The Extended Family Ch. 11

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Chapter 11 — Karen’s Sister and Brother-In-Law Join In

“She’s doing what?!!!” Rachel shouted into the telephone to her mother Bev Price.

Carl, her husband, looked up with concern on his face and tried to figure out what was being said by listening to only one side of the conversation between his wife and her mother. He was feeding their two-year old who sat in a high chair with mashed carrots all over her face. Three other older children sat nearby watching cartoons on television.

Rachel went on, “And what’s his name?” Pause to listen to answer. Carl relaxed a little; he figured Karen, Rachel’s sister, was getting it on with some strange man. He scrapped some carrots off the toddler’s face.

“And he lives with Karen AND this other woman?” Pause for a long answer. Carl’s ears perked up — a man living with two women. Now here was a guy he’d like to meet.

“And YOU’RE in love with him TOO?!!!” Even longer pause. Now, Carl paid rapt attention and wished he could hear the other side of the conversation. He thought of his mother-in-law – a beautiful pert woman approaching sixty that always looked as though she stepped off the pages of a fashion magazine. She stayed in shape, really in shape; from time to time, usually around her visits, he’d even court fantasies of having sex with her.

“MOTHER!! HOW COULD YOU?” Rachel said loudly into the portable phone as she tried to leave the room so the children couldn’t hear even her side of the conversation. Carl sat with the toddler, his imagination now running wild. Had Bev been in a three-way, or, if he pieced the bits of conversation together, a four-way? Wow! Bev often had surprises, but this one might be the best of all since he’d married her oldest daughter twelve years earlier.

Carl tried to listen to the distance conversation, but all he could hear now were the overtones of Sponge Bob Square Pants on the nearby television. He’d quiz Rachel later after the kids were in bed. He wondered if she’d be turned on by something her Mother did? He conjured up some erotic ideas based on the little information that he’d heard.


Two hours later, the last of their children bid everyone goodnight and headed up to his room with his younger brother. Carl and Rachel headed to the bedroom too and got ready for bed.

“OK, Rachel,” Carl finally asked standing in the middle of the bedroom with his hands on his hips, “What did your Mother do? Or was it Karen? Or both of them?”

Rachel had been unusually quiet since she got off the phone. She was clearly digesting what her Mother had told her. “Well,” she started and gave a long pause, “let me tell this in pieces because you might not believe it all at once.”

Carl nodded and encouraged her to go on as he sat beside her on the bed.

“Karen has apparently forged a relationship with a couple. I mean they’re like … living together … really together. I guess Karen is … well … bisexual — although that’s my interpretation of what mother said. She’s in love with both of them, and they love her.”

Carl was biting his tongue. He had figured out at least that part of what was going on. Karen was Rachel’s younger sister by two years; she lived in Sarasota, Florida, and by any standards was one of the most beautiful women he’d ever seen. He nodded for Rachel to go on.

“So, Mom decided to finally go and see her over Thanksgiving. I knew she was planning that trip. They haven’t had the best relationship since Karen moved to Florida ten years ago, and I think Mom wanted to patch things up. I think, Karen was being really bullheaded.”

“And she didn’t know about Karen when she visited?” Carl asked.

“No. She told me she found out the first day she was there. I mean about the three of them — Karen and the couple, Jim and Lynn — they sprang it on her. So, she told me it took her overnight to get used to the idea, and then she started to understand why they live together — and why they are so happy together.”

“And then?” Carl asked. He shifted closer to his wife and gently stroked one of her ankles.

“Well, it seems that mother fell for this man too. She didn’t come right out and say it, but they had sex while she was there — a lot of it! This man is like some Don Juan screwing my sister AND my mother — and they both know about it, AND there’s some other woman there too — and some other man. My mind is getting all scrambled thinking about this whole thing. I think they were together too, although mom didn’t say so.”

“What a turn on,” Carl said running his strong hand softly up one of Rachel’s shapely legs.

“Oh, you’d think mud was turn on,” she leered at him and half-heartedly brushed his hand away. Carl was a good-looking man: in his late thirties, brown hair, square jaw, and only the beginnings of a paunch.

“Well, you have to admit there must be something special about this man. He must be athletic or rich or something to attract this gaggle of women.”

“No. Mom said he was in his early or mid-fifties. He’s well to do, but not wildly rich. bahis firmaları He widowed a year or so ago. She raved about him — I mean LOTS of wonderful adjectives. She’s really in love with the guy. I never even heard her describe my Dad that way.”

