The Arrangement

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Violet and I have been friends since college. We were roommates in an all women’s dorm for three years. That’s all we were, roommates. We would occasionally sneak a man into the room. When either of us did, the other would politely leave for a minimum of two hours. If we were out and came back to a closed door, we would knock gently and enter or leave for two hours based on the answer we received. Silence to our knock was an indication that our roommate was too busy to speak cogently and we treated it the same as a request to leave for two hours. It didn’t happen too often. Probably not more than once or twice a week for each of us. In the entire three years we were together, we never fucked in the same room with our roommate or met any of the partners our roommate fucked.

Violet and I remained in touch after graduation. With matching degrees in finance, it wasn’t surprising that we both found employment with financial institutions in the same city. We saw each other once or twice a week for lunch or dinner. We never double dated. Eventually, Violet met a wonderful guy and they got married. I was the maid of honor at their wedding. Leif, like in Leif Erikson, was the perfect mate for a girl named Violet, and I kidded her about the names they might choose for their children, hinting that they could have a garden full of plant named children.

Violet responded in kind, suggesting that, since my name was Rose, I was not in a position all that different than she was. She wondered out loud it I might find and marry a guy with the name Thorn or Stem or Shaft and we could name our first-born Ivy.

Unfortunately for Violet’s musings, I met Jules soon after Violet’s wedding. Actually, he was at her wedding and I saw him at the reception but paid him no mind assuming he was with someone. However, Jules was single and he came looking for me. Violet gave him my number and he called on the Wednesday following the wedding. It was an odd phone call. I had no idea who he was from his voice alone and I was always alert when I received calls from men I didn’t know.

Jules handled it perfectly. He quickly segued into talk about the wedding and how he was drawn to meet me after just viewing me from a distance. He shared that Violet had provided my number and that I shouldn’t be angry at her for doing so. He had been persistent and Violet had caved under the pressure. He told me he had dialed my number before the ink was dry on the note he had written with my number on it. He sounded convincing and I agreed to meet him for dinner the next Saturday.

Violet called immediately after I hung up with Jules. She told me she had given my number to someone and hoped I wouldn’t be angry with her. I told her it was fine and I had already spoken with Jules. I mentioned dinner with him on Saturday and she sounded relieved over the phone.

Dinner with Jules was a delight. We immediately found common ground. Jules had graduated from the same university as Violet and I, only a year earlier and in engineering, not finance. Our memories of the campus were similar and his description of life in the dorms on the mark. His familiarity with the layout of the rooms in the building Violet and I lived were uncomfortably accurate. So accurate, that I had a fleeting thought that Violet knew more about him than I suspected. I added that to his presence at her wedding and made a note to ask her about it.

Jules and I agreed to meet for dinner again the next Saturday. In the meantime, I called Violet to talk. She was anxious to get an update on how dinner Saturday night with Jules went. When she was satisfied, I got to my agenda. “Violet,” I asked, “how well do you know Jules?”

“What do you mean?” she replied.

“Well, he went to the same school as us and he was at your wedding,” I stated.

“Jules was an engineering major,” she countered, “and the engineering dorms were all the way on the opposite side of the campus.”

“Jules seems to be fit,” I said. “I bet he could walk the distance between the dorms in four or five minutes, two if he ran.”

Violet laughed. “Okay, Rose,” she said. “Let me explain. You remember the arrangement we had about men in the dorm room? I probably inconvenienced you more than the other way around. There were four or five guys at my wedding that sent you packing for two hours or more.”

“And Jules was one of them?” I asked.

“Jules was one of them,” she confirmed. “I hope that doesn’t create a problem for you?” she asked concerned.

“No it doesn’t. I like Jules a lot and I’m having dinner with him again next Saturday. He doesn’t have to explain anything to me about his time at the university and I don’t plan to share my experiences with him. However, you do owe me something for not telling me sooner.”

“What’s that?” she asked.

“Leif owes me one,” I said looking for a reaction.

“Just one?” she asked. Not the reaction I expected.

“Stop it. Enough already. I’m going to see how far my relationship with Jules will go.”

“Go bahis firmaları girl,” Violet said. “I check with Leif about his debt to you.”

