The Blue Life Ch. 36: Sunny’s Ass

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The story involves themes of Incest, BDSM, Dominance/submission, bisexuality and some homo-erotica. If any of that offends you, just move on to another story. All characters are 18+ years of age. And this is a work of fiction. Thanks to proofreaders for their help with suggestions, editing and proofreading. Suggestions for kinks, characters or plot are often worked into future chapters. Leave your suggestions in the comments. Thanks for reading. Comments, Favorites, and Ratings are always very much appreciated.


I walked Nurse Nancy into my girlfriend Sunny’s apartment. Well, to call it an “apartment” is being more than generous. It’s one large room, partitioned off from the upstairs storage at Sunny’s shop, “The Lace Boudoir.” There is a rectangle of yellowing linoleum under the small kitchen table with mismatched chairs that defines the Kitchen Area. The kitchen has a three-quarter sized fridge, a microwave and an induction hotplate. It’s got no running water, there’s not any in the upstairs. Sunny does the dishes in a sink downstairs, but mostly uses paper plates and eats a lot of Chinese Take-Out. She also has to use the bathroom and shower downstairs in the lingerie shop.

The kitchen area is separated from the bedroom area by a large, open-sided, cube unit bookshelf from IKEA. It had to have been assembled in the room, because there was no way it could have fit up the stairs and through the door.

The room has no windows and very little ventilation. It smelled like sex, fresh sex on top of stale sex. I thought, “I’ve got to buy Sunny an cir Cleaner, one of those fancy ionic ones.” Then I shook my head and thought, “No. I’ve got to get Sunny moved out of this dump.” I had plans to build a home on my parent’s property. But that wouldn’t be finished for months. Sunny couldn’t stay here that long.

I held up a finger to my lips to indicate that Nurse Nancy should be quiet. We could see through the bookcase the shapes of people having sex on Sunny’s king-sized bed. But, there were many people on the bed, and it was hard to tell exactly how they were all configured. I finished unbuttoning Nancy’s nurse’s uniform and let it drop to the floor. I slipped her open bra off her shoulders too. She smiled shyly and innocently at me. In that moment, she looked more like a teen girl than a recent widow in her mid-fifties. I took a moment to appreciate Nancy Stockton’s mathematically perfect physique, her high, firm tits, her full-moon, round bottom, her toned legs and flat stomach. If I looked closely, I could see the ghosts of tiny scars from all the cosmetic surgery Nancy has undergone to be so perfect. But a lot of her physique, her muscle tone, her smooth complexion and perfect make-up are the product of a woman who is obsessed with keeping herself in absolutely immaculate condition. Still, I cupped her breasts as my thumbs played across her nipples and the piercings through them. Nancy shyly smiled, undid the buttons on my shirt and pushed it off my broad shoulders. She leaned forward and kissed, licked and sucked at my erect nipples, while looking up through her eyelashes at me with an innocent expression of, “Is this alright?”

I groaned and kicked off my shoes.

Nancy undid my pants and let them pool around my feet. She lightly stroked along my stiff manhood. When a burble of precum came up, she caressed that around the glans with her thumb.

I reached down and stroked Nancy’s bald pussy and she flinched. She said, “I’m sorry, Daddy-Sir. But, I’m a little sensitive and sore down there right now. You fucked me really good.”

I whispered, “I’m sorry, Baby. Was I too rough on the stairs?”

“No, Daddy-Sir. You’re cock is just much bigger than what I’m used to. And don’t ever apologize for fucking the shit out of this dried up, old widow.”

I spanked her ass, hard, sharp and loud. It stung my hand. Heads turned across the room at the noise. I said, “Don’t degrade yourself, Kitten. You’re a juicy, ripe plum. I would like to eat you right now.”

Nancy grinned. “I’m a dried up, old prune…,” I looked at her sternly, “…who loves getting spanked by her Daddy.” My hand came down on her ass cheeks again. “Oh, fuck, that makes me so wet, Robert!”

“We’ll find an evening when we can role play and I will find lots of excuses to spank your beautiful bum, Kitten.”

“Like a Professor and his naughty student?” Nancy suggested.

I chuckled. “A fantasy of yours?”

“Bill liked for me to dress up. Sometimes I was a schoolgirl. But he never wanted to play. He didn’t want me to talk or hardly move during sex. He just wanted a sex doll, not a wife.”

I tipped her head up so she was looking in my eyes. “I’m sorry, Kitten. We will play. OK? Would you like to be the Professor sometimes?”

Nancy gasped and her eyes went wide. Her pupils visibly dilated. She looked about, as if she couldn’t quite process the words. “Master? Do you mean? Are you saying, I would…get to…” She swallowed hard. “Um, spank you?”

