The Family Affair

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I would like to thank LadyPineRose74 for her efforts in helping me get this story ready for posting.


I was feeling ill at school that day 17 years ago, I was an 18-year-old freshman at the local college in a small town you would have never heard of. The college nurse tried calling home but no answer and decided to let me go home by myself as I only lived two blocks from the school.

As I walked in the front door, I heard the unmistakable sounds of sex coming from my parent’s room and silently went to investigate. I was hoping to catch my parents getting it on, as I had never seen them doing it yet. Imagine my surprise to see Mom naked laying in the middle of the bed with her legs spread as far as she could get them and some young person was face down in her pussy, eating her as if he was starving to death. Mom was moaning loudly and telling the person what to do and how to do it. This was not my Dad lying there pleasuring my Mom. I was instantly pissed off at Mom and the guy for betraying Dad this way. I walked in the room and kicked him squarely in the balls, when he suddenly came up in pain; I punched him with a sharp jab to the bridge of the nose. I heard a satisfying crunch as it broke and blood spurted everywhere. As he rolled off the bed and fell on the floor writhing in pain, I recognized the kid as a classmate a couple years ahead of me. Tatum Jackson, a junior was in severe pain but I had no sympathy for him. I thought about finishing him with a severe beating but Moms screaming and crying distracted me. I looked up at her in disgust and amazement at the same time. Her twin 44DD’s were heaving as she cried out for me stop and to help him. I followed her body down to her snatch and saw it was completely shaved, and swollen to bright red in color from her previous excitement. Fluids were running out of her like a faucet. She was so upset she neglected to cover herself up and I got my first of many views of her nakedness and I was getting a hard on that would cut diamonds.

‘Bob stop, don’t hurt him anymore please?

“Listen Slut Mommy, why shouldn’t I? You betray my Father like this with one of my classmates and you want me to be nice to him?

“It’s not what it seems Bob, please don’t hurt him. It’s my fault not his.”

“I know it’s your fault but it takes two to fuck and Dad is not one of the two I caught.”

“Please Bob. Let me help him and then I’ll explain everything to you to your complete satisfaction.”

“Alright Slut Mommy, do what you need to do to get him out of this house and make sure he knows to never come back here or to tell anyone about you two or I’ll really do a job on him and he will spend a lot of time in a hospital. Now get that sorry bastard out of here, I’ll be in my room when you get done and I expect you to come to me.”

She climbed off her bed and helped Tate to the bathroom and I saw his shriveled cock. What a joke it was too, I’d bet he barely made 5 inches fully hard and probably an inch and half around. I packed twice that much at half hardness. I laughed at him, called him a little dick, and left the room with a look of wonder from my Mom. I went to my room to wait. I almost felt like jacking off to the memory of Mom’s tits and shaved pussy. I refrained from it for now and went to lie down. I had forgotten how bad I felt in all the anger I had. About 45 minutes later when I heard Mom’s car start and she drove away. She was back in 20 minutes and another 30 minutes before she came into my room and asked me to come to her room please.”

I got up, followed her to her bedroom, and sat in the reclining chair Dad had put in there. I looked around the room and saw her vanity chair was missing. Before I could ask where it went to, she started explaining.

“Bob, Your Father and I don’t have much of a sex life anymore; we didn’t have much to begin with and even less now. I am only 36 years old and in my sexual prime and getting horny all the time. Your Father cannot even begin to reach the itch I have, Tate can barley scratch it. You saw how small he is. I chose him because of that so he would not stretch me out so I could not feel your Father when and if he wanted to have sex with me. I love your Father very dearly but he is just not man enough for me and he never was really. For the last 19 years, I ignored the constant feeling of the lack of fulfillment when we made love to each other. Even at first he was only able to make love 3 times a week and it was over before it started, you see your Father is a premature ejaculator. Do you know what that means, Bob?”

“Yes Mom I know what premature ejaculation is, so go on.”

