The Feeding

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My name is Ramona and I am thirty-eight year old single mother. My husband had left me soon after our son’s birth. Both of us were very young when we got married and we did not plan to have any children, at least not for a few years. But three months into our marriage I became pregnant. I was only eighteen and not ready for motherhood and I desperately needed his love and support. But he took one look at my bulging stomach, packed his bags and left. The divorce was finalized a year or so after. I’ve been alone with our son, Brian, ever since.

Brian has grown into a real Goliath. He is twenty years of age now and stands well over six feet and is as muscular as an ox. At times his size frightens me although he has never raised his voice at me. He has always been a good boy and helped me keep the house neat and tidy. He’s now home from college for the summer break. He hasn’t gone out very much and seems to be content to mope about the house. Something has changed in him although I can’t put my finger on it. His mind’s preoccupied with something but he won’t tell me what’s troubling him. He no longer entertains the notion of moving out and starting his own life, but lounges lazily about the house and waits for me to come home from work. He doesn’t even get up any more to greet me, just mumbles something and follows me about with his eyes.

His eyes bore right into me, studying me from every angle. His eyes are always on me. When I leave the room he reappears at the end of the hall or my bedroom door. When I prepare super he chooses to stand on the opposite side of the counter so that he can see me. His constant stares are giving me the creeps. When I challenge him he defends himself by claiming that I was simply in his line of sight, mumbles something and stalks off to sulk. He is a good-looking guy, tall and muscular, and I’m sure that the girls in college are just nuts about him. He’s had girlfriends, but for some odd reason his relationships don’t last more than a few weeks. He won’t talk to me about his problems. I realize that exams and the constant academic pressure on a kid can be demanding, but this seemed to be more than just stress. He was in a constant daze, his mind miles away. What was going on in his head?

I found out a few days later. I came home late from work that Friday. It had been month end at the firm and I was tired and exhausted. I thought a cool shower before bed would just hit the spot. I was surprised not to find Brian lounging on the living room sofa. He was home for the house was lit. But it was strangely quiet. I tossed my purse on the kitchen table and made my way to my bedroom. I opened the door and there he stood, causally leaning against the spare bathroom door. All he was wearing was a pair of boxer shorts.

I’m always surprised when I see him for he hardly resembles his father who had been a slender, academic type. Brian, however, is six-foot-three and he is built like an ox. His tall, well-tanned upper body was bulging with muscles. He had arms the size of tree trunks! “Hello, mom. Long day?”

I was wearing a gray flannel pinstripe blazer with a matching skirt and a shiny, black silk blouse underneath. I saw his eyes widen at the sight of my black, sheer stockings and the high heels but was too tired to think much of it. “What are you doing in here?” I asked sleepily. I removed the blazer and draped it across the back of a nearby chair. I yawned and stretched my arms. His eyes lit up as my full breasts lifted and shook. “You know that you shouldn’t be in here. This is my room remember?” I was used to his stupid stares and didn’t really notice that his gaze was a little more lingering than usual. I was too tired.

“Goodnight, Brian.” I brushed past him and entered the small adjoining washroom. I fluffed-out my dark chestnut hair that I had pinned back and gazed at myself in the mirror. My hair is full and wavy and flows a little past my shoulders in a cascade of thick waves. I have big, dark green eyes and a small, pouting mouth. My skin is fairly smooth and not too wrinkled. I try my best to stay as healthy and fit as possible, eat right and use very little cosmetics. At thirty-eight I have come to the stage in life where I am neither young nor old. I’m sort of in between and try hard to stay in shape before I start to sag all over. So far I’ve been lucky and have managed to keep my body lean and fit. I am five-foot-five and my 36-25-36 figure weighs-in at only 120lbs.

Admittedly, a lot of that weight can be contributed to my bust. I have a rather big and full one, a hefty 36DD. I am definitely not conceited, but I know that my firm and virtually sag-less breasts are the envy of many younger women. They are not silicone enhanced but they do tend to stick out on an even keel as if they were. My ex-husband and all my previous lovers have all been crazy about them and my luscious, dark mahogany-colored hair. Yet with these two attractive features and all the charm and ex appeal I can muster, I am unable to find a stable companion. bahis firmaları Men did not seem to like the fact that I had the ‘extra baggage’. As soon as they found out that I had a son they immediately thought that I was looking for a provider. They never called again. Now that Brian is older I am hoping to finally meet a man. I’m starting to dress a little more provocative, wear more mascara, bright lipstick and so on and really lay on the perfume. I thought Brian had left but he was still standing there. He turned and stared at me through the open doorway. I caught his reflection in the mirror and noticed how his eyes were travelling up and down my body. “You look real nice today, mom.”

