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Hair Pulling

his story contains cheating so if that’s not your cup of tea, you won’t enjoy it. I wrote this for someone who asked me to tell his story for him. I hope you all enjoy.


Tegan looked at her phone and sighed. Still another six hours until her boyfriend would be there. She could hardly stand waiting any longer to get out of school for winter break. The 19 year old redhead was halfway through her first year of college. Living in a dorm seemed so exciting at first, but the realization had really set in how much she missed her family and especially her boyfriend of two years, Brad.

Older than Tegan, Brad already had a full time job making a good living so when she went to college, he stayed behind. He would make the two hour drive whenever he could, but it had been a month since she saw him last. When together, they were an active couple who loved music and the outdoors. She loved how comfortable and relaxed Brad made her feel. At 5′ 9″ she was fit and picky about her men. Brad was the perfect match for her in her mind. Taller at 6′, also fit, but great looking too.

College was turning out good so far, but seeing everyone hooking up made her miss Brad even more. Tegan kept herself busy with schoolwork and running, but that didn’t stop her from getting attention from guys at school. Tegan had always been considered pretty, with light blue eyes, a firm ass from playing soccer, and a 34C bust that fit perfectly on her thin frame. But her optimistic and playful personality made her even sexier to everyone who talked to her.

One of her classmates, James always made sure to sit near Tegan during the two classes they had together. From the minute he saw her, the muscular rugby player made it his mission to get in her pants. His normal approach of letting the girl come to him didn’t work out so well though. At 6′ 1″ and a lean 212 lbs, James had magazine model good looks and his smile alone made most girls blush. Tegan was almost oblivious though, always talking about her boyfriend. He stood back and watched several guys get shot down after asking her out. James knew this would take more effort, but had no doubt that it would be worth it.

Over the last month, James had slowly been easing his way in with Tegan. She was always so nice to everyone it was easy to talk to her when he saw her on campus, but deliberately never pushed it. He would always make sure to never talk about himself and let her do most of the talking. This was how he eventually found his opening a few weeks before their upcoming exam.

Tegan had mentioned that she had been struggling in English class and was worried about the test. Fortunately for James this was one of his academic strengths. So he casually suggested they study at the library on campus. The first time they met up James sat across the table from Tegan. As they talked about various topics, Tegan would lean over the table to point out parts of the book they had open on the table. When she would do this, the neckline of her shirt would get pulled down by her generous breasts giving a great view of cleavage. James was careful not to look directly down her shirt and remain focused on the content though. He wanted to make her feel like she could trust him.

After another two sessions of meeting at the library it was starting to get late. Tegan heard James stomach growl and looked up at him and giggled.

“Hungry?” Tegan asked.

“Heck yeah I am. I feel like we’re making good progress though and didn’t want to stop.”

“What do you say we take a break and go get something to eat?”

James acted like he had to really think about it before saying, “Yeah, okay. What are you in the mood for?”

“What about Barton’s?” Tegan suggested.

Barton’s was a local pub that a lot of students went to. They were mostly known for their cheap beer, but had decent pizza and wings as well.

Tegan didn’t have a car so James drove. Tegan found herself looking at James while he drove. She hadn’t really noticed how thick his muscles were before. When he squeezed the steering wheel she saw how his triceps flexed and strained the tight sleeves from his t-shirt. She always appreciated a man that kept in good shape.

Once they got inside they found a small table and made some small talk. Tegan talked about how excited she was to go home over winter break and how Brad would be picking her up. But instead of changing the topic like most guys did when she mentioned her boyfriend, James only seemed to encourage her to talk more about Brad.

It was no secret that James dated a lot of women and was considered a player, but Tegan had yet to experience it. She had kept her guard up just in case, but so far had been impressed with him. He was quickly becoming someone she felt comfortable around mostly because he wasn’t always hitting on her.

“So how come you haven’t hit on me yet?” Tegan asked bluntly in between bites of food.

James was caught off guard at first. “Do you want me to hit on you?”

“No, ataşehir escort bayan I was just curious, because you have quite the reputation. Am I not hot enough for you?” Tegan couldn’t decide if she was a tad jealous that he hadn’t even tried to hit on her, but quickly pushed it from her mind.

