The Country Cousin

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Sweat covered Susan’s straining body as she gasped for air, her skin flushed a bright red, her heart pumping as fast and as hard as it could to keep up, muscles pumping and thrusting as she worked towards her goal. Her long blonde hair, bound in a pony tail, whipped around behind her as she ignored the burning in her lungs, the muscles begging for reprieve, the dryness of her throat. Susan blocked out all distractions, the sounds of her parents shouting her name to cheer her on only broke through as she came around the last turn on the track, breaking into a dead sprint to cross the finish line only a couple of paces ahead of her nearest rival!

She slowed down, continuing to jog for a short distance before walking off the track to be embraced by her boyfriend, Blake. She returned his hug for a few moments, feeling his massive arms wrap around her, before backing away so she could catch her breath.

“Great job, Susan! You’ve got the top run times for the 400 meter dash and the 3K relay! Not a bad way to finish high school, huh?”

“Nope, not a bad way at all. Where’s mom and dad?”

Susan saw the answer to her question as her parents came jogging up to her, cameras in hand.

“Oh we’re so proud of you sweetie!”

“Great job, Suzy. You want to go out for lunch at Freddie’s after they wrap up here?”

“Sure thing, Dad.”

And so the school year wound down, Susan and Blake graduated, with Susan in the top tenth of her class and Blake graduating with a comfortable if not impressive 3.0 GPA. Fact was, Blake only got that grade because of Susan tutoring him, which also happened to be how they started dating. Blake had started doing poorly in his math and science classes, and was in danger of being taken off the team. Coach Thompson, the football coach, had talked to Coach Hernandez, the Track and Field coach, and asked if any of her girls could tutor him.

He had gotten it in his head that Blake would pay more attention if the tutor was a pretty girl, not to mention that Blake, despite his athletic prowess, was almost painfully shy around girls. It so happened that he did pay attention when Susan was tutoring him, and she helped him to get the grades he needed to pass the class, the two of them becoming a couple on the way. Blake was the kind of guy who was just smart enough to figure out that he should find someone smarter than him to do the heavy thinking. He wasn’t an idiot by any reasonable measure, but he was comfortable with letting Susan call the shots for him.

Most of their circle of friends consisted of members of the school’s various athletic groups: sports, track and field, weightlifting, and wrestling. They never really tried to exclude anyone else, but kids their age tend to hang out with kids they’re similar to. One of the exceptions in their group was Susan’s cousin Judy, who would drive into town every couple of weekends in her patched-up old Camaro to go shopping and hang out.

Judy wasn’t really quite like the rest of the gang, she tended to be a bit less refined, even by teenage standards, more “rough around the edges”, as they say. She didn’t bother to wear the latest fashions, she didn’t play sports or work out all the time, and of course, she didn’t go to school with them, since she lived out of town. Mainly she hung out with them because she was Susan’s cousin, and because her house out of town had certain things that the other kids’ homes lacked. Mainly, it had a swimming pool and a comfortable distance from responsible parental supervision.

Which, of course, is where the gang found themselves that weekend, sitting around the pool, listening to someone’s iPod on the stereo system, and enjoying the beers that Judy’s dad James was cool enough to let them have. Those who were already coupled up were sitting close, some making out at the pool, others slinking off to find some privacy around the house or the nearby garage. Amongst the singles, you had the guys mostly clustered around the girls, vying for their attention, with Judy by far getting the most suitors, to the chagrin of at least a few of the other girls.

Of course, Judy had certain attributes herself that many of Susan’s male friends were drawn towards. While she lacked the leanness and tight muscle tone of the more athletic girls amongst their group, her body did have a certain generosity at the curves that generally ensured she always had someone to make conversation with. She was also a huge flirt; unrefined and upfront in that way that got teenage boys hot under the collar. Not to mention that beat up Camaro that she loved to go tearing around in. It wasn’t one of the shiny new models, but rather an old worn out ’92 that her daddy had fixed up for her as a Sweet Sixteen present a couple years back.

Uncle James came out to the pool, taking in the view for a moment before turning to Susan.

“Hey Susan, can you help me in the kitchen for a bit?”

“Uhm… sure!”

James held the door open for Susan and watched her wet bikini bottom as it clung to her firm kızılay escort tight ass while she walked into the house and into the kitchen.

