The Cycle Ch. 01

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This is my first ever story. It is a long term, somewhat romantic, story about a brother and his sister… and their unique life together. Unique more so than you may first expect.

Instant fap seekers beware: this is not a spank story.


The sound of birds chirping and leafs rustling was almost deafening as I strained to hear the faintest of sounds. My eyes darting from tree to tree, scanned for any sign of movement. I cautiously crawled through the green forest floor. I was trying my very best to make not a sound nor move any plants in a noticeable fashion as I made my way slowly through what I thought was a hot zone. I knew that if I was not alert or made too much commotion I would be a dead man.

I wish these damn birds would shut up… I started thinking, when suddenly everything became eerily quiet. For a second I pondered that my wish had been granted, followed quickly by a sense of alarm. Birds didn’t usually become quiet all at once unless something wasn’t right. Then I heard a sound, something like a slight rush of wind or a faint whistle. At first I thought to look up and find what aircraft may be in the distance… but upon looking up I realized it wasn’t some distant aircraft as the noise became louder and much closer.

What the… “ffuuuUUUCCKKK!” I exclaimed as I saw that I was in an area that was being carpet bombed by the enemy. Luckily for me, the explosion that ensued was violent enough to end my thoughts before I felt much more than a rush of heat…

I opened my eyes wide, panting and covered in sweat. It took me a moment to realize I was in my bed and that what I had just experienced wasn’t real.

What the fuck? Did I really just have a nightmare? I was speaking to myself internally.

After a moment to fully shake off the weird dream, I threw off my blanket, sat up, and dropped my legs over the side of the bed. I looked down at my sweat covered abs and decided that I should probably shower. Flicking my eyes to the clock on my bed stand informed me that it was only 6:00am.

“Shit it’s early,” I said aloud. I was about to stand up when I glanced over at the calendar. Saturday, June 6th 2015. “Oh I totally forgot!” I said a little loudly. Today was my birthday!

Well. I guess I’m finally an adult now. Even if 18 is still somewhat a kid… I thought to myself. I stood up out of bed and stretched to my full 6 feet. Looking in my tall mirror on the wall I saw this 6 foot tall male without a lick of clothing on him. His body was slim with lean muscle that implied neither weakness nor impressive strength. Perhaps he was slightly more toned than the average non-athletic guys his age, but he never gave it any thought. He looked into the eyes in the mirror, seeing their light brown color. His hair was cut somewhat short as it was only about an inch or so long, requiring little to no upkeep besides washing it. His skin was somewhere between fair and tanned, the exact color not being one he knew the name of.

That’s about as much thought he ever gave to his appearance. He got up and went over to the dresser, which was to the right of the mirror. Better get something to cover myself with if I’m going to take a shower… I thought. So I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my waist. I went out of my room and into the hall, trying to be somewhat quiet as I wasn’t exactly sure if anyone else would be up at this hour since I rarely ever was. I got into the bathroom without incident and started up a nice hot shower.

The reason I was trying to be quiet, and the source of my modesty with the towel, is due to living at home with my sister and our two mothers. Yep, two mothers. My sister and I were half siblings, each of us having one of our moms as our biological mother. My mother is 38, which made her 20 when I was created. We called her Momma, though her real name was Kara. She was about 5’8 or so with shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes, same colors as me. Her hair was usually a bit wavy or kept straight. Our other mother, my sister’s biological mother, is 36, making her 18 when she had my sister. We called her Mommy, and her real name was Malinda. She was close to Mommy’s height at 5’7 with long lower back length silky smooth jet black hair. Her eyes were a sharp blue that made her look rather intense even though her temperament was a bit more submissive. In fact if you were to label our mothers with roles of the house I would say Momma would be the more dominant pants wearer while Mommy was the dresses and skirts dainty type.

As I worked the body wash over more of myself I reflected on the situation of our family. You see, my sister and I were the same age, right down to the day. So I suppose this was her birthday too, and perhaps we would do something special together. The reason we happened to share the same birthday was that our father was kind of a playboy. He was banging both of our moms at the same time, without either knowing of the other for some kızılay escort time. They happened to find out about each other after they were both pregnant. They told me about how both of them told my father and he was acting shady as if he was going to bail, so they individually followed him one day and ran into each other at a motel. Supposedly our father was just renting a room for a place to think everything through, even though he refused to go to that room when they confronted him and the fact that they were both their in the same situation made it somewhat obvious that he was playing them.

