The Barefoot Maid Ch. 05

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Sorry it took so long to continue the story of Janice and Diane, but life WILL intrude.


Stephanie could not believe the scene she walked in on. There was her mother Janice Crawford, stark naked and on her knees, her wrists and ankles cuffed together behind her. Her mother’s asscheeks bore the marks of a recent and rather severe caning judging by the crisscrossed latticework-like of welts. Her mother’s face was buried in the pussy of Diane Williams, the lovely and also very naked black woman from next door who held a leash that was attached to a collar around Janice’s neck.

Stephanie was shocked and quite turned on by the scene she walked in on. She was shocked because she had no idea that her mother was gay, let alone a kinky slut. Stephanie was also turned on, because she wished she could be on her knees before this woman herself, or at least joining her mother servicing this woman. Stephanie was a gay kinky slut, and apparently so was her mother. Some things DO run in families

Diane’s eyes opened and she made eye contact with Stephanie who had been standing there rubbing her pussy through her clothes. Diane asked her silently if she would like to join them by arching both of her eyebrows and holding out her hand. Stephanie shook her head no. Stephanie actually wanted very desperately to rip off her clothes and play with them, but she was not sure how her mother would react to this so she decided reluctantly to refuse Diane’s offer to join them.

Janice was completely unaware of her daughter’s presence at this point as her head was still buried between Diane’s thighs. Diane spoke to Janice.

“Slut, do you like what I make you do?” Diane asked

“Yes Mistress. I love it.” Janice answered.

“What are you?”

“I am your kinky dyke slut, Mistress.”

“You like being told to eat my pussy, slut?” Diane asked.

“Ohhh Yes Mistress, I love eating your pussy, and making you cum on my face.”

“What else do you love about being my kinky dyke slut? I want to hear details.” Diane said.

“I love it when you whip me, when you order me to tongue fuck your ass. I love it when you piss on me or make me drink your pee. I love it when you humiliate me in front of other mistresses and their slaves. I love it when you are cruel to me and make me do things with other women. I love being whipped, flogged, caned, spanked and just treated like the slut that I am. I LOVE you Mistress and I want to be on my knees before you forever. sultangazi escort I love wearing my collar and cuffs and being on the end of the leash. I love having my pussy shaved although I would like to see what having my pussy get waxed feels like. I love it when you make me go naked. I wish I never had to wear clothes again.” Janice confessed.

Stephanie was getting more turned on by the second. She finally could not take anymore and she ran up the stairs to her bedroom. If she hadn’t chosen to do that, her clothes would have been off and she would have been on her knees in front of Mistress Diane right next to her mother.

After Stephanie left the room, Diane and Janice were cuddling on the living room floor.

“By the way, baby. We are not alone.” Diane said.

“What do you mean? Who was here?” Janice asked.

“Your daughter, Stephanie came in and saw us.” Diane said.

Janice FREAKED out. She immediately tried to get up. Diane grasped the leash and held Janice in place and asked where Janice was going.

“I am going to go put some clothes on and then I am going to go talk to my daughter.”

“No slut you are not. You are going to stay naked. I am going to take this leash and you are going to crawl behind me to your daughter’s room. You think you got any modesty left to hide, bitch? Your daughter walked in and saw you on your knees worshiping my pussy. She heard you confess that you loved being my kinky dyke slut and doing all of the depraved shit that I make you do. So don’t try that modesty bullshit with either one of us. Your daughter knows, just as I know, what a thoroughly depraved slut you truly are.”

Janice winced at these words coming from her mistress. She winced because she knew that Mistress Diane spoke the truth. But she also winced because her clit was throbbing and her pussy was dripping at the humiliation she was experiencing.

Diane picked up the rattan cane he had used on Janice and cracked a savage blow against the naked woman’s already blistered ass cheeks. The blow made Janice’s clit THROB, and she got on all fours and proceeded to crawl after Diane.

As Mistress Diane led her naked slave behind her, Janice shivered with anticipation at what they would find when they went to her daughter’s room.

Diane hooked the end of the leash to the doorknob of Janice’s bedroom and admonished her to “Wait here.” and opened the door to Stephanie’s bedroom.

Diane found Stephanie taksim escort lying on her bed with her jeans and panties pulled down to below her knees as the young woman was furiously masturbating herself to several orgasms.

