The Awe of Being a Hucow Ch. 09

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The Awe of Being a Hucow Ch. 09

Lemaringouin with the helpful translation by Pimanko

Chapter 9 The Much-Expected Visit Part 1

It was six o’clock in the evening. Stephanie was on her way to milking parlour 2. Her breasts were beginning to hurt her. She was about to undergo her third daily milking. As she was walked down the corridor that led to the milking parlour, she met Claudine who stopped her.

“Where are you going?” Claudine asked.

“I’m going to get myself milked. It’s my turn. It’s six o’clock.”

“No, this evening you’ll not to be milked by the automatic milking machine.”

“Oh? Why?”

“This evening, you’re getting a visit from the countess. She wants to be with you. You’re spending the entire night with her.”

Claudine took Stephanie by the hand and led her toward her room. She opened the door and let her walk in first.

Once inside, she kissed Stephanie on the mouth and said, “You’re going to have a marvellous time tonight. I’m going to prepare you for the countess’ visit.”

She removed Stephanie’s smock, then her bra with its suction cups, and finally her thong. Stephanie was totally nude. She admired her. Stephanie’s breasts were pointing outward, the nipples were fully erect thanks to the effect of the suction cups.

Claudine led Stephanie to the shower.

“Take your shower and soap yourself with the lotion I put on the caddy. It’s perfumed. That’s what the countess likes. I’ll be back in ten minutes. In particular, don’t express your milk manually! Your udders have to fully engorged with milk. Soap yourself well everywhere, including your intimate parts.”

Claudine left the room while Stephanie headed toward the shower.

When Claudine returned ten minutes later, Stephanie was standing in a bath towel.

“Good, sit on the chair. I’m going to dry and comb your hair. Then I’ll prepare the gown for the visit.

Stephanie sat down while Claudine took the hair dryer and brush and began to comb her hair. Instead of making a pony tail, which was generally the rule for all hucows in the establishment, she let the hair hang loose down to her back.

“Good, you’re magnificent. Now stand.”

Claudine then took the O-rings and a small pump, which she had earlier put on the nightstand, and inserted it on the pump’s nozzle. With a firm grip on the young woman’s left breast, she pressed the opening of the pump onto Stephanie’s nipple and released the pump’s trigger, which had the effect of attaching the O-ring to the base of her nipple. The O-ring settled firmly on the erect nipple, imprisoning it completely.

“Aie!” cried Stephanie. “That hurts. It’s too tight.”

“Yes, I know, but it prevents you from losing your milk. The countess wants your udders to be completely full and juicy. You’ll get used to a little pain. Don’t worry.”

Claudine proceeded to do the same thing on the Stephanie’s right breast.

The door to the room opened. Veronique, the dairy’s nurse, entered with her little trolley.

“Hello, Stephanie. Are you the lucky one to be selected today?”

“Yes, so it would seem,” Stephanie responded.

“Good, I’m going to prepare your udders.”

“But why? They’re already producing well enough. The milk production is regular and they hurt when they’re engorged.”

“Yes, I know. But this time, it’s entirely for the countess’ satisfaction.”

Veronique took some cotton imbued with alcohol and brushed it along Stephanie’s right breast. Then she took a syringe, stuck it deeply into the tender flesh, then pushed the plunger. The liquid penetrated into the lobular mass. She did the same to the left breast. Then, with both hands, she massaged the mammary glands in order to make the injected liquid spread throughout the volume of the gland.

“That’s it,” indicated Veronique. “That didn’t hurt, did it?”

“No, what actually was more unsettling was the massage you did. So, to the point, what is the purpose of the liquid you just injected into me?”

“The countess loves sugary milk,” Claudine answered. “Every hucow she chooses gets this treatment. And in your case, given the quality of your milk, it’ll be a veritable nectar that she’ll surely appreciate very much. Now, lean over and prop yourself on the back of the chair.”

Stephanie did as she was asked. Veronique took a small jar of cream off the trolley and covered her finger with the ointment. After applying cream to Stephanie’s anal opening, she inserted the completely coated finger into her back channel.

“Hmm, I love it when you penetrate me gently like that,” said Stephanie.

“Yes, I know,” Veronique answered.

She took an anal plug and then shoved it into the hucow’s anus.

?”Ah! That feels larger than usual,” said Stephanie.

