The Christmas Gift

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This is a submission for WINTER HOLIDAYS CONTEST 2017; Please remember to vote!

Also, If you’d like to see a sequel, don’t forget to comment, or to reach me by feedback on my profile. 🙂


The calendar marked twenty four of December, a beautiful summer day in Argentina where the Diaz family was getting together, as it’s customary, to celebrate Christmas. The night would be filled with drinks, tons of food, the ever-present discussions, fights, heated arguments, and the most paradoxical feeling of love, safety, and belonging.

This year it was Matias’ branch of the family who had offered themselves to host the party. A week old eighteen year old, he was cocky, wanna-be dashing, and pretty handsome. He had brown straight hair, hazel eyes, with a strong jaw, over a tall, slim build and a rich baritone voice. As Louis Armstrong’s festive tones echoed through the empty rooms that awaited people’s arrival, the young man laid melted onto a couch, sexting his lover whom he was seeing later tonight.

The house had been prepared from top to bottom. A magnificent tree adorned the living room, the halls and walls were lined with garlands, and Christmas lights crept by hanging against the roof in waves of color. In the garden, a huge table had been created by uniting three smaller ones in a line. A gigantic red tablecloth embroidered with santas and mistletoe covered it, and candles laid evenly spaced in between plates, glasses, silverware, and a metric ton of food.

In among the first group to arrive was his cousin Sofia. The sight of her paralyzed him. She was wearing a loose white V-neck blouse, over which her raven hair fell, with hanging sleeves, along a black choker necklace, on top of black leather pants that took the shape of her round, firm butt. Mascara enhanced her deep green eyes and eye shadow made them pop out. It will look so nice running down your face… he began thinking, the choker crowning forbidden ideas he dared not say out loud; yet he was abruptly brought back to reality when his uncle waved a hand and went in for a hug.

His relationship with his cousin had changed forever the year before. Both of them drunk, they had gone on a reminiscence trip to their earlier youth, and recalled the time when, playing, they’d discovered their sexuality together. Now as young adults, lust began to grow on them, and after some disguised flirting, a kiss occurred, then a tongue, then touching, and finally a desire that they couldn’t quell. Faking an exit for drinks for the family, they had gone to Sofia’s empty house and given in to each other in a whirl of alcohol, courage, terror, and the most intoxicating sensation of wrongdoing. Ever since then, when they found the time and opportunity they’d again give in to their lust, sometimes fucking each other in the most adverse situations, inebriated on how it felt, that tingling, the thrill of being discovered; it was forbidden, it was wrong, but it felt oh so good.

After the parents had moved deeper into the house and the little siblings run into the garden, both cousins were left alone.

“So… that gift you mentioned earlier, what is it?” Matias tried to allay his sincere curiosity with a playful tone.

Sofia started to walk away, her body catching Matias’ eyes like a hook does a fish. “Wait… and you’ll find out.”

The night went about in a usual fashion. The rest of the family eventually arrived. Matias’ dad had three sisters and a brother, all with sons and daughters of their own, so the reunion was immense. The family divided itself by age range, and little sub-groups of cousins all started with their own activities. Smalltalk and snacks crowded the place, especially between the adults. Some of the older cousins sat in the living-room with some beers, whilst the younger ones split between football and the TV.

A couple of hours passed; Matias had sat down on the big table and was eating some snacks while talking with some uncles when, out of nowhere, Sofia approached him and whispered in his ear before moving away:

“Tonight I want you… to put in my ass”

The night stopped in Matias’ head. Everything around him lost its meaning. A new stimulus took hold of his thoughts and dominated him completely. Blood started pumping rapidly through his whole anatomy, his heart beating at a new rhythm. Aghast, he watched her walk away, following her sashaying figure, her curves moving, her hips, her… ass; it was going to be his, he was going to fuck it. Enraptured, his mouth turned into a smug smile. Oh I’m not going to fuck you, he thought sinisterly, I’m going to break you.


The rest of the night seemed to be stuck in time, his newly promised gift constantly grinding against his patience. It took a while for Matias to be able to somewhat abstain from his thoughts and return to his usual talkative, life-and-soul-of-the-party personality, but a few keçiören escort drinks calmed him… until they didn’t. He needed it, he needed her right now. There she was, across the table, dazzling as always; she could see her nude already, screaming his name, and he couldn’t handle it. They had a plan prepared for later, but he was playing his cards right now.

