The Education Of Richard Ch. 01

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(All characters are 18 or older; Richard is a very sheltered high-school senior. Those interested in my fan club should reach me via my contact page)

It was the morning that changed my life forever. It started normally enough. I got up and brushed my teeth, showered, spent too long toying with what to do with my long brown hair before finally setting on putting it back into a simple pony-tail. I caught my reflection as I held it up, my arms behind my head, a real cheesecake pinup girl pose. I could have been one of those. Even now at 36 I didn’t have a wrinkle, my blue eyes have a certain intensity to them that even I can feel a bit, and my full-lipped smile is natural and easy.

Of course it’s the GG cup breasts that would get me the modeling work if I wanted it. Oh calm down, big tits can happen to anyone, stare, deal with it, and move on.

I didn’t need work though. My husband died young and wealthy and well insured, and his fortune was more than enough to support my beautiful downtown penthouse, my lavish wardrobe, and my strapping son, Richard, for several lifetimes. I’d give it all away to have him back though. I miss him.

It was rainy out, so today would be an indoor day. I bound my boobs up in a modest, functional blue bra, threw on some boy-short panties, and slacks and a sweater that did nothing to conceal my mind-bending curves.

As I cooked eggs and stirred batter for breakfast I thought of the previous weekend, when Richard had some friends over. I had to pull my son off of a boy at one point, struggling to somehow contain his fury and rage as he screamed, “YOU TAKE IT BACK! YOU TAKE THAT FUCKING BACK!”

His poor victim wouldn’t have stood a chance of course… Richard somehow took everything I fed him and converted it into lean, strong muscle that layered his body like armor, well defined but not bulky, attractive, yet functional. I was lucky I got there quickly or he might have seriously hurt his little chum.

“What did he say that made you so mad?” I asked him when we were alone.

He looked down, and I almost had to stifle a laugh from how serious his face looked. “He called you a MILF.”

“He called me a milk?” I blinked in confusion.

“No, a MILF. It’s… it’s a bad word.”

“What does it mean?” I asked, still not getting it.

“It stands for, Mom I’d Like to…” He trailed off.

“What would you like to do, honey?”


“RICHARD!?” I exclaimed. “Why would you like to do…oh…oh that’s what he said. I understand now.”

He looked relieved. “So I had to teach him some manners.”

I laughed and stroked one of his corded shoulders.

“It’s sweet that you want to stick up for me, but I find it more flattering than offensive. So your little friend desires me. So what? Makes me feel ten years younger.”

“I’m sorry, Mom.” He said, chagrined.

I only shook my head and gave him a hug, massive breasts smothered into his face in the seated position. That always seemed to relax him nicely.

I snapped back to the present as the toast popped and assembled Richard’s large breakfast on a plate. Now it was time to wake the dear boy.

I walked over to the bedroom and creaked open his door. What I saw on the other side was what changed my life.

* * * *

Richard was asleep, sprawled on his back with one leg crooked up and one arm by his head. But something was wrong. Something was poking up, tenting his whole blanket. Curious, I crept into the room and made my way to the head of his bed, slowly lifting his blanket to peek at what strange pole was holding up this tent. I assumed that he might have taken one of his baseball bats to bed for some reason, so what greeted my eyes instead was a shock.

I’m sure I let out a gasp, and I know for certain that I stared at his monstrous member. It was huge! In all my years of an endless army of men throwing themselves at me I had never seen such a…. oh how could I call my boy’s penis this? And yet what other name could serve but a giant, thick, veiny, COCK.

“COCK!” Oh fuck, I had said that part out loud and dropped the blanket as Richard woke up.

If he caught me peeking, he gave me no sign, only smiling, “Good morning mom.” and beginning to sit up.

“G-good morning hung-y gwuh, buh, I mean honey. You sleep well?” He nodded and then realized he was sporting his massive morning glory, adorably reddening in his face and shifting to the side so that his magnificent cock rested flat against the bed, some what harder to see if you squinted or were blind. There was no hiding how much a man my little boy had become.

“Yeah Mom. What’s for breakfast? I’m starved!” He rolled out of bed and stood, allowing me to shamelessly crotch-watch my son. Even soft his bulge dangled down long and thick all the way to his left knee, the head of it obvious and swinging while he walked. Where had he been hiding this monstrosity from me?