I grinned. bahis firmaları “Sure. If I was naughty.”

Nancy smiled broadly. “You’re not shitting me, Daddy-Sir? Really? I’m mean, really? You would do that? For me?”

“It would be for me too. That would be fun. And it sounds like something you’ve also fantasized about, Kitten. Am I right?”

Nancy just mumbled, “Holy shit! I need a moment to take this all in.”

I took Nancy’s hand and pulled her toward the “bedroom.” I said, “No time for that now, Kitten, not when there’s so much more to take in!”

I pulled Nancy into the room and around the bookcase. There was a dresser, a large steamer trunk and a king-sized bed in the “Bedroom Area.” The bed had a black headboard, decorated with a large number of polished steel industrial rings, laid out at random, like an unknown constellation. At the moment, the bed was crowded. On one side of the bed, Dr. Shapiro was lying on his back. He was wearing a red garter belt and plain red stockings. Over that he had on tan, fringed chaps. They didn’t look like the kind a cowboy would wear, but the kind someone might wear clubbing. The fringe would make them almost useless if somebody tried to wear them to ride a motorcycle. They were also a little long on the seventy year old doctor. He was sporting a bowler hat too! The hat wasn’t exactly on his head, but sort of balanced on the bed and his forehead, partially covering his eyes. He was lying down near the foot of the bed, his ass near the very end, with his knees pulled up to his chest.

Terri, was standing at the foot of the bed in front of him. Her trim and toned eighteen year old body with magnificent, oversized 40F tits and long blue hair, cut in a half-Mohawk was looking super-sexy wearing just a black garter belt with plain black stockings, and red and black high top sneakers. The contrast between the garter and stockings and the high-tops was strange and very arousing. She also had on a black leather harness around her waist and legs. In the harness was a red jelly dong. I couldn’t see how long the dong was, because the end of it was already shoved up Dr. Shapiro’s ass. The youngest woman in the room was pegging the oldest man!

Terri was taunting Dr. Shapiro (and what a sight that was, more than fifty years age difference between the elderly plastic surgeon and the high school Senior). “You like that, don’t you, you kinky old Pig! You like getting your ass reamed by a little teenaged girl! Don’t you, you twisted, old fart?”

“Oh, my stars!” Dr. Shapiro gasped, “Yes, Mistress. I love it. Oh, Merciful Minerva! You can go harder now, Mistress.”

“I’m still working this red cock up your puckered shitter, Doc. Then, I’ll fuck you hard and fast!”

“Yes. Oh, heavens! Yes, Mistress!”

Next to Terri and Dr. Shapiro lay Sophie Winters and Sally Whitehall, Terri’s mother. I couldn’t see much of Sophie’s a trim figure. Her purple-dyed bob haircut was peeking out from underneath Sally! I’ve taken to sometimes calling Sophie by her new submissive name, “Amethyst.” I could also see that Amethyst was wearing a light purple garter and stockings with no shoes..

Amethyst was in a passionate sixty-nine with Sally. Amethyst was on her back with her head pointing toward the foot of the bed. Sally was on top of Amethyst. Both women had their heads buried in the other woman’s pussy. Sally was wearing a black garter with black fishnet stockings. Sally also had a large black dildo or vibrator sticking out of her large ass!

Terri reached to her right, leaned forward, and slapped her mother’s ass. A red handprint awoke on Sally’s pale skin and then began to face. I could see Terri had spanked her mother several times already. Terri shouted, “Get in there, Mom! Eat her cunt! Spread her asscheeks and finger her ass too, just the way I like!”

Sally mumbled, “Yash,” into Amethyst’s pussy.

Terri spanked her mother’s ass even harder. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear you, Mom, you fat Fuck-Cow!”

Sally lifted her head, looked back and clearly said, “Yes, Mistress.”

SPANK! “Don’t cum yet, Fuck Cow! Are you getting ready to cream all over Sophie’s beautiful fucking face?”

Sally smiled and said, “Yes, soon, Mistress. But, not just yet.”

Terri barked, “Well, get ready! Bobby, shove your dick in my Mom’s cunt! I’ve been keeping her on edge for you. Sophie, suck on Mom’s giant girly-dick of a clit. Really suck on it! And when Bobby sticks it to her, you just bite it. Bite it hard! You hear me, Slut?”

I walked over behind Terri. Terri is only five feet tall, so I had to squat to nestle my hard cock in cleft of her ass cheeks. Terri groaned and leaned forward, maybe hoping I would just slide my cock into either her pussy or ass. Technically, Terri is still a virgin, at least she’d never been fucked by a living cock in either her pussy or ass, just dildos, vibes and strap-ons. That pleasure will come in exactly one week. I leaned down and whispered in Terri’s ear, “Don’t tell your Master what to kaçak iddaa do in front of the other subs. It’s not good form, Pussycat.” I reached up and cupped Terri’s massive jugs in his hands, not as big as her Mom’s, but much higher and firmer. My fingers and thumbs found the piercings through her nipples and I slowly but firmly pulled them forward, until I felt Terri wince, and heard her gasp with pain.