“Please don’t. I don’t want to wonder what he’s thinking every time he looks at me. Just leave it alone.”

“Your choice although I think he might be up for it,” she said with a giggle.

Jules and I had sex on our third date and almost daily after that. We were married seven months later. Violet was my maid of honor. None of the boys I had entertained in our dorm room were invited and I wasn’t pregnant.

Over the next twenty years, our families met six or seven times a year for barbeques, celebrations and holidays. Violet and I met more frequently, sometimes three or four times a month. Our kids got along famously and, as they matured into their teenage years, they spent time together outside of the family gatherings.

Now in our mid forties, I think we’ve developed extremely well. We’ve both gained weight but determined time in the gym has caused it to accumulate in all the right places. My breasts are larger and I think Violet’s are too. I’ve got some additional bulk in my hips and ass that upsets me somewhat but Jules says he loves it and Violet swears it makes me sexier. We both dress to accentuate the positives. Leif and Jules both tell us that we’re beyond hot and warn us about the degenerates that would gladly try to get into our pants.

Violet and I go shopping together frequently. We cherish the time alone and play mind games with each other about the men we see in the mall. We do what we can to get them to notice and then make suggestive comments and dares to each other and take the increased libido home to our men.

The mall has a huge rotunda with a central fountain and benches around the periphery. We often sit on a bench with our legs crossed or slightly open and watch the men’s reactions as they notice us. It’s almost a sport for us. It’s close to bitchy but its fun and we enjoy it. It boosts our egos and I swear we walk, (strut?) differently when we’re in the mall. We take turns walking around the fountain while the other watches and then fills us in on the reactions of the men. I have to admit, my ass wiggles more than usual during those brief circumnavigations of the fountain. Once in a while, some lothario gets the nerve to approach us. We’re very good at letting them down and sending them on their way while we fantasize about it later at home with our husbands.

Several months ago, Violet and I were shopping for late spring cruise wear. I was particularly taken by a skimpy, two-piece bathing suit. I tried it on in the store and couldn’t make up my mind looking in the mirror. I asked Violet to join me for her opinion. Violet came into the changing booth and pulled the curtain closed. I asked Violet if the suit was too revealing, after all my now larger breasts seemed about to spill out over the top of the halter.

“Honey,” she said. “I don’t think its revealing enough. Hold still while I fix something.”

Violet reached out, lifted my breast in her hand and tucked the suit more tightly around it before letting it go. My serotonin spiked, my amygdala responded and my panties got wet.

“There, that’s better,” she said.

I had no idea what she said. My mind had gone offline with my sudden physical response. I could hardly hear through the thick fog in my head. I tried to shake off my response.

“Hey Rose, are you alright?” asked Violet.

“I’m fine, Violet. Just a little distracted for a moment. What do you think?”

“Honey, you’ll stop them dead in their tracks with that suit and their wives won’t be too happy about it either. Anyway, it won’t make much difference when you’re sitting by the pool and take it off.”

“What the hell are you talking about? I don’t plan to take it off by the pool or anywhere else.”

“I bet Jules is booking a clothing optional cruise.”

“He better not without checking with me first and don’t you give him any ideas,” I ordered.

Later that night, in bed with Jules and after a less than energetic fuck, Jules asked, “Are you alright? You seemed distracted.”

“I’m fine. I’m just tired,” I answered.

Long after Jules had gone to sleep, I lay awake in the bed. I was distracted. I couldn’t get the memory of how I reacted when Violet touched my breast. She’d never done anything like that before and yet it seemed perfectly natural. We’d known each other for almost twenty-five years. So why the hell were my panties wet? I’d never had sex with a woman. Was my body trying to tell me something? Was I missing something? What should I do about it? How would Violet react if I did? What would Jules think?

I decided that I would just talk to Violet about it and see where it led.

Violet and I usually went to lunch on Tuesdays. Instead of going out, I invited her to my house for lunch. Everyone was at work or school and I was alone. I prepared some curry chicken salad and sat in the living room, practicing my speech as I waited. kaçak iddaa Violet rang the bell at exactly twelve-thirty.

I let her in. We hugged briefly as usual but it felt different this time. I got us a couple of glasses of chardonnay and we sat on the sofa facing each other.