I finished with the body wash and picked up the shampoo. Something about a solitary shower session got me in a reminiscent mood and I recalled the rest of the story. A few weeks after being confronted and our father declaring he wanted nothing to do with either of them or us kids, the choice was made for him. He had been drinking while driving and took a turn too fast, totaling his car and losing his life in the process. This is ironic in a dark way since that may have been the best thing to ever happen to us. See, he had a life insurance policy that no one had any claim to, but since both our moms had his babies in them they received it 50/50. It was a sizeable amount that allows our moms to live without needing to work, even though they do their own thing still. They don’t laze around doing nothing.

So that brings me back to my sister. And back to reality, as the thought of her apparently summoned her to the door. I was stepping out of the shower as the door opened suddenly, my sister walking in with a sleepy look on her face as she didn’t notice I was there yet. I froze and stared at her. She wore some kind of pink string-strap half-shirt crop-top that was not form fitting but loose and flowed freely only a little passed her DD tits. Below I saw the same color pink boy shorts style panties that looked really hot on her. She had inherited Mommy’s silky black hair so it was almost always straight without her needing to do anything, although it looked a tad disheveled since she just woke up. Even at her 5’6 height I thought she was plenty tall for a girl her age. Her fair skin always had a radiant look to it that made boys drool, and by boys I mean anyone I noticed and myself. Her shocking light blue eyes were about three fourths open, but opening wide rapidly as she realized I was standing there naked and dripping water down my body.

I heard a small gasp and saw her fair face start to redden quickly as her eyes went down my body, stopping at my crotch which made her face look sunburnt as she became more embarrassed.

“Um… hi Lexi… didn’t expect anyone else to be up…” I said lamely once I composed myself a bit and reached for my towel. After I covered my slightly hard member she looked up at me as I broke her line of sight.

“..uh… I uhm… what?” she stuttered, clearly flustered after this unexpected situation, so soon after waking up.

I smiled at how cute she was being and said “I see you weren’t expecting anyone else up either huh?”

She snapped out of it and replied “Uh ya sorry for walking in on you. Since when do you get up this early Shane?” she said glancing at my body another time as I replied,
“I don’t. I just had a really bad dream. Woke up all sweaty and decided I needed to shower…” my explanation trailed off as I ogled her body again. I couldn’t help it, she was too hot and wearing too little to keep my eyes from her magnetic flesh.

Hearing the explanation her eyes looked at mine, which I narrowly managed to flick my own back to hers but I couldn’t tell if I had done so fast enough. However if she saw, she didn’t give any hint as all I saw on her face was concern.

“Are you ok?” she asked with an obvious amount of caring in her voice. I loved that we were the kind of siblings that actually acted like we loved each other and not those that fight for no reason. It helped that we actually loved her a bit more than we probably should.

“Ya I think so. The shower helped get me going,” I replied. She smiled, flicked her eyes down and raised an eyebrow.

“Ya. I can see that,” she said as I realized she was looking at my now tented towel.

“Oh shit my bad. I wasn’t trying to perv on you sis,” I said, feeling like I may have spoiled her birthday morning. Oh right, birthdays…

“By the way, happy birthday sis,” I said. She looked at me with a big smile and walked up to me.

“Thanks bro. Happy birthday to you too,” she said as she gave me a hug. That turned awkward fast as I practically stabbed her stomach with my erection. She giggled at that and let go of me.

“Were you thinking of giving me my present now,” she teased with a coy smirk.

“Ha-ha. Anyway, I’m going to go get dressed. Wait when do our Moms get up usually?” I asked her. She had a small laugh at my not knowing something so basic about their routines.

“Well,” kızılay escort bayan she said “they usually get up a little after I’m normally done with showering, and they shower together before starting the day. I expect they’ll be up in about an hour, and breakfast will be another hour after that.”