Diane entered Stephanie’s bedroom, surveyed the scene for a second, and walked straight up to the bed, grasped the girl’s shoes, tugged them off her feet. Next she pulled the girl’s jeans and panties completely off of her. Dianne grasped the girls hair, sat her up, and pulled the t-shirt and bra the young girl was wearing off of her body, leaving her stark naked.

“Lie down, bitch and keep your legs spread. DO NOT play with your pussy, or I will whip the shit out of you.”

Mistress Diane left the girl’s bedroom and returned a moment later with the leash in hand and Janice crawling on all-fours behind her Mistress.

Stephanie looked up and saw her beautiful naked mother crawling into the room behind the equally beautiful and naked Mistress Diane. Stephanie’s clit twitched at the sight and the thoughts about what depraved things they would do and felt her already wet pussy get positively drenched with lust.

Mistress Diane brought the rattan cane down hard across Janice’s ass cheeks and admonished her slave to “get between her daughters legs and start eating her pussy.”

Janice crawled up on the bed and put her face down between her daughter’s legs and starting tonguing her pussy and within a very few minutes Stephanie was on the edge of a toe-curling orgasm.

Diane moved so that her pussy was over Stephanie’s face.

“Let’s see if you are as good at eating pussy as your mother. Get to it, bitch.”

Stephanie tongued Diane to a several orgasms until the dominatrix could not take any more pleasure. She got up off the bed, smacked Janice on her ass telling her to stop pleasuring her daughter and get up on the bed and lie down next to her.

“I think you two need some time to talk. I’ll be back later. Have fun, babies.” And she kissed both women just before she walked out the bedroom door.

There was an awkward silence between the naked mother and her naked daughter as they cuddled together on the bed, neither one really knew how to begin the conversation.

Janice asked “Why did you come back early from Cancun? I thought you were going to be there for another week. You only left five days ago.”

“I got bored. I swam; I lay out in the sun. I went out at night, danced, topkapı escort drank tequila shots, tried to pick up a girl that was WAY too straight and she freaked out. I decided to just come home and see what trouble I could get in here.”

Janice was just about to ask another question, when Stephanie began the conversation the two women had to have.

“So, um mom, how long have you been gay?” Stephanie asked.

“Since my freshman year in college, my roommate Penny and I were lovers.” Janice said.

“How did you get into BDSM?” Stephanie continued asking.

“Penny and I would take turns dominating each other, but I always loved being the slave.” Janice confessed to her daughter.

“What happened to Penny?” Stephanie asked.

Janice took a deep breath and told her daughter all about how much fun she and Penny had together, how much she loved her roommate, and how heartbroken she was when Penny walked out on her because she had found religion.

Janice was on the verge of tears, and Stephanie saw this and embraced her mother who just broke down and cried. It had been a lot of years, but Janice never did get over the hurt left over from Penny.

After Janice was done crying, she asked her daughter the same questions.

“So Stephanie, how long have you been gay?”

“Ever since my roommate seduced me during my freshman year.” Steph answered.

“Hmm, Like Mother, Like Daughter.” Janice said, somewhat amused.

“How about the BDSM? How did you get into that?”

“My Comparative Religion Professor introduced me to it. I ran into her in a dyke bar one night and I have been her little subbie girl. Unfortunately, she is on an extended sabbatical and I don’t know if I’ll ever see her again.” Stephanie said, almost on the verge of tears herself.

“Your Comparative Religion Professor?” Janice asked incredulously.

“Yeah. Dr. Manning. She is a complete dominatrix for any little subbie girl. She has a full dungeon built in her basement.”

Janice could not wait to tell her daughter about the dungeon in Diane’s basement, but all good things in all good time.

Stephanie had ideas of her own.

“Mommy” she said

“Yes, baby” Janice answered

“We’re in my bed, and we’re both naked.” Stephanie said, grasping the obvious.

“Yes, baby. What you got in mind?” Janice asked.

“Let’s fuck each others brains out, until we can’t move any more.” Stephanie said.

“Sounds good to me, baby,” Janice said

And for the next several hours, using fingers, tongues, vibrators, dildos, and other assorted toys that both women had, they made each other cum so many times that they both lost count, and fell asleep entangled in each others naked bodies.

The End……for now.

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