“What’s up girl friend?” Violet asked.

“Interesting choice of words,” I thought. “I don’t think she’s ever called me ‘girl friend’ before.”

“Violet,” I began. “Saturday, when we were in the mall and I was trying on bathing suits in the changing room, you …”

Violet held a finger to my lips to silence me. Then she did something completely unexpected. She took my chin in one hand, leaned in and kissed me.

I was stunned, almost unable to react. If touching my breast was a sparkler, kissing me was a firecracker.

When I didn’t react, she tilted her head slightly and kissed me again. Her lips were soft, pliable and they tasted delicious. When she began to withdraw, I put my arms around her neck and pressed my lips against hers with a desperation usually reserved for criminals running from the law.

I kissed her as if it was my first kiss and, in a sense, it was. My first real kiss with another woman. How many hormones are there that can stimulate the sexual pleasure centers of the human female? Every one of them was competing in my body for attention. My mind was useless, my body alive with passion and my panties soaked.

When the kiss ended, I gasped for air. “Are you alright?” whispered Violet.

I responded by closing my eyes and leaned in for another kiss. This time, Violet’s lips parted and my tongue found a way into her mouth. She had one arm around my neck and she held me tight as her tongue began to explore my mouth. I relaxed into her arms and her other hand reached out to hold and squeeze my right breast.

I was gone. Violet could have me. All of me. She could do whatever she wanted with me and I would help her do it. There was no yesterday, no tomorrow, just right now, this minute, this second. I had many orgasms in my life, some of them spectacular, but nothing like this. My body was alive, almost better than an orgasm and it was all foreplay. I hadn’t had an orgasm, yet.

Violet ended the kiss and sat back slightly. Her hand fell from my breast and rested on my thigh. I felt naked without her hand on my breast. Her hand belonged on my breast. My euphoria evaporated with a sense of sadness.

“Rose,” whispered Violet. “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine,” I managed to say.

“You look like you’ve lost your best friend,” she added.

“Nothing like that,” I said. “It’s just that your hand … my breast … it was electric. It felt amazing.”

“Rose,” she continued. “Answer a simple question for me, please?”


“You’ve never been with a woman before, have you?”

“No. Never. You have?”

“Full disclosure,” Violet began. “Not all of those two hour sessions you were kind enough to let me have were with a man.”

“Oh,” I squeaked. “You’ve done this before?”

“Not for a long time. Never like this. Never with you. Let me be clear. With you I feel a connection, an emotional sensation I’d never felt before. I loved it and I want more if you’re willing.”

“And if I’m not willing?” I asked.

“I’m okay with that. I love you and I’ll never, ever ask you for anything you can’t or won’t give me.”

I looked into Violet’s eyes. They were glowing with anticipation. “I’m willing,” I said softly.

Violet leaned in and kissed me again. She held my breast in her hand again and I felt complete again. I reached up and held her breast in my hand. I had to look and verify that it was really my hand and it was really her breast. The last few minutes had rocked my world but as I tasted her lips, sucked on her tongue and squeezed her breast, I knew in my heart that this was now a part of my world.

“I think we should move into the bedroom,” suggested Violet when our kiss ended. I almost leapt off the sofa in my haste to get us moving in the direction of the bedroom. Once in the bedroom, things suddenly slowed to a halt. I was frozen with anticipation, unable to form a plan about what to do next. Violet was waiting to be sure this was what I wanted. After a couple of awkward moments, Violet stepped closer to me and began to unbutton my blouse.

“Violet,” I said. She put her finger to my lips to silence me again before I could say more.

Violet slowly undressed me. She moved slowly, savoring every moment. Every second caused another electric sensation coursing through my body. I wanted her to hurry up, yet everything she did was better than the previous thing. I wanted it to go on forever while anxious to naked in front of her, ready for her, and my, enjoyment.

When Violet had my blouse off, she tossed in on a nearby chair. I stood proudly in front of her in my simple, plain white bra. I arched my back and pushed my chest out in her direction, trying to accentuate my breasts for her. Previously, kaçak bahis she had barely touched my breast. Now I wanted her to hold them, squeeze them and make love to them. Violet reached out and brushed her hand over one breast and then the other. I believed she was teasing me and I was all right with it although it was more like torture.

