The Bet 08: Just a Quickie

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All throughout dinner their mother chattered on about their beautiful weekend. The place they stayed out with amazing views. The shops the dotted the coble street that ran through the middle of the town. The entire time, their father sat silent while pushing the food around his plate before taking a bite. John kept glancing at Sarah as she asked question after question. It was like she was intentionally dragging out the meal.

By time he had gotten home, their father was already preparing dinner and their mother strolled in behind him. Sarah pranced into the room wearing another tiny skirt and snug tee. She wiggled her fingers at him before hugging their mother. Almost an hour later and they were still gathered around the table. As they entered a fourth round of questions, John excused himself and slipped away to his room.

Grabbing his laptop, he fell on to his bed and powered it up. Searching through the folders on his desktop, he smiled as he pulled up one with a date as the name. The downloads from Sarah’s phone. He moved the ones on the flash drive to another folder so he could explore the rest. Realizing the flash drive was probably still plugged in, he slapped his face.

“Shit,” he mumbled.

“You ok in here, Johnny,” Sarah asked, poking her head into his room.

“No,” he grumbled as she plopped down beside him.

“What’s wrong?”

“I forgot to take the flash drive back.”

“I noticed.” She giggled and he raised a brow at her. “I caught Dad watching one of the videos when I got home today.”

“What,” John gasped. Sarah nodded as her smile widened. Her hand fell to his chest as she leaned closer. Her lips brushing his cheek as they inched closer to his ear.

“He was enjoying it, too.” She nipped as his earlobe and John shivered. The warmth of her breath meeting his skin felt fantastic. It drove his need to hold her and enjoy more of her. The feeling of her tight pussy wrapped around his throbbing cock. “His hand wrapped tight around his cock. Even from place behind him, I could tell you inherited more than just his eyes.”

“Sarah,” John groaned. bahis firmaları “You can’t start something that we can’t finish.”

“Mom is already back in her office doing paperwork, and I bet Dad wouldn’t say anything.”

“Bet,” John asked as he eased away to look at her, forgetting all about the computer on his lap. Sarah glanced at the screen and beamed.

“What are you watching?”

“I was still trying to decide,” John sighed, as his sister did exactly the opposite he had hoped for. Returning the screen, he moved his curser over the collection. Sarah remembered each one he scrolled over as if they happened yesterday. Each of the men and women in the videos are people she still saw. “Which one did you catch Dad watching?”

“The one with Mr. Gunther,” Sarah replied pointing to the video. John knew he shouldn’t have been surprised after everything, but he still was.

“The guy you babysit for?”

“I did say he pays really well,” Sarah giggled.

“Who was your first?” The question just popped out of his mouth. It had been eating at him for a few days. What lucky bastard did she let take control of her? Was it Todd, the brainless jock? Maybe it was someone more mature with experience to share, like the neighbor next door.

“You sure you want to travel down that road,” she asked as her hand bumped his and began guiding the curser. John looked at her fighting with needing to know, and keeping it a mystery. She looked at him when he didn’t answer. The firm set line of his lips told her he wanted to know, but held no promises about how he would react. “Quinten.”

“Quinn,” he asked. There was a bite to his word that made Sarah shy away. “My friend?”



“It was a few years ago. We were at a party and it just happened. Neither of us really acknowledged it until the next morning.”

“You have horrible habit of just jumping into beds, don’t you?”

“You didn’t have a problem with it,” she snapped as she leaned away from him. Slamming his computer shut, he shoved it off his lap and onto the bed.

“Nope,” he growled, kaçak iddaa snatching her wrist before she could escape. “I didn’t. And because I know how good you are, I can’t stay mad at you. I’m disappointed that it was someone I considered a brother.”

“I told you, it wasn’t like I sought him out.” Her eyes grew wide when he pulled her closer, rolling them so she was under him. Her legs parting as he nestled between them. He leaned on his elbows with his face inches from hers.

“Can you stop defending it? He might have been your first,” John groaned, kissing her neck. “But now, you’re mine.”

Sarah moaned as he sucked at the sweet spot below her ear. Her hands pulled at his shirt, balling it into her fists and pulling it over his head. John sat back and allowed her to remove the first piece of clothing. Sarah pointed to the door and John dropped his head back as a groan left him. He got up and pushed it closed. Taking the opportunity to release his pants, John stepped out of the confining material and lost the boxers as he sauntered back to his sister.

Another bubble of giggles burst from Sarah as John collapsed back into place. He growled through gritted teeth about too many cloths as he fought with her shirt and skirt. Sarah sat up to help free herself from her clothes. His hands found her bare hips and pulled her farther down the bed. She squealed and John’s hand covered her mouth to muffle the sound.

“We can’t get caught,” he whispered as his other hand brought her leg up to his hip. She hooked it around his waist and urged him closer. His cock brushed against her wet lips and clit, causing her moan against his hand. With a few more strokes, Sarah’s hips were grinding against him with need. John bit back the chuckle as he continued teasing her.

“Fuck,” she mumbled. His hand was replaced with his lips. Their tongues began to dance as John slowly buried himself within her tight folds. He had to fight the urge to move faster. His instincts were trying to drive him forward. Knowing the risks, he followed through with a steady rhythm.

Sarah’s hips moved to meet his kaçak bahis thrusts. Even with the careful, easy pace she could feel him bottom out. Her other leg hitched up around his waist. With feet locked behind him, she pulled him deeper. Moans slipped from her mouth and into his. Her walls tightened around him, making him curse into the kiss. The tell-tale twitch was all Sarah needed. She begged into the kiss before John pulled away.

“Please, Johnny. Oh god, please.” John reached between their bodies and rubbed at the sensitive bundle of nerves. Sarah’s head dropped back, exposing her neck to him as she bit her lip. John kissed up her chest to her throat. He nipped at the flesh at her collar bone over to her shoulder. Feeling his own release coming, he bit her shoulder.

The gasp leading to curse from Sarah made John cover her mouth with his hand again. Her body tensed under his as she found the cloud she had been searching for. Feeling her pussy clench around him, John couldn’t hold back any longer. He groaned into her shoulder as he emptied himself deep within her.

Collapsing on his sister, he rested his head on her heaving chest. Sarah’s hand combed through his hair. He kissed her shoulder softly as they came down together. It wasn’t their best work, but for a quickie it wasn’t the worse. Sarah could recount all the times that she agreed to a quickie and barley got off. With John, things were different.

A creek from outside of the bedroom made Sarah turn her head. The faint shadow of a figure disappeared before she could make out who it was. She smiled to herself as the hand in John’s hair slid down his neck to his back.

“Someone was watching,” she whispered into John’s hair.

“Who,” John mumbled as sleep called to him.

“I bet it was Dad.” Squirming to look up at his sister, John’s brow jumped.

“Care to make that bet more interesting?”

“If I’m wrong, you have to walk around buck ass naked all day Saturday.”

“How is that a punishment?”

“Because then I get to watch jealously while Mom ogles you.” The corner of his mouth turned up.

“And if it was Mom spying, you have to Friday.”

“Why Friday?”

“Me, you and Dad will be the only one’s home.” Craning her, she brought her face to his.

“Deal,” she whispered kissing his lips.

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