The Gibson Sisters Ch. 02

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The Gibson Sisters: Stealing Sperm

This is the sequel to ‘The Gibson Sisters,’ it should stand alone, but do read the first part if you want to enjoy the full story – A_Non_A_Moose.


5 Years Later

Bill was close. He looked down at his beautiful wife Mary, her red hair bobbed up and down between his legs as her delicate mouth wrapped around his hard cock, gently coaxing him towards release. This evening, for the first time in weeks, they had the place to themselves. Mary’s sisters Amy and Charlotte had taken the kids off their hands for the night. Sofia and Elle adored their aunts so that had been no problem, the real issue lay with Mary’s sister Rose. Rose was a beautiful woman, even more so than when Bill met her for the first time back when she was 21. Her history with men however, was atrocious. Only assholes had the confidence to approach her, and usually they just wanted a fuck. Rose wanted a family, but once again she was sleeping in her sister’s spare room, single and childless. The family’s Catholicism didn’t help, as all her parents wanted from her were more gorgeous grandchildren like Sofia and Elle. Mary was also still sticking to her Catholic upbringing, and despite being married for four years, Mary and Bill had only used condoms a handful of times. This evening was danger night. Mary was at her most fertile and horny as hell, Bill could sense this and it drove him wild. All either of them wanted to do was fuck, with no barriers between them, but the timing wasn’t right, especially with Rose returning to their home. Tonight though, Rose was out with girlfriends, so ‘danger night’ was on.

Usually Mary would go down on Bill first, finishing him off inside her mouth or letting him cum on her tits. In the past if Bill ate her out first he had the tendency to lose control and fuck her anyway, that’s how their second daughter Elle was conceived three years ago. He had promised to pull out, but once he was inside there was no going back.

Mary was starting to lose control herself; her pussy was literally dripping onto the bed sheets. She knew Bill couldn’t last much longer, so she started to softly hum on his quivering member. Bill tensed and let out a cry. Quickly she lifted off him and messily stroked his throbbing erection.

“You cumming baby? You got a big load for me? Lets get that pretty cock of yours flowing.” Bill loved it when Mary talked like that, it was always a surprise, she was still the shy innocent redhead he met when she was 22, but since then she had learnt she loved sex.

“Honey I can feel your willy shaking, let me finish you in my mouth,” Mary dropped her head to her lover’s cock to finish him off. Once she was ready to let him cum, it didn’t take long. Her humming returned as she licked his frenelum and stroked his balls. Bill yelled out loud, he writhed beneath his wife and froze. His cock pulsed, his body shuddered, then his dangerous load exploded into Mary’s mouth. A loud battle cry escaped from deep within his chest, causing Mary to giggle and lift from his cock as it continued to fire off in all directions. Bill didn’t mind, she looked so cute stroking his cock, admiring the semen she had extracted from his loins.

When Bill’s orgasm died down he relaxed onto the bed. Mary milked what was left from his shrinking member, then crawled up to her lover’s side. They kissed passionately, Bill could feel her hot sex against his thigh, she needed release as well, he looked into her eyes and they told him the same thing.

Mary held Bill’s face close and whispered to him “Sweetie I know it wont be the same, but after that I need something hard inside me, can you use something from my draw?” It was a good job she had just drained his balls, as her desperation was incredibly hot, it would have caused another accident.

Bill reached into her draw. Shortly after she lost her virginity to Bill, back when he was known as Billy the boy next door, her sister Amy made her invest in a vibrator. Mary had started off small, with just a little toy that she could hold against her clit as it buzzed away. If she felt more adventurous she could quickly slip it inside her pussy, but that usually finished her off. Mary liked to be penetrated, she learnt this quickly, so once again with Amy’s help she bought a bigger dildo. This one didn’t vibrate; it was there to fill her up when Bill couldn’t. This evening Bill knew she needed it and retrieved it from its hiding place. It was purple and only slightly larger than Bill’s own impressive girth. He warmed it up in his hands before slipping it into her mouth. Mary gave it a quick suck then giggled “don’t get jealous.”

Bill started to tease her with his tongue, licking her entrance whilst occasionally grazing her clit. Mary was well passed teasing now though, and begged him to fuck her with the big purple dildo. Bill looked up at her and smiled. He took it from her and began teasing her entrance. Her pussy seemed to slobber all over the toy, driven wild by the object of her affections.