“I figured I’d make cookies for you kids, but I have to make a bunch if I’m gonna feed you all. If you could help me, things would go a lot faster.”

“Sure!” Susan couldn’t put her finger on it, but she always felt a bit uncomfortable around her Uncle James. It always felt like he was watching her whenever she was around, particularly when she was in her bikini like tonight. She put those thoughts aside as she cut the dough up into little discs and laid them out on the pan.

Meanwhile, Blake found himself sitting alone, but not for very long as Judy broke loose from her entourage and pulled up close to him, almost close enough to touch.

“So Blake, how have you and Susan been doing lately?”

“Uhm… pretty good, I guess?”

“Have the two of you been getting any action?”

“Say what?”

“You know, have you been knockin’ boots, bumping uglies, fucking. Does my cousin put out?”

“Er… I don’t think I should…”

“Hmm… that’s what I was afraid of. She can be a bit of an ice queen, huh? And she’s going to college out of town I hear…”

Blake stammered and struggled through the beer-induced haze to try and think of what to say when as he felt Judy’s hand on his thigh, slowly working up his leg towards his groin as she leaned into him. Her cleavage ever looming as she used her forearms to squeeze them together to their most potent effect.

“You know… I’m not going anywhere. And unlike my cousin, I know about the… needs…” with a light squeeze on his rock-hard cock, “…that a boy has…”

“I… uhm… uh… “


Susan was on top of them out of nowhere, pulling Judy off of Blake and tugging at his arm to get him out of the pool.

“Hey, I was just keeping Blake company while you were gone.”

“You stay away from my boyfriend, you slut! Comon Blake, we’re getting out of here.” And with that, they were both back in Blake’s 97 Mustang and driving back to town. It became rather clear that Susan wasn’t interested in hearing an explanation, making for a very long, quiet, tense ride back to town before Blake dropped Susan off at her place and headed home.

He climbed the stairs and got in the shower, soaping himself up as he thought back to what Judy had tried. She had been all revved up and ready to go! With those tits, and those huge brown eyes… he took his stiff cock in hand and wondered what she had gotten up to since he left…

George didn’t know what he was doing. Well, he knew what he was doing, but he didn’t know why it seemed like a good idea as Judy lead him away from where his girlfriend was puking in the bathroom and up the stairs to her room. Mostly though, he was just focused on that full round ass as it sashayed up the stairs in front of him, the water and swimsuit fabric clinging to her body.

Judy gave him a coy look and made a shushing gesture at him before taking him into her room and quietly closing the door behind them.

“So tell me, George. Do you love Elizabeth?”

“Uhm… what?” He stared, like a deer in the headlights, as Judy reached up and tugged at the bikini straps at her neck, undoing the knot and placing her hands over the cups as the straps fell.

“It was a simple question,” she smirked at him. “Elizabeth. Your girlfriend. Do you love her?” She reached back and untied the other straps to her bikini, letting the top fall to the floor between her and George. Her full tits were now proudly on display, her stiff nipples and her wide, brown areolae drawing his eyes in.

“Now George, there’s no need to be embarrassed, you can tell me you love her.” She reached out and grabbed the waistband of his swim trunks, pulling him up against her, her breasts mashed against his chest and her hand sliding down to caress his hardness. “Tell me you love Elizabeth, George, or this stops right now.”

“Uh.. uh… I love her.”

“Oh yeah?” Her hand stroked up and down, giving his cock several gentle, firm squeezes.

“Yes… I… ohhh I love Elizabeth.”

Judy pulled George’s head down to give him a deep kiss, their tongues quickly entwining as she pushed his trunks down before breaking the kiss to drop to her knees.

“That’s just what I like to hear.” George gasped as he felt Judy’s lips sucking on the head of his cock, her tongue teasing the opening, before sinking her whole mouth down over it, and the cock slowly going down her throat. He gasped and moaned at the sensation, and then in frustration as she stopped and stood. Without saying anything else to him, she turned around and walked over to the bed, climbing onto all fours and reaching back to pull the crotch of her bikini bottom aside to reveal her dripping pussy.

