The Girlfriend Experience Ch. 11

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Chapter Eleven

“Hold still, Lindsay. I’m going to fuck you now.” He got into position and lined his erection up with her pussy. Bent over the bed in an obscene, unladylike position, Lindsay’s legs were widespread as she glanced back over her shoulder with undeniable need in her eyes.

“Yes, please! Yes! Please fuck me, Sammy.” Lindsay bit her lower lip as another crimson blush overtook her cheeks. “Please! Oh, God. Don’t make me beg for it.”

“You’re wet already, aren’t you?” Sammy’s trademarked hard gaze, his ruthless desire, didn’t waver. “Keep that ass spread and take your fucking like a good girl, and I may let you suck my dick and swallow my cum afterward.”

“I’d like that. …”

He latched onto Lindsay’s hips and, with one swift, powerful thrust, she wailed out at the top of her lungs as her pussy had no choice but to accept his manhood. “So nice and tight, darlin’. So nice and tight.” Lindsay spread her thighs further apart and buried her face upon the mattress. “Don’t you dare let go of those ass-cheeks. Keep them spread so I can admire your anus.” Sammy’s words were laced with warning as he pulled back and plowed into her again. “I’ll be fucking it tonight, too, you know.”

“I won’t, Sammy! I won’t let go, I swear! Please take me. Please! Oh, my God. Make me yours!”

The bedframe made loud creaking noises as masculine grunts and feminine sobs created a decadent symphony that serenaded the room. Lindsay Anastacio wasn’t one to take a dicking lying down; no, she matched Sammy with equal effort and intensity, and used every ounce of strength in her petite, ninety-eight-pound frame to snatch back as much as he took from her.

Holding Lindsay around her waist delighted Sammy as his pelvis slammed into her upturned backside, his heavy balls slapping away. “Oh, good, baby. That’s good. Oh, fuck. Your pussy feels so good.” Sammy fucked with a confident rhythm that was brazen, almost arrogant, and it spoke volumes to all the times he’d sampled gorgeous, young working girls like this over the past four decades.

Yet in all that time, I’ve never experienced a cunt this tight, this spectacular. To Sammy, Lindsay could be the runaway winner for Miss Teen USA. Or Miss America, Miss Universe, even. Perfect body, beautiful face, all kinds of sensuality. And it helped that she looked absolutely delicious with his dick stuffed deep inside her.

Lindsay responded to Sammy’s aggressive treatment with rising sobs of pleasure as he plowed a path all the way to her cervix again and again. Sammy aimed to take, conquer, and claim. Every inch of Lindsay’s pussy, her body, even her soul itself, would belong to him. Her thoughts splintered as he held her firmly in place, one hand on the back of her neck, the other steadying her hips for his savage insertions.

“You love my dick, don’t you? Don’t you? Say it, slut. Say you love my dick!”

“I love your dick! More, Sammy! More!” Lindsay was begging — pleading for it — whining, squirming, churning, as she lay prone and defenseless beneath him. “Oh, God … give me more!” Lindsay’s neck strained and she arched her back, and her torso rose off the bed. Still, that ass never left the cradle of Sammy’s pelvis as his hips pumped away like a supercharged locomotive engine. “Never stop fucking me, please! It feels so good! I’ll always be your slut!”

Sammy gripped Lindsay’s arms and pulled back until her head was touching his shoulder. “What do you want, baby girl?” His hot breath tickled the nape of her neck and she shivered. “Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah … right there.” He followed with a flick of the tongue and Lindsay’s body literally melted into him. “Tell Daddy what you want.”

“You!” She could do nothing but whimper with every breath, the sensations in her pussy overwhelming her. Sammy was so hard, so forceful, so brutal and demanding; she’d relinquished everything to this man and given him total control. “You, Daddy! I want you!”

To her credit, Lindsay didn’t let go of her ass. She dug her fingernails into her flesh to keep from disobeying orders and risk going over his knee for a punishment. The sight of Lindsay’s crinkly little anus, exposed and inviting, made Sammy’s mouth water and his heart pound wildly.

“How does that make your sweet, little cunt feel, Lindsay?” His tone turned predatory. “Slutsay? To be fucked by your Master — your owner — the way a needy concubine’s cunt should be fucked?”

“Oh, Daddy … Master … oh, my God.” She choked back cries as he somehow increased his tempo, plowing deeper, further, giving her a half-second or so between thrusts in which to brace herself for the next. Her breaths came harshly through her nose. “Oh, wow … I like that. Thank you, thank you.” Her cries became louder, and her head thrashed from side-to-side. “May I come?”