“Well because of that problem we were lucky to even get pregnant to have you and that’s why you don’t have any siblings, even though we tried very hard to have more children. I wanted a house full of kids. So about a year ago, while you were at that weight lifters seminar, your Father and I sat down and had a very frank discussion about our non-existent sex life. bahis firmaları It was your Father’s suggestion I get a couple lovers to meet my needs. We decided together I would only choose small built boys or men and your Father had to be here to watch us every time I had a lover here.”

“Mom I don’t see my Dad here now and you had your lover here with you until I busted his balls and nose for him.”

“Be patient Bob and I will get to that part, you have to know every thing now so let me tell it my way please, this is hard enough on me and your Father.”

“Ok Mom, go on. But first take off your clothes, I want to see you naked again while I listen to this and decide whether I will tell Dad or not.”

“BOB, I’m your Mother, you aren’t supposed to see me naked or making love to any one to begin with.”

“Before you get on that high horse Mom and I have to take you off it the hard way, I caught you getting eaten and cumming all over the bed with a junior at my college. I have more right to see your fabulous body than he does, so take off the clothes NOW.”

“You really think I have a fabulous body?”

“Yes Mom and so do all my friends, they think you are the hottest MILF in the whole town.”

Mom seemed to think it over for a minute then started removing her clothes until she was stark naked standing in front of me. “Ok Mom, go on with your story.”

“Your Father and I set down some ground rules together. My lovers had to be bigger than him but not much bigger for the reasons. I already explained, Your Father had to be able to watch but could not participate. I could have a lover once a month and never if there was the slightest chance that I could get pregnant from him. You weren’t to find out and the last rule was that my lover could never be here more than twice, ever. We made the rules and until today when you barged in, we stuck to them. Today was Tate’s last time here and he knew it. He won’t be back and he won’t ever tell or brag about it, I told him I would say he raped me if he did tell or brag and he would go to jail.”

“I know you took him home, how did you explain his injuries?”

“I didn’t see his parents but his story is he hit a parked cars’ bumper and slid up his bike to the handlebars and hurt his balls and when he fell he landed on his face he broke his nose.”

“Good thinking, Mom.”

“Thank you Bob. So now what do we do about this situation? I can’t go on without sex and you just ruined it for me to continue here at home. Your Father can’t satisfy me at all and usually shoots off before he can get into me. I still dream of having more children but I won’t allow that with strangers. Your Father would never accept it either.”

“Mom, how do you meet your lover’s and make sure they have small dicks too?”

“We have an internet site we go to and we are very selective. We chat with the prospects a little and then your Father goes to meet them in a public place if they sound right. He also inspects their package before I ever meet them. We’ve met some that lied about their size just so they could fuck me as they have seen my pictures from the neck down only.”

“They get hard for Dad just so he can see them? I would have a hard time getting hard for a man wanting to look at my cock.”

“Ok I knew this was going to come up and tried to avoid it to save your Father from embarrassment. When this first started, we had that very problem you mentioned. On his own, he decided he must make a small sacrifice to keep me happy. He started giving the guys that looked small enough a blowjob to get him hard. The second man on my agenda liked the blowjob so much he grabbed your Father’s head and face fucked him and came in his mouth, twice. Your Father liked the feeling and the taste and discovered he is a bi-sexual submissive. Usually when my lovers leave, your Father cleans their cum out of me with his mouth and tongue. He loves my cream pies and he makes me cum a lot more when he eats it. He even sucked off a couple of my lovers before and after I was finished with them. He is getting to need cock almost as much as I do. I think he has a gay lover on the side now or at least someone whose cock he can suck off now and then but I’ve never asked him about it.”

“So Dad is a closet gay now. He is supposed to be here watching and I haven’t seen him here yet.”

“Now the moment of truth has come, our last secret we’ve kept from you. You used a funny choice of words just now and didn’t even know it. Your Father is a closet gay but that’s not all. Don’t be shocked too much when you see him, and yes he is here watching and listening to every word, we have said. Are you prepared for what you are about to see? Just remember we both love you very much and this in no way stops that love. You are our Son and I do mean our Son. Your Father was my first man and the only man I’ve ever had until last year.”

“Dad’s here now? Ok Dad you can come out now, I think Mom has explained enough without your help so come out and face me.”