“It’s for making you better prepared for upcoming activities,” Claudine told her.

Veronique then reached for a blindfold and covered Stephanie’s eyes with it, thus preventing the young woman from seeing anything.

“Good,” said Veronique. güngören escort “I’m leaving. I’m going back to my office.”

“Very good,” Claudine answered, “and thank for your good care.”

Claudine took Stephanie’s hand, her sight now covered by the blindfold, and guided her out of the room. The two women moved down the corridor to a room that had a sign that read LOVE NIGHT. Claudine put her hand on the knob and opened the door. She pushed Stephanie into the room and led her to a bed. She laid her down on the mattress. She then stroked her hands over Stephanie’s engorged breasts, feeling the weight of them. The young hucow let her do it because she had full confidence in her friend Claudine.

“Your udders are quite full,” said Claudine as she shook them gently. “The countess will love them. You’ll please her a lot. Both of you are going to spend a fantastic night together. You’ll remember this visit for the rest of your life. I guarantee it. What you are about to experience today will stay with you forever. It will be unforgettable. For sure, she will come back, but the first time is unique. The countess has a lot of imagination and the know-how that every woman should like to discover and feel one day.”

Finally, she tied a large, blood-red ribbon around her neck. She then took the young woman’s wrists, tied them with a silk cord and fixed the link to a hook located at the head of the bed. Stephanie’s head was between her now stretched-out arms. Claudine next took the legs and attached another cord to each ankle which she then tied to two other rings located at the foot of the bed. Stephanie’s legs were wide open, fully exposing her sex, while her arms stretched out above her head. Entirely stretched out, she could not move, and she was in the dark because of the blindfold covering her eyes.

Claudine lit some incense sticks. Stephanie began to smell the perfume coming from them. Claudine left the room after lighting several candles which bathed the room in a subdued light.

Stephanie was now alone in this room, stretched out and unable to move. The minutes passed. she was on the alert to, trying to detect any sound, but there was nothing. She saw nothing, heard nothing, and sensed nothing. She even wondered if they had forgotten her or if she were the butt of a bad joke perpetrated on her by other hucows who were amusing themselves at her expense.

Time passed, five, ten, fifteen minutes. Then she believed she heard a little noise on the left side of her bed. Yes, it sounded like a person breathing. However, she had not heard the door open.

Curious, she was making herself listen by putting all her attention on it. She sensed a light movement of air on her right side, as if someone had just moved next to her. She held her breath to get a better sense of the phenomenon occurring near her.

Suddenly, the fingers of an inverse hand stroked her forearm. Slowly, it made its way up to her shoulder. There was no doubt now. There had to be someone near her who was touching her. She was relieved. It was not some bad joke by the other hucows, but she was also uneasy with the way the situation was developing. What was this person going to do?

She felt fingernails travel along her right flank and down toward her thigh. They followed a path down her right leg arriving at the ankle. There, the fingers checked the ligature to confirm its solidity, reminding Stephanie of her vulnerability. Then they went to the heel of her foot. Two lips joined the feast by sucking on the prisoner’s big toe. The warm dampness comforted Stephanie. She had already lived through a similar situation with one of her feminine conquests.

The intruder’s breathing rebounded off her feet. The fingernails were now climbing back up her leg on the inside of her thigh approaching her groin. Stephanie’s breathing turned more and more ragged. Her skin’s sensitivity had increased. She held her breath. Was the hand going to touch her sex?

But contrary to her expectations, the fingernails jumped to her belly and slowly climbed up again while performing small rotating movements like a wheel slowly making its way along a steep road. Stephanie took a deep breath. Her skin was all goose bumps.

Arriving at the right armpit, the hand withdrew. Instead, a wet tongue lapped softly at this sensitive area of her body while the fingertips of another hand explored the lower side of her left breast. It followed the curvature of the mammary gland and climbed up the sternum toward Stephanie’s chin.

Stephanie’s mouth was partially open. Without warning, a finger entered. Stephanie sucked on the finger, which was making small repetitive in-and-out movements in her mouth. Stephanie’s lips closed on the finger and made the little intruder completely wet with her tongue. The moistened finger withdrew from Stephanie’s mouth and descended down the prisoner’s chest. The wet finger turned to toward the right nipple, leaving behind a wet trace of Stephanie’s saliva.