“Pleeeease,” she begged. Bill couldn’t do this kartal escort to her anymore, he was starting to feel bad. He slowly eased it inside her, feeling her pussy walls working it over. How couldn’t he be jealous? When the toy finally bumped her cervix her whole boy shuddered.

“Ahhh my clit, my clit, please,” she ordered Bill. He slowly began working his purple nemesis in and out of her gorgeous folds, whilst quickly rubbing her clit. It didn’t take long before Mary came. Bill timed it perfectly and slammed the phallic object into her womanhood just as she tensed up and exploded. He then resumed the thrusting and rubbed her swollen clit. Mary had tears in her eyes, she felt so good, she really needed this release. Her pussy naturally worked the cock inside her, trying to make it cum. Biology dictated that if this thing could make you feel this good, then you had to have its babies, but biology didn’t account for rubber. Mary didn’t mind anyway, she had her own baby making machine at her disposal. Whenever she felt the need for another, it wouldn’t take much persuasion to have Bill spraying his seed inside her. She knew it wouldn’t be too long until it happened again, either Bill would mess up or she would get broody. She kept it a secret from Bill that she had deliberately wound him up the night Elle was conceived. Their prior history said that she would have control over him, and she was right. The wonderful thought of another impending pregnancy drifted though her mind as she shuddered, then after several violent pulses, she drifted into the familiar post-orgasm haze.

“What are you planning?” Bill asked, noticing that scheming look on her face.

“Never you mind, you want me to get rid of that?” she replied, pointing to his newly formed erection.

“Sorry, I couldn’t help it. That was too hot,” Bill laughed, then lay down with his back to Mary. She reached over and wrapped her hand round his dick. She was amazed he was so hard already, it really was danger night. Mary softly kissed Bill’s neck and nibbled on his ear as she stroked his cock. It only took a couple of minutes before Bill’s breath caught in his throat and his second load of the evening quietly dribbled onto Mary’s hand.


In the following days Bill could not get the images from that night out of his head. Although she had really cleared him out, he still couldn’t take his eyes off her as he prepared to go to work in the morning, and lustfully stared across the dinner table at her in the evening. After a few days Bill needed her and he hoped she knew, until one evening, everything changed.

Bill arrived home early from work. As he walked through the house he was surprised that he couldn’t hear his daughters chasing each other around or screaming. As he came through to the kitchen he found a note on the fridge from Charlotte:

I’ve got the girls for the evening, I thought you could do with another night off.

The note was finished with a smiley face that winked at him. Bill was almost instantly hard and slowly crept upstairs to his bed where he found another note.

I’ll be home soon, make yourself comfortable — Mary.

Hanging from the headboard was a pair of hand-cuffs, with another note telling him to use them. Bill was shaking with arousal as he removed his clothes and neatly folded them up onto a chair. He was so aroused he thought about knocking out a load in case he couldn’t last, but he decided against it and sprawled out naked on the bed, clipping one wrist into the handcuffs.

Bill lay in silence, his erection bobbed up and down along to his racing heartbeat. He was tired from work, and despite his arousal he soon drifted off to sleep. He wasn’t sure how long he was out, but he woke with a jolt as a second set of handcuffs snapped round his free wrist. He noticed his legs had been spread and his ankles had been tightly tied to the bed posts with sheets. The room was dark barring a slight orange glow that filtered through the curtains from the streetlights outside. He also couldn’t help notice the warm, naked body that sat across his chest.

“Well this is a little different,” Bill whispered, “my God your pussy feels hot against my chest!”

Her only reply was to breathe slightly heavier. Bill noticed her scent was slightly different, but he couldn’t mistake the perfume, a brand she wore specifically when she wanted to fuck. Before he could say anything else, she reached back and grabbed his semi-erect penis. Her hands were wet with her own juices proving that she must have been masturbating for quite a while. When Bill was fully erect he felt her lift off his torso and slip him into her soaking pussy bareback, taking him completely by surprise. He heard her breathing stutter in her throat as he knocked against her cervix. Bill didn’t know the rules yet. It hadn’t been long enough since danger night for this to be safe, he didn’t know if he could cum inside her, not that he had any choice in the matter.

Slowly kurtköy escort she lifted herself up, before easing back down his cock. This continued for a few minutes as Bill’s primal instincts took over, her bare walls sensually massaged the stresses of the day from his mind, and any control he may have had quickly disappeared. Bill was too horny to realize that something was wrong. He thrust into her pussy, slamming against her cervix, taking her completely by surprise. A gasp escaped her lips, followed by a quiet yelp; now Bill knew something was wrong.