“Thank you.” I gave him a little smile. “I’m tired, Brian, and I’m going to bed. Be a good lad and run along. I’ll see you in the morning.”

He didn’t even hear me. “You look real sexy tonight. Very sexy. I like it. I like it a lot!” He slowly lowered his arms and blocked the door with his large body. His eyes were on my blouse now, staring at the bulges of my breasts straining against the thin material. He was almost licking his lips! I get enough of that from the men at work. But from my own son? “Get out of my room, Brian!” I barked at him. I suddenly had enough of his constant leering. It was giving me the creeps! I tried to shoo him out but he wouldn’t budge. It was as if trying to push a wall. “You’re not supposed to be in here anyway. You know the house rules. My bedroom is out of bounds!”

“No! No more!” He towered above me and I shrank back with sudden fear. “You can’t order me about anymore, mom. I’m a grown man. And, if you haven’t noticed, I’m the man of the house now. I make the rules and I do the ordering-about here! We’re gonna have to do some changes around here.” He was rather calm and quiet, yet very direct. He had a real no-nonsense look about him that scared me. He had obviously rehearsed this whole speech numerous times.

I couldn’t believe my ears. “You’re crazy! Get out of my room this instance!”

“No! I’m not leaving here until you have satisfied my needs. You are going to have to fulfill your womanly duties.” He crossed his arms in front of his massive chest and glared at me. “Understand?” He thumbed across his shoulder, indicating the queen-sized bed. “That bed is no longer yours. From now on it will be ours!”

I was flabbergasted. I stumbled back against the little shower stall and clasped a hand against my mouth. “W-what? W-what did you say?”

“You know exactly what I said. Don’t stall. I don’t want this to be brutal—don’t make me come and get you. I intend to have you—any way I can. But I’d prefer that you’d be conscious. Don’t make this difficult.” “Oh my God!” I was totally shocked. “Have you lost your mind?” He suddenly made an angry face, leaned forward and grabbed me by the right arm. I cried out as he spun me around and slammed me up against the wall. He pushed himself against me and pinned my arms at my sides. I let out a terrified scream. “Brian!” He was as strong as a gorilla! My full, conical and pointed breasts were almost squished flat. That’s how roughly he shoved me up against the wall! “Let me go! You’re hurting me!”

“Stop struggling, then.” But I wouldn’t. I was suddenly crazed with fear. Had he snapped? “Have it your way.” He immediately cuffed each of my wrists with some kind of Velcro snap. He bound something between my wrists and although I could move my arms freely about behind me I was suddenly not able to bring them forward. He had strapped them together with some kind of belt. “Stop! Stop! You can’t do this, Brian! I’m your mother! Think about the consequences. Do you honestly believe that I won’t report you? This is incestuous rape!”

“Bah! We’ll see about that!” I struggled and fought like a wildcat. I tried everything to get out from under his arms, even tried to climb up the wall and to catapult myself over his shoulders. Yeah—right! Nice try. He just pushed himself against me. I could feel his member ramming against my ass; feel it even through the heavy skirt. He was really turned-on! “Stop struggling, mom,” he breathed into my ear. He slammed me once or twice against the wall and my breath was expelled with a loud whoosh. “You know that I’m a thousand times stronger than you. I don’t want to hurt you. Just chill. Stay cool.”

I couldn’t scream or struggle anymore because I ran out of breath. I was gasping and wheezing. He grabbed me by the strap that bound my wrists and paraded me into the bedroom. I was half-limp and groggy and my legs slipped on the wooden floor. Ultra high-heels can be a real nuisance! I fell to my knees with a little shriek, my legs folding under me, crocked and bent like the legs of a newborn foal. “No! No! Let me go!” He slipped his arms under my armpits and lifted me up. My 120lb pound frame was no problem for him and he dragged me quite easily up to my bed. He fell onto the bed, leaned his back up against the brass headboard and drew me on top of him until I was lying across kaçak iddaa him, my head lolling against his left shoulder. I emitted a scream and tried to get off him but his hands went around me immediately. I kicked at him with my four-inch stiletto heels, trying to ram them into his calves. But he counter-acted quickly by wrapping his strong legs around mine, pinning me down. I struggled and whimpered in his arms. My son wanted to rape me! I was half dazed with fear. “Brian! Please!” He wrapped his arms tighter around me and nuzzled his face in my shoulder.

