The Broken Closet Rod: The Next Day

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The Next Day…

Melinda stepped from the shower, her eyes gleaming with naughtiness, pausing first to tell Seth, “I just couldn’t help myself.” Quickly, she wrapped up in a bath towel and went upstairs, leaving Seth in the shower to ponder what the fuck he had gotten himself into.

Seth put his hands palm-first on the shower wall, letting the hot spray pound into his face. His mind was racing with spirals of confusing thoughts. His wife and 4 yr old grandson would be home in a couple of hours from their overnight visit with a family friend. In the 16 hours they’d been gone, he had been seduced by Melinda, his sexy as hell 25 year old step-daughter and mother of his grandson, when she had caught him in the middle of the night in the act of self-gratification, playing out in his mind a fantasy of himself and Melinda. Seth fucked her into submission in his and his wife’s bed, where they crashed into sleep together. When Seth awoke just an hour ago, he dragged his guilt outside onto the deck, where he wallowed in it until Melinda joined him with coffee. Telling her that could never happen again, with Melinda in full agreement, he came inside to shower. As he scrubbed the remorse from his body and soul, for some reason unknown to him, Melinda came into the shower, dropped to her knees, wrapped her gorgeous lips around his dick, and gave him another taste of her talents. Steam was rising in the bathroom as Seth said aloud to no one in particular, “What. The. Fuck.”

Seth turned the water off and stood in the shower, as confused as he’d felt in a very long time. He was a man who used to be in control of his life. He was 58 years old, with a house that was nearly paid for, enjoying a peaceful neighborhood, a rewarding career, and a loving wife. Several months back, his step-daughter and grandson moved into his house after she split up with her boyfriend. They brought a degree of chaos into the house, but it was less than it actually seemed because Seth and Julie, his wife, had been living in a quiet kids-free domicile for several years. The life dynamics of sharing the house with a rambunctious 4 yr old boy and his mom was something that Seth and Julie were still adjusting to.

Since the house was a 2-story and Seth and Julie rarely needed to venture upstairs, they let Melinda and her son sort of take over up there. It was a good arrangement. Melinda started working as a waitress at an upscale restaurant, while the grandparents watched Matt, their grandson, in the evenings. Although exhausting, Seth and Julie found inner rewards from spending time with Matt. They were good grandparents, and their life had taken on new values. Until… that fateful day when Seth was repairing the broken closet rod in Melinda’s closet and he accidentally brushed up against her ass. After that day both he and Melinda had begun fantasizing about each other, without either one knowing it. And that had finally escalated to the previous night of incredible sex, and the perfect blowjob in the shower that Seth was trying to recover from, water dripping from his still-wet body.

He stepped from the shower and began to dry his body, while his mind was still streaming with bewilderment. Didn’t he and Melinda just agree that last night was a one-time thing and must never be repeated? Then why did she join him in the shower and seduce him again, and what, if anything, was he going to do about it? The answers wouldn’t come quickly, so he did what most men do when confronted with questions they can’t resolve, he tucked them away and told himself he would deal with them later. Men can be such procrastinators sometimes.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Melinda was in bed, flat on her back, thinking about how fucking good Seth’s hard dick felt between her lips, inside her mouth. She massaged her clit, hips undulating, soaring off to an overwhelming orgasm. Melinda collapsed into her bed, prone and sated. Several minutes went by. Her racing heart was slowing down, but her mind still raced with crazy thoughts. “What. The. Fuck.” she wondered. “Why did I just do that?”

The “that” she wondered was not the self-gratification, but the sucking Seth’s beautiful hard dick just minutes after they both had agreed that they would not compromise one another again. And yet, she had. Not weeks or months later, but mere minutes. It was that crazy, disconnected feeling, the same thing she experienced the previous night. She didn’t consciously go to Seth’s bed and fuck him, or go the shower and suck him; it was if her legs carried her there with no persuasive thought. She wondered what he was thinking about her, right now? Looking at the clock, Melinda realized her son would be returning with her mother in a little while. She had to get her act together. But how would she be able to look her step-father in the eye again? And what was he thinking about her?

Melinda dressed in shorts and a tee-shirt. She brushed her hair in the mirror, idly wondering if Seth would approve of her choice of clothing. “Stop it!” she admonished bahis firmaları her own thoughts. “Get a grip, girl!”