She gritted her teeth and whispered, “Ouch. Shit-fuck-shit! Yes…Master!” She whispered it in a snide way, but only loud enough for me to hear.

I turned my attention toward my girlfriend, Sunny Gutierrez. I had called, more than an hour ago, and told my submissives to ready Sunny for discipline and an ass fucking. I told them to find an arm binder and put that on her. And to soften her up by beating her ass with a crop. They had done far more than just that! At the edge of the bed was Sunny, in all her glory. She was on her knees with her arms bound behind her back in a single, long, black, leather sleeve that came up beyond her elbow to mid-bicep. It was secured by a series of leather straps with stainless steel buckles. There were several metal “D-Rings” on the arm-binder for bondage purposes, to tie her up or tie her down. But the most important ring was one down at the end by the hands. There was a blue rope tied to that ring that ran up and over a metal support rafter, ten feet off the floor and then down to the headboard of the bed, where it was tied off to one of the metal rings there. The rope had some tension on it, forcing Sunny’s arms up and her head down onto a pillow at the foot of the bed. She was wearing a black leather blindfold and a ball gag with a large red ball. The red ball matched the shade of Sunny’s lipstick. Sunny was wearing a black, merry-widow styles corset that cinched and emphasized her already model-thin waist. The corset connected to black floral stockings, that ran down Sunny’s especially long legs. Sunny had on strappy, black patent pumps with three inch, shiny chrome heels. A thick dark purple butt-plug filled her ass. Sunny’s ass and thighs had the welts of a whipping from a crop. Whoever had beat had not held back, probably gone too hard. There would be some bruising and tenderness for days. Finally, there were wires running from two nipple clamps and four skin patches pasted on Sunny’s ass that ran to a small black control box that looked a bit like a guitar effects pedal. There were several knobs and dials on it. The box was plugged into an extension cord, and set on a chair next to the bed.

I picked up the box and looked at the controls, and said, “Piggie, tell me about the shock box.”

Dr. Shapiro gasped, “Oh, fuck. Mistress you’re going to make me cum any second.”

Terri giggled and flicked the tip of Dr. Shapiro’s cock with her forefinger. The tip of her fingernail pinged off the large ampallang (a steel bar through his cock, just under the glans). Dr. Shapiro groaned. Terri said, “You can’t cum, Pig! You’re not even hard yet!”

“Young Mistress, a man’s penis doesn’t need to be hard to achieve orgasm, not if he is being stimulated in other ways. For instance, not if a full breasted teen were to be…oh, god…fucking his ass with a harness, while a fucking orgy was taking place all around him.”

“Like this?” Terri asked as she reared back and plunged her fake cock up the good doctor’s shitter.

“Can I touch my cock, Mistress?” Dr. Shapiro asked.

I spoke up. “Doctor, focus! I will have Terri pull out of your ass and leave you hanging, if you don’t answer me. What are these wires connected to Sondra?”

Dr. Shapiro turned his head and tried to focus. Terri plunged deep, leaned forward and bit his nipple. Eugene Shapiro squealed, “Mistress! Please! Sir? I’m sorry. I’m being distracted.”

I laughed, shook my head and said, “Pussycat? Back off for a second, OK?”

Terri stood back up with a shit-eating grin on her face. She loved the power she had over the man she was fucking. “Sorry, Daddy. I’ll try to be good.”

Dr. Shapiro seriously said, “Oh, you’re much better than good, Young Mistress.” Then he turned back towards me. “Sir, that is an electro-stim box, a rather expensive one. The clamps on Mistress Sondra’s nipples are plugged into the top set of controls. Those provide a stimulating and sometimes painful electric shock. The intensity is controlled with the first dial. The frequency is controlled with the second. The third switch determines the pattern in which the shocks come. There are patterns that build and release, like crashing waves. There are regular rhythmic patterns.”

“That switch is set to R-D-M,” I observed.

“That’s, ‘Random’, Sir. The shock intervals vary in length and the intensity varies, but never gets greater than the maximum intensity. If you increase the frequency, Mistress Sondra will be shocked more often, but still at irregular intervals.”

“The intensity is set around sixty percent.”

“That’s hotter than I could stand, Sir. Please, be careful.”

I kaçak bahis nodded. “OK. Sunny is blindfolded and gagged and her hands are in a binder. How does she indicate that things are too much? What are the safewords, if she can’t speak or gesture.”

