The House Ch. 12

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It was late in the evening before John and his mom were alone. Although Chantal and Paul had left around the supper hour, so that Chantal could be with her children. The gang of six had left more slowly and John was sure that Jean had been angling for a place in his bed that night. He wouldn’t have minded if it hadn’t been for the fact that it was the last night that his mom would be with him for a while. He knew it had been coming but had refused to accept it. Now he begged his mom to stay a little while longer. “No John,” she replied, “I have four other children that need my attention from time to time. I promise I will be back as soon as I can. Not only will I miss you, but my body will as well, so please don’t make it harder than it is.” John made love to her several more times that night before allowing her to sleep knowing she had a long drive ahead of her.

The following morning after a long goodbye with many kisses and hugs exchanged, he got to work with renewed vigor on the third floor renovations. Soon the electrician and plumber were chosen, partly on their estimate, but partly on the fact they were ready to begin the next day. John completed the dry walling of one side of each wall before laying plywood on the floor to form the sub floor beneath the wall-to-wall carpeting he planed. Soon he had the bed surrounded and all he had to do was move the bed to complete the job. He was going to phone Phoebe, but upon glancing at his watch noticed that it was getting close to her quitting time so he decided to walk over to the library to meet her, partly to see where she worked. When Phoebe saw John walk in, her pussy gushed almost as fast as a loving smile formed on her lips. She rushed over and kissed him in public. Something she had never done before. It was a proprietary kiss telling all who watched that this was Phoebe’s man. The rumors would certainly abound the next day as she handed over to the evening staff and headed out the door with her man in tow.

They walked hand in hand over to the house and the moment they got in the door they began to kiss. The house knew it didn’t need to help but sent sexual urges their way just to be part of the loving. They knew they needed to eat something before going to bed, so they went to the kitchen and prepared a meal, amongst the kisses and groping. By the time, they were ready to sit down John’s cock stood out stiffly from his fly, left there by Phoebe’s manipulations. Phoebe, herself was not unscathed, her panty hose lay on the kitchen floor and her boobs fell from her open blouse. They tucked themselves away and sat down to gulp at their food. They then did the dishes, or at least Phoebe did the dishes while John felt her up and lifted the back of her skirt so his cock could slide between her legs. The truth of the matter was that John couldn’t keep his fingers out of her warm juicy pussy and she was unable to stop handling his hard cock.

Dishes half done, Phoebe turned and tried to mount him for a monkey fuck, but he needed more than a quick fuck. He needed her tasty juice in his throat, stoking his lust with her flavor. He needed her soft tits, with their hard fat nipples, he needed her silken hairy pussy, hot and wet against his mouth. He needed to drive his tongue deep into her succulent ass. In other words he needed all of her, and a fuck in the kitchen just wouldn’t do it. He took her to his bed, spreading her legs hard as he buried his face in her soft hairy wetness, causing her bum to thrust her cunt against his mouth. She held his head against her as her body withered under his onslaught seeking more of his invading tongue. Finally she pulled her legs up until her knees were around her ears held there with her arms warped around her thighs. Now she was so exposed that her asshole begged its licking and he obliged her with probing tongue that probed and slithered over her hairiness. Sometimes penetrating her ass but other times her cunt as it traversed from one to the other. Phoebe’s body began to quiver with need.

“Oh John I’m so hot. Fuck me, oh please fuck me.” Phoebe said as her pussy dry humped the air demonstrating her exquisite need. John enjoyed teasing Phoebe a little but not to the point of making her beg. He gave her pretty pussy one final long and tender kiss before moving up her body to kiss her lips as his cock probed for penetration. Phoebe’s hand guided him. He felt himself immersed in her delicate warm wetness. The sensation was excruciatingly splendid surrounding his cock with liquid heaven. Slowly he allowed her pussy lips to slither over his hardness building the joy of love in them both. Her hairy snatch almost sucked on his dick in her intensity of want. All he could picture in his mind was her beautiful sopping wet pussy stroking him in her lust. Finally, the rhythm of their love built until bellies began to slap from the force of their loving. His cock penetrating deeply as her cunt demanded his cream. With a groan, the first of several spasms forced his seed into her as her guttural moans and cries bahis firmaları sounded in his ear. As her body quivered out her pleasure, her kisses rained on his face. He knew that he had found the woman of his dreams. It was that night that Phoebe stopped living at her home although it would be a while before she could bring herself to sell it.