“Sssh. Don’t think of this as rape, mom. Think of this as retribution. Do you want to know why?” He brushed his nose against my hair, guiding it away from my earlobe. He then teasingly pulled at my crystal-teardrop earring with his teeth. “Primarily because you neglected me. Did you hold me against your breast and nurse me? No. Some old hag fed me from a damn bottle. You owe me. I want to taste mother’s milk, mom. And I’m prepared to suck on these until I do!” His two large hands suddenly slipped around my breasts. He cupped them and gave them such hefty squeezes that my black silk blouse was nearly pulled out from under the skirt and the buttons threatened to pop off. I struggled and tossed about. But the more I struggled the harder he mashed my breasts. So in the end I gave a sigh and let him fondle me. What could I do? He was a big boy and it was obvious that his mind was made up. There was no way in heaven that I would be able to fight him. My fate was in his hands.

He stopped his assault on my breasts and petted my hair. “That’s it. Relax. I’m not going to hurt you. Did I tell you about the second reason? No? Can’t you feel it?” I couldn’t figure out what he was trying to tell me. My mind was in a whirl. He suddenly thrust his hips against me and I realized with a startled moan what he had meant. His penis was ramming up through my skirt! It had to be uncommonly large and stiff to poke a dent through my skirt like a tent pole. Man, he was raring to go! “Ah! Now you get it,” he whispered into my ear. “I got a pretty big penis, mom, so big in fact that girls are really scared of it. As soon as I whip it out the chicks make a wild dash for the door! So you can imagine how horny I am, mom. I’ve never had it! I desperately need to get laid. I think it’s only fitting that you, as a mother, should help me out with this problem.”

“Y-You can’t do this!” I spluttered. But he laughed and gave my breasts another squeeze. The thin, silky material of the blouse rustled like leaves as he massaged my large, firm breasts back and forth. Tears slowly trickled down my cheeks. I closed my eyes and let him fondle my breasts. His huge hands were amazingly soft and gentle. “Man! You have wonderful breasts!” Brian exclaimed. He squeezed them repeatedly, squishing the thin material of the blouse between his fingers. He then slowly unbuttoned the blouse half way and spread the lapels apart. I was wearing a black bra, one of those thin and seamless ones. “Oh shit, mom!” Brian groaned as his hands slid around the large, smooth cups. “I’ve always wanted to suck on these! Always!” I gasped as his hands gently slipped into my cleavage. Brian slowly traced he hems with a probing forefinger. He groaned as he teased his fingers under the hem of each cup. His probing fingers found the tips of my nipples and I emitted a startled shriek as he tickled them. “Brian! Please!”

He wrapped his left arm around me and held me tightly against him. His other hand traveled across my tummy. He started to hitch up my gray skirt! He drew it up my thighs until he had it wrapped around my waist. I sensed his body stiffen with pleasure as he exposed my lace garter belt and the black silk panty I was wearing underneath. He slipped his hand between my thighs and placed it gently against my crotch. I drew up my legs with a little moan of protest. It had been a mistake. The view of my sheer stockings with their lace hem and the thin garter straps that stretched across my hips, the shiny black pumps that dug holes in the mattress made him groan. “Oh!” I felt his hand cup my crotch and I shrieked. His hand was as huge as a frying pan. His fingers, each as thick as a sausage, started to dig into my pussy. He started to rub me, slipping the silk panty back and forth across my vagina. I shrieked and begged him to stop. But he wouldn’t listen. His huge hand slipped across the silk bikini, sometimes a slow, a soft massage that sent tingles through me, and at other times so rough and fast that the panty was stretched far off my hips, exposing most of my pubic hairs. I struggled but he held me tight, his left arm clutching me right under the breasts.

Brian hugged me and buried his face in the nape of my neck. He began to lick and kiss me there, toyed with my earring and nibbled at my earlobe. Then his huge hand slipped under the panty! I groaned as his fingers brushed across my moist folds. He spent several minutes rubbing and caressing me there, then slipped one of his fat fingers kaçak bahis slowly inside me. I moaned and arched my back. Oh! What a sensation! In and out he wormed it while the other fingers brushed against my clit. His huge finger felt like a penis and I almost came right there. But Brian knew just what to do to prolong the ecstasy. He withdrew his finger and started to toy with my exposed clitoris, flipping it back and forth. I moaned deeply and let him touch me wherever he wanted. I could not fight him now. Not that I wanted to! A burning desire shot through my body. Every nerve ending was tingling!

