The Hitchhiker

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Greg turned left, exiting the highway. It was early afternoon and he still a few hours drive ahead of him. But he wasn’t in a hurry, and this alternative route was a bit more interesting.

Someone stood at the side of the road. As he came closer, he saw that it was a young girl hitch-hiking. He slowed down. She was in her early twenties, he thought, had long red hair and a nice body, Her long summer dress had a floral pattern, and blew around her, occasionally revealing a pair of long, slender legs in a pair of red, high-heeled shoes.

Greg wondered. She wasn’t carrying any luggage and was hardly dressed for travelling. What was she doing here, off the main roads?

He stopped the car, opening the door for the girl. She simply got in, closing the door after her.

“Where are you going?” Greg asked. The girl looked at him, smiling quizzically.

“Just drive. I’ll tell you when,” she said.

She had a charming, hoarse voice. God, she was beautiful. Her green eyes were shining, and now he noticed that her cleavage offered a good view of et pair of round, shapely breasts.

Greg started the car and drove off.

“There’s a forest up ahead,” the girl said. “There’s a place where you can stop the car.”

“Aren’t you going any further?” Greg asked, somewhat disappointed.

Smiling, the girl arranged her dress, showing Greg even more of her shapely legs.

“Why go further?” she whispered. “I can hardly wait…”

Greg watched her slowly pulling her dress aside, exposing her thin, white lace panties.

“Wait?” Greg gasped.

Beside him, the girl pulled aside her panties, letting him see the red hair crowning her pussy. Her labia were already glistening with wetness, and Greg watched her as she dreamingly slid a finger up and down her moist slit. She gave tiny, excited gasps, as she masturbated – right there beside him, while he tried to focus on steering the car…

“We’re almost there,” she whispered.

Greg woke up as from a trance. He had completely forgotten where they were heading.

They drove into the forest, and tall, summer green trees closed around the car. The girl was squirming in the seat next to Greg, forcing two dripping wet fingers into her pussy and slowly sliding them in and out. She had undone a few buttons, enabling her to massage her ripe breast with her other hand.

“Mmm, oh yes,” she gasped, as her entire body trembled.

Greg’s cock was swelling in his pants, buzzing with lust. He knew the place they were heading for, and they were almost there. Here was the small clearing where you could pull over and park. And this was where…

“Ohhh,” the girl suddenly screamed.

Forcing two trembling into her wet pussy, she fell forwards, resting her face on the dashboard. Her entire body shook as the orgasm flowed through her.

Watching the girl orgasm made Greg’s cock so hard it hurt.

He pulled over into the clearing, braked hard and jumped out of the car. When he opened the door next to her, she still lay moaning over the dashboard.

Grabbing the dazed girl, he pulled her out of the car. His cock jerked uncontrollably inside his pants, hard as a bone.

“Come on,” he ordered.

The girl tumbled out through the door, and Greg placed her on her back on the hood of his car. Then he stood next to her face, unbuttoning his pants. His cock had never been this hard.

“Suck my cock,” he gasped.

And she obediently grabbed his stiff tool, putting it to her lips. Her tiny, wet tongue carefully licked around the swollen helmet. Then, parting her lips, she started sucking the head of his cock with wet, smacking sounds, as Greg moaned out loud.

“Yeah, that’s good. Suck it!”

Brutally grabbing the back of the girl’s head, he forced his cock into her mouth as far as it would go. Slowly he slid it in and out, in and out, as she sucked and slurped. The rock hard cock glistened from the girl’s saliva, as Greg fucked her mouth with long, deliberate strokes.

Suddenly he noticed that the girl had started masturbating again. She lay on the hood of the car, her legs spread wide and both hands in her panties, eagerly stroking and rubbing her pussy. Greg pulled his cock out of her mouth and held it in his hand.

“You want it in your cunt?” he gasped, showing his erect, wet cock to the girl. “You want my hard cock in your randy cunt?”

“Oh yeah,” she whispered. “Fuck me. Fuck me with your big cock!”

Greg turned the girl over and placed her feet on the ground, making her bend over on the hood of the car. He pulled off her panties, lifting her dress up over her delicious, round ass-cheeks. Teasing her, he inserted a finger in her hot, succulent pussy. He let the finger probe her wet slit, massage her pussy lips and stroke her clit.

“Mmm, yes,” the girl moaned, lustily writhing on the hood.

“Is it good?” Greg asked hoarsely. “Is this what you want?”

“Gimme your cock!” she whispered. “Fuck me!”