“No, Lindsay. No, you may not.” Sammy gave another stark reminder ankarada yeni escortlar of the authority he possessed as he offered a hard, open-handed spank across her right ass-cheek. “Not until I say so.”

Frustrated, Lindsay screeched and lurched back at him with her hips in a maddening frenzy. Sammy’s own breathing became labored with the feeling of his cock looting Lindsay’s treasures time and time again. Yet she wasn’t about to voice her displeasure at being denied orgasm. No, not with a man like Sammy; a true man who knew his rights when it came to a nymphomaniac like her.

“Do you really want to come, sweetheart?”

“Yes, please!”

“Too bad. Not yet.”

“Please, Daddy! Please, let me come!”

Sammy gave her backside another heavy-handed swat as he continued to thrust. “What happens if you come without my permission?”

“I’ll get five with the belt. And no more orgasms the rest of the week.” Saying those words nearly caused Lindsay to burst into flames right on the spot. She loved the sensory experience of BDSM, and nothing could bring her closer to another human being than a true power play.

“Oh, my God!” Her howls were piercing. “Yes! Oh, my God … you fucking fill me so much. I need to come!” She writhed beneath him, her pussy begging for the words that would send her over the edge. “Oh, my God … you’re so fucking deep. So fucking deep inside my slutty, whore pussy! Oh, yes! Let me come!”

“One more word, bitch, and you’ll get ten with the belt.”

Lindsay dared not speak again.

“You’ll come when I say you can.”

Sammy thumped her furiously for two more minutes until his own climax hit him like a tidal wave.

The walls of her pussy clenched his cock like a slippery little fist. Sammy deposited his load in Lindsay and didn’t care about any long-term ramifications that may occur. He was too blinded with passion. The fifty-eight-year-old held her ass with a vise-tight grip as he thrusted once, twice, a third time, before stilling and jerking the last remnants of his release into Lindsay’s delicate, fertile womb.

All the while, Sammy played with Lindsay’s clitoris and when he finally gave her the permission she so desperately needed, an orgasm tore through her so fiercely it seemed to shake the foundation of the Earth itself. Or a tornado that started in him and ripped right through her with no pity, no remorse, leaving a devastating wake of sexual destruction in its path.

Sammy had taken Lindsay beyond screams, well beyond gasps, even beyond the ability to think, and she was now a hot mess that lay quivering in her own pool of debauchery and submissive satisfaction.

It took a minute or two, but once she settled down, Lindsay bowed her head and whimpers of pure, unbridled gratitude emerged from her lips. “Thank you, Master, for training me to be a good girl. Thank you.” She could feel his heart beating against her back. “Oh, Master, I love you so much.”

“We’re not done, darlin’. I’m going to fuck you all night … and your ass is next.”

“Mike!” called a female’s voice. “Michael Steele, it’s five-thirty! Get your tired old self out of bed! You have to be at work by seven o’clock.”

Sammy’s eyes shot open, and he was cruelly ripped from the most vivid, amazing dream he’d ever experienced. He saw his familiar dresser-drawer and old-time stereo system sideways in his blurry vision and realized the unfortunate truth: I’m in my bedroom, not with Lindsay.


His body felt forever sunken into the mattress after eight hours of sleep and he was too relaxed to consider leaving such a prime, luxurious piece of real estate.

Sammy shook his head and rubbed his groggy eyes. His wife of thirty-nine years was standing in the doorway with both hands on her hips, her eyes fixated on him. Sammy was acutely aware of his raging erection. Oh, wow; I had a dream. But what a dream it was! He didn’t remember his dick being this hard in ages.

Not wanting to explain himself, Sammy piled on an extra bedsheet and didn’t dare turn over from his side. “Uhh … mornin’, Barbara.”

She made a face. “You have to be at work in ninety minutes. If you want time to enjoy your breakfast, I suggest you drag yourself out of bed.”

“Yeah, yeah, okay.” His voice scratchy, Sammy put his cheek back on the pillow and avoided eye contact. I don’t want her to become suspicious and find me with this raging boner. “I’ll be downstairs in a few.”

“You better not doze off again.”