He suddenly let go of me and pushed me away from him. I rolled over with a gasp, my mind overwhelmed with mixed emotions. He slipped off the bed and fell to his knees on the floor, and suddenly his huge hands went around my ankles and he drew my hips level with the edge of the bed. I emitted a shriek. I couldn’t move properly with my arms tied to my sides. I had no leverage. All I could do was flop around. He started to kiss my thighs, brushing his lips across the thin stockings. His large hands went around my hips and he started to rub the wet panty across my pussy lips with his huge thumbs while he nibbled on my legs. Then he started to plant wet kisses on the exposed flesh above my black silk stockings, slipping his tongue teasingly under the garter straps. His fat thumbs were moving rapidly across my pussy; kneading and rubbing my moistened lips so roughly that the silk panty was starting to irritate me. It may have been thin and smooth—-but now it felt as if I was wearing sandpaper!

His hands closed around the hem of my panty. He was still staring at me. My hips bounced and I emitted a shrill shriek as the black panty was ripped off me. I saw it sail across the room and I froze with shock. And then he buried his face between my legs. I shrieked as his mouth closed over my pussy. He wrapped my legs around his shoulders and licked, kissed and slobbered over my wet folds. Up and down his tongue went. I was almost dizzy with pleasure. It felt so good. The previous orgasm that had slowly subsided was building up again and I could not help but to push my hips against him. And then suddenly he had his whole mouth over my labia. He chewed on it, sucking me deep into his mouth while his upper teeth raked across my swollen clitoris. I screamed and gyrated my hips. I was flopping up and down on the bed like a fish out of water. His gentle touch was suddenly being replaced by a maddening attack on my pussy! He bit, sucked, chewed and probed his tongue deep inside me, and suddenly I arched my back and shrieked repeatedly! Lightening bolts blitzed through my brain and I could hardly breathe. I came then, violently, hot cum soaking his whole face. Oh, thrust his face in there and lapped up every drop! I calmed down a bit and he slowly lifted his head. Long, silvery slivers of goo dangled from his chin and dripped off his forehead. He grinned at me. I threw my head back and started to weep again. This just wasn’t happening! I so wished that I could move my arms to wipe away the sweat and tears, but my arms were securely bound to my sides and I couldn’t budge them.

Brian rose and bent over me. He rolled me over and unzipped the back of my gray skirt. I struggled and kicked out with my legs, but with one fluid yank he slipped the skirt down my stocking-covered legs. He tossed it aside and rolled me on my back again. I started to plead with him.

“Oh, be quiet.” He scooped his huge hands under my armpits and drew me up into a squatting position. “Spread your legs. Kneel.” I struggled to get up on my knees; a difficult task without hands. He helped me a bit, slipping his hands under my thighs and spreading them apart until I was kneeling at the edge of the bed. He loomed before like some huge barbarian. Man, that boy was built! He suddenly shot out his arms, sank then into the partially undone blouse and ripped it open. I shrieked and my tits bounced. He pulled the blouse down my shoulders so that it lay wrapped around my waist. It dangled in the crock of my bound arms, the black silky material draping behind me like a veil. My sheer, seamless bra was now fully exposed. My large and forward-thrusting breasts lay cradled in the soft cups like over-ripe fruit. Brian stared at them with mouth agape. “Man! They’re definitely big enough to produce gallons of milk! Oh, yeah! They’re huge!” He lifted my chin with a finger and glared at me. “I’m gonna really enjoying sucking on those! I’m rather thirsty—I want lots of warm milk. You’d better not disappoint me.”

“You know that’s impossible,” I shook my head. “Be reasonable!” But the boy merely grinned at me. “Then I’ll have to stimulate you until it is possible.” He pulled down his boxer shorts and exposed himself to me. My eyes widened with shock and I let out a long, drawn-out gasp. His penis was gigantic! It quivered in front of him like a utility pole and seemed already quite stiff and hard. It was the biggest penis I’d ever seen and I was suddenly horribly terrified. It must have been over a foot long and at least three inches in diameter. The massive, purple head was immense! “Oh my God!” I was practically foaming at the mouth, totally terrified. “Please!”

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