“Mary?” he asked, but received no response. “Mary, honey,” he asked again, still nothing. Bill pressed his ass into the bed and thrust upwards on her down-stroke. A guttural grunt filled the room; he knew immediately, this was not his wife.

“Who the fuck are you?” he demanded. Keeping herself impaled on his throbbing pole, the mystery woman leaned forward and flipped on a desk lamp. As Bills eyes adjusted to the light he quickly recognized the woman who currently had him balls deep in her pussy.

“Hey lover,” Rose giggled.

Bill squirmed beneath her in panic, “what are you doing?” he screamed.

Letting out another giggle, Rose squeezed his cock inside her pussy and replied “doing what I should have done years ago.”

As he tried to work out what she was on about, Bill continued to squirm beneath her, asking again what she thought she was doing, ordering her to get off him.

Rose laughed, “I don’t think you really want me to do that do you?” Again she squeezed his cock, causing Bill to moan out loud, “see, you want this.”

Bill hadn’t been with another woman since impregnating Mary. Rose had been the last woman he had fucked before he came inside her sister. He had nearly knocked her up that day instead, but had managed to pull out just in time.

Bill continued with his futile objections, “Rose get off me now, I’m a married man!”

His voiced trailed off as she resumed sliding up his manhood. His eyes had adjusted to the light allowing him to see Rose’s beautiful form displayed before him. Her very presence still oozed sex. Her long black hair ran over her shoulders, the fringe partially obscured her big eyes, so she flicked her hair out the way allowing her to stare down at her helpless prey. Smiling Rose bit on her plump, pink lips as Bill’s eyes moved to her breasts. They were still as stunningly perky as they had been years before. He drifted further down her body to her tight stomach and hips. Her hips didn’t flare as much as Mary, but she had an amazing bubble butt that looked great in a tight fitting skirt. He finally feasted his eyes on the gorgeous long legs that lay either side of him. Despite the conflicting emotions he couldn’t help himself as he ran a hand up her right leg. It was so smooth yet fleshy. He quivered before immediately letting go.

“No you have to stop this Rose” he tried to yell, but his arousal stifled any conviction.

“Not going to happen Billy” she laughed, nobody had called him Billy in years, “tonight you are mine, I’ve been longing to get you alone like this for years, ever since I first laid eyes on that beautiful cock of yours.”

“You’re insane!” Bill cried.

Rose laughed, “You wish. Don’t deny you haven’t wanted to fuck me all these years. I’ve seen you staring before now, your eyes exploring my body with animal lust.”

“Please Rose, I love my wife, this would destroy her,” he continued to plead.

“Fuck it, she won’t know. Just have fun, take the orgasm I’m about to give you and go back to your wife, why would she need to know?”

“God will know!”

“Fuck him too, I have the control right now, I have your cock inside me and not even he can stop you from cumming.”

Bill’s resolve was starting to wane, the whole time this had been going on she had continued grinding on his cock, and he couldn’t deny it, he was hornier than he had been in months.

“What about protection?” he finally added, “I can feel how warm you are, you feel like Mary when she’s in heat.”

Rose was getting lost in the sensations now; he really did feel just as good inside her as she remembered. “Let me know when you’re cumming, and I’ll climb off you.”

“Why should I trust you?” Bill gasped, but Rose didn’t say anything, she just smiled seductively and picked up the pace intensifying the pleasure on his cock, stopping him from forming a rational response.

Instinct had taken over, her unprotected pussy stroked his erection, milking copious amounts of pre-cum from his cock. Bill’s hips thrust up with every down stroke, taking him deeper inside her womanhood. Her beauty was doing its job as well. He stared at her gorgeous face, her eyes beaming down at him as she continued to bite her bottom lip. Biology finally took over as he stared at the beauty attached to his loins. His sub-conscious, sure of her fine breeding credentials, forced him to the next level, and with that, Bill’s orgasm began.

“Rose,” Bill gasped, “I’m going to cum, you maltepe escort have to get off me now!”

Rose didn’t move, she just continued fucking him, “just a little longer honey, I’m so close.”

“No Rose, you have to get off me now,” Bill shouted.