Smiling, Greg placed the tip of his hard cock halkalı escort at the mouth of the girl’s pussy. Her red pubes tickled his helmet, as her labia trembled from the pressure of his cock. Standing like this he quickly undressed completely, while the girl, still in her summer dress and high-heeled shoes, gasped with anticipation. As Greg stood stark naked behind her, he grabbed her ass.

“Are you ready for some serious fucking?” he asked.

“Mmm,” she whimpered, biting her fingers with unbearable excitement.

At the same time Greg thrust the entire length of his long cock into the girl’s cunt.

“Ohhh,” she screamed out loud, as he immediately started pumping forcefully in and out of the girl’s pussy.

“Oh yes,” oh yes” the cried out hoarsely, throwing her self about.

Sweating, Greg bent over her, holding her wrists down on the hood, as he fucked her

“Is it good?” Greg whispered into her ear. “Is it good to get fucked?”

“Yes – yes – yes,” the girl gasped in time to the hard thrusts of his cock. “I’m coming. Fuck me hard!”

He pulled out of her pussy, and once more turned her onto her back on the hood. Spreading her long, slender legs, he placed her calves on his shoulders. With the fingers of one hand he parted her wet, swollen labia, as his other hand guided his cock into her again. Gasping hoarsely he slid it in and out, slowly in and out.

“Play with your cunt,” Greg whispered. “Play with your randy cunt, while I fuck you!”

The girl stared at him, her mouth open and her cheeks flushed. She was very close to orgasm. Quickly she raised her head, looking down at her own pussy and Greg’s hard, pumping cock. With the fingers of one hand she parted her pussy lips, the other just grazed her swollen clit. The girl jerked from her own touch.

“Ah,” she cried. She couldn’t take it.

“Keep going!” Greg commanded. “I wanna watch you masturbate, while you get fucked!”

Eyes closed, she started massaging her clit.

“Oh no,” she whimpered, “it’s so good … fuck me … I’m … coming. Aaah!”

The girl let out a loud scream as she came. She threw herself about on the hood in ecstasy. Greg had to grab hard onto her shoulders to keep her still.

The girl’s orgasm made Greg want to come, too, and he increased the speed of his fucking. With full force, he thrust his hard cock into the girl’s pussy.

“No,” she whispered, “please stop…”

“Oh yes,” Greg hissed. “I’m gonna fuck you. Can you feel me fucking you, baby?”

He was blacking out from lust. The girl’s beautfiul breasts bounced before his eyes, and the car suspension rocked, as Greg plunged his explosive cock into her pussy again and again and again

“Oh, I’ll fuck you!” he shouted. “I’ll squirt into your cunt!”

Perhaps the girl climaxed again – Greg was oblivious to anything but his own pleasure. But suddenly he felt the semen bursting its way through his swollen cock. Sweating, he pulled out of her pussy, squeezing his cock in his hand. Trembling, he crawled onto the hood and kneeled down, straddling the girl’s face.

“Yeah,” she whispered huskily. “Let me have your thick cum!”

At the same moment, as if by command, his cock started ejaculating.

“Aaah,” Greg yelled. “Aaah!”

Long, white jets of hot semen pumped out of his cock. He sprayed the girl’s face, her cheeks, her neck. She even opened her mouth to taste the last, creamy spurts.

He sat for a while, lazily masturbating the last drops from his cock.

“Great,” she whispered.

“Perfect,” Greg replied.

Exhausted, he crawled off the hood and collapsed in the gravel next to the car. There was a breeze blowing now, rustling through the leaves and cooling his naked skin.

Greg stood up, somewhat unsteadily, and started dressing. The sun was still shining through the trees, and for the first time Greg noticed the sound of birds singing. But then – he heard another sound.

“Mmm. Mmm. Ohhh…”

The girl had started masturbating again. She sat with her legs wide apart, stroking her naked pussy. Greg’s fresh semen still glistened on her face. She looked at him longingly.

“Oh, I’m so horny,” she whispered.

Greg was breathing heavily, completely exhausted.

“Really?” he asked, out of breath.

But the girl didn’t answer. Closing her eyes and panting heavily, she slid a finger all the way into her soaking wet pussy. Greg put his clothes back on, watching the insatiably hot girl masturbating on the hood of his car.

“All right,” he said, though she probably didn’t hear.

He then went back to the road, the girl moaning behind him.

There weren’t many cars on the road. And he let the first couple of sedans pass: A single woman, a married couple, another single woman. But finally an old van came towards him, driven by two men in overalls. One was in his mid-forties, the other in his early twenties, presumably father and son. Perfect!

Greg stood haramidere escort in the middle of the road in front of the van, making it pull over to the side and stop. The older of the two men seemed to be cursing at the interruption. As Greg went up to the side of the van, the young man opened the door.