“Come here George, and show me how much you love Elizabeth.” George paused for half a heartbeat to watch her shake her ass back and forth enticingly, kızılay escort bayan before he practically jumped onto the bed, found her opening with the head of his dick, and sighed in divine pleasure as he sank his shaft into a pussy for the first time in his life, plowing into her and grabbing onto her hips for dear life, rutting like an animal and reveling in her velvety rich moans until he spent his seed and collapsed on the bed, gasping for air.

“Hmm, that’s a good boy.” Judy stood and pulled the crotch of her bikini bottom so it was back in place before picking up her top.

“You better get downstairs and check on that girl you say you love so much.”

James watched the video of Judy taking George. That girl of his was something else, all right. Once she got a boy in her cross-hairs, he never knew what hit ‘im. He groaned as he watched her get up and bend over the bed, gasped as he watched the boy get up behind his baby girl and start pumping her like a jackrabbit until he filled her with his seed. Of course, it wasn’t just the video that was getting him going. He ran his fingers through Judy’s dark brown hair as she worked his cock in and out of his mouth.

“You still got a pussy full of that little boy’s spunk, babydoll?”

“Hmm, you know I do, daddy. It’s too bad Elizabeth was too sick to go home tonight, but I just don’t think she’d be able to handle the ride back into town, as bad off as she is.”

“Yes indeed. It’s a good thing you promised to look after her for George; he was so worried about her.” James’s eyes followed his daughter as she got up and walked across the room to where the tight-bodied redhead lay passed out on the bed naked. Judy pressed two fingers up into the girl’s twat, working them in and out as she suckled on a pale, freckled breast; Elizabeth listlessly turned her head back and forth and squirmed, but showed no sign of waking up.

James joined his daughter and their new plaything on the bed, running his hand up and down her taught, teenaged body. He took one of her nipples into his mouth and tugged on it slightly with his teeth, feeling it harden in response. Judy went back to sucking on the other nipple, and Liz moaned in response, writhing back and forth between them. Judy moved down and began nibbling her way up between Liz’s legs, before gently tugging at the lips of her pussy and sliding her tongue between the folds.

Elizabeth cried out, her legs spreading open. It was obvious the slut didn’t even know where she was as Judy ate her out and James fondled her tits, pinching and twisting her nipples, and holding her down as she thrashed on the bed. Judy slipped two fingers into the redhead’s cunt and proceeded to flick her clit with her tongue, feeling the juices pouring out of Liz’s snatch and down over her ass.

“I think she’s all ready for you, Daddy.”

“That’s my girl.”

James moved between Elizabeth’s legs and lined up the bulbous head of his cock with her virgin snatch, teasing it for a few moments as the girl drunkenly ground against him, gasping with the sensations. He leaned forward, grabbing her by the hip with one hand and pressing into her, feeling himself gradually squeezing his way into her tight passage, grunting with each thrust, Liz’s own cries echoing his grunts.

Finally he bottomed out. James pulled almost all the way back out until just the tip of his head was inside, and then thrust all the way back in, Elizabeth issuing a sharp grunt in response. Judy frigged herself while she watched her daddy fuck the stuck up bitch like the whore she was, James’ grunts and Elizabeth’s moans mixed with Judy’s groans to make a sexual cacophony before James slammed his dick all the way in and growled as he filled the redhead with his seed.

James sat back on the bed, admiring his handy work as Judy crawled up between his legs and began licking and sucking at his cock to clean him off.

“That’s my girl.”

Susan didn’t so much as talk to Blake for the next week, ignoring his phone calls, text messages, emails, and even Facebook pokes. Finally she gave in and agreed to let him take her out to dinner to make it up to her. He was able to explain what happened, and she decided to forgive him after having some time to cool off. Obviously she just needed to be careful to keep her slut cousin away from her boyfriend.

That weekend, James invited Susan and her family out for a barbecue and pool party. Blake elected to stay home and avoid any problems with Judy. Susan herself wasn’t thrilled about going, but her parents pulled the “You still live under our roof” routine and dragged her along. The food at the barbecue was good, James being a skilled cook, but Susan was still pissed at Judy. Her parents shrugged it off as some minor thing that she’d soon forget about, teen girls being so fickle.

Everybody else seemed to have a good time, in any case, celebrating that the girls had finished high school and were getting ready to start their new lives. As the escort kızlay evening wound down, Susan saw James talking to her parents, and them nodding in agreement. She waited with a gnawing sense of anxiety as they walked over to her to let her in on what had them so cheerful.

