The Helpful Son Ch. 02

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This is the second chapter of this story. If you haven’t read the first, I recommend you go to my profile to easily find the link to it.

That night, as mom was preparing dinner, I heard the doorbell ring. I came down the stairs as mom was inviting someone in the house. Turning the corner, image my surprise when I saw Summer Cummings in the entryway. You have no idea how hard it was to restrain myself, and keep my cool. I wanted to jump her right then and there, yet at the same time, I wanted to tell her how much of a fan I was.

“You must be Zack. Your mom mentioned you. My name is Summer Cummings.”

“I recognize that name, but I can’t remember where from.” A flat out lie, but it seemed to work. She was carrying a small bag with her, which mom took and placed next to the stairs. Heck, if mom had remembered that I chose Summer for her, she’d realize the lie right then and there.

“Zack, I invited Summer over for dinner, I hope you don’t mind the company.” What do you think my answer was? “Can you check on the dinner for me? Summer, I want to show you something.” I watch as she leads our guest upstairs, most likely to her room. I go into the kitchen, and have to seriously clear my mind to help relax the hard-on in my pants. I hope they didn’t notice at all.

Pretty soon, they come back down stairs, and entered the kitchen. “Zack, can you finish the dinner please?” I agree, and mom leads her into the family room to chat. I overhear a few words here and there, but not enough to guess what they are talking about.

“Dinner’s ready.” They come in and grab some plates. We are eating chicken and mashed potatoes, with corn on the side. Some dinner rolls are in the oven. After we are all at the table, I can’t help but ask questions. “So Summer, what do you do for a living?” They look at each other, wondering what to say, when Summer responds with ‘therapy’. “Your face is so familiar; I wish I could place it.” I see mom squirm a little. “Oh well, maybe it will come to me later.”

When mom gets up to go get some more food, I lean forward to whisper something. “Oh, I want to thank you for what you did for my mom earlier. She was really down about things, and thanks to you, she came home today feeling great. Oh, and I’m well aware of who you are, I’m playing it dumb for the sake of my mom. I’m a big fan of yours, which is why I chose you to help her. She doesn’t realize this however. So please don’t say anything.” As I take another bite of my food, she just stares at me with her mouth open.

As mom enters the room again, she regains her composure, and mom sits down. Not much is said as we continued to finish our meals. When I finished, I excused myself and went back to watching TV. I could hear them talking, but wasn’t exactly sure what was being said. About 20 to 30 minutes later, I heard them get up and head to the kitchen. I heard some plates being set on the counter, followed by some footsteps going up the stairs. I didn’t hear a door close, but mom could have tried to close it quietly. I gave them about twenty more minutes before quietly heading upstairs. They had closed the door, which I softly approached, putting my ear up to the door.

“That looks so wonderful on you Pam. bahis firmaları I still can’t get over this. You have so much lingerie, yet you say that you don’t date much. And you’ve had troubles holding on to men? Are you sure they were sane?”

I recognize mom’s laughter. “They sure seemed like it. A lot of this was bought while I was dating this one guy. He had a lingerie fetish, and I developed one as a result of it. Now, anytime I see something I really like, I feel that I have to get it. Sometimes, I even wear some of it underneath my work clothes.” Wow, I didn’t know that.

“I feel bad saying this, but I’m almost glad that all of these men left you.”

“I’m beginning to feel the same way.” It suddenly goes quiet. I soon hear movement, but I’m not exactly sure what it is. I have an idea what it is though. I decide to leave them alone for a while, and head up to my room. I leave the door open a bit however, since I am a light sleeper. I get ready for bed, and quickly fall asleep dreaming of Summer.

Several hours later, I wake up to a sound in the hall, and quickly get up. Heading to the door, I notice that the door to mom’s room is open. Remembering what was going on after dinner, I head into the hall. Hearing something downstairs, I quietly head down to check it out. When I get to the bottom, I hear that it is coming from the kitchen. I walk over and find Summer pouring herself something to drink. She is wearing one of mom’s robes, and looks beautiful. I slowly walk in.

“Hello. Is everything all right?” Startled, she turns to me and quickly closes the robe.

“Hello Zack, I didn’t think you were up. I hope I didn’t wake you.”

“Don’t worry about it. So how are things going with mom?” This unsettles her a bit, as she seems nervous talking about it with me. “Don’t be nervous. Don’t forget I’m the one who sent her to see you.” I walk up to her and place a hand on her shoulder. “You didn’t think I had no idea what went on up there did you?” I slowly walk around behind her and begin to massage her shoulders. “I know that you two have been getting busy up there. I’m not an idiot.” I begin to massage her neck, as I slowly close the gap between myself and her. With only inches between my body and hers, I lean forward and whisper in her ear, “And did you think I would sit idly by and let my own mother fuck the woman I’ve dreamt about so much without asking for something in return.” My hands slide down the side of her arms as my full body presses against her back. I reach for her hips and put my arms around her waist.

Suddenly, Summer takes hold of my hands and leads me into the family room. Walking up to the couch, she lies down and using her index finger, beckons me to join her. Before joining her, I push the coffee table further away, for safeties sake. As I lay down on top of her, she wraps her arms around me and kisses me, quickly inserting her tongue. It isn’t long before mom’s robe is on the floor, along with the shorts and underwear I was wearing.