“When did you talk with Karen last?” Carl asked.

“Good question – not for a month or so. I guess I should talk to my kid sister more often, huh?” Carl nodded. Rachel checked the clock; “It’s too late to call tonight. I’ll ring her at work tomorrow and see whether she can talk. I mean, I want details.” She grinned at him lecherously.

Carl had been stroking Rachel’s bare legs during most of the conversation. Now, he extended his reach to move closer to her cloaked pussy.

Rachel looked down and watched his hand come closer and closer, spreading her legs apart as he stroked the edge of her lacy underwear. She was proud that even with four kids, she’d maintained a trim figure. Slightly saggy breasts atop broadening hips she acknowledged, yet Carl seemed to either like those or is tolerant of her first brush with a ‘middle-age figure,’ as she called it. Rachel was still a “looker.” Heads turned to watch her on the street; she knew it, but had never developed the conceit that so many pretty women had. She was all-natural — ‘crunchy granola,’ Karen called her.

She caught Carl’s eye, “You! Strip and make love to the three of us right now.” She threw the comment out the to him knowing full well that her husband had been conjuring up some fantasy of himself making love to three women at once. She wondered if that could be possible as she peeled off her underwear and shed her nightshirt.

For a few minutes, Carl buried his head in her pussy providing her some oral foreplay in a way they had come to enjoy immensely. Rachel crested a little with her pleasure, and then pulled Carl over her and insisted on his penetration. They both moaned as he stroked in and out of her body, their passion driving to an obvious goal.

They came together, their bodies arched into one another as their kisses smothered each other’s faces. He collapsed into his wife, and she cradled him into her breasts. She whispered to him, “You have to make love to two other women. Remember?”

“You’re plenty for me,” Carl responded politically. They both hugged each other in play at the obvious patronage of the comment. As the minutes passed, they drifted off to sleep. Carl dreamed of servicing two other ravishingly beautiful women.


When Carl got home from work the next night, he found Rachel home from her job and dealing with the children. He stepped right into the fray and took over some of the dinner prep, and getting the kids organized for baths and bedtime. He could tell, however, that Rachel had something to tell him. It would keep for now.

As he and Rachel finally shut the door to their bedroom hours later, Rachel slid into his arms and said, “Oh, have I got a story for you. Get undressed and get over here; I’ve been horny and wet all day. I need to get laid.”

“What brought this on? Wait, I know; you talked to Karen”

“Yes,” Rachel said as she peeled off her sweatshirt and jeans to reveal her shapely body covered only in the fine lingerie she’d been wearing all day. As the revealing lingerie disappeared, she stood nude in the dim light from the bathroom, holding her arms out to her equally naked husband. “Come and let me get you inside me, and then I’ll tell you a sexy true story about my sister, my mother, and her friends.”

With that, Rachel took Carl’s cock and inhaled the flexible shaft into her mouth. Sixty seconds later it was a rod of steel that she pulled to her pussy; he penetrated her mound. Carl wasted no time questioning the invitation and sank into Rachel to the limit, moving slowly so he could prolong the experience and hear the full story.

Rachel began, “Mom only told me half the story last night. But, from the beginning, yes, Karen is madly in love with Jim and Lynn, and they’re living together with full benefits in all directions. Mostly, it’s the three of them when they make love — Jim, Lynn, and Karen – but Karen said that she and Lynn do get it on alone sometimes. She said Jim is a wonderful, caring and considerate lover and a husband to the two of them.”

Carl was moving his rod slowly in and out of his wife and visualizing his hot sister-in-law laying on a bed with some other women as he thrust into her cunt. Lesbian situations excited him too.

“Karen said they have sex every day, often several times a day. She said she’s never felt so satisfied and loved in all her life. She said they’re attentive, caring, and loving about each other ALL the time. She and this Lynn work for the same company, by the way, and Lynn’s a little older but not as old as Jim — he’s in his mid-fifties. She said Lynn was beautiful and that she’d fled an abusive husband in Ohio and sought refuge in Florida. She’s divorcing that jerk.”

Carl had gotten even harder and more sensitive as he thought about the sex life his sister-in-law and kaçak iddaa her two companions were having.