“You got a problem?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Greg responded.

“What kind of a problem?” the oldest man asked, annoyed.

Greg smiled. “I think it’s one you’ll enjoy! But you better take a look yourselves.”

Baffled, the two men looked at each other.

“Okay,” the oldest man finally said.

They got out of the car and followed Greg into the clearing. “My name is Larson,” the oldest man finally said, “and this is my son Billy. But what kind of a problem is it anyway?”

“The best kind,” Greg said. And now the two men caught sight of the girl in her summer dress writhing on the hood of his car.

“Holy shit,” the son said. “Is that…”

Larson laughed nastily. “I think we can handle that. Eh, boy?”

They went to the car, where the girl now lay on all fours on the hood, her wet, slippery fingers sliding in and out of her pussy. She squirmed and panted heavily, her entire body trembling. Suddenly, she noticed Larson and his son.

“Who are you?” she gasped, startled.

“Yeah, I brought you something,” Greg laughed.

Larson and his son climbed onto the car, pulled the girl up on the roof and pulled off her dress. She was naked now, except for her high-heeled shoes. Greg saw the men’s cocks already bulging beneath their overalls.

“Are you ready, boy?” Larson asked.

Nodding, his son unbuttoned his fly and pulled out his long, semi-erect cock. Larson grabbed the girl and pulled her onto the roof of the car. He made her kneel down, facing his son’s cock.

“Now you just start sucking, girl,” Larson grinned.

The girl opened her mouth, grabbed the son’s cock with her slender fingers and guided it into her wet mouth. With loud smacking sounds she began sucking hard at the son’s long, veined tool. It throbbed and swelled between her lips, growing thick and hard as rock. The son moaned loudly.

“So, boy, is she good?” his father asked.

“Yeahhh…” the son gasped.

He grabbed the girl’s hair hard, and began vigorously thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth, the shaft glistening from her saliva.

Larson lay down, his face behind the girl’s ass, and started licking her pussy lips. He made his tongue hard, poked it deep into the girl’s cunt – and then pulled out again. Moving his head back and forth between her thighs, he fucked her rhythmically with his long, wet tongue.

He then placed his mouth over her clit, sucking it in between his lips. Gently teasing it with his tongue, he slid a finger into her pussy. He slid it in and out – and now two fingers, in and out, in and out. The girl wriggled her ass lustily.

Greg watched them, fascinated. The sun was sinking in the sky, the young girl even more beautiful in its orange hues, her skin looking soft as velvet. In the quiet of the forest he clearly heard the slurping noises of the girl’s mouth and pussy and the son’s excited gasps.

“Ah yeah, keep going,” he panted. “Suck my cock.”

Larson looked up from the girl’s cunt. His face glistened with her juices.

“Damn, that’s a tasty pussy,” he whispered, finger-fucking the girl with a vengeance. “Come over here, son.”

The son pulled his stiff, glistening cock out of the girl’s mouth. Larson turned her over on her back. His son crawled over her and assumed the position between her legs.

“Fuck her, boy,” Larson said hoarsely.

The son grabbed his erect cock in his fist, pointing directly at her curly red pubes. Greg stood close to the car and saw Larson bending over the girl.

“Get ready for some real cock, girl,” he whispered into her ear.

Slowly, his son pushed his stiff cock in between the girl’s tender, wet labia, filling the entire depth of her burning hot pussy. She moaned out loud, and he began pumping her thoroughly – long hard thrusts, making her whimper and hold on tight to the roof of the car.

“Yeah, that’s good,” the son grunted.

Eyes glazed, Larson stared at his son’s cock, sliding back and forth between the girl’s red pubes. Now he, too, unbuttoned his fly and shamelessly began stroking his thick, swelling cock.

“Can you feel his cock?” Larson whispered to the girl, almost drooling with lust. “Can you feel him fucking you? Is it good? You like feeling his big cock in your pussy?”

“Yes. Oh yes,” she gasped. “Fuck me! Fuck me! I’m coming!”

Rhythmically, the girl thrust her pelvis against the son’s and threw herself about in ecstasy. Quickly, Larson grabbed her shoulders, pinning her to the roof of the car with his entire weight.

“Aaah, I think I’m coming,” the son gasped.

“That’s good, boy,” Larson said. “Come on her tits!”

The son pulled his ikitelli escort throbbing cock out of the girl’s pussy and stood over her torso. Moaning loudly, he stood stroking his big cock, pointing at the girl’s naked breasts.

“Play with your tits,” he gasped.

Besides herself with lust, the girl obeyed his command. Hands trembling, she massaged her soft breasts, looking up at the young man who was masturbating like mad.