The following day, his sister Elizabeth phoned, immediately asking what he had done to their mother. With a cold feeling in his gut, he searched for an answer, thinking that maybe his mother when she got home, had had second thoughts and confessed their incestuous relationship to her oldest child. Fortunately his sister continued to talk informing him she hadn’t seen their mother so happy in years and wondered what he had done, He assured her that they had a good time and that mom had loved his house and enjoyed helping him work on it. His sister told him that the house was all mom could talk about and that she would like to see it herself. Would he mind if she came up to visit him, she had asked? They had settled for the next week because he had to go back to work the following week. The house heard him talk about returning to work and was not pleased with the idea. It had some concept of the value of money however, and realized John needed money if he were to continue bring the house back to its glory days. It began to plan.

The days passed quickly for John and Phoebe as their love intensified. The trades came and went finishing their work. The gang of six often over to help, sometimes with Phoebe’s guidance they took their reward from John’s hardened prick. Whether it was the house’s influence or simply the knowledge that at a snap of her fingers John was hers, she allowed and even enjoyed watching her man effectively service six hot young cunts. Little did she know, as the weeks and mouths went by, that she would help him service many cunts, most not nearly as beautiful as her own. John began to notice that the trades were not sending him bills until one day he mentioned it in front of Mia. Mia explained that the gang of six, unbeknownst to John, had paid the trades with services of their own, keeping them well fucked if they worked hard. She assured him that his old t-shirts were correct, that plumbers liked it wet and electricians were fully charged.

At last the tiling in the bathroom done and the old tub installed with a new innovation that circulated the water in the tub through a heating coil that kept the water to the temperature selected by thermostat. The shower was large, with four showerheads and a plate glass front. A toilet and a bidet completed the opulence. Phoebe loved the warm water the bidet squirted against her pussy, masturbating occasionally, sometimes with John present as the water played with her pussy lips stimulating her effectively. When she began to play with herself in front of John she usually ended up in bed full of cock, which her cunt absolutely loved.

They dismantled the bed and laid the last of the plywood anticipating the arrival of the carpet layer the following morning. John’s timing was perfect because the day after his sister was to arrive. The carpeting he selected was extremely plush and he had selected three layers of underlay, not sure, why he had, not knowing that in this selection the house had influenced him. The house wanted the floor to be soft and comfortable, so soft that one could sleep on it. The house had noticed the gang of six often bought lottery tickets and began to explore how the numbers were drawn. There were drawn at a local television station not far away. The machine that randomly selected the number balls, simply blowing them into the air until one would fall into a shoot. When six numbers were selected that way, a grand winner was announced. The house began to practice seeing if it could influence the selection of balls wanting to know if it were capable of selecting a winning number.

The next day, Phoebe and John began to clean house while the carpet layer worked on the third floor. John wanted the house to look good because this was his eldest sister coming, the executive, never married because she was so busy making sure she would be the next president of his grandfather’s company. John had always admired her from afar. When he was a teenager, he had many a masturbatory fantasy with his gorgeous older sister as the focal point. He still found her a sexy woman although she didn’t appear to have time for sexual dalliances. To most who didn’t know her she appeared a bit of a cold fish. But John knew better having watched her masturbate from hiding while he played with himself. He had come to love his sister in a manner no brother should. He watched her play with her swollen cunt lips spreading her juices over her clit. He knew it was wrong but he loved her so. What he didn’t know was that she had let him, having fantasies of her own about her younger brother. Unlike his twin, there was a sensuousness about him, which attracted her, firing her libidinous nature. Naturally, kaçak iddaa she never acted upon these thoughts because one, he was her brother and two, when he was of legal age he still seemed too young to be her lover. She may have been responsible for John’s proclivity to enjoy older woman, acting out the fantasies of his youth. He told some of this to Phoebe while they worked. Phoebe thought that since he had overcome the hurdle of making love to his mother, he might also do so with his sister. As far as Phoebe was concerned if she was anything like her mother Phoebe was all for it.