The same procedure halkalı escort was repeated on the left nipple.

Then a puff of warm air bathed each nipple, which had the effect of hardening them. Then the fingers descended to the hucow’s belly. They hesitated at the belly button for a moment circling its contours. After going around several times, a finger entered the orifice to continue its exploration.

Stephanie was panting harder and harder. She was becoming impatient and wanted the prying finger to touch her button of pleasure. She tried to picture the sequence of events but nothing happened for some minutes. Her heart, which was beating hard in excitement and because of the contact of the fingers, slowed down. Worried, she tried to imagine what the next touches were going to be. The silence reigning in the room frightened her a little.

Suddenly, a wet tongue caressed her neck on the right side and climbed up toward her ear. It penetrated the auricle and followed its contours. All her muscles, which had tensed up because of the lack of contact, relaxed. Teeth were now nibbling on her earlobe while a hand brushed against her breast, feeling its volume, following its curve which sagged under gravity, and lifting it gently to feel its weight. The tongue left her ear. Another hand stroked her hair.

Stephanie wanted to see the person who was making her shiver with pleasure and anticipate different wet, warm touches. She was giving up hope of being able to remove the blindfold that prevented her from seeing anything.

The hand that was on her breast turned into a finger that climbed toward her areole. The finger circled around the nipple which had the effect of hardening it again, its three centimetres (more than an inch) rising to the sky. At that moment, Stephanie felt something icy cover her nipple.

“Ah!” she cried.

“Shh,” a soft voice told her.

The same procedure took place on her left breast. Now the two nipples were covered in something hard and icy. It had the effect of making the nipples stiffen again. She wanted to move her body to remove these devices but she sensed that they were firmly placed on her appendages, as if the hollow tips covered the entire volume of the nipples. It was as if they were fitted on her hardened teats.

She waited for a hand to lift up the nozzles that were making her shiver. But to her great surprise, they were not fing\ers but a wet tongue that was exploring her lower belly and slowly making its way farther down. Little by little, it neared her sex, which had turned completely wet. Was she finally going to busy herself with that so sensitive button of flesh, her clitoris!? She had been waiting for this moment with desire and impatience. She yearned for it to hit its mark.

Instead, an inquiring finger slowly ran along the slit of her sex. It was totally wet. She felt warm fluid leak onto her thighs and dribble onto her anus. The finger withdrew after caressing the outer labia of wet sex.

Stephanie heard a sniff which, she believed, belonged to the visitor smelling at her accumulated fluid. Her breathing became more and more pronounced. Her excitement grew. She felt her vagina moisten profusely.

A hand was now stroking her belly. It then climbed up to her generous chest, whose nipples were hardened by the icy rings that encapsulated them. Her nipples were extremely sensitive due to the lack of milking. The rising milk was at its apogee but the O-rings prevented the milking from extruding.

A second hand joined the first. Both circled her two breasts as they approached her sternum. This gesture caused pain in her mammary glands.

‘Ah!’ she thought but keeping silent.

Now both hands were busy massaging the right mammary globe. It was a type of massage that is performed to make the milk let down. But the icy tips and O-rings prevented the milk from extruding. She felt that the milk in her breasts was on the brink, that it wanted to escape her engorged gland because of the excessive accumulation of liquid.

The same procedure was performed on her left breast. And then nothing!

She heard the countess take something from the drawer of the nightstand and place it next to where she was spread out. Now she felt what seemed to be two adhesive pads being attached to each side of her mammary gland. The same procedure was performed on her other breast.

She felt fine threads run across her chest. Worried, she wondered what it could be. The answer came immediately when she felt small, jerky electrical currents go through her breasts.

After several minutes of this treatment, which did not hurt, but did not relieve her either, she felt a hand press firmly on her very enlarged areole while the other slowly remove the icy cap that covered her erect nipple. A wet mouth approached the erect teat and sucked hard on it. It nabbed the O-ring with her teeth and suddenly took it off.

Stephanie felt a sharp pain. She didn’t want to cry out because she felt relief inside. içerenköy escort In effect, three thin jets of milk spurted 20 centimetres (almost 8 inches) up from her chest, which allowed the teat to relieve itself. The milk fell back onto her breast bathing it in the warm liquid.