“So, Sofia, what’s the surprise?” Matias inquired abruptly, breaking multiple conversations.

“What surprise?” Sofia also said brusquely.

“The one you mentioned on the phone, the one you said you have been preparing for today.”

She looked confused. Even angry some could say. “I said no such thing.”

“I’m pretty sure you did, something about a special cake.”

“Oh that; haha, I was just playing around, you dummy.”

“Don’t be silly, you even showed the picture” he said craftily.

Sofia looked dumbfounded. A weird, awkward silence took hold of the air.

“Well c’mon, what’s going on?” One of the uncles croaked.

Matias began again. “I don’t know, seems like she doesn’t want to reveal—”

“It seems” she cut him. “Like someone couldn’t wait.” she added looking at him, expressionless.

A few comments arose against Matias’ rush; he dismissed them and an argument began.

“Well… it’s okay honey” Matias’ mother told Sofia, raising her voice, trying to mend the situation. “There’s no need to be sad, it’s not so much about the surprise as it is about the intention, right?”

A few faces nodded.

Matias got up. “Let’s go get it, I’ll take you there. Let me make it up for you in some way.” he said, always keen on his objective.

Sofia didn’t react.

Her father raised a hand, gesticulating boredom. “Don’t be childish, darling, just go, we’ll wait for you guys. And come on, smile, it’s okay, nothing has been spoiled.”

The girl reluctantly got up, and, avoiding eye contact with her cousin, walked back into the house. Matias followed behind, smiling. Chatting resumed, along with the clattering of plates and utensils.

Sofia kept dead silent as they got into the car and drove to her house. Matias followed along, smiling to himself. They arrived. Both got out of the car and walked to the door. They stood in front of it, waiting.

“Aren’t you gonna open it?” Matias asked very politely.

Sofia looked at him for the first time. Disdain. She turned the keys and walked in. Her cousin went in behind her and shut the door.

She spoke while walking forward. “Do you honestly believe for even a second that after that we’re going to—” she began turning around. “do absolutely anythi—”

Matias charged for a kiss and found her mouth. He hugged her close, and tried to allow his tongue into her. She pushed him back.

“What the fuck, asshole!” she said in a muffled scream. “Do you think you can do this just like that? It’s all solved with a kiss, we fuck whenever you want, you choos—”

Matias charged again, and this time taking her face between his hands, he once again kissed her with delight. This time however, resistance was weaker, and a few seconds later there wasn’t any. Tongues were shared and bodies felt up. They separated.

“I couldn’t resist you.” Matias whispered, ogling her. Then, for a third time, went in for her lips. They kissed again.

“I hate you. It’s a pity you’re so fucking hot.” she said and then added. “Now about that gift…”


Coiling in kisses and stumbling forward, they crossed the first bedroom door and shut it behind them. Not letting go each other’s face for much long, they ungracefully removed all their clothes in a dance of unbuttoning, pulling, and kissing, their mouths now a mixture of spit and fire.

Last were Matias’ pants. Sofia let herself fall to her knees, her back against the mattress’ side and started to unzip them. Soon it was free, and she began to work on it with her lips and mouth. Moans rained down on her as his cousin delighted in her effort. Although young, she had cultivated quite the skill, and she enjoyed seeing it reflected in his lover’s face when she looked up. She began on the tip, making wrapping movements with her tongue around it. She continued by taking it as deep as she could and, after letting go, doing a tapping motion, rapidly touching and receding with her tongue.

“Do you like it?” she asked, taking a turn with her hands to free her mouth.

“I love it, babe.” was moaned in return.

She continued for a few minutes in mixing patterns and speeds, until his hands betrayed his pleasure and pushed her head back.

“Stop, you’re gonna make me cum” he uttered in defeat.

“Oh… that’s a shame…”

“Just give me a moment, I—”

She got up and slowly pushed him with one hand back against the door. She then paced back to the spot, drove one finger to her keçiören escort bayan mouth and bit it, sexily curving her figure in a pose before saying:

“Because I’m all yours today… you can do whatever you want to me.”