Sammy gave a silent prayer that he hadn’t been moaning or calling out Lindsay’s name in his sleep. If I did, Barbara would’ve said something by now. “I won’t. I promise.” He forced himself to keep his eyes open. She’ll nag even more if I go back to sleep and I won’t hear the end of it for days. “Thanks for waking me, darlin’. Appreciate it.”

“My pleasure. bayan escort elvankent I’ll have your sausage, eggs, and biscuits ready and on the breakfast table in ten minutes. Come on, wake up. Make yourself decent.”

When he heard his wife descending the staircase seconds later, Michael Steele had no choice but to pull himself out of bed. He snatched his cell phone from the hutch, typed in his passcode, and barricaded himself in the adjacent washroom.

Michael, Mike, or Sammy, as he was known throughout the LPIN community — his monger name to safeguard both his professional and personal identities — had three new e-mails waiting, but only one mattered and was worth his attention.

From: Anastacio, Lindsay

To: Sodomy, Sammy

Sent: July 23, 2018, 3:54am MST

Subject: 15 days and counting down!

Sammy —

It’s the middle of the night and I’m in bed, and even though I just had back-to-back clients who booked appointments with me because of your praise on the website, all I can do is think about you. I YEARN for you, hunny. You have no idea how much.

I’m playing with myself and my pussy is soaked at the thought of what you’re going to do to me once we’re together again in 15 days. I can’t wait to have your dick in my mouth and for you to show me how to be a proper anal slut. I want to be your pleasure slave and fulfill every filthy desire you’ve ever had!

I love you, Sammy!!! I do! I really do!

I cannot think straight or sit still throughout the day anymore with the thought of you fucking me always on my mind. You’re driving me crazy, and I promise you the most passionate day of your life when we meet in SLC 15 short days from now.

Please, please, please, jerk your cock off sometime today and imagine it’s my hand doing it to you instead. I’m going to fuck myself with my dildo now and pretend it’s your big dick.

-Slurps and swallows, Lindsay

* * *

“Holy shit!” Within the privacy of his home in Briar Bluff, Utah — an affluent suburb of Salt Lake City — Sammy’s mouth was agape as he re-read at the e-mail in front of him. This chick is incredible! Why couldn’t every brothel hoe be so willing to think outside the box like this? And while I’m thinking about it, I’d love to meet up with Pamela McCarron in a hotel and give her the type of no-holds-barred dicking she deserves. Just fuck the ever-loving hell out of her.

The constant back-and-forth of messages between Lindsay and Sammy over the past few days kept getting steamier and steamier. Sammy had met some real keepers throughout the years, for sure, but never one so authentic and enthusiastic about sex like this. Lindsay is my ultimate fantasy come to life! Not only was she adamant about giving Sammy her anal cherry in two weeks, but Lindsay wanted him to take complete control and use her like a rag doll, a fuck-toy. She pleaded with him to spank her — even break her — and not have any hesitation while doing so. Says she wants to know what it’s like to be with a strong, dominant alpha male who doesn’t hold back.

My, oh, my. How repressed did this girl have to be while growing up in such a secluded town? She’s always been a kinky little slut, I think. Was Citronelle even on the map? Perhaps Lindsay needed the right environment — the right people — to help bring this side of her to the surface. She’s been away from home for just a week and has made more money, I bet, than both her parents combined in that same amount of time.

He laughed out loud. That’s fucking awesome!

Oh, Sammy wanted to be inside Lindsay. He hadn’t seen her in six long, excruciating days and, at this point, it didn’t matter the position or the orifice. I don’t know if I can wait fifteen days. There were three things that he loved most about Lindsay. One was that charming, little mouth that could make a lesser man orgasm in an instant, another was her tight pussy that was willing to take on anything, and the third was her virgin anus that would be trained for his pleasure in due time. I wanna fuck those small-ass titties, too. He absolutely craved this girl, needed her so badly, as anticipation coursed through his blood like molten lava. Hell, I’ll even fuck her armpits.

Amazingly, Lindsay was the one who initiated this. She offered to meet him in Salt Lake City, not the other way around. And most surprising of all, she was willing to do it for free. She’s too green to understand how whoring really works. Lindsay told Sammy multiple times that she didn’t want any money to spend a day or two with him. “I genuinely like you, baby. You popped my brothel cherry, and I want to be with you for real. I’ll never have a client as special as you ever again.”

