That which was Taken

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Hi. You can call me Evelyn.

There are some things you should know about me before we get started. First, I’m 5′ 5″. I have blonde hair. I wear it short. 34C. I usually hover around 115 pounds. Second, aside from a few minor details (like names), this is autobiographical. Lastly, I’m not what you would call a ‘good girl’ or a ‘nice person’. I’m sharing this with you because it gets me off. If you don’t like me, I don’t care. Just sit back and enjoy the ride. You might want to keep some tissues handy.

My deal with Levi was simple. In exchange for sleeping with my dorm mate Devon, I would sleep with him. He’d lived up to his end and I was eager to pay the piper. Patience is a virtue. I don’t have many of those. Levi never called me. He made me wait. Not hours, days. He paid the dorm room several visits during that time, always with Devon. She introduced him to our other dorm mates, Madison and Lacey, as her boyfriend. He didn’t correct her. They’d hang out for a while and then abscond into her room to “study”. Loudly. I’d hide in my bedroom and listen to them fuck through the thin plaster wall. Fortunately, I had several ways to vent my frustration. Parker, for example. The longer Levi made me wait, the better life was for Madison’s boyfriend.

Parker was an adroit athlete, but a mediocre student. He had to work hard just to get C’s. By chance, I stumbled upon him in what looked like an act of academic desperation on his part: reading. He was sequestered in one of the many library study rooms with a stack of books. More like glorified cubicles, the study rooms on this floor of the library were tiny boxes. Two people could share one, but no more. There was a door you could close, but a massive window ensured that it provided only the illusion of privacy. I assumed that the windows were there to discourage people from misbehaving. I’m sure it would have discouraged Parker if I’d let it.

I slipped into the room without knocking. Parker looked up at me with wary eyes. Each room had a built-in desk and two generic, plastic chairs. I sank into the empty one. For a little while, I pretended to be normal. It’s an act I perform now and then. We chatted about insignificant things. I asked what he was working on and even helped him draft the thesis statement for the research paper he was working on. He never fully let his guard down. I was almost proud of him for that, not that it did him any good. As we hammered out the final lines of his introductory paragraph, I slid my phone out and dialed.

“Hey Madison. What’s up?” I said when she answered my call. “Nothing much. A little bored.”

Parker’s suspicious eyes were adhesive. He watched me like a cornered animal, which he was. Pushing the books aside, I slid onto the desk and scooted in front of him. He stared up uncomprehendingly as I put a foot on each of his legs. My parted thighs and gaping skirt dispelled the mystery of my intentions. Madison liked to brag about his talented tongue. I was skeptical. The boy was an awkward kisser. It pendik escort was fact checking time.

Parker’s expression oscillated between incredulity, anxiety, and lust. I get that a lot. The room’s alignment put his back to the window. I was facing it, giving me an excellent view of a solid wall of bookshelves just outside. It was six-thirty in the afternoon on a Monday. The row of bookshelves provided excellent cover from the eyes errant bookworms. It was a calculated risk. Boldness and stupidity are not mutually inclusive. Of course, perfectly rational behavior can look a lot like reckless abandon to the uninformed eye. Parker was usually uninformed.

Lost to indecision, he hesitated. As Madison blathered on about a laundry list of irrelevant shit, I slid a hand into her boyfriend’s hair and ended his uncertainty with a less-than-subtle pull. His first tentative tastes were cautious, exploratory things. The change came without warning. Suddenly, he was sucking my entire hood into his mouth, coaxing and caressing my clit with his tongue. I was barely able to suppress a yelp of surprised pleasure. In a rare exception to the rule, Madison had not exaggerated. As she rambled on about nothing, I held up my end of the conversation with the verbal equivalent of nodding along. “Uh huh… yeah… Hmmm… Oh… Mmmhmmm…” They were very convenient sounds.

I draped a leg over his shoulder and he slid a

finger into me. I had to hold the phone away from my mouth to mask the sound of my heavy breathing. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I hung up on Madison in midsentence and dropped the phone. My thighs snapped around Parker’s head like a vice, my hips ground me against his mouth as I came. I muffled my moans by biting down on my knuckles. I came hard. Parker was getting good at making that happen. Ultimately, I had to push him away. My clit was too over-sensitive to bear even his breath upon it.

“Holy fuck, you’re good at that,” I said. The surprise in my voice was lost on him. He smiled like a puppy that was pleased with itself. Beside me on the desk, my phone vibrated. I ignored it, kissing Parker fiercely as I slid down from my perch. “Call her,” I said, kneeling on the floor. No hesitation. He was starting to enjoy my little games. As he pulled out his phone, I pulled out his cock. The boy had a beautiful one.

“Hey, baby,” Parker was saying as I ran my tongue down the length of his shaft. “Nothing much. Just working on the history paper. I’m still at the library.” I sucked him in decadent slow-motion, pumping him with my hand; twisting my wrist slightly each time it neared my mouth, squeezing each time it slid away. I milked him, devoured him. I gave him a porn star cocksucking. He was quickly reduced to monosyllabic responses, not that Madison noticed. She was too busy reveling in the sound of her own voice.