Matias was hardly religious, but for a brief moment thank you God crossed his mind. Blazing, he lunged in for a wet kiss, and shoved her brusquely onto the bed. He then grabbed her by her legs, pulled her close, and spread them. He kneeled and went down on her, ravaging her greatest intimacy. Contrary to the delicate technique of his lover, his endeavor was savage. He sucked, licked, bit, kissed, thrust in, and thrust out in a feast of lust. The phrase echoed in his head and fueled his rabid desire. Resembling an animal, he ate her hungrily, as captured quarry. After a while he took his arms under and over her legs, back to his shoulders, and pulled back her pussy into his mouth, plundering her juices with his tongue, making her squirm and scream, Sofia relishing every second of his cousin eating her out.

In a final, different move, he took her bare clit in between his lips, and using the tip of his tongue, moved side to side from one edge of his mouth to the other, caressing his prey with every move. His fingers took place beneath his mouth, inside her, and he mixed them in this lewd concoction. Gasps and moans echoed through the room whilst Sofia was taken prisoner of his action, until finally a little tremor in the legs and a jolt in her core marked her first orgasm.

He stood up, his face moist, and adjusted his cock to her wetness. It quickly went all the way in, and time was spent in silence, each body adjusting to the other in lecherous unity. The statement reverberating in his head, he was taken over by it once again, and, in frenzy, started pounding her without build-up.

“Oh my god!” arose in Sofia’s throat like a war chant, stuttered by her body shifting back and forth. She wasn’t ready for it, but he wasn’t stopping anytime soon.

He sustained the rhythm for a good time, permanently gazing back and forth from her groin to her face, eager to see the pleasure reflected in her beautiful eyes. Always inside, he grabbed her legs again and held them together pointing straight up, bending her in a ninety degree angle in front of him. From this new position, he hugged the legs firmly to his chest and strived for maximum speed, the sound of their bodies clashing now beating like a drum. A chorus of moans, groans, and pants erupted from the loved girl, whom holding to the sheets like a cat was both enjoying and regretting her offer. Soon enough, having carved his path to fatigue in a straight line, Matias finally hit it, stopped, pulled out, and pushed her back, letting the legs gently fall back to their place. Then he took notice of her.

There she laid, nonplussed. Her emerald gaze locked onto nowhere. She was mesmerizing. Her black hair was sprawled on the mattress, forming a black sea around her head. Below it, her hourglass frame began, curving downwards onto her long, smooth legs and her delicate feet. Years of exercise showed on the little slopes her arms presented and in her belly, where a hint of the abdominal muscles could be seen.

“Holy shit.” she murmured as she turned around. “Ok… you’ve earned it”

She laid down on the mattress, face and knees against it, with her butt up, her maiden privacy all up to his disposal.

“I know you’ve always wanted it, you fucking perv.” She fired. “And today… today I’m going to be a good little girl and let you have it.” driving one hand to her right butt cheek she patted it and then added in a soft, silken, pure voice that drove his desire crazy: “Just don’t go too rough on me.”

It took a second for Matias to react, his heart about to break at the seams, pumping his manhood full of blood; a fever consuming him for what was about to come. Awestruck, he began caressing the arched girl from behind the knees up, following along the shape of her thighs, quickly reaching the place where laid, in between hills of firm muscle, his gift. She squeaked; he had begun to unwrap it with his tongue. A gentle pattern of movements surrounded the girl’s behind. New sensations crept up from her ass onto the rest of her body, this brand new stimulus revealing itself to be… special.

“Ugh, you’re disgusting.” she managed to spit. “How can you like doing tha—”

She jolted. Her ass had been invaded by a wet, blazing, and delightful intruder. Matias’ tongue was a deft as it had been with her pussy.

“You’re loving it, aren’t ya? Who’s the pervert, babe?” he said with a smirk before going back to her ass.

“I-I don’t… it’s disgusting… I… just… oh god… don’t stop.”

And he didn’t.

Time flew by, her ass throbbing, reacting, and opening to her cousin’s love. A finger found its way in, and soon another joined in and jostled for space escort keçiören inside it. Tears started to emerge from Sofia’s eyes when her cousin began stretching it. Pain shot through her from bottom to top, her ass was being pulled apart and enlarged.

“Ouch; wait, stop!” she whimpered.