Now I have to mention something about Summer. It is plainly obvious to anyone who even looks at a photo of her that her breasts are fake. Heck, each breast is almost the size of my head. Usually, I don’t go for the big kaçak iddaa ones. However, for some reason, there is just something about Summer that makes me forget that little fact. I’ve seen other photos of big breasted women, but she is the only one who I find attractive, and I was finally getting the chance to meet them in person…on a more intimate level. Just as I was beginning to suck on those massive beauties I had been eyeing for several years, I hear a motion behind me, followed by a gasp.

“What’s going on here? Summer, how could you? Who is th…?” As I turn around, recognition registers on her face. Taking a step back, mom is obviously stunned at seeing her son about to fuck her new lover. I quickly stand up, fully naked, and grab mom. Motioning for Summer to sit up, I help mom take a seat beside her, as I sit on mom’s other side. Taking her right hand, I begin to speak.

“Mom, you shouldn’t be that surprised. Think about it. I took you to that place. I’m the one who picked out our beautiful friend here. I didn’t question you when she came over. I even left you too alone earlier, especially considering the loud noises coming from your room. I’m 21 years old. Do you think I’m that dumb not to know what was going on? And do you think that I wouldn’t make my own moves? Mom, look at me for a second.” She turns to look at me, tears in her eyes. “There is no reason for you to be upset. She came here for you, remember. What says we can’t share here?” Summer grabs her other hand and pulls her in for a kiss. When they finish, she adds to what I said.

“He’s right you know. I came here for you. I haven’t seriously taken in interest in someone for many years. There was something about you that attracted me to you. Zack here is just an added bonus.” That hurt a bit, but I’ll get over it once I can fuck her.

“Why don’t you two go upstairs. I can wait for Summer.” Mom sounds happy with this, and quickly gets up, pulling her new lover along with her, as they go upstairs. To my surprise, Summer quickly grabs my hand as she passes me, and pulls me along with her. It isn’t until we are in mom’s room with the door shut that she realizes what Summer did. Still a bit surprised at this myself, mom sounds angry.

“Zack, you told us to go upstairs and that you would wait, so why did you follow us?” She quickly steps forward, and was about to slap me when Summer grabbed her wrist.

“He didn’t follow us, I brought him with us.”

“Why did you do that?”

“Trust me.” Summer follows that by passionately kissing mom. I just stand there and watch. She reaches back and searches for me. I grab her hand and she pulls me forward. At the last second, just before I would tumble against her body, she releases the kiss and pulls me into my mom, forcing us to kiss. It takes a minute before either of us registers what has happened, as mother and son passionately kiss. When it finally hits us, we break it off. Before either of us can say anything, Summer quickly removes mom’s robe, leaving all three of us completely naked. Mom tries to cover herself with her arms, but Summer won’t allow it. “Just look at each other for a minute.” Mom looks away, but Summer forces her to look at me. Unable to do anything else, she begins kaçak bahis to look me over.

I can’t really explain it, but for some reason, having mom examine me like this just makes my cock is harden even more. Mom notices this, and her eyes widen, a reaction nobody misses. “I’ve never known someone who would do something like this for his own mom. Do you realize that he has been fantasizing about me for several years now? He could have easily come by himself to that place today, but no, he sacrifices something he’s been dreaming of experiencing for the sake of you. I’m not sure about you, but that is devotion for you. Maybe the man in your life has been right under your nose.” I don’t think either of us ever looked at it like that.

“Would you like to feel it mom?” This sounds weird, but for some reason, she responds with a nod. Walking toward her, Summer guides mom’s hands down to grab my cock. Expecting the worse, I was surprised when she began to stroke it. As it grew stiffer and longer, she began to stroke faster. With my cock angled slightly upwards, we all watch as my own mother gives me a hand job. Stroking as fast as she can, it isn’t long before I feel an orgasm coming along. All of a sudden, I shoot a load all over mom’s stomach. As mom continues to stroke me, Summer wastes no time at all. Reaching around mom’s arms, she begins to massage the cum onto mom’s belly. As I continue to shoot it out, she has to rub it off of her hands at the same time. Rubbing some onto mom’s breasts, she even quickly rubs some onto and around mom’s pussy.

When the orgasm is over, mom lets go and watches as Summer finishes rubbing every last bit onto her skin. Then, while mom stands there, Summer begins to lick it all off. Starting with mom’s breasts, she works her way down mom’s body to her pussy, licking every last inch, and making mom shudder a little bit. Mom closes her eyes, and forgetting that I am even there, enjoys the moment.

Wanting to enjoy the moment as well, I get down on my knees, and reaching under Summer, I begin to massage her pussy, as she works on cleaning mom. Summer looks back at me with a quick smile before returning to her work. As I play with her clit, she reaches mom’s belly button. Rubbing faster, I begin to insert a finger into her pussy as well. Soon, I have my index and middle fingers inside her beautiful lips, as my thumb massages her clit. Mom’s hands are on the back of Summer’s head, as she helps hold it in place in front of her moistening mound.

Repositioning myself, I get under Summer’s shaved crotch and get my first taste of her. I can begin to feel the sweet nectar I’ve only dreamed about as I hear moaning from above. I can’t believe how wonderful this tastes, and can only say that truly is everything I hoped it would be. Pretty soon, I feel some minor convulsions before that sweet nectar floods out into my mouth. Sucking as best I can, I manage to get almost every drop swallowed. A few drops escape down the side of my cheeks. As I lap up the slowing flow of juices, I hear a loud moan from above. Glancing up, I see her enjoying the taste of mom’s orgasm.

Summer and I finish cleaning up our respective mounds before standing up again. Mom takes my hand, along with Summer’s, and slowly pulls us over to her bed. As we climb in after her, I can only imagine what is to follow.

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