Rachel went on, thrusting her pussy into Carl; “So then Karen tells me about Lynn’s daughter Melinda; they call her Mel. She’s just finished her freshman year at Ohio State and lived with them for the summer. Well, to cut to the chase, it seems that she joined the threesome for the summer and made it a foursome. Karen said she’s also a knockout; a younger version of her pretty mother, AND Mel and Jim are in love with each other … TOO!”

Carl adjusted his thinking to now include a nubile young maiden with her ass in the air next to the other two women begging for him to fuck her. He thrust into Rachel at the thought.

“So, Mom visits, discovers the living arrangements, and I guess she’s all tense and worried about them, so Karen and Lynn ask for Jim to make love to her … to seduce her … I guess to win her over. Anyway, according to Karen when they got home from work the day after Mom arrived, Mom and Jim were in bed together making love and Mom was a convert to their life styles. Is that too much information?”

“No,” Carl said pushing his shaft into Rachel who moaned slightly at the extra thrust. Carl added Beverly to the pile of feminine flesh he tried to visualize before him on the imaginary bed and again thrust hard into his wife.

Rachel went on; “This is what Mom didn’t tell me. Over Mom’s Thanksgiving weekend visit, Lynn’s daughter Mel was there too with her boyfriend — a young man named Robbie. Well, Robbie has been welcomed into the group with full benefits. He also works at the same company as Lynn and Karen, and that’s where Mel interned over the summer. They’re all buddies — fuck buddies”

“Well, it seems that the six of them, including MY mother, spent most of the Thanksgiving weekend fucking themselves senseless. Karen went so far as to tell me the two men tag-teamed my mother the last few hours she was there, before she left to go back to Boston. As Karen put it, ‘she left bowlegged, sore, sexually satisfied, and with a smile from ear to ear.’ She said she’s still happy about the whole thing and can’t wait to go back at Christmas!”

Carl sped up a little. Now, he was really excited. He tried to remember whether he’d ever left a female sore and smiling from ear to ear.

“Oh, you like the idea of a six person orgy with two guys and four sexy women,” Rachel prodded her husband as she pushed into his energetic thrusts. “Well, I got Karen to go into a few details here and there. It’ll keep us horny and fucking all week, believe me. Oh, God that feels good; I’ll give you all night to stop. Fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

Carl rolled onto his back and maneuvered Rachel atop his body. He leaned up and sucked on her generous breasts, nipples, and broad areolas. He loved her body; he loved her. Rachel wanted to end the sexual tension she’d carried with her all day, so she accelerated her pumping. She bounced wildly atop her husband, her breasts rotating in the air as she pounded into him.

And then, it was over for the two of them. Rachel’s orgasm arrived. Her muscles went into spasms, milking Carl’s cock deep in her body. He needed no further invitation to finish his part of the coupling: he exploded into her cunt, sending wave after wave of creamy white fluid into her warm nest. Both were damp with perspiration from their encounter.

Rachel slumped over Carl’s body, draping her breasts across his chest as they kissed and tongued each other in their fit of passion. Carl pulled the sheet and blanket over the two of them as they rolled to their side, still coupled and still thinking of the pornographic images of the six-person orgy she’d described only seconds earlier.

He smoothed her body and held her close as their breathing returned to normal. As the minutes ticked by, they both fell into a wonderful and erotic slumber for the second night in a row.


The erotic mental stimulation of what Karen and Bev had done over Thanksgiving pepped up Carl and Rachel’s lovemaking for over two weeks. Rachel told him one night, as she was administering one of her long-forgotten blowjobs, that she felt like a mink in heat just thinking about all the possibilities that happened over that weekend.

Rachel also made it a point to be more in touch with Bev and Karen. Bev was reticent to share many details, but did concede that yes, she had also had fantastic sex with Robbie — the young man who was Lynn’s daughter’s boyfriend. Karen, however, continued to provide more details, particularly after Rachel told her she was sharing the details with Carl, and that it was doing wonders for their sex life. Rachel even shared some of her “details” and Karen seemed to get off on that information exchange.

About two weeks before Christmas, Carl and Rachel were talking in their living room while the kids watched TV at one end of the room.

“We’re both hyped up by the events in Florida,” Rachel stated as she picked up toys and put them in the toy box. “I sort of wish we’d been there kaçak bahis too; Don’t you?”