“Ok, cool. See you at breakfast then Lex?” I asked. I kinda needed to go to my room and handle business. She smiled knowingly.

“Sure bro. Maybe we’ll have something special for our big 18. See ya in a while,” she finished saying as she started getting ready for her own shower.

“Yeah. Later,” I replied and went back to my room. I closed the door and sat at my computer desk. I immediately brought up some porn and went about releasing the pressure I had built up. Usually I do this when I get up due to morning wood, but that dream had me anything but aroused this morning. After finishing with my business I got dressed and thought of what me and Lexi could do today. And what I was going to get her as a gift. I came up with a few ideas and even seriously thought I had a plan if nothing else presented itself when breakfast time came around. I could smell the omelets and bacon being made downstairs in the kitchen.

Seeing no reason to idle in my room, I put on some blue denim jeans and a comfortable white T shirt and left my room. As I went down the stairs and came into the kitchen I heard some giggles and low voices, which sounded like plotting if I ever heard it before. Upon seeing me walk in, Momma Kara hushed Mommy Malinda and pretended they weren’t talking about anything important. I could see in their smiles that it had at least something to do with me.

“Mornin Moms,” I said while taking note of Momma Kara’s tight blue jeans and purple silky blouse, both barely containing her nice round bum and teardrop large C cup tits.

“Morning and happy birthday my boy!” exclaimed Momma as she threw her arms around my mid-section and hugged me. She let go and moved to the table as Mommy repeated this in her fashion.

“Good morning and happy birthday sweetie,” she said kindly as she walked from the stovetop over to me. I looked at her attire as she came over. She was wearing a flower design apron that was a teeny bit small, but cute looking on her. Under that she wore a comfortable white sun dress that came down to her mid-thigh. I could see a little bit of her D cup cleavage that neither the apron nor the dress covered completely. She put her arms around my neck and brought my head down into her chest as if I were a little boy in need of such treatment, but I knew she just liked using her tits in a hug for the added effect they tend to have. I think she even thought it was a motherly thing, though that isn’t the way my cock thought about it.

She let go and went back to the stove with my eyes chasing her tail the whole way there. Both of my moms were gorgeous women and were quite a sight in the early day’s light. The sun came in from two windows in the kitchen, which ran into the dining room as if they were all one big room. The dining room had a glass double door that lead to our backyard, and a medium sized rectangular table in the center. The golden lightning seemed more like it came from my Moms than it did the windows with their cheery attitudes. I wasn’t sure if I liked this cheeriness so early in the morning or not, but it did provide a loving atmosphere.

Mommy Malinda began putting the omelets and bacon on plates and bringing them to the dining room table where Momma Kara was reading her newspaper. Once she finished getting everyone’s breakfast served Lexi showed up as if the breakfast bell had wrung and only she heard it. She came in wearing a tight black T shirt that showed a fair amount of cleavage and would show a line of her flat midriff if she moved a certain way. Her legs were on show this morning as she had on denim short shorts that were more than daisy dukes, but still highlighted her firm perfect ass nicely. I doubt she even realized how hot she looked right now seeing as she was kind of a shy innocent type. Innocent in the way that she wasn’t aware of her level of beauty but not so innocent that she didn’t know anything. She was actually pretty sharp minded and intelligent, but she only showed it with people she was comfortable with.

“Morning,” she said, smiling cutely as she saw all of us. Then she saw the food, her favorite breakfast already made and waiting for her.

“Oh wow, dude you do this for us Mommy?” she asked wide eyed as she looked over at her mother. She sat down next to me, with Momma Kara across from me and Mommy Malinda sitting down across from Lexi.

“Of course dear, happy birthday!” Mommy said, followed by Momma’s “Happy birthday young lady!” Momma had put down the paper and was getting ready to eat with the rest of us as she said this.

As we finished our food Momma and Mommy looked at the two of us escort kızlay and grinned like they knew something. “So,” said Momma. She usually took lead on things like this. “Have any plans for your big day today?” Lexi was the first to reply.