Sammy had never met a prostitute off the clock, or away from her brothel, and not offered generous compensation for her time and services. These are business transactions escort bayan etimesgut and, in my mind, they’re worth every penny. He had a lucrative, high-paying job — I’m the CEO of Gradiph Pharmaceuticals — and had tens of millions of dollars tied up in investments and across several bank accounts. Our house, our yacht, the cars, everything is paid off. Girls like Lindsay were a luxury that he could afford to pamper and spoil rotten without fear of financial burden.

Whores need to be paid. I don’t mind; they’re a gift to the world. Money fuels them. In his experiences, the more money that was offered, the harder these ladies worked to please him.

If Sammy had his way, he was going to shower young Lindsay with countless gifts and a steady stream of income. He loved seeing prostitutes in his favorite penthouse hotel suite or even his own home — but only when Barbara is away visiting her sister — and giving them what they wanted while taking what he wanted, too. It’s a transaction that’s mutually beneficial for both sides.

Lindsay was special — very special — and Sammy had lofty, grand plans for her immediate future. Our future. He wanted much more than a meetup at the hotel for a night, or perhaps even several nights, of sex. That wouldn’t be enough. Instead, it would simply be step one of the process. A delicate process, no doubt, one that would require additional time to gain the trust needed from Lindsay for him to offer such a risky, unlawful proposition.

This girl is so young, so fresh and innocent, and full of boundless energy when she fucks. Sammy knew that working in a brothel would change her, and it wouldn’t be for the better. Elisabeth and Nicolette were prime examples of that. I remember how they were when they first started and compare their younger selves to now. It’s sad.

Nicolette used to be similar to Lindsay. Not on Lindsay’s level, no, but close enough. Nicolette puts on a good act nowadays, but I can tell she’s disinterested during parties. Sammy knew Nicolette had a young son back in Vegas who wasn’t in the best of health and worried about him constantly. She’s preoccupied, and for good reason.

Regardless, disinterest was common amongst the older ladies. I can see right through their bad acting. Sammy didn’t want the same thing to happen to Lindsay down the road. I don’t want her to lose that zest and enthusiasm, and the eagerness to please at all costs.

It’s a rare trait in any woman — whore or not — and it needs to be nourished, not deadened.

Indeed, Sammy had big plans for the eighteen-year-old.

I want this chick out of the brothels, permanently, and living in a downtown Salt Lake City high-rise where I can show up whenever I want and fuck her to my heart’s content. Not since Alana, his all-time favorite in the business, had Sammy felt the urge to employ a full-time “sugar baby.” I miss Alana so much, but her pain is gone, and she’s in a better place now … God rest her soul.

He wanted to finance Lindsay’s way through college, pay her rent and living expenses, buy her outrageous gifts such as a convertible and dream vacations, and provide her with more money than she knew how to spend. When the time is right, I’ll offer Lindsay five hundred thousand dollars for the first year and promise to increase it every year thereafter.

The tradeoff? She’ll take my dick whenever I tell her to. Day or night, night or day, holidays, it wouldn’t matter. I’ll even add Lindsay to my Centurion credit card account and tell her she can buy whatever she wants with it.

Not even Alana had this type of impact on Sammy, and he’d been with well over a thousand working girls. His attraction to Lindsay was unlike anything he’d ever experienced. For whatever reason, she’s genuinely interested in me, too. He wasn’t looking to save her — I sure as hell ain’t no white knight — but by Christmastime, Sammy planned on legitimately owning this girl. I’ve always dreamed of having a sexy, little plaything on the side that I could fuck on a moment’s notice.

Brothels were nice. So was hooking up with and banging a fine piece of ass like Amy Zeitler on his own terms, which Sammy would do later today instead of going to work. But I’m older now and I’d like something consistent, something set in stone. Not a commitment, but something that was always there whenever he wanted it.

Memories from last Christmas brought a wicked smile to Sammy’s face. During a trip to Happy Ending Ranch, he offered Amy (Scarlett) a gift card for $100 if she’d suck and finish his dick off without a condom. Sure, they had to whisper so no one would hear them via the microphones, but Scarlett was eager to agree. That bitch swallowed me whole and even put on a show, gargling my cum like it was Scope or Listerine before guzzling it down.

Scarlett was a very special girl in Sammy’s eyes, too.

He was glad that Colt rarely checked the video feeds because he’d made similar offers to Sahara, Riley, and Mariko. Everything was hush-hush; quiet and discreet. And never once did any of them turn him down. I work hard each day; I deserve an honest cocksucking and to be able to come down a girl’s throat when I feel like it.

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