The Deflowering of a Daughter Ch. 02

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Double Penetration

Lindsey Carlson never had a chance to catch her breath from the roller coaster of emotion she’d been forced to endure. Less than 15 minutes after having her virginity taken, she found herself walking down that same hallway, only this time she was wearily trailing the late 50ish Madam of the establishment.

“Where are we going?” Lindsey wanted to ask, but even with her spinning head and simmering cauldron of hormones and endorphins, somehow she knew. In a place like Juanita’s, there were only so many things a person could would find when they walked into an occupied room.

Still, it didn’t prevent what she saw from hitting her like a truck when Juanita opened the door and allowed her to see inside.

There were a pair of bare feet raised high in the air, in a quivering parenthesis, bracketing the naked torso of a man who had his back turned towards the door. All Lindsey could initially see were trickles of sweat beading down the man’s marbled musculature as the feet draped over each of his shoulders danced wildly each time he hammered forward.

The visual stunningness was so overpowering, it took a few moments before the sounds and smells in the room to filter through Lindsey’s jumbled senses. The bed against the room’s back wall strained mightily under the thrashing weight of the bodies on top of it and Lindsey’s icy eyes flared each time the two bodies in front of her slammed violently together. It wasn’t long until the raw and musky scent of sex filled her nasal passages, causing her already weakened knees to buckle.

“… Mom… ?” Lindsey croaked.

“Yes Darling… Yes it is,” Juanita replied dryly. “Yes… that’s her.”

Her gaze fixed forward, Lindsey was sure she recognized the guy with his back turned on the bed as one of the men in the catalogue she and Joyce had flipped through earlier.

“His name is Antonio,” the Madam said, sensing the young girl’s recognition.

The hair on the back of Lindsey’s neck stood up straight hearing her Mother’s muffled groans rise from the bed as the six foot four inch, 20 year old Spanish exchange student relentlessly drilled his dick deeper in Joyce’s molten womb.

“Why did you bring me in here?” Lindsey begged softly to Juanita.

“I don’t know,” the older woman sighed. “I guess I just sensed a very special bond between you two.”

“So… was this part of her plan all along?” Lindsay asked, her voice barely audible over the din of Antonio and Joyce on the bed.

“No… your Mom only came out here to bring you,” Juanita whispered back. “I guess something just tripped inside her head while she was waiting.”

“So… how long… have they… ” Lindsey started.

“About 25 minutes,” Juanita finished the young girl’s query. “Do you want to stay and watch?” Silence was Lindsey’s only response to the Madam’s question as she continued her glassy eyed stare at the bed and the entwined coupling on it.

Juanita waited for several moments for Lindsey to make a move, one way or the other. Sensing the 18 year old wasn’t going to budge without some force of nature setting her in motion, she put her arm around the stoic young woman’s shoulder and eased her forward, with much of the same care and caution a person would lead a bereaved family member towards an opened casket.

Juanita couldn’t resist easing her head forward just enough to watch Lindsey’s eyes flicker and expand in their sockets the closer she got to the edge of the bed.

Brushing her free hand down Antonio’s left shoulder when she got within arm’s reach of the bed, Juanita smiled at the strapping Spanish stud when he turned to face her and the stunned looking girl standing to her left.

Joyce’s eyes remained clenched tightly shut as Antonio pounded her, holding on for dear life, totally oblivious to what was playing out above.

An instant recognition twinkled in the young stud’s eyes when he noticed the resemblance between the older bahis firmaları woman, who had her legs spread out in front of him, and the younger one standing nervously and biting her lip to his Boss’ side.

Staring straight down at her Mom on the bed, Lindsey’s stomach churned seeing the way Joyce’s entire body thrashed and grinded on the bed sheets at the same time her Mother’s rubbery pink vaginal canal strained to accommodate the hulking stud’s bulging staff.

“I can’t believe that’s her,” Lindsey’s lips moved without a trace of sound.

The image of her 44 year old Mother’s tits bouncing wildly across her chest and the gasps of pleasure bursting from her lungs unsettled Lindsey to no end as Antonio ruthlessly increased his pace. Feeling Juanita’s arm tighten around her shoulders in a warm gesture of support, Lindsey put her hand up to her mouth and visibly began to shake as Antonio pilaged the same womb she’d been conceived in.

“Do you want me to cum?” Antonio’s broken English shattered the silence in the room.

“Yes… God… Please,” Joyce begged, her eyes still sealed shut.

“Then you’re going to have to fuck me back a lot harder,” the Spanish boy taunted, making it painfully clear to the older woman what he expected of her.

Despite her sexual naiveté, Lindsey began to sense what was unfolding between the naked stud and her writhing Mother.


