The Bartender and Her

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Her friends had talked her in to going out tonite, be she wasn’t so sure that it was a good idea. She hadn’t been out in ages; she works too much and never has time for socializing. Laying the tub relaxing, she shaved her legs from heel to her inner thigh and trimmed her pubic hair to a tight small box. Standing up she covered herself in soap bubbles, playing and drawing on her skin. Her fingers found their way to her large breasts and began circling her perk nipples. It had been so long since she had felt a man’s touch upon her skin. Rinsing her body of all the bubbles, she stepped out of the tub and grabbed a towel.

Stepping from the bathroom, she walked into her bedroom to begin her search for the perfect outfit. They were trying out a bar downtown that had been advertising on the radio. Standing in front of the closet clad in a towel her long blonde hair dripping down her back, she grabs a pair of black jeans and her sheer top. She reached for her black thongs and push-up bra and slowly slid them on. Her reflection in the mirror was a remarkable sight, her voluptuous breast held snug by the confines of the black satin and her buttocks creamy white against the midnight black thong. She looked at the clock and realized that she had to be leaving soon. Quickly donning on her jeans and top she ran back into the bathroom to apply a little makeup and pin her hair up. Sliding her feet into a pair of strappy sandals, her brightly painted toenails peeked thru the straps. She quickened her steps to the parking lot, got in her truck, and headed downtown.

There was a line at the door and her friends where already there waiting for her. She quickly parked and ran up to meet them.

“Wow, Brit, ya look hot tonite,” Marcy exclaimed.

“I just threw it all together in like 30 minutes,” Brit responded.

“Shit girl, ya gotta share the beauty tips with us sometime. I spent 2 hours getting ready,” Hillary said.

“Ha-ha. Well if I had that much time to get ready, I coulda done better,” laughed Brit.

As they walked thru the door, Brit spied the bar. Grabbing Marcy and Hillary, they made their way to three empty barstools. Sitting down, Brit noticed the bartender. He was a younger gentleman with brown hair and a goatee. Which she has always had a thing for. There is just something so sexy about a goatee. Just then, he turned around and their gazes locked for just a brief second before Brit turned away. The music was loud and the dance floor was packed. Now she remembered why she does not frequent bars anymore. It was a proverbial meat market, men in form fitting pants and shirts, and the women and scantily clad attire. She surveyed the bar and nothing seemed to catch her eye, as did that young bartender.

“Excuse me, bartender?” she hollered.

“Yes ma’am, what can I get for you?’ he asks.

“I’ll have a Malibu and Mt Dew. And she will have a Tequila Sunrise and she’ll have a Tom Collins,” Brit answered.

“A Malibu and Mt Dew, you sure about that?” the bartender questions.

“Yes I am, that is what I drink,” Brit responded.

“Coming right up ma’am,” he said.

Brit pendik escort watched his young frame as he mixed the concoctions that she had ordered. His tight jeans hugged firmly across his buttocks. The black tee shirt showed off his broad chest and developed arm muscles. I wonder how old he is, she thought to herself. As he walked back towards her, she quickly looked away.

“Ma’am, here are ya’lls drinks. That will be twelve seventy-five,” he said.

“Would it be okay if we run a tab? Here is my card,” she asked.

“Sure thing,” he responded.

As Brit handed him her credit card, she stared at his massive hands. His fingertips brushed her and she felt the electricity. He looked her dead in the face, gave her a wink, and walked off. She took her drink and sipped on it as she watched the dance floor.

“Come on Brit, let’s show these kids how to dance,” Marcy said.

The three girls got up and headed for the floor. It had been ages since they had had a chance to get out and enjoy themselves. Marcy started dancing with a guy, who was just her type. Hillary ran into an old friend and they began to dance. Brit felt so out of place, so she headed back to the bar. As she was walking, she noticed that the bartender was staring at her. This time she didn’t look away. As she got closer to her stool, she notices that a fresh Malibu and Mt Dew had been placed in her spot at the bar.

“Brittany?” he asked as she sat down.

“Yes. But everyone calls me Brit for short,” she responded.

“Okay Brit. I’m Gary, nice to meet you,” he said as a smile creeped across his face.

“Well Gary, as long as you mix these drinks like you have been, you will get a big tip tonite from me,” Brit said as she winked at Gary.

“I’ll remember that Brit,” Gary responded.

Brit and Gary talked for a few minutes before Marcy and Hillary came back to the bar. She had found out that he was working his way through college and would be graduating next year. Brit had told him about her job in the Medical industry and growing up in the south.

“Well I think we are going to leave,” said Hillary as she grabbed the hand of her old friend.

“I was thinking the same thing. Brit are you ready to go?’ Marcy questioned.

“Nah, ya’ll go ahead. I am gonna finish this drink and just relax for a little while,” Brit responded.

Gary had overheard their conversation and had secretly hoped that Brit would stay. She intrigued him, her crystal blue eyes had mesmerized him from the time she had sat down at the bar.

“Girls, ya’ll go ahead and have a great evening and I will make sure that your friend gets out to her vehicle safely,” Gary said.

“Hmmmm, Brit, I think you’ll be just fine,” Marcy commented as she walked away.

“Thank you Gary. That is very considerate of you,” Brit said as she turned to face the bar.

“Not a problem sweetie. I was going to ask you if you like to get a cup of coffee when I get off work. What do you think?” Gary said shyly.

“Ummm, sounds great. What time you get off?” she asked.