“Your uncle James has decided to give the two of us a break from you for a few days, and to give you and Judy some time to work out whatever little issue you have with each other.” Susan’s mom held up a hand to show she wasn’t done talking, when it looked like Susan was about to interrupt. “This could be the last time the two of you can spend quality time together, what with you going to college and Judy getting a job.

Long story short, the decision had been made, and Susan’s parents got in the car and drove home, leaving Susan with Judy and James to help clean up. You could cut the silence with a knife as they picked up the garbage, took the dishes into the kitchen, and started washing up. Susan was beginning to once again notice the… focused attention that James paid her as well, staring at her tits and ass as she walked around the house and yard in her tight-fitting blue bikini.

Once they finished, Susan and Judy went upstairs to use the shower. That’s when Judy chose to break the silence.

“So Blake’s got a pretty nice cock, huh?”

If looks could kill, Judy would be naught but a scorch mark against the wall at this point.

“What… did you say?”

“I said… Blake… your boyfriend… has a pretty nice cock, huh? I got a pretty good grip on it before you butted in the other night.”

“You shut the hell up. And stay away from my boyfriend!”

“I bet he doesn’t stay your boyfriend for long. Another five minutes and I’d have had him on me, and you know it!”

“SHUT UP!” Susan took a swing at Judy, landing an open-handed smack across her cousin’s face. Judy, in turn, ran at Susan and knocked her off balance, sending her tumbling onto the bed. Before Susan could get her bearings, her cousin was on top of her, and in the ensuing struggle, Judy managed to hook Susan’s bikini, the clasp on the back giving way with a snap.

James came running in to see what the commotion was about, and had to stop cold to take in what he was seeing. His daughter was straddling Susan on the bed, Susan’s youthful breasts exposed while her top hung uselessly from one arm. As he watched, Susan managed to get her hands on Judy’s bra, ripping it down and exposing her own tits in turn. James decided he needed to put a stop to this before it got out of hand. He pushed Judy off of Susan, and held his niece down, eyes drawn to her heaving tits as she tried to catch her breath. Susan wasn’t as well endowed as Judy was, but that wasn’t to say she didn’t have a fantastic pair just the same.


“Susan, calm down! What’s going on here?”

“Daddy, that crazy bitch attacked me! Just because her boyfriend was flirting with me last weekend.”

“That’s not the way it happened and you now it!”

Susan started trying to kick at Judy, so James rolled her over onto her belly and put his legs over hers, incidentally shoving his crotch up against her ass.

“Susan, if you don’t calm down, I’m gonna have to call the cops.”

“That bitch started it!”

“And watch your language, young lady. In fact, if that’s how you’re gonna act, how about we just call the cops anyways and let them sort it out? How would your parents feel about that?”

Susan finally began to calm down, turning her head to the side so she wouldn’t have her face smushed into the bed by her uncle’s weight.

“Fine, I’m calm, please get off me?!”

“Oh Daddy, look what I found in her purse!” Judy pulled a zip lock bag with some green leafy stuff out of her panty drawer. It was obvious it had never been anywhere near Susan’s purse, but she was beginning to see how this was going to go.

“Susan? You brought marijuana into my house? I KNOW your parents won’t like that, especially once you get brought up on charges for drug possession. That big name college you were planning to go to isn’t going to like that either.”

Susan went limp in defeat.

“Please, I’ll do anything, just don’t call the cops.”

And that’s how it began. At first, they took some topless photos, then nude photos. In for a penny, in for a pound, each step they ended up with something even worse to hang over her head until she had no hope of backing out. They gave her a strong jack and coke to help her relax and she gradually began to suspect that they had given her more jack and less coke than she thought, leaving her very relaxed indeed.

At first, she had felt humiliated when they started taking photos of her topless, but deep down, she began to feel a sort of thrill, a fluttering of her heart. By the time Judy was laying her down on the bed and nibbling at her neck, she was breathing heavily, realizing groggily that she was getting turned on by all this! She knew that it was wrong that her cousin was teasing her nipples by gently nibbling and licking them, and that it was even more so when Judy’s hand slipped between her legs to run between the juices oozing from her pussy. She certainly knew it was wrong of her uncle to be stroking his cock as he filmed his daughter fingering his niece.

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