“Uh Son, kaçak iddaa your Father can’t come out from his hiding place by himself you’ll have to help me this time. Usually my lover helps me get him out and that’s when he gets his cream pie and sometimes gets to suck my lover off too. Today he doesn’t get either one and he will be disappointed even though he will also be embarrassed in having to face you too.”

At that moment an idea hit me, even though the law forbids it I was going to try anyway. “So Dad likes cream pies more than the thought of me catching you two will embarrass him?”

“Yes Bob, I am afraid so. I think he’d eat my cream pies every day if I had them for him and he’d suck my lover’s cocks every day if I had one. We never discussed me having a permanent lover, as he’d be afraid he’d lose me to him and I’d leave him for the larger manhood. Your Father is a wimp, Sorry Jack, and would never be able to fight off any of my lovers that wanted to fight him over me, and that’s why the once a month and never more than twice rules was put into the ground rules.”

“I think I understand his thinking on that part. I guess he would never find another woman like you again, one that understands his needs as well as your own. Mom I’m going to give you that cream pie for Dad and I guess I’ll let him suck me off if that’s what it takes to keep you from leaving us.”

“First of all I will never leave your Father, NEVER. I love him more than life itself and he has been a good Father and Husband all these years except for the sex. I could never find another man so kind and thoughtful of me like he is. Second of all what do you mean you’ll give me a cream pie?” That means you’d have to fuck me and we are Mother and Son.”

“That’s exactly what I have in mind, Mother. You may be my Mother but you are a woman and a gorgeous woman at that. I may be 18 years old but I’m not a virgin and you wouldn’t be the first older woman I’ve had either, just the best looking one of them all. I must warn you though, I am not small and you’ll never feel Dad again once I stretch you out.”

“Bob, you’ve now piqued my curiosity, Let me see it please.”

I stood up and dropped my pants to the floor quickly but slowly turned around to face her closet and dropped my underwear to the floor and stepped out of them as I stroked myself to full hardness. I turned my head back to her and asked her if she was sure she wanted to see it as she hadn’t accepted my offer yet and I didn’t want to pressure her. She gulped and nodded to me so I turned around to face her. Her eyes widened as she saw my 10 and half inches staring back her with its one eye. Like she was mesmerized she walked over to me, dropped to her knees, took me into her mouth, and started sucking me off. She maneuvered me half way around by turning my hips so I turned with her. I was facing her bedroom door with the closet to my left and the bed to my right. She couldn’t get the whole cock into her mouth yet but it wasn’t for the lack of trying as she gobbled me. She eventually did learn to get my entire length down her throat. Mom sucked and licked me while playing with my large balls for half an hour before I finally erupted my first load of the day into her mouth and she swallowed every drop and licked me clean.

She looked up at me and soon got back on to her feet and she kissed me very deeply. I could taste my saltiness on her lips and in her mouth. It wasn’t the first time for that either so it didn’t repulse me as I returned the kiss.

“Oh Jack he tastes so good, I think you will love having his big cock in your mouth and cumming down your throat. I hope you’ll agree to his proposition even though you won’t be able to fuck me anymore.”

“Mom, Dad’s not in here with us.”

“Yes he is and he just watched me suck this delicious cock. I know his mouth is watering at the thought of you fucking his mouth too. Do us a favor and go get something to drink while I have a talk with your Father before we go any further.”

“Ok Mom I am a bit thirsty anyway, I’ll go to the kitchen, just call me when you want me to come back.”

“Thank you Bob for being so understanding. I hope you stay that understanding when you see your Father later.”

“I will be just as understanding about him as I am about you and your affairs. If you accept me as a lover then there will be no more others, same with Dad. I will be the only one from now on for both of you. You have to stop that website, pull all your pictures, and then delete the contacts you have made, as they won’t be needed. That won’t be my only rules but they the most important right now for you two to discuss. I love you both and don’t want to be a problem between you. If we become lovers he can watch anytime he wants to and doesn’t have to hide in wherever his hiding place is.”

“Bob, you’ve just made me very happy and I’m sure your Father will be too. I already will agree to that rule and he probably will too. You understand we will have a few rules ourselves to make with you.”

