The Best Summer Ever

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We lived in a small apartment in Chicago. It was just me, my mom and my little brother. I was 19 years old and what you would call a pretty tough kid. Working out in the gym and hanging out with my friends was my favorite pastime. As I got older, I started getting into more trouble. Stealing and doing drugs with my friends became a rush that often landed me in jail. I never served time but my mom was at a loss as to what to do with me.

Summer was approaching and my mom was dreading to have to deal with another summer of me getting into trouble. I overheard her talking with my dad on the phone one evening.

She approached me and said, “I’ve been talking with your father, and although he’s been a terrible father, I think it’s best that you go and spend the summer with him.”

Needless to say I wanted nothing to do with it. I told her that there was no way I was going to spend time with that dead-beat father.

You see my father left us shortly after I was born. He was heavy into drugs and spent time in prison for felony theft. Although looking back, it seems like I was headed down the same path. However in my eyes he was still scum. The only time I had ever met my father was when he got out of prison – I must have been about 7 years old.

After prison he tried turning his life around. He was renting a small farm in Kentucky, had a girlfriend living with him and together they had a daughter. He fathered his daughter, my half sister, who is only a year younger than me, shortly after leaving my mom and I and before being sent to prison. His girlfriend however, was waiting for him openly when he got out of prison.

Anyway, there was no way I was going to stay there. Things kind of changed though. I was out one night with my friends. One of my friends wanted to break into a store, which was not a good idea. As the brick went flying through the window, it was obviously too late for me to stop him. With sirens blaring, my friend, hoodie over his head, jumped into the store as I instinctively followed. Unfortunately I did not have time to cover my face, and was fully exposed to the security camera watching our every move.

I ended up at the police station. My mom had to come and try to get me out. As I’m waiting in the cell, one of the guards brings me out. There’s my mom, with a look of complete disgust and loss in her eyes. They tell me I have two options, go to jail or spend the summer with my father. Apparently my mother had long discussion with the detective and pleaded with him that I get that option so that I stay out of jail, and my mom wouldn’t have to worry about me through the entire summer.

As I hear their ultimatum, I’m thinking that I’ll do neither. I’ll tell the cops that I’ll spend the summer with my dad but I just wont go. I figure I’ll just hang out at one of my friends for the summer. But then the cop tells me after I agree to spend the summer with my dad, “If we find you out on the streets you’ll do hard time. ..and whoever we find you with will be charged with harboring a fugitive. No questions asked this time. We’re giving you a huge break. …any judge that sees your rap sheet wouldn’t hesitate to through you away.”

I still have it in my head that they wont catch me. But unfortunately word gets around about the part where anybody I’m caught with will be charged as well. My friends are all telling me to just go, after all it’s only for a few months. So reluctantly I go.

I talked to my dad on the phone a few times before leaving, so we got to know each other a little bit before I show up. I learn that my half-sister (blood related through my dad) is a really good kid, with good grades and all. So I’m thinking, great, here’s this nerdy girl I’ll have to deal with all summer long.

The drive down was painfully long. It was the worst feeling, knowing I’d be dropped off there for the entire summer. My little brother was in the back seat complaining the whole ride, which made things even more dismal.

We pulled off the highway onto a rural road. From there onto an even smaller road, and then a dirt road. I stared out the window as the dust from our tires blurred everything behind us. As far as the eye could see there was nothing but farm fields. I thought to myself, “how can anybody live out here.”

We finally came to a mailbox with our destination address marked on it. There was a long driveway that seemed to vanish into the distance as it wound up a slight hill. As we pulled into the gravel driveway and made our up over the hill, the small little farmhouse came into view almost out of nowhere.

It was almost exactly as I had pictured. To the left of the house was a barn, and behind the house towered a larger barn. The house was a modest two story typical looking farmhouse, painted white, with a covered porch that wrapped around most of the front. Trees shaded the perimeter of the house. On the porch was a group of people waiting for our arrival. Sitting on the porch swing was my dad and his girlfriend Gale. bahis firmaları I could see that Gale was a very large women, not very tall but very wide.