“Most definitely,” Carl responded enthusiastically until he worried about whether he should be so excited in front of Rachel. “But how would you feel participating in something like what Karen and your mom did? What would you think about me being in the middle of all that? Even doing Karen or Bev or this Lynn or Mel?”

“Well, I sort of have a jealous twinge when I think of it from that viewpoint. I wonder how they all cope with that. I’ll ask Karen tomorrow.”


Rachel held the cell phone to her ear. The car was creeping along through a sudden snow squall along Interstate 25 moving towards downtown Denver where her office was located.

“Karen, tell me how the three of you deal with jealousy. Aren’t you jealous when Jim makes love to Lynn or vice versa? Doesn’t he get jealous of you two when you slip away for some girl-on-girl fun? And then, what happened when Mom was there?”

“It’s funny,” Karen responded over the phone; “Initially, I thought I should be jealous, and I tried to fire up those feelings, but they didn’t come on real strong. What I was feeling was gratitude that my lovers were enjoying themselves. We’ve talked about it several times, and they feel the same way.”

“How about the others that joined your threesome over Thanksgiving — Mel and Robbie?”

“The same,” Karen said. “I didn’t talk to Robbie, but Lynn and I had a long talk with Mel. She feels the same way, not to mention how horny she said the whole scene made her feel — and she liked that. I get that way too. Horniness over jealousy any day!” She laughed at her erotic adage.

“All our relationships are based on respect and caring for the people you’re with,” Karen added. “We’re not in this to take advantage of someone else just to gratify ourselves; quite the opposite. Our greatest pleasure comes from giving in this relationship. The more we give; the more we get. Once you focus on the positive side of things, you get positive things back. Jim calls it the ‘Law of Attraction.'”

“Wow. You say it so well. Carl and I have been trying to do in our marriage, and it’s worked pretty well. I just wonder if I were in your position whether I’d react the same way?”

“Well, you won’t know unless you try it, right?” Karen posited. “Why don’t you try it? Come to Florida for Christmas vacation and see what happens. Mom will be here and so will Robbie and Mel, although Robbie has his own apartment somewhere in town so Mel and he may not be here all the time.”

“Now, that’s a mind blowing idea,” Rachel ventured. “I’ve got to think about this … and talk to Carl. Further, I’ve got many cultural tapes playing in my mind that say it would be really weird to see my mother nude, let alone screwing someone I’ve just met. I’d feel like a slut … enjoying sex so much, but I do — with Carl.”

“Yea, I felt that way too when we started, but I wanted to bring pleasure to Lynn and Jim, and then to Mel, and then to Robbie. So, when Mom came along, it no longer seemed so far fetched. Remember, too, that we haven’t had a mother-daughter relationship except in name only for quite a while. As for feeling like a slut, if this is what it feels like, I wish I’d become a slut years ago.”

“I appreciate the intellectual and rational side of all you say. Nonetheless, I need to think about it and talk to Carl. I can’t be comfortable in something like this unless he is.”

“Do it. Talk to him tonight while your fucking him; he’ll be easier to convince that way,” Karen added with a lilt to her voice. They both laughed.

“Thanks for the talk and for the invitation. The latter will force the issue in my mind,” Rachel said. They said their goodbyes and hung up.


As Carl slowly drove his cock back and forth into Rachel’s hot cunt, she talked to him. He got harder and longer just thinking how close to joining the Florida crew they could be. Rachel held her knees back in an open stance to ensure he could penetrate her to the maximum.

“You know I love you,” he said to Rachel, “and I just would hate for us to do something that would hurt our love or our family in anyway.”

“I love you too,” Rachel replied, “and I vacillate whether I really want to join the group in Florida for their Christmas orgy — if I can call it that. When I get horny, I really want to join them, and right now I find I’m horny continually just thinking about it.”

“OK,” Carl finally said after several long strokes into her body. “I’ve become so horny all I can think about is sex. Let’s do it. Let’s go and have a fucking good vacation in Florida. And, let’s promise ourselves to reevaluate this idea before, during, and after our experiences down there.”


The next day, Carl and Rachel talked over breakfast about arrangements and how they’d handle the kids. Carl called his brother and parents, and soon he’d arranged for each to take two of their kids for a few days around New Year’s. So Christmas would be spent in Denver and a couple of days later, he and Rachel would fly to Sarasota coming back the day after New Year’s Day. He made the flight arrangements, and made what turned out to be a wise decision and renewed his prescription for Viagra.

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