The Devil To Pay Ch. 05

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Anne squirmed uncomfortably as the Professor’s dick pounded into her ass again pushing and rubbing her across the length of his wooden desk.

“You fucking whore! You come into my class wearing no knickers and opening your legs at me! this is what whores like you get!”

“N-No Professor, stop please, I don’t want…”

He reached forward, grabbed her short blonde hair and roughly pushed her headfirst against the hard grain of the desk and snarled.

“Oh you fucking do slut! You fucking do! Don’t bother denying it, whores like you want it all the time and want it hard and nasty. Because you are. A. NASTY. FUCKING. SLUT!”

Each of these last four words was in time with a rough thrust of the Professor’s crotch impaling his student further each time. Anne bit her lip harder to keep from crying out and hoped Mistress Lucy would hurry up and appear.

You see this classroom assault was anything but. It was, to Anne Gill at least, a honeytrap. Her Mistress (the dominant, black beauty Lucy Fer) was also in Professor McLaren’s College class and had told Anne that she wanted ensure top marks without having to work too hard. Hence Anne, who was in so deep with Mistress Lucy that it wasn’t funny, was given the instruction to seduce the old bastard, tell him she liked rape fantasies and let him take her in his class after hours. Lucy would then appear having filmed him seemingly fucking an unwilling student and so her grades would be assured.

Only so far there was no sight not sound from Lucy and the old guy had been pummelling Anne from behind for over fifteen minutes already while dishing out a stream of verbal insults and abuse that Anne knew were not too far from the truth.

“Fucking slut! That’s all you are! A fucking meathole! A piece of shit whore aren’t you? A filthy, cocksucking piece of worthless trash!”

Almost as if mentioning cocksucking reminded him that Anne had other holes to use he plucked his long, thin erect cock from her arsehole, pulled her by her blonde hair off his table and down to her knees and jammed his dick, fresh from her own arse into her mouth and roughly face fucked her like that until he gave off an exclamation and fired a long, runny load of sour tasting sperm into Anne’s throat. When he was done he squeezed the last remnants of his spunk onto her face and finished by contemptuously slapping his dick on her pouting lips, only then did Lucy emerge, clapping her hands slowly, there was no camera or recording material in sight.

“Oh well done slut. Happy with that Professor?”

He smiled as he pulled on his trousers and dipped into his wallet to produce some notes that he handed to Lucy.

“Oh rather, Miss Fer. Tremendous fun, what?”

And as the voluptuous black girl stood over her white sex slave and slowly counted out the cash it became clear that she had been duped. Lucy had pimped her out for cash, sold her like a whore to this nasty, old pervert to live out his twisted fantasies on. The thought and Mistress Lucy’s evident smugness aroused Anne. Her addiction to humiliation now well out of control.


That night Lucy and Anne lay on a sofa in Lucy’s luxurious flat (paid for by the domination of various students, lecturers and others) and watched what was fast becoming Lucy’s favourite home movie. The night Anne sucked off her father Mike. The recoding made on Lucy’s mobile phone played out on screen and Anne wanted to close her eyes or look away but she couldn’t. For one Mistress Lucy would not have liked that, and for another there was something hypnotically arousing about her greatest degradation.

She had known that the masked man that had just been freshly butt fucked by Lucy was her father, hell she had even played her part in setting him up for it (not that he needed much help, he was as big a submissive bitch as his youngest daughter), and she had tried to rebel against the instruction to first give him a hand job and then a to perform oral sex on him but she was too weak willed, had caved and obeyed way too easily and when the mask came off (as it was on screen right then) and father and daughter’s eyes met it had been a charged moment that none of them would ever forget.

As she watched her on screen person get a load of cum in her mouth Mistress Lucy’s practised finger played gently over her clitoris, she was absolutely soaking.

“Mmmm, never get tired of watching that do we? Let’s see if that worm is free yet, if he isn’t then maybe we’ll just have this chat where he is.”

And with that Lucy paused the action on screen and lifted her phone up and pressed a button. Then she held it away from her and pointing at the topless form of Anne. Ensuring that when Mike pressed the receive button at his end (and he would there was no way he was brave enough not to answer Lucy) the first thing he looked at was his 19 year old daughters bare tits.