Sitting on the porch steps where three girls about my age. One was rail thin, the other was smoking hot, and the third had a body that mirrored Gale’s. I thought, “the large one has to be my half sister.”

As we pulled up and got out of the car, my dad walked up and hugged me, which kind of took me by surprise. Considering his past, I was expecting him to have less emotions – certainly not hugging me. He was a large man, and the years of drug and other abuses were evident on his body. We were introduced to the girls on the steps, and to my surprise, my half sister Stephani was not the fat one, rather the really good looking one. The other two where her friends.

My mom and brother stayed for a short while talking but not for long as they wanted to hit the road to get back home before it got too late. When they left it was a bit awkward of a feeling. But my dad said, “lets get your things and show you your room.”

Inside the house was small and smelled old, but it was clean and nicely decorated. Like most of the house, my room was very small. The room consisted of a single bed, which took up nearly the entire room for the exception of a small path along one wall with the bed pushed into the corner. There was one small window to let some light in and sparse built-in closet.

I dropped my things on the bed and was shown around the rest of the house to get more familiar with things. As we made our way back outside, Gale asked Stephani and her friends, who were still on the front porch, to show me around outside.

Stephani and her friends walked by around to the back of their house. On the back of the house was a small screened in porch. She pointed out the fields that were theirs, and the two barns. The fields seemed to go on as far as the eye could see. They also had some chickens and goats.

We ended up sitting in the barn talking for a while. As they talked, I started to get the impression that Stephani was a stuck-up little brat. Not at all the type of girls I was used to hanging or being associated with. But what was I to do? I was stuck there for the entire summer.

I found that most of the kids got around by minibike or ATV’s, which I didn’t picture the girls riding until they had to leave. Both of her friends saddled a small minibike, one in front and one on the back, and they disappeared into the farm field with a cloud of dust trailing behind.

A few days after first arriving there, I started to get a slightly different impression of Stephani and her friends. As it turned out, she wasn’t as innocent as she had so successfully portrayed to her parents. True she was good in school and was on the honor roll, but she also liked to party with her friends which included smoking pot often and drinking.

The first time I met her whole group of friends, I was sitting on the screened in back porch doing nothing – there really wasn’t anything to do there. Stephanie comes out and asks if I want to go with her, she was going to meet a few friends at a local hangout. So I said sure.

She told me to get on the back of the minibike. I said there’s no way I’m riding on the back with a girl driving. So she said, “do you know how to ride one.”

I said, “I never rode one before.”

She said, “get on the back then if you want to come with.”

So off we go, kicking up a cloud of dust behind us until we came to tree lined pond in the middle of nowhere. I could see there are several dirtbikes and ATV’s and about 15 kids swimming and just hanging around.

As we pull up, one kid named Billy makes a smartass comment saying, “look, Stephani brought another girl on the back of her bike” and all of his friends start laughing. Now mind you, I was a pretty tough kid and never took shit from anybody. However being new to the group, I pretended to ignore it. After all, if I did start something I was way outnumbered. It was actually fun hanging with her group of friends, but I could see that this Billy kid was the bully of the group and everybody backed down to him.

The lake seemed to be a daily hangout for the local group of kids Stephani hung out with. Not all of the kids were there all the time, but there was usually at least a handful each time, some days more than others.

It was about a week after Stephani had first brought me to the lake, we showed up to see a large group of kids already there. I notice that Billy, who hasn’t always been there when Stephani and I were there, was there that particular day. I always tried to stay away from Billy since I really didn’t like him and didn’t want to start anything with him.

Everything was going OK until I just so happen to look over and see Billy jack Stephani real hard, knocking her down. I didn’t know the reason, and didn’t really care. I jumped up and say, “what the fuck is your problem jag-off.”

So he gets kaçak iddaa in my face and says, “why don’t you get back on your bike and have your girlfriend drive you home.”