“In about twenty minutes. The second shift maltepe escort is coming in,” Gary answered.

Brit could not believe that Gary would be interested in her at all. She was at least eleven years older than he was and not to mention she was a little bit on the thick side. She finished her Malibu and Mt Dew as Gary talked to the next bartender. He walked from behind the bar and extended his hand toward her. She took it with out even thinking and they headed out of the bar.

He led her down the sidewalk to this little coffeehouse. They walked in and set at a booth in the corner. It was a dimly lit area, but she was feeling a little adventurous tonite. The waitress came and took their orders.

Brit rested her hand on the table and out of no where Gary placed his on top of hers. As his hand touched hers, she felt that same jolt of electricity she did in the bar. She wondered if he left it too, but by the look on his face, she knew right away that she did.

Their conversation was light, each asking the other things that they had wanted to know. The waitress returned with their coffee and laid the check on the table. Both of them instinctively reached for the bill, but Brit was just a second faster.

“Here let me take care of this. It’s the least that I can do, seeing that you told my friends that you would make sure I was alright,” Brit said.

“Well it was my honor. Its not that often that I find a woman that fascinates me such as you do,” he said.

“Oh I do. Hmmm, I like the sound of that,” Brit said with a smile on her face.

“I have an idea if you wanna here it,” Gary told her.

“Sure. What is this idea that you have/” Brit asked.

“Would you care to come back to my apartment just to talk,” Gary asked.

“Sounds great. I didn’t have anything else to do this evening’ Brit answered.

“Glad you are interested there Brit,” her responded.

Brit leaves the bill and money on the table and they got up and walked out the coffeehouse. Gary took her hand again and led her down past the bar and towards an apartment complex nearby. They walked up the stairs to the second floor and Brit stood back as Gary unlocked the door.

“It ain’t much, but it is home for me,” Gary said as he walked through the doorway.

“It’s really nice, do ya mind if I take my shoes off, my feet are killing me,” She asked as she walked toward the couch.

“Not at all sweetie. Make yourself right at home,” he said as he sat down beside her.

Brit took off her shoes, draped her legs across his lap, and giggled. Gary looked at her and smiled as he reached for her feet. He started massaging them and Brit let out a light moan. Thinking to himself, he wondered what the night was going to bring and would she submit to him. He lowered his mouth to her feet and began kissing them. Sucking on each toe and then kissing her foot again.

Glancing up at her, he noticed that she had her eyes closed and seemed to be enjoying the treatment he was giving her. Her loose foot grazed across his lap, and she realized that his manhood was getting hard.

“Gary, kartal escort if you don’t stop, you might not get me to leave tonite,” she said coyly.

“Well that was the plan sweetie. Now why don’t you come here and kiss me,” he said in a deeper tone.

She did as he bided and leaned over and kissed him long and hard. Her tongue traced his lips as if to tease him. Her tongue darted into his mouth and wrapped her arms around his neck. Gary ran his fingers through her long blonde hair and pulled it slightly. She let out a moan against his lips. She moved her hands from his neck and started tracing a line down his jaw, across his shoulder and down his chest. Nevertheless, she didn’t stop there; she reached for his manhood as she slithered down his body until she was on her knees before him.

She reached for his button and zipper, releasing the confined stiffness that he possessed. Tugging at the hem of his jeans, she took them off with one quick pull. Kissing his leg up towards his manhood, her hands traced his muscles. Once there she took the waistband and began to pull his underwear. Gary assisted her and helped himself out of his garments. Her touch was cool as her fingers grazed his erection. She lowered her mouth to his tip and flicked her tongue across it.

Gary let out a deep moan as Brit took him in her mouth. She had prided herself on her techniques of giving a blowjob. Every inch of his stiff cock was explored. Her tongue traced all over it and her mouth followed as if she commanded it. Her suck was light at first, and then hardened as she got into it. She worked him up and down, relentlessly. Her teeth grazed his cock once or twice, but he didn’t seem to mind at all. Gary entwined his fingers in her shiny blonde mane, pushing her closer into his groin. She readily followed his command, sucking harder and faster, as she took one hand and began massaging his balls.

Gary let another deep moan escape his lips as he thrust his cock further into her mouth. He could feel the back of her throat as she continued to suck on him. She didn’t even miss a beat as his cocked fucked her mouth. He could tell that she was enjoying herself, because she would let out a moan or two while she sucked him.

“Brit, sweetie, ya need to stop now. Or I am going to cum in your mouth,” huskily Gary said.

She released his cock and whispered, “It’s okay hun, and I want you to. I wanna taste your hot load trickle down my throat.

“Hmmmm, well hell then, continue,” he said.

She dove back down on his cock and picked up where she had left off. Brit greedily sucked on his cock, she felt his erection begin to throb in her mouth. She knew that he was getting close. Gary could tell this also, so he grabbed her hair and drew her tight into his groin. Her mouth was so warm and inviting. Letting out a deep long moan he released his hot cum inter her mouth. He heard her moan loudly as she began swallowing him.

Brit looked up at Gary and noticed that he was already starring at her. Their gazes locked as she continues to suck him dry. The grip he had on her hair loosened. Her hand released his balls and started rubbing his thighs.

“Get up Brit, that was awesome sweetie. Where did you learn that technique?” Gary asked.

“Hmmm, just a natural I guess. Been told that I could make a dead man cum,” she responded with a chuckle.

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