“Well, not particularly, but it is a nice day out so I figured we could hang out by the pool. Maybe swim some and get a bit of color…” she said, looking down at her skin and having a small sad look. We all knew she didn’t really tan in the sun. Her skin was really fair so if she didn’t use sunblock she would burn if she stayed out for a long while, but she did manage to get just enough color for tan lines when she gave it enough time.

“Although I could do without the tan lines. Maybe one of you should get me a bikini for tanning so I won’t have as much of them,” she said jokingly. She smiled weakly after saying this.

“Please,” I said, “as if you could look bad just because of some tan lines. Maybe I should get you a mirror so you can see that you’re not bad looking. You don’t even need a tan let alone need worry about tan lines.” I was trying to make her feel better about herself, but I was also telling the truth.

Momma and Mommy looked at each other with secretive grins, and then looked at Lexi.

“Well about that…” Momma Kara said. “You’re both adults now. One of our gifts to you is actually going to help with your little tan line issue.” She was smiling at Lexi and I could only wonder what that meant.

“What, you got me a bikini?” Lexi asked in a slightly confused tone.

“Nope,” said Momma Kara. This time Mommy Malinda chimed in.

“Well, your mother and I used to be rather… free spirited, before the two of you were old enough to be wary around,” Mommy said. Momma laughed at this and decided to speak plainly, as she always prefers to do.

“We were practically nudist back in the day. So we thought we would give you permission, both of you, to be as little clothed as you wish around the house and property. Either way, we’re going to be nude a lot more now that you’re adults. Hope that doesn’t bother you,” she finished.

I’m pretty sure my mouth was on the table. They were nudists? They want us to be naked? Wait they’re going to be naked around us now?? I looked over at Lexi and saw she was red faced and looking down and towards my direction. I realized she was shocked as well but she was embarrassed about me and not our moms. Wait, I’m going to see Lexi naked???

At this point it was rather silent around the table. Our mothers were looking like they were about to burst out in laughter looking at our faces. Finally I composed myself.

“Um. Really?” …Ok maybe I hadn’t finished composing myself.

“Yep,” said Momma. “Really really,” said Mommy.” Then I looked at Lexi. She looked at me and then to our moms.

“I’m not sure I can do that. I think I might die having Shane see me naked…,” she said. She blushed a deeper red having said that out loud and looked down. However, I could swear I caught a small grin before her black hair blocked the view. Does she want me to see her naked? Wait, do I want to see her naked? I was still having issues with composing myself. Thoughts of my naked Moms and naked sister seemed to have that effect on me.

“It’s completely up to you. You both can wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Just know that you’re both free to go without clothes whenever you want,” said Momma, still smiling at us and loving our shyness. She loved teasing, especially if it was only a playful tease.

“We won’t think any differently of either of you no matter what you do or don’t wear. We’re family after all,” said Mommy. She was smiling sweetly, clearly trying to be supportive rather than amused about the idea.

“Fine,” I said. I felt like I was composed now. Kinda. “But don’t get mad if you see me looking at you or if I get a hard on, because I can almost promise you both will happen at some point.” In fact, I had one at that very moment. AND I was looking at all of their bodies. So really that was already a fulfilled prophecy.

“Oh son that’s perfectly fine,” Momma said while laughing a little. “What young man could be faulted for looking at hot naked babes and having a natural reaction to it? If anything I would be insulted if you never did!” Mommy giggled and playfully slapped Momma’s arm.

“Oh Kara you flirt. As if he wasn’t having a hard enough time not thinking about his family sexually without you encouraging it,” she said while smiling a little more than she was a second before. I’m pretty sure she was liking the idea of being ogled as much as Momma Kara.

Well I’m probably going to Hell, if it exists. Ogling my moms and sister… shit. I’m going to need to stock up on tissues…I was thinking as Lexi looked at me with obvious intent in her eyes.

“Would you be ok with this?” She asked me, with an unsure look in her face as if she wanted to follow my lead. As if I’d say no. She would think I didn’t want to see her body and probably overreact about it. I can’t do that to her…

“Well I suppose so. I mean as long as you’re ok with it. I wouldn’t want to upset you sis,” I said, looking carefully into her eyes. Her eyes lit up and she smiled at my reply.

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