“Just bare it for a second, it needs to stretch.” Matias replied in a flat voice.

She got to her knees and turned her head. “I know that it needs to stretch, but it fucking hurts.”

Matias gazed at her with a frown. She had promised it. And he wanted it, he wanted it now. The choker took his attention… my pet whore he thought. Should he do it? He was stronger than her; at 5’3” she wasn’t exactly a wrestler. He could take it, take it right now, and she would scream; she would whimper, she would cry, she would… beg. His arousal clouded his thoughts, the darkest of his desires seeping into places they had never been before. Pulling her hair from behind, taking her ass. She would pardon him in the end; she would be a good slut. She would like it rough, she would love to be taken that way, be used for his pleasure, be a toy for his desire, she—

“I promised I would do it, and I will; just don’t do that, don’t pull like that. Put it in, and let’s take it slow, I need to know if there’s a different way to enjoy that big cock of yours”

Matias came crashing down to reality, shame rendering him unable to speak.

“What’s wrong? Can’t you do it? Can’t you take your cousin’s ass—”

“I love you.”


“I love you.” he repented.

She looked at him. For an instant their eyes connected. Then she turned her body and let herself fall to her back, returning to her initial position, face to face with him. She spread her legs. “I love you too; now fuck me you idiot.”

Matias cleared his mind and took his manhood to her hole. He focused solely on her eyes, those profound pools of green, searching for a reaction in them. The tip slowly started to break in and he could see it. He could see the secret hidden behind in those wide open eyes.

Working a very slow pace, little by little depth was gained, and after a few minutes, his thrusts could be considered such. To his surprise, however, there wasn’t the same pillowy-soft, warm embrace feeling he would get from her pussy. But there was something else. Something even better. Something delicious about it. Something very, very wrong.

“How’s my ass?” Sofia uttered in a labored voice.

“It’s incredible, babe”. Matias said whilst taking a quick deep thrust.

“Oh my g-god. It hurts.”

He continued his effort with delicacy, always staring deep into her eyes. His pace was slow yet steady. He maintained a deep-short-short rhythm, waltzing in his cousin’s ass. Occasionally he would stop, pull out, rim her, and continue, giving her time to rest. They later switched to doggystyle, Matias restraining all his dark desires with her. Finally, she let herself fall sideways onto the mattress, with her legs stuck together, her cousin positioned behind her in similar fashion, penetrating her from behind, grabbing firmly to her left breast from below and her hips from above.

Her panting was intense, and so was her pain. Yet as time passed by the ache began to bloom into a new feeling. The initial distaste subsiding, she started recognizing pleasure in each thrust. Pleasure in how her ass dilated to allow a cock to enter it. Pleasure in her walls pulling it back in, not wanting to let go. Pleasure in her being one nasty little girl. Pleasure in her family dining while she had her ass fucked. Pleasure in her cousin being the one doing it to her. Pleasure in an idea…

“Do you like fucking my ass like that?”

“I love it” he answered back in a breathless voice.

“Oh I love it too. I love how your cock is pounding my ass” she said sharply.

Matias was hooked. He started to up the rhythm.

“I love it; in fact, I want you to cum in it.”

His manhood throbbing, Matias listened carefully.

She changed her voice. “I want you to cum in it, cous, can you do that? Can you cum in your cousin’s tight little ass? Do you want to?


“Then stop, stop; STOP.” She shouted.

Matias stopped, looking confused.

“I want you to cum as deep as you can, and then, then I want to go back to the party with your cum inside me. I want to sit next to everyone with your hot cum deep inside my ass” she said with a wide grin.

Matias closed his eyes. Flabbergasted, and completely overwhelmed by the idea, Matias could barely resist ending it right there. He opened them again, took his hands over her chest, and grabbed firmly onto it.

He resumed his work. Now disregarding gentleness, he began drilling his cousin. Screams and moans and groans filled the room. To his infinite delight, tears carved paths in her make-up, black tears falling down her face. He gazed intently at her eyes. She looked back.

“Cum, I want your cum my ass, give it to me please” she finished him.

A tremor began in his middle-section and he took a final deep thrust, staying there. Moaning, he pumped out his essence into his eager, thirsty lover. His seed filled his cousin’s ass.

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