Joyce had already came five times since Antonio mounted her, a quick trigger of learned behavior she’d developed over the years to meet the steadily shortening bouts of sex she experienced with her Lindsey’s Father. So easily orgasmic, Joyce was no match for the virile and skilled onslaught the younger man had unleashed on her.

Still unaware of her Daughter’s presence mere feet away, like a raging wave bearing down on her, Joyce had no choice but to succumb to yet another overwhelming vaginal explosion.

“UUHHHHHRRAAGGHHHHHHHH,” she groaned incoherently, her voice already hoarse and her pussy raw from Antonio’s steady and incessant assault.

“That’s six Mrs. Carlson,” Antonio grinned. “Remember our little deal… we were going to fuck until you made ME cum. You wanted to prove to yourself you still have it in you… I still haven’t seen it yet.”

“I know… I know,” Joyce somehow managed between long, deep breaths. “I just cant help myself… your cock just feels so damn good ripping me apart… maybe if I get on top I can control the rythem a little better.”

While by no means a slob, Joyce wasn’t in the best shape of her life either. The workout Antonio was putting her through was causing every muscle and tendon in her body to scream and there seemed to be a hive of bees buzzing inside her skull as the 20 year old exchange student reached his hands under her back and scooped her up. Her eyes still closed, a wave of blind disorientation engulfed Joyce when Antonio spun her 180 degrees around, leaving her sitting on top of him, his cock still buried to the hilt inside her.

Every bit of gristle and nerve in Joyce’s arms and legs twitched and she was forced to plant her hands down on the center of Antonio’s chiseled chest to keep herself from toppling over like a sawed through tree.

Once she had steadied herself and the world had stopped spinning enough for her to try and open her eyes, the physical ordeal Joyce was being put through was nothing compared to the emotional anguish that was christened when she saw Lindsey standing less than three feet away.

A whirlwind of mortal shock ripped through Joyce’s core as she rested on top of Antonio, staring with weary eyes at her Daughter. Too exhausted and mortified to say so much as a word, Joyce just knelt there forced to absorb it all in. The level of complicity she felt bringing Lindsey to the brothel in the first place was Joyce’s only hope as she searched for any hint of understanding in her Daughter’s kaçak iddaa stunned gaze.

Before Joyce ever had the chance to properly process it all however, Antonio began pumping his groin upwards until Joyce’s head rocked backwards as she desperatly fought to meet his powerful and unforgiving thrusts. Her nipples erect like rigid, tiny fingers pointing straight out, Joyce’s body bounced side to side on top of Antonio as Lindsey anxiously looked on, her own nipples too now poking visibly through the front of her shirt.

So entranced by her Mother and Antonio, Lindsey failed to realize Juanita’s hand had gradually slipped down over her waist and the older woman’s fingers were tracing the round button of her jeans. It wasn’t until Juanita’s soft lips warmly melded against her ear and neck that Lindsey looked down at her own crotch.

“Uh… haaah,” the young girl’s voice seeped free, the low grumbling sound in her diaphragm increasing as the Brothel’s Madam worked her fingers inside Lindsey’s pants and began brushing them across the girl’s just fucked and still tingling pussy.

“Where are your panties?” Juanita whispered into Lindsey’s ear.

“Geoff… Geoff kept them,” the teenager admitted, bringing a groan of appreciation and arousal from Juanita’s throat.

“Come on Mrs. Carlson… make me cum,” Antonio hissed from below, causing Juanita and Lindsey to both turn their attention back to the bed.

“I’m trying… I’m… trying,” Joyce yelped, working her sore and sweaty cunt up and down on Antonio’s jabbing monster, the whole time keeping her hands pressed down on his chest to keep from toppling over.

“God its so big,” she coughed, skirting a delicate balance of trying to squeeze her vaginal sheath around the Spanish stud’s cock hard enough to get him off without completely impaling herself in the process.

In the meantime, Juanita continued to fondle Lindsey’s privates.

“Ahhh… you’re still wet down there… did Geoff cum inside of you?” the matronly Madam prodded.

“… No… ” the young girl gulped. “He fucked me… then I swallowed him when he was finished.”

“You are a little slut… I just want you to stand here and watch your Momma cum again while I keep playing with this tight little pussy of yours,” Juanita voice sizzled into Lindsey’s ringing ear. “I want to feel you cream all over my hand when you watch Antonio finally fill her cunt up with all that hot sweet cum he’s been holding back.”

Clawing with ever increasing vigor at Lindsey’s snatch with her slick and greasy hand, Juanita could feel the teenage girl melting in her arms, until Lindsey’s balance completely gave way and she collapsed down to her knees. Crouching down beside Lindsey so that they both were huddled together beside the bed, Juanita kept her hand wedged between Lindsey’s thighs as they watched Joyce Carlson’s heavy tits bounce and slap loudly against her chest each time Antonio hurled his groin upwards.