She decided it was safer and less confrontational to hang out upstairs for a while till her mom and son returned. Melinda logged onto Facebook Messenger and found a number of messages from the girls she went out with last night. “What happened to you? When did you leave?” one message said. “Are you okay girl, calllll meeeeeee!!” said another. She wondered if she could confide in her friends? Probably not, she determined. They would never understand. Well, maybe one friend, but that person wasn’t able to go out the previous evening.

Melinda messaged her friends that she was okay, and had decided to drive home the previous night after getting up in the night to use the bathroom. She and her friends had drank too much wine, smoked too much weed, and crashed at one of her friend’s house. Messages sent, she minimized the app and checked her email.

Minutes earlier, while Melinda was pleasuring herself, Seth had finished drying off and was pulling a pair of shorts out of his dresser when he thought he heard a muffled passionate cry coming from upstairs. He closed his eyes and in his mind saw exactly what was happening, Melinda lying naked on the bed, bringing herself off to a huge orgasm. He closed his eyes and sighed deeply. “What. The. Fuck.” he thought again. “What the hell is going on here?”

He briefly put those thoughts out of his mind and finished getting dressed. Making a cup of hot tea, Seth sat down on the couch and surfed some tv channels, finding nothing interesting enough to distract him from his interesting but perplexing thoughts. “What the fuck am I gonna do?” he wondered. His cell phone chimed with an incoming text message, buffering the flow of feelings he was struggling to articulate in his mind. The message was from Julie, she and Matt were having a wonderful time with Carolyn and her granddaughter, and they were going to stay there all day and overnight again. She would be home around lunchtime on Monday, the following day, and to give her a call if he needed to chat about anything. Well there was one thing he knew he couldn’t chat about with her, and he started to ponder how he would discuss that very thing with his step-daughter.

Melinda had a ton of emails and quickly deleted the junk, leaving only one she would actually reply to. It was from her best friend Mary, who had to work the previous night and couldn’t join the friends on their girl’s night out. She wanted details of what she had missed out on. Mary sent the email only a few minutes ago, so she should be available to talk. She was the only person Melinda trusted to tell about what happened between her and Seth. On several occasions, Mary had mentioned to Melinda what a good looking man she had for a step-father. If anyone would understand the taboo situation, Mary would. And Melinda just had to tell someone, or her thoughts would make her crazy. She needed someone to tell her, look, it happened, now just put it behind you and move on. A rational person to tell her to do the rational thing. She dialed Mary’s number.

Seth texted back to Julie. “All is well,” he lied. “Have a great time and call me if you need me to do anything around the house.” Seth sat immobilized on the couch. He could hear Melinda talking upstairs and figured she was on the phone with her mom.

Julie texted back, saying “Thanks honey! Tell Melinda she has another day of freedom! And you do too! See you tomorrow! xoxo!”

Seth wondered what he was going to do. It was Sunday late morning. No responsibilities. No immediate tasks that needed to be taken care of, except for that challenging conversation with his step-daughter. He did the typical male thing and ducked out of the house, grabbing his basketball on the way out. Some mindless physical activity is what he needed to take his mind off things for a bit. He had plenty of time to talk to Melinda later.

Melinda told Mary that she needed to talk about something. Mary was really curious but Melinda said only face to face will work. Mary was Melinda’s age, only months apart, both graduating from high school together. Her parents were divorced; her dad moved out when Mary was in middle school. Even though she was 25, she still lived at home with her mom. Partly because she got along great with her mom, and always had, and also because she had a hard time bearing the thought of moving out and leaving her mom alone.

Mary was a kind, thoughtful woman and a good daughter. She was a couple inches shorter than Melinda’s 5’6″ stature. Mary had beautiful medium-length auburn hair that contrasted Melinda’s long, flowing blonde hair. Mary was also blessed with gorgeous red lips, a very pretty face, and large, succulent breasts that men couldn’t stop staring at. She was a few pounds overweight but it looked good on her. Older men hit on her constantly. Guys her age couldn’t understand why she still lived at home or wouldn’t jump right in kaçak iddaa the sack with them; consequently she had difficulty sustaining relationships. Currently, she wasn’t seeing anyone, although she was quietly yearning to have a steady guy. She didn’t go out and just fuck anyone, but when she was in a relationship Mary was a faithful nymphomaniac. Her mom had to attend a business conference out of town for a few days and would be leaving for the airport in a couple hours. She invited Melinda over around 3:00 to chat. They could be alone and talk about anything. Melinda said she’d see her then.