When the screen in screen came up on her end she was staring at the shocked face of her father. They both stammered and stuttered a bit until Lucy grabbed the phone and rather than his daughters breasts it was his Domme’s bahis firmaları fierce face Mike Gill was met with.

“Hey limp dick, I guess you’re able to speak now are you?”

Mike visibly shrunk at her harsh tone and humiliating words. I mean she didn’t even know he was alone when she spoke. Still his words when they came were as weak and placatory as you would expect from a pathetic submissive.

“Y-Yes Mistress.”

“Aren’t you going to say hello to your daughter?”

“Er yeah, sorry, hi Anne..”

“No,no,no. I’m sure you haven’t forgotten what I told you your new pet name for her is, use it worm!”

“Oh, I, er, sorry Mistress, of course, hi you cum guzzling whore.”

Anne winced at being called that by her Dad but knew the rules and jerkily answered.

“Hi Daddy” , she had stopped calling him Daddy before she was a teenager but Mistress Lucy wanted it used now and Anne had to admit there was something about using it that did arouse her

“There you go. Now wimp I am in need of a good laugh, so why don’t you pull your pants down and let us see that pathetic stick between your legs.”

All three knew that arguing was futile so Mike pulled down his trousers and underpants and held his phone before him and showed them his junk. By the way his cock was twitching and hardening he was clearly getting off on this treatment. Anne tried to look away from the screen but found she couldn’t and flinched as Lucy snapped a picture of the onscreen image for her to keep.

“Hmmm, as small and insignificant a cock as I remember. But seeing as you showed you yours we’ve got something for you too, don’t we Anne?”

Lucy turned the camera to Anne and stepped back so that this time it was not just her boobs and face on screen but her stomach with the words “DADDY’S LITTLE SLUT” scrawled in red lipstick on it and with her legs spread wide open. She held the image on screen as she addressed Mike again.

“Worm, I want you to snap a still of this and when we come down this weekend I will check your phone and this image better still be on it, understand?”

Oh he understood. Understood that having that picture on his phone was a massive risk, if anyone, but particularly his wife or other daughter found that image then the whole thing would blow wide open. He also understood that having that image so freely available would be a huge temptation to gaze at and masturbate at, one that he was pretty sure he would fail. All as Mistress Lucy planned.

“Got it? You’d better, if it’s not there when we come down this weekend you don’t want to know what I will do bitch, understand?”

“Y-Yes Mistress, I’ve got it.”

“Good now put that tiny little thing away, you should be embarrassed at it. Anyway, as you know Anne and myself are coming to you guys home this weekend for fun and frolics, won’t that be fun? Anyway we are getting the 5:15 train so you need to get us at 7:30 Friday night, understand? And you’d better not be late, I do not appreciate being made to wait bitch. One last thing, I want you to turn up to collect us wearing the sexiest pair of your wife’s panties OK, and I will check and if you don’t have them on I will make you strip naked at the station and drive us home like that. Understand. Good wimp, now say goodbye.”

“Er, goodbye Mistress Lucy, er, goodbye Anne, er ,you, erm, cum guzzling whore.”

“By Daddy, see you Friday.”

The screen was blank before the petite blonde had finished speaking.


All three of them came that night.

Anne was soaking wet by the time Lucy had hung up and Lucy knew it so she allowed Anne to play with herself and get herself off but only on the condition she watched the video of her sucking off Mike on loop while she did it. Anne was so desperate to cum by that point that she readily agreed and Lucy took great pleasure recording her getting off while watching that film.

Mike had a fitful sleep that night. Carol, his wife (and Anne’s mother) was sound sleep so he found himself sneaking downstairs to the bathroom there and taking his phone with him. He knew it was wrong but could not help himself, swiping it and bringing up the lewd, naked picture he had taken of his daughter earlier that evening and holding it in his left hand as he wanked himself off.* Like Anne he did not take long to relieve his tension, spraying his seed into the toilet bowl, relieved though he was he still spent a restless rest of the night in his bed wondering just what would happen this coming weekend.

Lucy came with Anne’s face buried between her thighs, her tongue energetically lapping at the black girls shaved pussy until it exploded all over the blonde’s face. Lucy’s thoughts though were elsewhere as she planned the havoc she was about to unleash on the Gill family.