“NO!” Rose shouted back, “you will cum inside me and give me your sperm. You will give me my child, the child you should have given me years ago…” with that Rose came. Her body bucked on top of Bill’s fragile cock. Bill tried all he could to hold on, but the fucking, her beauty, and basic human instinct, pushed him over the edge.

Bill stared up at Rose for a moment as the throbbing between his legs stopped, just for a split second. Time seemed to stop as he admired her wild, sexual beauty. Suddenly everything sped up as the world exploded around him. A warm rush quickly spread through his body as his potent sperm violently slammed through his shaft and burst inside Rose’s unprotected flower. His exposed cock was continuously massaged by Rose’s own orgasm as pulse after pulse flowed from inside him, spraying her cervix.

Blasts of cum rocketed from his helpless member, unable to control itself any longer. Rose cried out in triumph as she felt his warmth spread through her pussy, then came again as she felt herself getting knocked up.

Bill’s ejaculation eventually stopped and he lay defeated on his marital bed. Rose collapsed on top of him and began gently kissing his neck. Bill didn’t react, what did it matter now? He had succumbed to his most basic primal urges and betrayed his wife.

As they lay in silence they were both startled by a quiet sob from the doorway. As they looked across they spotted Mary, tears in her eyes, hand up her skirt.

Rose laughed and climbed off Bill. She held her palm over her pussy to stop his load escaping; it was her prize after all. Then she lay on her back and held her legs to her chest, improving her chances of conceiving.

“Told you I would break him down, he was powerless,” Rose laughed.

“Mary I’m so sorry I didn’t know…” Bill begged before he was cut off.

“Shut up Bill!” Mary snarled as she continued to rub herself beneath her clothing.

“Join us, get out of that silly dress, let me see what I’ll look like once Billy’s sperm have had their way with me.” Mary continued to quietly sob and masturbate in the doorway, “come on Mary, you can’t be mad at him, you know the effect us Gibson girls have on men, they don’t stand a chance! Once they’re inside us, well; they cum, they cum really hard!” Rose laughed again, “and man he came hard, Billy fucking plastered my pussy with his load!”

“You evil witch,” Mary quietly uttered, “Tonight he was supposed to give me his baby, not you! Now my child is swimming around inside you!”

“Oh Mary really?” for the first time Rose almost felt bad, “don’t worry, we both know Billy will be good to go again in a few minutes,” she added.

Mary let out a muffled snarl then quickly removed her dress. Underneath she wore a cute, yellow, matching bra and panty set. The panties were soaked and clung to the outer folds of her sex. Rose stared at her sister; she was amazed at how good she looked. Only a few stretch mark scars dotted her stomach. Her long legs held up her perfect waist, flared at the sides, the perfect breeding machine. Mary reached behind and snapped off her bra, freeing her large breasts. They had grown during her pregnancy and somehow stayed that way. Rose noticed some light scarring where the girls had bitten her during breast feeding, this made her smile.

Quickly Mary slipped her sopping panties from between her legs and discarded them to one side. To both Rose and Bill’s surprise Mary ignored her husband and headed towards her sister. Lowering her warm, dripping pussy onto Rose’s face, Mary whispered “my husband got an orgasm from you, now give me one, like you used to give Amy and Charlotte.”

For the first time in her life Rose was shocked by Mary’s behavior. Mary had always stayed out of their experiments when they were younger, but had secretly wished one of them would make her scream as well. In their later years these sessions were infrequent, but Rose always wished Mary had joined in, if only to loosen her up a bit. Now Rose could see the animal that Bill had helped evolve, and it was fierce.

Rose could only see Mary’s eyes from underneath her sopping mound. There was a hint of apprehension on both sides before Rose took a deep breath, then licked Mary’s pussy in one long, slow movement, giggling the whole time. That was all it took for Mary’s legs to buckle forcing her onto her sister’s face. Bill climbed over and lifted her up help so that she didn’t suffocate Rose, allowing them to continue.

Rose didn’t need to start gently but she wanted to anyway. Mary’s clit was already fully engorged, crying out for attention, but Rose only lightly licked around it, teasing her sibling. As Mary’s arousal rose she desperately needed someone to pay attention to her clit, after years of repression, Mary’s sensitive little bud had clearly invaded her consciousness, ruling her body and mind. Mary’s hands darted to her pussy, only for Bill to pull them back and snap them into Rose’s hand cuffs. Mary let out a primal groan that seemed to rise from deep in her pussy, causing Rose and Bill to share a knowing smile.

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