He was staring at me too, and it took me a few moments to realize why, blushing as I realized maltepe escort my nipples had sat up and at attention in my apparent lust. Lust? Was this what I was feeling for my own ridiculously well hung flesh and blood?

We sat down and ate. I nibbling my cantalope half daintily, anything to keep me from putting more fat on my tits, he wolfing down huge mouthfuls of meat, grain, milk and syrup.

I found my thoughts constantly drifting back to his cock. Shame burned in my brain, and I found that I began to justify it to myself… that clearly my daydreaming was just out of concern for him. The boy was downright abnormal. He’d need to be comforted. Educated. Perhaps even trained.

“Richie honey, we need to talk.” I said as he polished off the last of his plate. He looked worried. “Is it about that math test? I’ll do much better on the next one.” He said, defensive already, and nervous.

“No, no baby. It’s not that. Have you…have you ever felt like you’re different from the other boys?”

He blinked. “Is this about dad?” This was not going the direction I’d hoped at all.

“Mommy clearly needs to be blunt hon… your penis hon. Have you ever noticed how it’s different than other little boys when you get dressed with them for sports?”

He blushed, looking extremely embarrassed now.

“Uh, yeah, sure, I guess. I dunno. I try not to look at other guys junk that much.”

“But I bet they sure look at yours.” He looked thoughtful a moment. “Yeah, now that you mention it I guess they do. I just figured they were growing slower and would catch up with me eventually.”

I shook my head. “No baby. They aren’t ever going to be as big as you. Probably no one is.”

“Oh no… I’m a freak.”

I put my hand on his, feeling a sexual jolt just from the light touch all of a sudden. “Not a freak honey, a very gifted man. I think 95% of what men do in their lives is to convince all of us that they’re as big as possible… but you’ll simply be as big as possible. That will open a lot of doors for you.”

“Wait mom, how did you know I’m so…” He hesitated on the word “Gifted?”

Now it was my turn to flush a little. “Well honey, when mommy went to wake you up this morning, you were obviously having a VERY good dream.”

“Oh.” He looked like someone was choking him as he said it.

“What were you dreaming about, anyway baby?” I asked him.

“I don’t remember.” He said, voice breaking, clearly lying his hot little ass off.

“You can tell me, honey. You can tell me anything.”

he didn’t say anything, but his eyes drifted to fix on my breasts.

“Oh, you like those? Were they bouncing through your dreams?” I said, tugging the straps of my bra to make them bobble around a little beneath my sweater.

He looked ashamed, but made a small nod.

“I don’t blame you. Lots of men like your mom’s big titties. They’re not as rare as that co—erm, I mean penis of yours, but they are plenty rare. I’m gifted too.”

“Well,” He started to stand, voice cracking hilariously, “I should probably go and take care of my homework.” I could see that he was trying to get away because he was growing, huge bulge developing in his pants like a massive Kielbasa sausage had been folded up in there.

I needed to help him I decided.

“No, sit hon. I’m going to teach you some things your dad might have taught you if he were here.” I lied. He sat, shifting uncomfortably.

“Now you’re going to have a lot of interest in that piece of meat you have there.” I said as I stood and walked to his side of the table, pointing down.

“Sometimes, girls are going to spot the bulge of you in your clothes and get curious enough to try and seduce you just so they can see if you’re stuffing something in there or not.”

“What if I hide it real good?” He asked.

“Then word of mouth will still get around. Your peers in the locker rooms will brag, your girlfriends will too. Word gets out baby, and when it does, everyone’s going to want to take you on like the new gunfighter in town.” Little would they suspect that my little cowboy was slinging a howitzer on his hip instead of the usual six-shooter.

“Well what should I do?” He asked.

“Learn to enjoy it. Bask in the fact that you’ve got something so special it invokes envy and desire in anyone who finds out about it.”

“Uh, ok Mom.”

“Show it to me, dearie.” I said abruptly.


“Show me your penis. I have a lot to teach you about it, and I want to measure it.”

“Do you measure a lot of guy’s peters, Mom?”

“In my younger, wilder days, yes, I measured quite a few. One friend of mine liked to make plaster casts of them, but I don’t she’d have had enough for one of you.” He flushed and squirmed a little. It was so fun teasing the little cutie, even if it was so terribly wrong.

I went and got a tape measure from my sewing kit and sat down in front of him again.

“Well?” I said, “Take it out, you’ve nothing to be ashamed of. Quite the opposite in fact, you maltepe escort bayan should be proud of what you have in there.”