James nearly choked on his food. Tegan wasn’t usually this blunt with him so he wasn’t sure where this was going and tried to play it cool.

“Oh you are plenty hot, but you made it clear you are in love with Brad. So not much point in trying, right?

Tegan liked his answer. Part of her liked being noticed, but James needed to know that he didn’t have a chance. “Right. I just wasn’t sure why you wanted to hang out with me if you could be hooking up with someone else.”

James shrugged his thick shoulders, “It’s actually pretty nice just having a friend. You don’t have all the social pressures that come with dating.” James found himself being honest about being friends with her despite knowing that he would fuck her the first chance he got.

Tegan smiled at James. If she was single, she might be the one trying to pick him up. But despite his impressive physique and charming good looks, she did love Brad. There was nothing anyone could do to change that.

A couple of stocky guys walked over to their table. “James!” two of them said happily in drunken slurs. The other had his eyes squarely on Tegan’s chest. The guys all gave fist bumps to James who remained casual.

The one staring at Tegan had a messy thick brown beard and said, “Who’s this young lady.”

Tegan immediately had the creeps from this guy and tried to only look James.

James picked up on her vibe right away, “This is my friend, Tegan.”

The second guy wearing an old baseball hat chimed in, “Need any help?” The other two laughed and slapped each other on the back as if Tegan wasn’t there. When the guy in the hat tried to high-five James, James stood up.

The guy in the hat wasn’t that much shorter than James, but his bulk made appear to shrink in his shadow. In a deep threatening tone, James said, “No, I don’t need any help.”

The three guys immediately went silent and looked at each other confused. James was usually so cool. The third guy who also looked the oldest said, “Alright, man. We’ll catch you later.”

As they walked off mumbling quietly to each other, James looked at Tegan apologetically. “Sorry about that.”

“You have nothing to be sorry for. I should actually thank you.” she said.

James shrugged it off. “That’s what friends are for, right? You ready to get out of here?”

James dropped her off at her dorm and Tegan was surprised again when he didn’t try to come up with her. Tegan even mentioned James to Brad when she talked to him later that night. Brad played it off, but had his doubts. He knew that most guys who are “friends” with attractive women are usually just waiting for an opportunity. There was no way he could tell that to Tegan though. Without any other options, he just played it off and played the encouraging boyfriend.

Tegan and James studied twice more before the exam and each time Tegan felt more comfortable around him. On the day of the exam they wished each other luck and began the test. James finished just before Tegan and had just left the classroom when she burst through the door with a huge smile.

“Yes!” Tegan raised her arms in triumph.

James smiled as her breasts visibly shook under her tank top.

Tegan ran up to James and gave him a big hug. “Thank you so much! I couldn’t have done it without you.”

“You would have been fine without me.” He replied casually.

“I seriously doubt that! How about we celebrate?” She asked with a devious smile.

James knew her boyfriend was picking her up that day so he wasn’t expecting to get a shot until after she came back to campus. He would be damned if he would turn down any opportunity to be around her though. Still, he had to play it cool.

“I thought Brad was coming to get you?”

“Oh, he is.” Tegan looked at the time on her phone. “He doesn’t get off work for another three hours though and it’s a two hour drive.”

James was game. “Okay, so what’s the plan?”

Tegan thought for a moment and shrugged her thin shoulders. “Barton’s?”

They made the short drive to Barton’s and immediately ordered two shots of Jägermeister. Tegan’s face puckered for a moment before laughing in relief. James ordered another round and Tegan threw it back almost immediately.

“Woooo!” She yelled out in joy.

James hadn’t seen this side of Tegan and was surprised. He was unsure how to react when she said, “You going to drink up or what, lightweight?”

James easily tossed his drink back in response.

Tegan wasn’t sure what she was doing, but she felt good. She had been so stressed over her exams that she felt like a huge weight was lifted off her shoulders. Brad would be on his way to pick her up and escort kadıöy she had a few weeks to relax. Life was good.

Before long, Tegan had lost track of time and how many drinks she had when her cell phone began ringing.

“Hello?” Tegan said with a slight slur to her voice that caught her off guard. “Wow, I’m kinda drunk.” She thought to herself before being interrupted.