Mia dropped by late in the afternoon, supposedly to check to see how the carpet was coming, but John suspected that more than the carpet would be laid that afternoon. About an hour later, Mia appeared in the kitchen to say that the carpet layer was just about finished, and did they want help reassembling the bed? When the carpet man left, looking slightly sheepish when he glanced Mia’s way, they reassembled the bed and promptly got in it. Phoebe played in Mia’s pussy and tasted her fingers; sure enough, Mia still tasted of semen. Phoebe told Mia to go use the bidet if she wanted more sex because Phoebe only liked to suck John’s semen from a freshly creamed pussy. By the time Mia got back, John was balls deep in Phoebe, so Mia sucked his cum from Phoebe’s cunt instead. John fucked her newly cleaned twat, so that Phoebe could enjoy one of her favorite treats, a John creamed pussy. It was after midnight before Mia left exhausted from an evening of playing with each other’s bodies. John had fucked most of the evening, with the house’s help, so the two women were well satiated having enjoyed each other’s creamed pussies a number of times. After seeing Mia off, John and Phoebe had cuddled into each other’s arms and fallen asleep.

Unfortunately, for John, Phoebe woke up horny around five in the morning. When she discovered John was still soft, insisted on a sixty-nine. With his hardening prick in her mouth, she wiggled her twat over his tongue, which made her juices flow. When John was hard enough, she simply moved down his body and centered his cock in herself. John watched her gorgeous ass work his dick for seed, illuminated by the light of the new day streaming in the windows. Their loving went on until Phoebe had to leave his bed for work, exhausted but well loved by her man. He went back to sleep until late in the morning when he thought his sister might arrive.

He was doing one last check to see if all was in readiness when the doorbell rang. Sure enough, there was his sister Elizabeth, taller than he was when she wore high heels, beautifully dressed, standing at the door. He welcomed her with a brotherly kiss, smelling the expensive perfume she wore. As she entered the house, her long repressed sexuality seemed to center in her pussy and John’s kiss reminded her of forgotten fantasies. Suddenly a voice behind her said with a laughing tone “And what about me?” There was his mother, beautiful as ever, waiting to be greeted. He gave her the same type of kiss he had given his sister, mindful that his sister was watching. The house sent urges their way causing long repressed desires to rekindle the fire in their bodies. His mother suggested that he get their bags and show them their bedrooms. With the bags in the house, he showed them where they’d sleep apologizing to his sister for the bedrooms Spartan appearance. His mother explaining all the while, why she felt she should return since his sister was driving up anyway. “Why don’t we let your sister settle in while you show me the third floor,” said his mother.

John immediately took his mother to the third floor telling his sister they’d be back in ten minutes. His mother didn’t even look, but turned and hugged him passionately, raining him with kisses. His hands traveled over her body checking every softness, every curve trying to absorb her with his hands. Finally, he felt her pussy, under her skirt, through her panties, feeling the heat and moisture of a fully aroused hot and ready woman. His cock pressed hard against her abdomen, grinding against her as his tongue explored her mouth. Her small whimpering cries assuring him of her need for penetration, completeness. Suddenly she broke the kiss and said, “I’ve missed you terribly, but we have to go back down to her, we can’t have her catching us like this. Hopefully we’ll have some time tonight after she’s asleep.” He pulled the gusset of her panties to one side and slid a finger into her wet hot folds, proud of the juices that had formulated for him. Taking his finger, he sucked it into his mouth before kissing her once more.