His stomach trembled and then flexed. His freehand balled into a fist and pounded his leg. Parker didn’t cum. He erupted. I swallowed the brunt of it before maltepe escort drawing back, allowing some of his seed to spill on my lips and chin. The facial thing isn’t something I usually do. I know you boys love it, but that stuff stings if it gets in your eyes. Up your nose is even worse. I made an exception this time. Parker earned it and, judging by his expression, he appreciated my generosity. I’m sure Madison never let him do that to her. “Huh? Uhh… No… nothing,” he stammered into the phone, his eyes locked on mine as I guided the last of his cum into my mouth.

“Sorry. What? No. No, I was listening. I love you too.”

I tidied myself up (theatrically for his benefit) and then put him away.

I was so pleased with Parker, that I spent the next two hours effectively writing his paper for him. When I got back to the dorm, I told Madison that my phone had locked up. The next night, I borrowed Parker from her under the pretense of needing a ride. Well, I guess it wasn’t really a pretense. I did get one, after all. He liked having me on top. I bet you’re surprised. It was five or six days later when my clandestine partner in crime finally got in touch. Yes, I glossed over a few days there. I don’t actually have epic sex every day. Sometimes, I do my homework or the laundry instead. Anyway…

Levi called me minutes after leaving our dorm room. Ten minutes prior, he’d been balls deep in Devon. I liked that. I still remember how direct he was. “When and where?” That was all he said. No greeting, no preamble. It was seriously hot. Levi was already sexy. His cocksure confidence only added to his appeal. I had to think for a moment. Right fucking here, right fucking now was my body’s answer. What I said was something entirely different.

After letting me go down on her during an impromptu photo-shoot, Lacey carried on as though nothing had happened between us. We chatted casually, even cooked together, and nothing. Not a flirtatious wink, no knowing grins, and absolutely no invitations to continue where we’d left off. Nothing. She was playing with fire and it was time for her to get a little singed. Not much, just a little something to let her know that I could play with matches too.

The communal areas of our dorm room were invariably tidy. None of us were pigs, but Lacey was a compulsive cleaner. She loved order. Everything had to be in its place. She meticulously made her bed every morning. I had the place to myself when Levi showed up the next day. The ballsy scamp had the temerity to arrive ten minutes late. I answered the door in a nighty. It’s black, silky material was only opaque to the farsighted. He was in tattered jeans, a tweed golf cap, and a tight tank-top that exposed his tattoos and betrayed his piercings. I pulled him inside, closed the door, and took him straight into Lacey’s room. No greeting. No preamble.

“This isn’t your room,” he said with a vague hint of passing curiosity.

“No,” I said, curtly. “It isn’t.” His pretentious hat went kartal escort first. Then I peeled his shirt off. We kissed as I loosened his pants. When they fell away, I began kissing my way down his body, pausing along the way to polish each of his piercings with my tongue. He was hard by the time I was on my knees. Levi took a fistful of the hair at the back of my head and used his other hand to shove his cock into my mouth. I let my hands explore the harden curves of his body as he fucked my face with an all-to-familiar rhythm. I was worried that he might cum to soon, but it was a wasted fear.

“Devon is good with her mouth too,” he said, pulling me off of him. I resisted. He had to peel me away, like a magnet from metal. “I want to fuck your tits.” Levi was a real sweet talker. I discarded my slinky lingerie, pressed my breasts together, and stroked him between them. Each time his head poked through, I licked it. He moaned, a sound that felt like a reward in its own right. “You’re a dirty little slut aren’t you?” he asked.

Slut. Whore. Filthy. These are boy words. They’re the spoken equivalent of a facial. They call us those things and we’re just so subservient to the majesty of the magical cock that we’re not only willing to endure disrespect; we’re going to like it. No, we’re going love it. Right? “I am for you,” I said, pausing to greedily suck him again. Well, okay. Maybe we do like it sometimes. Use it sparingly, boys.

Levi pulled me to my feet, spun me around, and threw me onto Lacey’s bed. The pillows smelled like her. He crawled in behind me and pulled my hips up; propping them with my legs. Then he tortured me with his cock, parting my lips with his head and slowly stroking me with himself. My fists balled into the blankets. Each time he teased at penetration, I pushed back only to have him slip away. I knew what he wanted. “Please,” I begged. “Please…” Instead of his cock, I got his thumb. He thrust it inside and made broad, circular motions. It took him seconds to make me cum. In the heat of that mind-numbing climax, Levi exchanged his thumb for his cock. My first climax bled into my second and then my third. Slick with my juices, he slid his thumb into my ass. My face planted itself in the bedding. My climaxes were gut-wrenching, muscle-pulling, mouth drying epiphanies. Oh, I was no passive participant in this. I moved my hips with his, I squeezed him with my insides. I fucked back.

Until he reached around and under me.

His fingers touched my clit and all traces of coherent thought evacuated my mind. His fingers undid millennia of evolution. I became an animal, bucking and wild. My body was no longer mine to control. I belonged to Levi, obeyed Levi. I was nothing more than a crude vehicle for his pleasure. I won’t get into numbers, but I’ve quite a few men. Few have measured up in comparison to the demigod that was finally cumming inside me.

The say fortune favors the bold. It’s debatable, but it was true that day. The timing couldn’t have been any more perfect. Right on cue, the front door opened as Levi was growling out an orgasmic crescendo.

Cliff hanger?

Oh, yes.

Suffer deliciously, my little satellites. Let me know how bad you want it.

Otherwise, I might make you wait…

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