I had enough of this punk and couldn’t hold back any longer. I said, “she’s my sister..” and threw my fist so hard into his face, his head jerked back. I didn’t stop with the one punch. I continued to pound his face with both fists as he tumbled backward. I was so pissed and focusing on giving this asshole what he deserved, that I was hardly aware of the blows being thrown to my own head by Billy’s friends.

What seemed like several minutes, was probably only a matter of seconds. But the damage was done and my point made. Several kids pulled everybody apart. I slowly became aware of the taste of my own blood in my mouth and feeling it dripping down my chin. With two kids holding me back, I looked down at Billy, who was moaning on the ground with kids surrounding him, and I said, “you ever touch my sister again and I’ll make sure to finish you off you piece of shit.”

Stephani grabbed me, with a look of anger in her eyes and said, “lets go.”

I’m sure I wasn’t wanted there anyway, so I got on the back of the minibike and off we went.

When we pulled up at home, I immediately got off the bike and headed inside, not saying a word to Stephani. After taking only several steps Stephani said, “wait.” I stopped and turned to her expecting her to lay into me. Instead she reached up, wiping the blood from my cheek and said, “we need to wash you up.”

I didn’t say word back to her. We walked inside into the kitchen. She pulled me to the kitchen sink and with a warm towel she started wiping the blood from my face. I didn’t see the anger in her eyes anymore.

In fact to my surprise she said, “you know that was a real stupid thing you did. But I’m flattered that you stood up for me” and she smiled.

I don’t know if it was all in my head, but it seemed like she looked at me and treated me a little different from that day on. And as a result, I think we became a little closer and I started seeing her a little differently also.

I always knew Stephani was hot, but she was my sister so I never looked at her any differently. Things started to change however. Being summer time, and a hot summer at that, it was hard to ignore what a perfectly shaped body she had, especially with some of the summer cloths she’d wear. And on a few occasions she caught me looking at her. I was embarrassed but she never said anything to me about it.

With the hot summer nights, and my room having virtually no breeze to relieve the stifling heat in my room, I would walk downstairs and crash on the long outdoor chair in the screened in back porch. One particular time while I was walking past Stephani’s room – her door was always open to allow for as much breeze as possible – I stopped. Stephani was laying on her stomach wearing a night shirt that had crept up. With the faint light of the moon shining in through her windows, I could see her perfect ass, only covered by a pair of thin panties. I made that same walk to the screen porch many a night, each time stopping to look in on her.

I made my way down to the porch one night. As I laid down I was somewhat startled by seeing Stephani walk out. She said, “it’s just too hot up there. Mind if I sit with you?” As she sat down she held out her hand. In her palm laid a joint. She asked if I wanted to smoke some. I said sure.

The night was perfect, with a slight breeze and the sounds of crickets all around. I’m not sure what started it, maybe simply because we were a little high, but we started messing around, tickling each other and laughing. It was all somewhat innocent until suddenly things changed.

I was leaning back on the arm of the couch and Stephani was leaning over me feverishly trying to tickle me. She stopped tickling me. Our laughs faded and turned to smiles. I took notice that her night shirt had been pushed up so that I could see her panties as her legs straddled mine, and my erection was obviously formed under my shorts.

A microsecond of awkwardness came over me, until she leaned into me and kissed me. It was the softest, most gentle kiss I had ever felt. I leaned back into her and we kissed again, longer, more passionately. It was the most electrifying kiss I had ever had.

We kissed more and more, our legs intertwined. My hands moved down to her ass, and felt the soft material of her panties. As we kissed, our breathing became heavier as our hips gyrated against each other. With my hands on her ass, I guided her hips in rhythm with mine.

As we dry-humped each other, the unmistakable feeling of an orgasm was building deep within me. The rhythmic motion of Stephani’s body quickly turned to a jerking motion as she gently moaned with an orgasm as her pelvis pushed into mine. My orgasm hit me at the exact same time and I exploded into my shorts.

Our lips parted, and Stephani laid her head on my chest. Her hips were kaçak bahis still gently moving against my still rock hard cock. My head was swirling with what just happened. I felt incredibly comfortable with her there on my, yet knew it had to be wrong. We stayed like that, in each others arms until we both dozed off to sleep. She woke a few hours later and said she needed to go back up to her room.