“I kaçak bahis expected you would, I’ll go get that drink now, and you go talk to Dad and call me when you are ready for me.”

I left their bedroom and went to the bathroom first, then to the kitchen, poured a large soft drink, and sat at the table. Funny I didn’t feel ill anymore but I did feel anxious. Would my Father accept my plan or reject it? Would it cause them any more problems than they already seem to have? Would Mom let me make love to her knowing she would never feel Dad inside her again? If they accepted it I would become the head of this household, could I do it? Am I ready to assume such a responsibility? I had a thousand questions running through my head, I almost felt dizzy at the thoughts. I gulped the first drink down and poured another.

Mom is a beautiful woman and very shapely, other than a little heavy around the waist and hips from giving birth to me 18 years ago. She stands about 5 foot 8 inches tall and weighed about 125 pounds, all packed tightly in the right places. Her 44DD tits were perfectly round and sat high on her chest without any sign of sag. She always wore a bra that fit her perfectly with a lot of support. She was a natural redhead with hazel colored eyes and a pert nose. Her lips were the kind you dream about kissing even when she wasn’t wearing one of her many lipsticks.

Dad was a small man almost effeminate in stature. He was 5 foot 4 inches tall at about 140 pounds. He took care of his build by lifting weights with jogging and me. He has big gun-metal grey color eyes, and wears his hair shirt collar length. He was always immaculately dressed when doing business and liked his blue jeans and tee shirts during his off times. From the back you might think it was a woman you were looking at. I saw him dressed like a woman once for a Halloween Party several years ago, he looked fantastic, and you couldn’t tell he was a man. Mom applied her make-up to him and put fake nails on him. He could wear her 3 inch high heels without difficulty and mastered walking in them a week before the party. Mom dressed like a streetwalker for the party and showed a lot of heavy cleavage and cheap looking make-up. I went as a cowboy.

I took after Mom’s side of the family in height and looks. I have the red hair but with the gray eyes like Dad. I am 5 foot 11 inches tall at 185 ponds and not a lick of fat on my frame. I was a weight lifter in the middleweight class for my college and I have won many trophies in weight lifting competitions around the state while I was in High School. I had to keep my hair short to avoid getting it caught in the weights when I was lifting on the bench presses.

My parents owned and ran a very successful real estate business locally and were gaining rapid success all over the state thanks to the internet. They are getting a lot of leads and sales from the computer. I had gone on several sales appointments with one or both of them my entire life. I actually helped with a few of the home sales here in town, they paid me a portion of the commission they got, and I bought my first weight set with the money. I could talk sales contracts with the best of the professional real estate people and knew what I was talking about with them. Dads always said I should go to college and get my Master of Business Degree so I could take over the business some day and I was taking those classes then.

The first older woman I had slept with was a client of Mom’s that I was delivering the financing papers to at her home. She was selling her house because of a divorce from a cheating drunk and abusive Husband, at 17 years old I was horny all the time, and she easily seduced me into her bed. We met once a week until the house sold and she tearfully told me she was moving out of state to be near her family. She had me in every hole that afternoon and we went at it for several hours. She told Mom I was helping her pack her boxes into the moving van. I did put a few of the heavier boxes in it for her so we didn’t exactly tell a lie to her.

The next one was my pregnant math teacher in high school, Samantha Lund, she asked me to stay after to help her with some things and we wound up at her house fucking the afternoon away. She told me her Husband refused to have sex with her because she was pregnant. She was sure he had something going on with a young married woman from his office. She had her baby 3 months before I caught Mom, but I was still fucking her once a month. She said she wanted to have my baby next but I was too scared of what may happen afterwards if her Husband ever found out. I have had sex with a few classmates and even a cheerleader once. There seemed to be something lacking in the sex with them and I think it was the lack of experience. It was still good sex and I wouldn’t turn the chances again if offered. My size scared a few girls off so I got either a hand job or a blowjob from them and I returned the same favor to them.

Getting to have sex with Mom would be a completely new ball game as she had one more thing all the others didn’t have and that was love. I didn’t love the others just loved having sex with them although Sam was close to that. The worst sex I ever had with them was still great sex.

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