“Okay.” He murmured, fidgeting as he undid his belt and unbuttoned his fly, putting his weight on his heels as he slid the trousers down, slowly revealing the root of his manhood, letting his pants pool around his ankles when the knee-length humongous soft dick drooped over the edge of the chair into view.

I gasped at the sight of him, then placed and unrolled the measure. “God DAMN baby, this thing is insane… I can’t believe you’re still soft!” and I couldn’t. It dangled a very intimidating 11 inches down his thigh, thick like a coke bottle and for the first time I got to see his balls.

Oh what balls! They were extremely low-hanging in a sack that I just had to measure, finding them from where his skin connected to his cock to the base of them they were dangling 7 inches down. In addition to being low-hanging, they were FAT, so much so that each one almost looked like a tan pear that was growing from the base of his dick. I blinked and stared in disbelief.

“Wow.” I said. Then “Wow!” again. “Wow” I added, for good measure.

He was still blushing from his ankles to his face to his massive lower-hangers. “What?” He asked, “Why do you keep saying wow?”

“I”ll put it this way baby. You could add up any two of my previous lovers, and NONE of them would be as well endowed as you. In fact the vast majority of them wouldn’t have you beat unless I paired them with the biggest I’d ever had until now, and even he was smaller than you are just SOFT. Does it grow much when you get hard?”

“Uh huh.” He nodded, eyes lost in my sweater meat. Poor dear, so easily distracted.

Now it’s time for your first lesson Richard. It’s called, “The Big Reveal.”

“What’s that?” He asked, perplexed.

“Well, it’s all about how you present your very special equipment to the ladies who are interested in you. Just now, you slid your pants off in a very meek, uncontrolled manner. I want to teach you pride in your—oh let’s just come out and call it a cock, dear. Pull your pants up, that’s a good boy, okay. Now this time, when you take it out, stand up. Now undo your belt and zipper, good, but don’t just drop your pants, I want you to reach in and grab your big cock—Oh stop blushing when I say it! Grab it and pull it up and out as fast you can.

I stared at the glory as he followed my instructions, massive prick undulating like a snake as he flipped it out, the back of it slapping audibly against his t-shirt clad torso and then slapping the inside of both thighs as it dangled down like a pendulum. My eyes fixed on him like his eyes had fixed on my tits.

Very good baby. Now the other thing to do, and this is for women that might like you to be a little rougher… a little more animal than man, is to let them free it while you’re hard. I need to measure you hard anyway, so do you mind if Mommy plays with you a little and gets you to fill out?

“Uh, okay Mom. If you think it’s best. Why would women want me to be rough?” He asked.

I thought of my answer as I started to run my hands over him, folding his massive rope back on itself, then tugging on it in alternating grips with, letting his head dance enticingly close to my stuffed sweater.

“Some women, though not a majority, like man who asserts himself. Most prefer a more gentle touch, of course.”

“Which kind of woman are you?” He asked, moaning slightly at my womanhandling of his gigantic cock.

“Mmm somewhere in the middle, Deary.” He was semi-hard now, and I began to jack him off with greater gusto, pumping the his megacock in both hands, one on top of the other with plenty of space left in between. I paused to wipe my brow with the back of my arm; I know it’s called a handjob, but only with a cock this size does it actually become work.

“Honey, do you mind if mommy takes her shirt off, this is making her very warm.” I asked innocently.

“Ngh, yeah mom, I’d love it, seeing those big ones of yours would be great!” He blushed after he said it, and I grinned, running my tongue over my teeth.

“Oh, so your little friend has to get beat up for calling me a MILF but you’ve been thinking it all along?” I taunted.

He snapped into a serious expression. “You’re MY mom. You’re mine.” He reasoned. Ooo it made my pussy as moist as April to hear him claim me this way.

My bra-clad breasts now exposed I returned my hands to his almost hard cock and resumed beating him the fuck off, my massive chest-baubles bouncing all over the place as I put more effort into the two-fisted stroke-job. I was AMAZED at how much bigger he was getting. At his soft side I was sure he’d be a shower for sure, yet here he had doubled in length and still had a little give to it with a bit more room to grow.

“Okay baby, put it back in your pants, if you can, I’m going to show you the “rough” big reveal.” He seemed almost anguished as he fought to tuck it away, curling it around his hip and down a thigh, maltepe escort bayan painfully bent as it bulged with the awesome power of a nuclear cock-explosion contained within a tiny space.