Melinda hung up and called her mom to see when she and Matt would be home. She wanted to see if it was okay with her if Julie and Seth could watch Matt while she went over to Mary’s house. She found out that they were staying away an extra day, so she spoke to her son for a few minutes, making sure he was behaving for his grandma. Of course he was, so he said. Melinda confirmed with her mom that Matt was behaving. Mom’s do things like that. Her mom said he was doing fine, but that they had to run as they were headed out for lunch with her friend and granddaughter. Melinda disconnected the call, took a deep breath, and decided she’d go downstairs and talk to Seth. She headed down but the house was empty. No note. No Seth. She wondered what to do next.

Seth walked to the basketball court a couple blocks away. He played in high school and was still a good shot 40 years later. Seth enjoyed an occasional pickup game, but too much pounding on the asphalt made his knees sore for several days, so he mostly just shot around and goofed off on the court. There were 5 younger guys at the court shooting around, so he was quickly recruited into a game of 3-on-3. The guys were around their early 20s and were going to take it easy on Seth, till he started making shot after shot after shot. They ended up playing for around an hour, till the exhausted older man said enough is enough. Seth could feel the throbbing starting inside his weak knees and made the smart decision to call it quits. He had crutches in his closet at home for when he occasionally overextended himself. He didn’t want that to happen while his wife was away. A few minutes later 3 other younger guys showed up, so Seth parked his butt on a nearby picnic table, watching a spirited game of 4-on-4, longing for the youth that had slipped away from him. He hung out for a while, taking some jump shots between games so he wouldn’t stiffen up, finally heading home at the same time Melinda was leaving for Mary’s house.

While Seth was reliving his youth on the basketball court, Melinda was tidying up the house, something she never would have even thought of doing when she was a teenager. She was a hardcore rebel back then, and occasionally felt a twinge of guilt when she considered the hell she had put her mom and Seth through. Mary texted Melinda around 2:30, asking if she could score a couple joints for the girls to smoke at her house. Mary didn’t drink alcohol, but liked to smoke a little weed when she didn’t have any other obligations. The chat with Melinda seemed like a perfect opportunity to catch a little buzz and catch up with her best friend. Melinda didn’t smoke much pot, but knew that Mary didn’t drink so she thought she’d go along with her choice of consumption. She called her friend Rhiannon to see if she could bum a couple joints, and left for there on her way to Mary’s. She was out the door around the same time Seth started walking back to the house.

The old, familiar pain of over-exertion started barking in Seth’s knees during the walk back home. He realized that he’d need to do some home remedy else he would have trouble just getting up out of bed to the bathroom, let alone going to the office the next day. He noticed that Melinda’s car was gone as he walked up the sidewalk. “Just as well,” he thought, knowing that he’d still definitely need to talk to her before his wife came home the next day. Maybe he’d have some time alone to ponder his thoughts.

Seth showered and put on some loose gym shorts, took a couple Advil and filled a couple gallon-sized bags with ice. He headed to his bed with the ice and a cold beer, propped his legs under a pillow, and applied the bags to his aching knees. He used the remote to turn on some blues music and lay back thinking about what to say to Melinda. He hadn’t come to any conclusions by the time the beer was drained. He closed his eyes and drifted off.

Melinda rang the doorbell at Mary’s house. Her mom’s car was gone, so she knew she’d be alone. Mary opened the door and let her in. The girls gave each other a warm hug, and Mary said, “Tell me, I want to know everything that happened last night, and don’t leave out a single detail!”

“Let’s go downstairs,” Melinda said. She felt like the pot would help loosen her up, and that’s where Mary liked to smoke. Mary grabbed a couple bottles of water from the fridge and they headed down the stairs.

They settled into the couch. kaçak bahis Mary looked anxiously at Melinda, prodding her with her eyes. Melinda pulled the joints from her purse and handed one to Mary to light. “Rhiannon said this was really good stuff,” Melinda shared.