In the meantime, Larson had assumed the position between her legs. And suddenly, with one brutal stroke, he thrust the entire length of his fat cock into the girl’s pussy. She climaxed immediately.

“Ohhh,” she screamed, shivering from a violent orgasm, as she pushed her hips upwards to meet Larson’s cock, holding onto the roof of the car.

The son couldn’t hold back, either. With a wild yell he let his cock ejaculate, shooting jet after jet of piping hot sperm from its swollen head onto the girl’s naked body.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” he shouted.

He masturbated frantically, as if to force every last drop from his heavy balls.

“Suck him dry,” Larson panted to the girl.

And sitting up, she took the son’s still twitching cock in her mouth. He let out an animal roar, as she sucked the last drops out of it. Exhausted, he stumbled from the roof of the car and fell down on the gravel, where Greg stood watching the show.

Larson’s cock had swollen to its full size inside the girl’s quivering flesh. And now, slowly and steadily, he started fucking her.

“Oh no,” she whispered. “Please.”

Larson smiled fiendishly.

“I’m gonna fuck your filthy pussy,” he hissed. “You’re gonna feel my hard cock, until you pass out.”

He pumped her mercilessly with long, deep thrusts. All way in, then out, then all the way in again. She moaned quietly, her juices flowing around his thick, hard cock.

Suddenly Larson pulled out and placed the girl on her hands and knees again. He knelt down behind her and grabbed her breasts hard. Then he thrust his tool into her from behind and kept going – in the same, slow, determined rhythm.

“Mmm,” she whimpered, “It’s so big… I can’t…”

Greg had an erection again. Undressing, he started masturbating, watching the couple fucking on the roof of his car. Larson’s face was bright red as he increased his rhythm, thrusting faster in and out of the girl’s pussy.

Sweating and grunting like an animal, he grabbed her hips hard, vigorously fucking her in savage crescendo. With each thrust Greg caught a glimpse of Larson’s swelling, glistening cock.

“Damn, you sexy cunt,” Larson yelled. “You’re gonna make me come!”

Suddenly he pulled his fat cock from the girl’s pussy, yelling wildly.

“Aaah,” he shouted as he came.

His thick, creamy semen shot in long, white squirts across the girl’s ass-cheeks.

“Ahhh,” he grunted with satisfaction, standing up, his hand clutching his still erect cock. “That’s a good little pussy!”

Larson calmly wiped the sweat from his face, the last drops of sperm still dripping from his cock. But he wasn’t done yet. Concentrating hard, he started masturbating, slowly and thoroughly. And moments later his cock was just as hard as before.

Greg watched in disbelief, as Larson forced his rock-hard cock up into the girl’s cunt again, making her sob quietly. The son had recovered, too. He stood naked beside the car, smiling as he witnessed his father’s virile performance.

Greg was mad with lust. Determined, he climbed onto the car, showing off his erect cock to the girl.

“Suck it,” he ordered.

The girl opened her mouth to his stiff cock and let him have his way, as he slid it in and out between her moist lips.

Larson was pumping away inside her pussy, mad with excitement.

“Fuck. I’m fucking you. Take it. Take it all,” he groaned.

But this time he didn’t last as long before he surrendered. Grunting, he pulled out of the girl’s pussy as his cock began pumping spurt after spurt of creamy semen onto her back. Gasping, he held his jerking cock in his fist until his orgasm subsided. Then, he stumbled off the car and collapsed in the grass.

Greg pulled out of her mouth, and placed the girl on her back, facing him. He spread her legs and forced his thumb into her tight anus.

“Oh,” she cried out.

Slowly, Greg pulled his thumb out, instead grabbing his hard cock, placing it against her asshole. He pushed his hips forward as hard as he could, and slowly his cock entered her tightest orifice.

“Aaah,” she screamed. “Yes. Yes. Fuck my ass!”

Greg started pounding in and out of the girl’s tight rectum. Staring at them, the son began masturbating.

Lustfully, dreamily, the girl began playing with her pussy. Looking Greg deep in the eyes, she slid a finger all the way up into her pussy. Then she pulled out the soaking wet finger and put it to her lips, licking and sucking it with a randy smile. Greg was pumping away in her ass, ready to explode with excitement.

“Yeah,” the girl whispered. “You make me so hot. Give me your stiff prick!”

One of her hands parted her labia, the other stroked her swollen clit, as Greg’s bone-hard cock thrust hard into her ass. He felt his cock bulging, felt the unbearable pressure of sperm pushing upwards through the shaft.

She was screaming now.

“Yeahhh! Ahhh!”

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