The train journey was, to begin with, relatively uneventful. Both girls were dressed incredibly sexily. Lucy wore a scarlet mini-dress that hugged her voluptuous figure and wore a pair of slutty high heels that made her even more domineering than normal. Anne wore a sheer white blouse and a particularly kaçak iddaa short skirt, with no knickers underneath (at Lucy’s instruction)

Lucy had Anne lug both their bags onto the train, standing watching her struggle to get them in then even more so as she was commanded to stow them in the overhead racks, uncomfortably aware of her tiny skirt riding up and displaying far too much flesh to the other patrons of the train around their seats.

Of course all this was performed with the slight constraint of having a vibrating love egg nestled in her pussy (with Lucy having the remote control for it in her handbag) and a stiff, plastic butt plug firmly lodged in her arsehole. Anne hadn’t even had much chance to get used to having them in situe as Mistress Lucy had taken great pleasure in applying them just minutes before boarding the train in a cubicle in the station’s toilets.

Anne felt so exposed like that, as if at any moment her dirty little secret would be revealed and that made her wet, she longed to reach under the hem of her short skirt and play with herself she hoped that Lucy would order her to do it and to hell with being discrete. But Lucy seemed to sense this and instead settled into her window seat and fiddled with her mobile phone and ignored her sex slave for the first part of the journey.

Tension and frustration grew in equal measures inside Anne, she needed a release. She needed something. Unbidden she had taken to parting her legs and offering anyone interested enough a glimpse between her thighs. Lucy had taken levels of ignoring Anne to new heights by taking out a pair of headphones and listening to something on it. Then with no warning Lucy nudged Anne and passed her the ear pieces, hissing.

“Listen to this bitch!”

Anne popped them into her ears and watched as Lucy pressed play on her phone screen. A recording Lucy had made earlier came over clear and crisply in the blonde’s ears.

“Are you enjoying your ride slut? In the old days there used to be segregation on trains and us black folks wouldn’t get to sit next to you fine, white folks. Nowadays should have segregation to keep dirty, Daddy fucking sluts like you away from decent folks, eh? Anyway, I bet your fit bursting to cum aren’t you bitch? Bet you’d do anything to earn a release. I know you. Well you can earn it slut, all you have to do is get up at some stage before we arrive at our station, go to the train toilets cubicle and get down on your knees and lick the rim of the bowl clean. You leave the door unlocked and I will come in, make sure you are doing it and I will give you permission to get yourself off. Of course like I say you’ll be leaving the door unlocked so anyone could come in and interrupt you before I get there and if your tongue is not on the rim of the bowl when I do enter then you will have defaulted on your task. You default or decide you aren’t brave enough to do this task then I will not allow you to cum for the entirety of this weekend. Up to you bitch. Now take the headphones out and give them back and be sure to thank me kindly.”

Anne sat for a few moments after the recording had finished contemplating her instructions. She was aroused by them, the thought of humiliating herself potentially so publicly was a turn on as much as it was a concern. But still. Finally, she took out the headphones and handed them back to Lucy.

“Thank you Mistress.”

Lucy nodded and watched Anne slowly rise to her feet then carefully walk down the carriage to the end where the sliding door led to where the toilet lay. Despite rising paranoia nobody else in the carriage paid her the least bit of attention as she first studied the door to the small cubicle then tentatively slid it open. Anne stood with her back on the door and did not engage the lock, knowing that doing so would immediately light up the sign in the carriage and Lucy would know she had disobeyed her. Of course this also meant that people would think the toilet empty and could come in at any time.

Anne peered down at the toilet bowl. It was a bit of a mess, there were bits of tissue on the floor and on the broken seat and from the stains on the seat and on the rim clearly some guy (or guys) had been having an issue with their aim. It was a filthy, grubby little enclosure and the prospect of debasing herself in here should have filled Anne with disgust and horror, and there was a little of that but more powerful was the arousal at this latest humiliation , at the prospect of being discovered and of pleasing her Mistress Lucy and finally being allowed to relief herself.

Still, it took Anne quite a bit of willpower to push herself away from the door and slowly drop to her knees before the toilet bowl. For once she was glad of her short hair, if she still had her long hair that she had before Lucy hacked it off it would have been murder to try and keep it from falling into the dodgy looking toilet water (there was a cigarette butt floating in it and worse plastered to the porcelain). She was conscious of the time too, worried that Lucy would appear and she wouldn’t be doing what she kaçak bahis was supposed to be doing. So she leaned forward and began to lick at the toilet seat, ignoring the smells and tastes that permeated it. She so wanted to use her hand to reach under her skirt and play with herself but knew that would not go well with her Mistress and contented herself with rubbing her thighs together as she licked at the disgusting bowl.

