabbed her by her blonde hair and pulled her to me, but she tried covering her face. I thought to myself this little slut is bashful? That’s when my partner told her, “Just say hi to Daddy.” I then saw her face for the first time…it was my step-daughter! I was in complete shock! I yelled “Why aren’t you in school?”

My partner said “I tried to warn you to go back to the car.” I stood there silently with my hard cock out trying to process this! My step-daughter said, “Don’t be mad at me Daddy and please don’t tell Mom!” She wasn’t the best student and I’ve covered for her a lot, always getting her out of trouble, but this was far worse than anything she previously had done. She is a very innocent looking girl and with an innocent smile, but she has always been a very naughty girl! She’d dress in tight and revealing clothing. Sometimes I noticed her braless as she is going out, not that her firm perky tits needed a bra but her nipples would pop through the material of her shirt! Yes, I couldn’t help but check out how nicely her body developed over the years since when I first married her mother.

All I could think of was I should’ve known it was her…I should’ve recognized her voice or body even though I’ve never heard her moan or seen her completely naked. However, I have checked her out numerous times and admired her body while during ballet performances or just by the pool while she wore a tiny bikini, so I should’ve recognized this sexy body within a minute!

I was still in a daze as my partner told me my daughter is a real slut. That she was turned on by the idea of fucking my black partner and that she got off on his huge cock! He told me how he found her deep-throating that Latino guy’s big cock like canlı casino siteleri a pro.

That’s when he said, “Be a fucking man and give her what she deserves!” I hesitated though I wanted her so bad. Then he told me, “We’re partners…this will be our secret that we both fucked your daughter!”

I was still hard as a rock, but just standing there. Then my partner told my step-daughter to suck my cock. At that moment she leaned toward me took my cock in her hand and slid it into her mouth. I didn’t resist as my cock slid down her throat, in fact I loved it! I quickly got into it and couldn’t believe she was sucking my cock! I placed my hands on her head and started pumping my hips. She tried to handle it as I face fucked her almost angrily, much to my partner’s satisfaction!

When she began gagging I pulled my cock from her mouth and grabbed her by the back of her knees and pulled her towards me. I was still standing outside the car with my upper body inside, my partner was supporting my step-daughter up from underneath her so I could push my cock into her swollen used pussy. I hesitated for a moment thinking I should wear a condom but I didn’t have one. My partner scolded me calling me a pussy, so I pushed my hard bare cock into her worn out pussy. She was sandwich between us as I fucked her. Her pussy was full of so much cum it was unbelievable! I’ve never had sloppy seconds and it turned me on to fuck a pussy that was full of another man’s cum! The fact this was my partner’s cum in my daughter’s pussy made it much hotter! I fucked her hard and squeezed and slapped her tits. Her hands were still cuffed behind her back and she said is a sweet voice “Daddy I’ve been a bad girl, but please don’t be so rough with me!” Then she grinned devilish, which made me fuck her harder! Soon we were both moaning loud!

Her pussy felt so incredibly tight even after fucking my partner’s monster black cock! The whole time I fucked her she stared at me in the eyes! She said “Don’t cum in me Daddy” as she sensed I was getting close to ejaculating. I knew she wasn’t on birth control so as much as I wanted to cum inside her I didn’t. It only took me less than 10 minutes to cum and I had the most intense orgasm of my life! I pulled out my cock at the very last second and fired streams of cum onto her perfect tits and her pretty face! I loved splatting my cum all over her, I only wished I lasted longer!

Once I had cum I pulled up my pants and told my partner we should leave. We let the guy go and I let my daughter stay with him knowing she was about to get ass fucked by this spic! As my partner and I drove off and past the car I could see him mounting my daughter! I told my partner we will never speak of this to each other or to anyone else…with a chuckle he agreed. He patted me on my shoulder and said “I didn’t think you had that in you!”

Though he never did tell anyone I found out that he continued to fuck my teenage step-daughter and I’ve actually had to make up excuses to my wife where our daughter is knowing she was with him getting fuck. My daughter ended up pregnant with my partner’s baby from that afternoon and with my partner’s insistence and as her punishment, I had her have his baby to teach her a lesson! We told everyone it was from a one night stand with a guy she didn’t know. It was so hot seeing her belly grow and her tits get engorged knowing she was carrying my partner’s baby and nine months latter my daughter had a mixed baby girl, which I know support!

Her white boyfriend broke up with my daughter after she got pregnant. Once she gave birth and was back at school she started dating and hanging out with the black guys from her school, so I put my nigger loving slut daughter on birth control. My sexy teenage daughter now has a new addiction…Big Black Cocks!

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