“Tegan?” Her boyfriend, Brad asked despite knowing who it was, but was more questioning the sound of her voice. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, why?”

“You sound like you’ve been drinking.”

“Oh, yeah.” She said with a slight giggle. “We finished our last exam and thought we would get a quick drink to celebrate.”

“We?” Brad asked with a hint of jealousy.

“Oh, just James and I.”

Brad was silent for a moment, with growing concern before saying, “Well, I just left my place and I’m on my way.”

Tegan looked at the time and was shocked, but excited. “Yay! I can’t wait to see you honey! I love you!” She said, not picking up on the jealousy.

He felt some relief at the words and without much emotion said, “I love you too. See you soon.”

James tried not to roll his eyes overhearing the conversation. When Tegan ended the call she said, “I lost track of time. Can you take me back to my place? I haven’t even started packing!”

“Yeah, sure. No problem.”

When they got back to Tegan’s dorm, she asked if James wanted to come up while she packed. After weeks of studying together, she decided that felt safe around him. Once inside her small room, Tegan began quickly looking for her suitcase.

“Need any help?” James asked feeling amused watching the drunk hottie try to pack.

“No…” She said while looking around confused then her face lit up. Tegan went to the closet and began trying to reach something on the top shelf. Without having much coordination at that moment, she was having trouble getting it down. “Well, maybe..”

James walked up beside Tegan and grabbed the suitcase. As he brought it down, Tegan snatched it away and turned away to get started, but in the small space she turned her butt right back into James crotch.

“Woah!” Tegan said in surprise and dropped the suitcase. She turned around with a bright red embarrassed face. “I am SO sorry!” And put her hand on his arm. She paused a moment as she noticed how solid his arm was.

“I didn’t know you wanted THAT kind of help!” He said taking advantage of the embarrassment with a bit of teasing.

Not sure how long she stood there due to her mind feeling the alcohol, she grabbed her suitcase from the floor and laid it at the foot of the bed. She quickly started grabbing clothes and throwing them in the suitcase. She wasn’t even sure what all she was putting in it due to the effects of the alcohol making the room spin. James watched in continued amusement, taking time to admire her sexy panties and bras as they were tossed into the suitcase. Not sure what else to do, he sat down on the bed next to the suitcase.

Soon the bag was full and Tegan needed to sit down. There was a chair at the small desk in the room, but it was full of books stacked on it. She didn’t give much thought either when she sat down on James lap with her legs to his side and put one arm around him to keep her held up.

Her mind was more focused on the spinning room than anything else, but James was thinking about something else entirely. While he had a light buzz, his train of thought was clear as he watched the redhead relax on his lap.

Putting her head in James chest as if it would make the room stop, he used his left hand to rub her back. It was soothing to Tegan and she let out a light moan. “That feels so good. Thank you.”

James took this as a green light and continued his massage. He moved his hand to her shoulders rubbing her neck. Tegan rolled her head to each side giving his big hand access to her neck line. He moved his fingertips just inside the collar of her tank top, but all Tegan felt was pleasure. With still no objections, James moved his hand down her back and smoothly under the bottom of her shirt. With just rubbing her lower back, it all still felt innocent to Tegan. She felt safe with James and his big strong hand felt great on her back.

Still drunk, but no longer feeling like she was in a out of control spinning room, Tegan felt so relaxed that while she was conscious that James easily unclasped the back of her bra, she didn’t really notice either. The whole experience was jumbled and her mind didn’t have a real grasp on reality. Her tank top kept the front of the bra over her breasts while James hand roamed over her back. All Tegan could think of was how good the massage felt.

She wasn’t sure when, but at some point, there something hard underneath her, Tegan shifted herself on James lap. It was like sitting on a baseball bat. Moving wasn’t helping so she pushed her suitcase to the floor with a thud and she wiggeld herself on his legs maltepe escort so that she was facing away from him, but giving him better access to her back.

Now both of his hands were on her back and Tegan really felt like she was in paradise. To prevent herself from being pushed away from the pressure, she braced herself by putting her hands on James’ thighs. It wasn’t right away, but at some point she realised she was holding onto something hard in his pants. It was whatever she was sitting on earlier. She couldn’t imagine what he could have in his pockets that would be that big so she moved her hand around trying to figure out what it could be.