Lucy made her wait, Anne had been in the cramped cubicle for nearly five minutes before she head the door pulled open behind her. What a thrill it was hearing the door open and feeling a sudden burst of cool air and louder noise invade the space, while Anne’s head was in the toilet bowl.

Lucy did lock the tiny cubicle door but other than that she made no other move or comment, contenting herself with observing her white slave degrading herself further. And it was degrading, as bad as it had seemed licking the toilet bowl when she was in there herself it burned even worse having someone else watch her do it, Anne was desperate for Lucy to do something before she eventually broke the silence.

“Hmmm, bitch, I think we might finally have found something you are good at. Maybe I’ll just employ you as a toilet cleaner from now on? I know some bar toilets that would make this place seem pristine in comparison. Anyway, I bet you’re wet aren’t you slut?”

Anne halted her disgusting task to look round and up at her black Mistress and pathetically nod her head. Lucy smirked and squatted down to finger Anne’s all too easily accessible pussy to confirm it. The white girl was absolutely soaking.

“OK, if you want to cum then you may, but you will squirt whatever fluids you create into that water and I have to tell you slave, once you’re done I intend to flush your head in that bowl and then we will go back and take our seats. Up to you slut, you either cum but get soaked or you control yourself and stay dry higher up. Make you choice.”

Anne was past the point of pretending she had any self-control left and was swiftly on her feet in the cubicle (with Lucy tight in behind her, reaching round to roughly grope her boobs through the fabric of her blouse) and had her legs open over the toilet bowl and was soon fiddling with herself at a furious pace. Lucy kneaded hard on Anne’s breasts and between that and the built up tension it was literally seconds before Anne came explosively, spraying a stream of her juices into the bowl and over its newly licked clean seat. She had to bite her lip to keep from calling out but even still a soft moan escaped her as the ejaculation died down and she found she didn’t even have the strength left to remain standing and dropped to her knees.

“OK slave, you chose, now head right in that water and you can flush it yourself.”

As much as she could the black girl stood back and smirked as she watched the blonde pull a disgusted, pitiful face before leaning her head down and into the water slowly, then reaching up blindly for the handle and with a pregnant pause pulling down on it. The water engulfed her and when she emerged after the flush had died down her face was soaked and her hair was a soggy, tangled mess.

“Right, now turn around so your white face is peering up in the middle of that ol’ toilet seat.”

Anne lifted her soaking face from out of the water and, ever the obedient slave to Lucy, struggled and contorted herself so that she was twisted about in such a fashion that her pretty blonde features were framed perfectly in the oval of the chap, stained, plastic seat. Her face was dripping wet and (if you’ll pardon the pun) flushed and as she opened her eyes Lucy loomed over her and snapped off several pictures on her phone.

“Hoho, that one’s a keeper bitch, think I’ll forward it onto your wimp of a father, let him know how we’re passing the time on the journey, eh?”

When she stood up the water dripped down onto her blouse, virtually turning it see through. Lucy laughed and turned to exit the toilet. But first before they exited the cubicle Lucy took time to mess up Anne’s wet hair some more and to really make sure that Anne’s nipples were clearly visible through her sodden white blouse

“Back to our seats we go slave, at least I’m not making you crawl back there…”

Although it was a 20 second walk from the toilet back to her seat for Anne it felt much longer. She emerged from the sliding door behind Lucy who strode quickly back to their seats, Anne should have done likewise and was on her way when she passed a well dressed business woman who just happened to look up at the wrong time and saw the state she was in. Clearly saw Anne’s tits through her shirt and gawped at her then tutted disdainfully, which drew the attention of the old man sat beside her.

And at that point Anne froze, literally froze to the spot. And that just seemed to attract further attention, the people sitting across from the well dressed woman and old man craned their heads around to see what they were staring at and the family across the aisle from them peered round too – all staring at Anne and her sodden, transparent attire. Somehow she got her feet moving again, stumbling, nearly falling on her face and made it past them, hearing the tuts and whispers and finally sat next to a clearly laughing Lucy.

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