“Oh nice,” Mary said. “I haven’t smoked in a couple weeks, so it’ll be great to get a good buzz on.” She took a couple puffs and handed the joint to Melinda. After they burned most of the joint they sat back and Melinda began to talk.

“Girl, you would not BELIEVE what happened last night!” Melinda shared, giggling, starting to feel the buzz creep on. She told Mary the whole story; how Seth accidentally brushed her ass a couple weeks ago, how she could not stop thinking about his touch (she left out the part about how she brought herself to dozens of orgasms while fantasizing about him recently), then going out with the girls last night, coming home drunk and stoned in the middle of the night with only she and Seth at the house, feeling him cover her up with a blanket on the couch while pretending to be passed out, then the weird disconnected feeling where she walked to his bedroom without seemingly willing her legs to move, seeing him masturbating in bed, then as much detail as she could recall of her seduction of Seth, including taking his perfect dick in her mouth, bringing him to completion, fucking him senseless while she climaxed multiple times, then Seth taking her doggy style, and finally fucking her virgin ass.

Mary sat transfixed through the entire story, too breathless to say a single word. She had fantasized about Seth many times, fingering her clit to delicious climaxes, ever since her sexual awareness matured. He was an older man, much older, but was very handsome and in really good shape. He had dreamy bedroom eyes that seemed to beckon to Mary, igniting a furnace of sexual need. She’d told Melinda a few times that she thought Seth was really good looking but she never told her anything else, definitely none of these juicy details.

“Well, then what?” Mary whispered. “Did you guys talk or anything this morning?”

Melinda continued the story, how they did talk this morning and agreed not to let this ever happen again, and how when Seth got up to shower Melinda had that weird disconnected feeling again. Her legs carried her into the bathroom where she dropped her robe, joined him in the shower, dropped to her knees, and sucked him into her mouth again.

“Oh. My. God.” Mary gasped. “Are you sure you didn’t just dream any of this?”

Melinda smiled. “It wasn’t a dream; it was totally the best sexual experiences of my life. His dick is absolutely perfect and he fucked me like a machine!”


Both women collapsed into the couch, rolling with pot-induced laughter. They were laughing, sure, but they were also both dripping wet. Melinda, with the memory of the experience, and Mary, with the rapture of Melinda’s story. They were both extremely turned on.

“When are you going to talk to him? When will your mom and son get back home?”

“Not till tomorrow,” Melinda said. “I know we need to talk before they get back. What should I do?”

The 2 women thought it over, discussing many buzz-fueled scenarios. “Does he work tomorrow?” Mary asked.

“Yes, and he usually goes to bed early on work nights,” Melinda replied. She looked at her phone and saw it was going on 6:00pm. “I think I should do it soon. I want you to come with me – moral support – PLEASE?!?!?!”

“I can’t be there when you talk to him about this!” Mary gasped.

“You can wait upstairs. Please!!”

Mary considered it for a moment and came to a decision. “Only if I’m way more fucked up than this,” she said. She lit the other joint, which they could only smoke about half because they were getting really, really stoned.

And really, really horny.

They discussed the plan before leaving. They’d ride together in Melinda’s car. Melinda would go into the house first, and if the coast was clear they’d go upstairs together. If she was confronted by Seth then Mary would wait in the car till she got a text from Melinda to let her know she could come in and go straight upstairs.

They got to the house. Melinda went in first and didn’t see Seth, but heard music coming from the bedroom. She peeked in and saw Seth asleep and lying in bed, his legs propped under pillows with ice bags on his knees. He was shirtless, his smooth chest hair visible in the fading light. His head was turned to the side, facing away from the doorway. He was wearing loose shorts that did not hide the bulge they contained, in fact, they seemed to enhance it. His chest softly rose and fell in his sleep. Melinda was really high and mesmerized. As she stared at him, she started to get that disconnected feeling again. She’d completely forgotten that Mary was waiting in the car for her signal.

Mary waited 5 minutes; then couldn’t stand it any longer. She texted Melinda. “Can I come in?”

Melinda got Mary’s text and robotically replied, “Yes.” She couldn’t stop staring at Seth. She barely even realized she sent the text. All she knew was she wanted this man with every single ounce of her being.

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