Dr. Shapiro smiled. “Very good, Sir. I’m glad you picked up on that. This may seem silly, but if Mistress Sondra hums ‘Happy Birthday to You,’ that means slow down. And if she hums, ‘Beethoven’s Fifth,’ you know, ‘bum-bum-bum baaah, bump-pum-bum baaah,’ that’s a Red Card, and everything stops.”

“OK,” I said, “And the pads on Sunny’s ass are muscle stimulators?”

Dr. Shapiro answered, “Very good, Sir. Yes. That’s essentially a TENS Unit. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation.” For a moment, the Doctor sounded like he was giving a lecture, not getting his ass reamed. “Those deliver a lighter electric current, stimulating the muscles to contract. I’ve got that set at regular intervals. You need to be careful not to turn the frequency or stimulation levels too high, because your client, I mean, your submissive could experience a strained or possibly torn muscle. Oh, and with the shock setting. Be careful not to place the clips too close together and turn the intensity too high. You could create an electric arc between the clips and burn the skin.”

I nodded to myself. I said, “I’ll be careful.” I took the Electro-Stim controls and slowly experimented with them. I dialed down the frequency on the muscle stimulator, but dialed up the intensity, until Sunny’s ass cheeks were rhythmically grabbing at the butt plug there. I tried to set a pace similar to how I might fuck her. Next I explored the pain settings on the nipple clips. I dialed back the intensity and increased the random frequency. Then I started bringing the intensity setting back to where Dr. Shapiro had it set, and just a bit higher, until I saw Sunny wince, arch her back and moan. I thought, “God, she’s the most fucking beautiful woman in the World!”

I set the stim controls down on the chair, next to a large pump bottle of lube and three condoms. There was a smooth one, a bumpy one, and one with tiny latex spikes. All three condoms are expensive, Japanese, and latex-free, because Sunny has an allergy to latex.

I ran my hands over Sunny’s body, and up her legs. I felt her glutes rhythmically clench under my hands. I wanted to press my fingers deep into her sex. I could smell her excitement. I could smell everyone’s excitement in the stale air. It made my cock throb without even touching it. My hands traced up Sunny’s sides, along the bones of the stiff corset she was wearing. It was laced, cinched and tied in the back. Sunny squirmed. My fingers explored the wire frame at the top of the corset. It left Sunny’s small tits bare. Sunny has some very tiny titties, maybe an A cup. But she has very long, large, stiff nipples. I reached around her from both sides to caress her nipples, and I was rewarded by a sharp tingling in my fingers! I had forgotten that the shocking nipple clips were attached to Sunny’s tits.

I pulled my hands away and leaned down near Sunny’s ear. I whispered so only she could hear me. “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I can’t believe how much I love you. I can’t believe that you are my submissive bitch, and I am going to fill all of your holes! First your mouth. I’m going to push my cock deep into your throat. Then your pussy. I’m going to push my spit-slimed dick deep into your hungry cunt. Then, I’m going to put on a condom and fuck your ever-loving ass, Baby Girl.” I undid the buckle on the ball-gag behind Sunny’s head, and let the straps fall to the sides. Sunny continued to hold the ball in her mouth. I licked along her ear. Then I said a bit louder, “Are you ready to please your Master, Slut?”

Sunny shook her head for side to side, spat out the ball and said, “No.”

I was caught off guard. “Uhm, no?”

“You heard me, Fucker! Even with all these fuck-monkeys on the bed, I could still hear you fucking some bitch out on the stairs. Who was it? Terri? Sally?”

I stood up. “It doesn’t matter who it was, you little skank! You don’t get to question your Master like that! I’ll fuck whoever I want, whenever I want.”

“No rules. I’m your toy and you get to do whatever you want. Is that it?” Sunny spat.

I said, “I didn’t mean it like that, Sunny. Tell me, are you seriously jealous of our other Kittens? What’s really the matter here?”

“You left me here stewing for god knows how long with fucking electrodes attached to my nipples like a damned science experiment, while you got your rocks off in the hall!” Sunny was practically spitting venom.

I put a sing-songy tender tone to my voice. “Oh, poor baby. Do the nipple clips hurt too much?” I asked.

Sunny sneered, “Fuck you! They hurt like a son-of-a-bitch!”

I said, “Nurse Nancy, turn down the intensity on the nipple clips to zero, and then take them off Sunny.”

Nancy sort of came to attention. She said, “Yes, Daddy-Sir,” and then started to obediently do as she was told.

Sunny paused for a second. Then she shouted angrily, “What a fucking pussy! You’re no fucking Dom, Robbie! You’re no Master. What the Hell!”

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