Downstairs, his sister, unable to handle the ministrations of the house was playing with her pussy with a need she had not had for many years. She attributed it to the forgotten fantasies she had had for her brother. She heard them on the stairs and didn’t have time for completion. She stood allowing her dress to fall back into place smoothing it with her hands. She then noticed kaçak bahis the panties she had dropped to the floor and quickly stuffed them under the pillow of her bed. Just in time as her mother and brother walked into the bedroom. John immediately noticed a familiar smell. One he had not smelt in years, but he recognized it instantly. It was the hot wet aroma of his sister’s totally aroused gash. He had smelled it so often in his youth, watching her finger fuck, that he could not mistake the aromatic fragrance now. In his highly excited state, brought on partially by his mother, he almost reached for the hem of his sister’s dress to expose her to his view. Then realizing what he had been about to do, he turned and left the room inviting his sister to see the house. His cock was hard in his pants and he needed his Phoebe. What he didn’t know was that his sister was so horny that she would have allowed his tongue to taste her right in front of their mother. When they turned to leave, she surreptitiously rubbed her cunt trying to ease her needs. It did not help. It simply inflamed her to greater heights of desire. She suppressed a moan of want as she left the room to follow, not wanting to accept how much she loved her brother.

John showed his sister through the house, proud of the old home. It’s opulence displayed in its woodwork. He explained the history of the house, and how he had managed to buy it for a fraction of its value, not knowing the part the house had played. His sister loved the kitchen and suggested a meal, but John begged off explaining that Phoebe would be home in an hour and he wanted to wait for her. Elizabeth turned to their mother for and explanation. When she was told she had the same feelings she had when John had married. Anger and jealousy prevailed; she was ready to leave, only this time her feelings were over whelmed by her need for him. She would wait to see the young hussy that had attracted her brother. Imagine her shock when Phoebe arrived an hour later, kissing her man in front of her, just like she had kissed him in front of his mother, holding nothing back. Damn, the woman was almost as old as her mother. Not only that, but Phoebe kissed her mother with a familiarity that annoyed her. She realized that she was ready to hate this woman, not because of herself, but because she was her brother’s lover. It was so obvious the way she kissed him. Not only that, but she had managed to win their mother’s approval as well.

Liz helped make supper, jealous and angry, not sure if she was angry at John or herself. While eating she understood that this time she was not going to let John go so easily, somehow she was going to claim him for herself. The house didn’t help, sending constant urges of need to her lubricious pussy. Finally, she excused herself to plan, begging off on doing the dishes, claiming exhaustion from the long drive. She went to her room and while she schemed, she took off her clothes to look at herself. Seeing there was no mirror in the bedroom she put on a robe and went down the hall to the showers having noticed mirrors above the sinks. Turning on the shower, she paraded her naked body in front of a mirror, wondering if she had what it would take to seduce her brother, not knowing she had successfully done that, years ago. She looked at the long thin body with its smallish tits, but had noticed that Phoebe’s were no bigger than her own. At one time, she might have been a runway model, but these days she was far too much women. Her wide flaring hips and her succulent rounded ass, precluded any thought of the boyish bodies of models. She mentally criticized the large ass and flaring hips not knowing her man cradling hips and beautiful cunt lips were the very thing that attracted her younger brother. Finally, she had a shower still worried that she might not have the body that would win him to her.

John sat in the kitchen watching his mom and Phoebe do the dishes, but dreaming of the hot wet cunt that lay between the long beautiful legs of his sister. He saw in his mind his sister’s finger soothe the fiery swollen lips, the stand tall clit. He instinctively knew that she would be playing with herself that night. His mother was dreaming of a night in bed with him and Phoebe as she dried the dishes; glad that her daughter would be in bed early allowing her to go to John and Phoebe’s bed. Phoebe was looking forward to kissing, once more, the sweet wet pussy that had given her man birth, preferably just after he had creamed it, when the lips were still swollen and luscious. Each person dreamed of his or her favorite sexual fantasy, not realizing that in the end the house would make sure it included everyone.

With the dishes done, Jane turned to Phoebe giving her the kiss she had wanted to give her from the moment Phoebe had walked in the door. Long and tongue filled, caressing her son’s lover’s mouth with her own. Her hands traversed Phoebe’s body reminding her how much she loved this woman herself. Her pussy dreamed of Phoebe’s tongue. John watched the two of them make out, knowing that he could join them anytime he wanted. He could see that they needed each other and he had plans of his own, so he sent them to his bed telling them he would join them in a few minutes.

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