Violet refocused her attention to my slacks. She slipped the clasp open and pulled down the zipper. She pulled my slacks down to my thighs and pulled panties up to my waist again. I sat back on the bed while she removed my shoes and pulled my slacks off. She looked up and down at my body. I stood and did a slow pirouette for her.

Violet ran her tongue between her lips and turned me around so my back was to her. She moved the shoulder straps of my bra over my arms and then unhooked my bra. Unexpectedly, she put her arms around my waist, leaned in and kissed my neck. My heart was racing as she kissed the other side of my neck and began to slide her hands up my torso.

Her kisses on my neck intensified as her hands moved up to touch the bottom edge of my bra and then continued underneath. My bra fell on the bed and she continued to kiss my neck and hold my breasts in her hands. Passing out wasn’t an option. I wasn’t going to miss a second of what Violet was doing to me.

She ran her fingers around my nipples. I pushed my chest into her hands and took gasping breaths. Too soon, she stopped kissing my neck and her hands fell from my breasts. I felt her step back from me. Curious as to what she was doing, I turned around to face her.

She was waiting for me. She pushed me gently so I sat on the bed facing her. With me in place, Violet began to strip off her clothing. She was slow and deliberate as if she had done it before with an audience. She removed her shirt and let down her hair. She kicked off her shoes and removed her slacks. Violet stood in front of me in her black bra and matching bikini panties. With a huge smile on her face, she reached behind her back and released her bra that hung for a second on her breasts and then fell to the floor at her feet.

Violet smiled at me and I licked my lips. She reached for me. I stood up in front of her. We stood face to face, tits to tits for a moment before I put my arms around her neck and kissed her feverishly. The kiss lit the fuse on the explosive mixture we had both become. She turned around in my arms and I kissed her neck, reached around her and lifted her ample breasts in my hands for the first time. She put her hands over my hands and pressed them tightly against her breasts.

When she turned around, I leaned down and kissed her right breast and then her left breast. She held them up in her hands and I kissed her nipples and sucked on each of them. Breathlessly, she moved me back to a sitting position and laid me down on my back with my legs over the edge of the bed. Joyfully, Violet grabbed the waistband of my panties. I put my arms alongside my hips and lifted my ass off the bed to help her remove my panties.

My panties slid off easily once Violet was able to free them from the sticky mess that was accumulating between my legs. Violet stood in front of me, admiring my unshaven but neatly trimmed cunt. She bent forward, separated my knees and moved between my legs. I closed my eyes, steeling myself for what I knew was coming.

Instead, Violet held my left breast in her hands and kissed my nipple. She repeated the kiss with other nipple and sucked each one gently. I was feverish with anticipation and beginning to quiver all over. Violet kissed down by body, paused for a short while at my navel, probing it with her tongue.

I felt her lips foraging through my bush until they reached the top of my swollen labia. I lifted my legs and Violet held my feet on the edge of the bed while she began exploring where no woman had gone before. I began to tremble as her tongue touched the sphincter of my ass and stuffed my wrist between my teeth to keep from screaming as she drew her tongue across my perineum, between my lips and across my clitoris, four times.

How it felt as she explored between my lips and pushed her tongue deeply inside me was similar to the feelings that Jules provoked when he did similar things to me but the impact was infinitely greater. I was trembling uncontrollably and, as Violet informed me later, calling out for Jesus and God himself. When she pushed the hood over my clitoris aside and began to suck on the hard nub she found there, my body shook violently and when she slid two fingers inside me and began to press on the place at the root of my clitoris, the earthquake consumed me. The orgasm rattled from my cunt to my ears and back again and, if Violet hadn’t expected it, I might have suffocated her between my legs as I squeezed her head between my thighs.

I think I must have passed out briefly. The next thing I remember is looking down between my tits and seeing Violet laying on me with her hands on my hips and her head on my abdomen. She told me later that she had a difficult time keeping me on the bed with all my thrashing around so I wouldn’t throw myself off the bed. We lay like that for some time, each of us breathing heavily from our exertions.

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