The next morning there wasn’t much said between us. Stephani had somewhere to go and was gone for most of the day. That evening we hung out on the porch like we did most evenings. We talked about the previous evening and how we both liked it. We kissed a few times. As the sun was setting Stephani went in to take a shower.

She didn’t come back out, so I went inside to play video games. About an hour later she came down from her room and sat next to me as I played. She looked so hot, and had that out-of-the-shower smell. Eventually she asked if I wanted to go and sit on the porch, so we did.

Sitting closely next to me on the long outdoor chair, she started rubbing my leg until her hand was massaging my rock hard cock through my shorts. We kissed and the force of my body pushed her so that she was lying on the sofa with me next to her. As we kissed my hand pushed under her shirt to meet the most firm and soft pair of breasts. Her nipples were hard as cork.

I pinched her nipples and squeezed the firmness of her full breasts. My hand eventually moved down and began rubbing her panty covered pussy. Her hips began moving and our breathing once again increased.

Her hands moved inside my shorts and I felt her hand fully grab my cock. The feeling sent chills through my body as she softly stroked me. In return I pushed my hand under her panties. She was completely shaven. My hands pushed into the folds of her pussy to find her soaking wet. As I did she let out a moan and her her hips begin moving in response to my fingers rubbing the length of her wetness.

Her hand wrapped around my cock began stroking me in earnest. My finger pushed into her warm, wet, tight pussy as her hips moved. I couldn’t hold it any longer as my body was hit with an incredible orgasm. She continued pumping my cock as she too started moaning with her own orgasm with my fingers pushing deep inside of her.

We just lay there after that, my head next to hers. She withdrew her cum soaked hand from my shorts and drew her fingers to her mouth and licked my cum from them. We sat up and just held each other and talked until we drifted off to sleep.

The day after that is the first time Stephani and I had sex. We went to pond and were swimming with a group of her friends. We were drinking all day and getting high. Around supper time the last couple of her friends had to leave. Stephani and I were the only ones left. We decided to take one last swim before heading back home for supper.

Since nobody was there, we ended up in each others arms kissing . She put her hands into my shorts and pulled my cock out. I began poking her with my cock as she stood in front of me. She then wrapped her legs around me. I reached down moving her bikini aside. My cock was poking at her pussy until eventually I felt it sliding into her.

There are no words to describe the feeling I felt, as my rock hard cock moved from the coolness of the water into the tight warmth deep inside her pussy. She began sliding up and back down on my cock, her pelvis grinding into mine, eventually building up a steady rhythm. Her nails dug into my back as she squeezed me tight and began cumming hard. Simultaneously I began cumming as well. It was, hands down, the best orgasm I had ever felt I think.

When we came down from our orgasms she looked at me and said, “what the fuck is wrong with you! Why did you cum inside of me?” I didn’t have and answer. It just felt too good…too right to stop. To be honest, it always felt right with her. It seemed like we had a connection that nobody would ever understand. Our bodies were such in-sync and perfectly compatible with each other.

That was the first of many times we had sex with each other. In fact, that night we had sex again. It was a cooler night and we were laying on the porch again. With a blanket covering us, we began messing around. I eventually pulled her shorts and panties off and she pulled my shorts and boxers off. From the waist down we were completely naked under the blanket.

That in itself was thrilling because of the risk factor if Gale or our dad came out. But the house was setup such that there was an indoor porch with a squeaky door, so had anybody come outside from within the house, we would hear before they were in the screened in porch.

Nevertheless it was a thrill. And the feeling of Stephani’s soft bare skin against mine felt fantastic. Stephani was straddling me, with her one leg over mine. Her leg and hip were pushing into my balls and cock. I eventually moved my leg so that she was now completely straddling my body.

She playfully was holding my hands over my head as her pussy moved up and down the hardness of my cock. Mind you I was not inside her, rather she was merely humping me. As she did I could feel her pussy juices coating my cock.

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