An endless cascade of moans churned from Joyce’s throat, bringing goosebumps to her own Daughter’s skin as she knelt less than two feet away, watching her Mom rock perilously back and forth on top of the boy who was less than half Joyce’s age.

Her gaze locked forward, Lindsey’s crotch worked in fits and starts against Juanita’s wickedly embedded hand. Beads of sweat glazed the teenager’s forehead as she inhaled the powerful stench of sex coming out of every pore of Antonio and her Mother’s naked and grinding bodies.

The sound of Juanita’s fingers slicing through Lindsey’s pussy mingled in unison with the slashing dirge of Antonio’s cock drilling through the pulpy and swollen folds of Joyce’s cunt.

“OOHHH… OOOHHHHHH… MMMM… MMMMMAARRGGRRAAHHH… OOHHHHHH,” Joyce’s vocal chords began to creak once again.

“Hurry up… please cum,” she begged, sensing she’d probably pass out after her seventh potential orgasm.

“Then you have to fuck me faster kaçak bahis and harder, Mrs. Carlson,” Antonio barked calmly, not easing up a bit on the demands Joyce had originally asked of him.

The mascara and makeup Joyce had dabbed on before leaving the hotel now dribbled down each side of her face as she clawed her nails into Antonio’s pulsing pectoral muscles.

“PLEASE GOD… please… hurry,” Joyce pleaded down to him, her voice sounding infinitely more exhausted and desperate than anything Lindsey could ever remember coming out of her Mother’s mouth.

Reaching out with both hands, Lindsey clutched tightly at the edge of the mattress, balling her palms around the sheets as the fabric vibrated with the conjoined energy of Joyce and Antonio’s bodies.

Juanita’s fingers seeming to swirl a hundred miles per hour through Lindsey’s pussy, the young girl tettered on her knees, using the bed for support as Antonio’s cock stabbed her Mother’s cunt less than eight inches in front of her watering eyes.


“EEWWWWWWWEEEHHHHHHAAAHHHHH,” her spastic cries of delirium rose to the ceiling.

“URGGHHH,” Antonio groaned defiantly, lurching his back up from the bed until Joyce huge, fleshy breasts were pressed against his smoothly shaven chest.

Pushing his dick as deep as it would go inside the older woman’s convulsing poon, Antonio wrapped his vicelike hands around Joyce’s back and held her like a cruel possession in his arms until he allowed the boiling stew inside his balls to finally spill free.

Lindsey’s sizzling cunt squeezed and engulfed Juanita’s swirling fingers as she watched her Mother’s body jerk in Antonio’s arms. It looked as if a nuclear detonation was taking place in front of her eyes as every muscle in Antonio’s powerful body tensed and fired, sending his frothy seed deep into the bowels of Joyce’s overwhelmed vagina.

“YYYEEZZZZ,” the Latin stud hissed loudly, rocking his and Joyce’s weight forward on the bed until he was once again on top of her, transfering every last bit of his potent lust deep into the older lady’s sloshing womb.

“UUUHHH… UUUHHHH… MMMMAAAHHHH… I’M… CUM… I’M… CUM… CUM… CUM… MMIINNGGGGGGGGG, ” Lindsey high pitched cries of release rattled everyones’ ears a few moments later as she began thrashing on the floor from the hellbent way Juanita savagely continued fisting her tender, teenage fissure.


The entire scene played out in front of Juanita, and as she felt her heart trying to tear a hole straight out of her chest, at age 58 and not as healthy as she once was, she cursed herself for forgetting to take her blood pressure medication that morning.

“Hell of a way to die if this was the last thing you saw,” Juanita thought to herself, knowing she’d never seen anything quite like what had happened with the Carlson women inside the walls of her brothel.

Pulling her soiled and red as a beet hand free from Lindsey’s pants, the immediate aroma of the still kneeling girl’s sex overwhelmed Juanita’s senses. Rubbing Lindsey’s vaginal secretions between her fingertips, Juanita watched the teenage girl drop her head down to the sheets in exhaustion as Antonio dismounted her Mother less than a foot from her sweat tangled hair.

“Let me help you up,” Juanita whispered down to Lindsey, her own knees more than a little wobbly and her crotch buttery as well as she helped the 18 year old up from the floor.

Once she had helped Lindsey take a seat beside her naked and spread eagle Mother on the bed, Juanita took a few cautious steps back and cast Antonio a proud smile of a job well done as he eased off the bed and grabbed his robe.

Turning her gaze back to Lindsey and Joyce on the bed, the matronly Madam couldn’t help but feel a twinge of voyeuristic guilt staring down at the two as they rested silently, side by side on the sex strewn sheets.

“Thanks for coming… we’d love to have you again,” Juanita mouthed before turning to leave the room.



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