Meanwhile, James was shocked how fast everything was moving. She just began stroking his cock through his pants! He couldn’t see her face, but she seemed like she was in a different world.

Tegan slid her hand up and down the length of the mystery in his pants. Part of her knew what it was, but it was so big she thought there was no way. In her drunken state her mind couldn’t stay focused due to the pleasure from the back rub either.

James slid his hands down to her trim waist and slowly moved up her smooth stomach until he hit the underwire of her bra. Stopping briefly to see her reaction, she seemed focused on rubbing his cock so he pushed the bra up off her breasts and replaced it with his hands.

The sensation of James hands cupping her tits sent a shiver up her spine. Normally her breasts seemed huge in Brad’s hands, but James was able to cover her tits in his hands experty while rubbing her sensitive pink nipples in his palms. Tegan briefly wondered, “Was this still a massage? I shouldn’t let this go too far. It just feels so good… I’ll stop it in just a bit.”

Leaning back into James she moaned in pleasure from the firm rubbing of her tits. James took a brief moment to pull the tank top off letting her breasts drop from the confines of the tank top. As it was happening, Tegan felt flushed and horny. “I’ll just fool around for a minute. Brad will be here soon and I’ll fuck him good and send James home.” Tegan turned around and grabbed his face and began kissing James franticly. All she felt in that moment was lust. Her mind began to wander again while her body took over.

Between the kisses and exploring each others mouths with wet tongues, they pulled each others clothes off in a clumsy rush. Tegan soon found the mystery in the pants and couldn’t believe her eyes and paused to take in the sight. It was the biggest, thickest cock she had ever seen. Grabbing it with both hands, Tegan found herself on her knees in front of James.

Still in wonder, she stroked his dick slowly amazed that she could barely fit her hands around the girth. With her mind still unfocused, she felt like she was more in a dream. It was a wonderful dream though and Tegan desperately wanted to taste the beautiful dick in front of her.

With that thought, Tegan leaned forward and put the big mushroom shaped head into her mouth and tried to take it in. With her lips stretched tight, she struggled to take it deeper, but the thought of it only made Tegan more horny. Her pussy ached more and more as she vigorously worked her mouth and hands up and down the huge cock, leaving drool to drip down the thick shaft.

Suddenly, as if being pulled out of a wonderful dream, Tegan was pulled back into reality by the sound of her phone. She froze, sitting naked in front of James with his huge cock stretching her lips. Out of the corner of her eyes, just on the floor next to her, she could see that it was Brad calling.

It was as if the entire world froze. It was at that moment she realized she was actually blowing James while her boyfriend was on his way to pick her up. She pulled her mouth of his cock and muttered, “What the fuck are we doing?”

The cell phone was just out of reach on the floor so Tegan leaned over on her hands and knees and grabbed the phone worried that she would miss the call.

Trying to sound relaxed, Tegan answered the phone, “Hey, Baby.”

Brad had been stressed the entire ride and wanted to check in so he had decided to call.

“Hey there!” he responded.

Relieved at the sound of Brad’s voice she said, “You almost here?”

James couldn’t believe how bad the timing of that call was. He was hoping she would ignore the call, but instead was now focused on her boyfriend.

“Fuck!” He thought in frustration and stood up. He looked down at Tegan, still on her hands and knees talking to her boyfriend. Her pale heart shaped ass pointed at him as if calling out to him. James smiled standing behind her.

“I should be there in about 30 minutes.” Brad told Tegan.

Suddenly, Tegan felt rubbing at her pussy lips then a sudden pressure feeling like she was about to be split in half. “OH!” She yelled in surprise.

“Tegan? What’s wrong?”

James had got on his knees behind her and rubbed the tip of cockaround her pussy lips. Feeling how wet she was, he wasted no time and worked his dick into the waiting tight pussy.

“Um, nothing.” Tegan braced herself with one arm while trying to hold the phone with the other. Part of her wanted to scream at James to leave, but she knew she couldn’t say anything with Brad on the phone.

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