Suddenly, a warm mouth applied itself to her erect, icy teat, sucking hard on it. The vacuum caused by the intense sucking made the warm milk flow out freely. All the accumulated milk flowed under pressure out of the udder’s small orifices. Stephanie heard the visitor swallow the liquid down her throat.

After some intense sucking that afforded Stephanie some relief, she felt the breath near her right cheek and then curvaceous lips press against mouth. A tongue invited her lips to open up. The liquid accumulated in the mouth, which was now tightly pressed against hers, flowed onto her tongue. Her taste buds were doused with the taste of the invading liquid. It was sweet, warm and sugary. Truly delicious! She had to swallow it.

“Hmm,” she moaned.

“It’s delicious, isn’t it?” she heard. It was the first time she had heard the visitor’s voice. The voice was soft, entrancing and melodious. It comforted Stephanie who had expected the raspy voice of a matron.

“Yes, it’s good,” she whispered. “And it has a flavour of nuts too!”

“That’s because of the injection in the breast that Veronique gave you earlier.”

The torturer’s hand caressed the young hucow’s face while her curvaceous lips met the young woman’s lips. Their tongues intermingled. It was a languorous kiss. Stephanie liked this woman’s breath which was mixed in with the milk from her breast. She relaxed instantly.

“Hmm,” she said, “that’s good.”

Then she felt the countess’ warm hand descend down to her abdomen and head toward her lower belly. The hand stopped just before reaching her clitoris. Stephanie wriggled in invitation to the hand to touch her pleasure button. But instead of that, the hand sharply pulled up the skin of the lower-belly, which had the effect of releasing the small nub from its protective covering. Her clitoris, well developed thanks to the successive treatments that she had undergone over the last few days, found itself open to the air.

After some more sucking on the udder, the mouth, which had been collecting milk, disengaged from the teat. Stephanie felt warm liquid flow onto her clitoris. She realized that it was the last mouthful of milk. The countess had not swallowed it. Stephanie’s pelvic muscles wiggled impatiently inviting some serious touching. The wet mouth covered the erect peduncle and sucked avidly.

“Ah!” shouted Stephanie with pleasure.

Her clitoris was sucked into the countess’ mouth in small gulps. It was delicious and relaxing at the same time. All of Stephanie’s internal tension began to disappear. She needed intimate contact. The excitement and apprehensions of the last few hours had begun to weigh heavily on her psyche.

However, her other breast was still engorged and was demanding adequate care. The countess left the clitoris but not without passing her tongue across the tip of small erectile organ. Tingles passed through Stephanie’s body.

‘What’s going to happen now?’ she wondered.

The countess now busied herself with the other teat by removing the icy nozzle and then the O-ring with her teeth. Once again, some small jets of milk jumped out of the tip of the nipple. This time, they were sucked up by the avid mouth pressing against her hardened teat.

After some intense sucking, Stephanie’s internal tension receded. She was relieved of the weight weighing down her two breasts. She heard the swallowing each time she was being sucked. She realized that her visitor appreciated the quality of her liquid. She hoped she would appreciate more sucking! She despaired of being able to satisfy the countess’ erotic desires and her own sexual needs.

After completely emptying her two mammary glands, the countess said, “You are truly an excellent producer. The milk you give is genuinely delicious! Now I’m going to acquaint you to some other pleasures!”

Stephanie felt vulnerable like a fly caught in a spider’s net. She wanted to undergo other pleasurable actions but was afraid again what her jailer might do to her.

The countess then removed the blindfold from Stephanie’s eyes. It was the first time that she could see the face of her tormenter. And she was not disappointed. An angelic face came into her view. The countess had almond-green eyes, deep red hair and curvaceous lips. She was next to her totally naked! Her body was svelte and her chest well developed. Her breasts pointed straight out. The countess brought her chest close to Stephanie’s mouth, guiding her right breast with her hand.

“Now suck my breasts. Bite the tips of the nipples. Suck on them the way I did you. Gulp it down hard. These little tips are very sensitive. That will be clear if you apply yourself.”

So, Stephanie applied herself to the task. She loved to suck her partners’ breasts. The procedure took a good ten minutes. The countess’ breathing accelerated. She let go some cries of pleasure which showed her appreciation for the hucow’s technique. Stephanie sucked hard on the flesh, bit the tip of the teat, and passed her tongue over the erect peduncle.

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