“Now if you think you have a rougher lady on your hands, and she wants to see it, tell her to take it out for herself.”

“Take it out, Mom.” He commanded, getting into the spirit of the act. I knelt before him and unclasped things, then yanked his pants down, letting the tremendous turgid tool smack across my cheek, loving how the column of beef towered over me, how the weight of it actually rocked me on heels, how the shadow of it cast endlessly across one wall as it poked straight-outwards, too heavy to support its own mass.

I rubbed my cheek. “Very good baby! And that was only the base of your shaft…you’re probably the only man alive who can also do this to a women who decides to unleash you while she’s standing up!”

He proudly clenched a fist around the middle of his shaft, squeezing it tight. “God it feels so good… I’ve never felt like this before!”

“I’m about to make you feel a lot better, baby. Do you know what a blowjob is?” He shook his head and I jumped for joy inside. I was going to get to initiate my baby into one of men’s greatest joys! I pushed him back into his chair and unclasped my bra, loving the way his cock trembled when my perfect pink peaks finally went on display. I’ll admit it probably makes me an arrogant bitch, but I love the effect my tits have on men.

I crawled between his legs, trying to figure out how to tackle such a mammoth project, and settled on a little makeout session with the head of him, tugging his length straight out and leaning back to push it against my lips. My pouty dicksuckers puckered and pouted for him, mashing the angry tip of him into the little pillow they made over and over, tongue flicking out to lash his peach-sized top from every angle. I swirled my tongue around it, and then worked my head curiously from one angle to another, knowing full well that the bottom of my tongue is much smoother and softer than the top, pleasuring him with just that one little piece of me a few moments.

Richard threw back his head and moaned, pawing at the air a little, clearly unsure what to do with so much sensation, hips bucking involuntarily. I pushed his cock skyward and licked and lapped down him, feasting on his thick prickshaft, easily the girth of a pint-glass as I made the long trip around it, spiraling my face, making sure to get the often-neglected backside of him, finally reaching the root where it met that nasty dangling scrotum of his.

I can over-state how amazingly low-slung these nuts of my boys were. I almost felt a sense of pride at the sight of them. I’m no doctor, so I could only wonder if he was simply born with a longer scrotum, or if the sheer weight of his pendulous prick pods was so great that they’d stretched him out as he’d grown into the massive hypermasculine man who sat before me.

Well that question, I shall leave to the philosophers I thought as I proceeded to tongue down his leathery sack, tongue assaulting the ridges of all the parts of it that weren’t covering his balls as I made my way towards them. My baby gave a little howl as my tongue finally touched against a big behemoth ball, squirming with pleasure as I lathed my tongue just over the fat left nut. I placed my palm beneath spunk-orb I was worshiping and lifted it up against my lips, slowly and seriously making out with it, slurping and drooling on his nasty nut until my saliva ran down the smooth surface in little rivulets.

I turned my attention to the other big ball, letting my smooth cheek graze against the wet surface of the one I’d just finished kissing, letting my tongue slap over every ridge of salt and sweat, palming this ball as well to cushion its weight against my lips. Richard was in ecstasy now, rolling his head and moaning, whimpering as his cock danced and bounced, tantalizingly close to his mouth. Richard could easily suck himself if he wanted, but I kept silent on the matter for now, wanting him to discover if he was comfortable with this idea for himself.

I distracted him by abruptly cramming a pear-sized ball into my mouth. He looked amazed as I sucked hard on the lubed up low-hanger, forcing it with a pop into my cheeks. He winced a little, perhaps hurt at first by the pressure, but then gave in to the sheer delight of having warmth and softness completely surrounding his super-sized sperm-crate, gasping nonsensical gibberish as my tongue slipped and rolled all over the mouthful of testicular meat.

I sucked a little harder and discovered to my delight, shock, and a little fear that his scrotum was so long it was actually possible for me to deepthroat his big nut. I couldn’t breath around it, of course, but I counted seconds in my head to make sure I wouldn’t pass out as I worked him past my palate, gargling and gagging on the jaw-breaking jizz-jug, throat shellacking the sweat and slobber from his sack. When my air supply felt threatened I pulled back, letting his ball burst free and bounce down like it was on a bungee chord. I grinned at my handiwork, the right testicle that had just enjoyed this oral adventure now hung a little lower than it had before, and was a little more swollen. I’d literally sucked it bigger.

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