The House Of Robles Ch. 31

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Big Dicks


Wanna see something really kinky?

Frankie Robles stared into his cell phone, wondering exactly what that message meant. The text was from his cousin Diamond, he saw, and when she got kinky, she was off the charts kinky. He glanced around the detail place, to make sure his boss wasn’t keeping an eye on him. Once the young man thought it was safe, he typed a reply.

Hit me.

As he waited for an answer, Frankie glanced around his workplace again. There wasn’t much going on at the time. Two cars were waiting their turn to go through the car wash, a Beemer and a Benzo, but since their owners weren’t due to pick them up for a couple of hours, they were just sitting on the lot. Normally, Miguel would have them wash and detail those two cars right away, but he’d been a little reluctant to hassle Frankie ever since Frankie’s wife had sucked his dick.

Fucking bitch Carmela, Frankie shook his head. She had turned into one major league slut. Not only had she sucked off his boss, but on top of that, she’d let Hairy Jerry fuck her in the ass. What the hell was she trying to prove, anyway?

Frankie hadn’t even gotten that mad, when Miguel and Jerry had come up to him the day after it happened. Both men looked nervous and tried to make one another speak first. In the end, they admitted everything, and then they both warily stood back as if Frankie might come at them like a prizefighter.

Frankie grinned. It wasn’t that long ago that he’d shown them the pictures of his fight with a much bigger and way uglier adversary named Malo, courtesy of his brother and sister who’d taken the pics while he was in action. Still, he wasn’t about to pick a fight with either of those men, just so he’d lose the only job he had left.

He had gotten peeved a little, but not so much because Carmela was screwing around once again. Instead, it had bugged him that she was screwing around with people he knew, people that were close to him, as if she was flaunting her illicit behavior right into his face. Pretty quickly, though, Frankie got over it. He’d shaken the hand of both his boss and his coworker, and told them it wasn’t as big a deal as all that. His marriage to Carmela was over, he explained, and she could do whatever she pleased as far as he was concerned. Now, if they tried anything with his new girlfriend, the young man warned them, that would be something else.

That had put both men at ease, enough that Frankie later enlisted them for what he was terming Carmela Watch. If Carmela’s vehicle was spotted coming into the detail place, either Miguel or Jerry were supposed to ring the outdoor service bell twice. This procedure would give Frankie a few seconds to duck out of sight before Carmela could catch him. It was a good warning system, because Carmela wasn’t smart enough to simply park her SUV up the street and walk over to surprise him. Besides that, she couldn’t be sure that Frankie was even on the property in the first place. He’d taken to parking his car on the next block over, in a parking garage that sometimes sent them extra business.

Frankie’s phone went off, and he saw he had a new media message. He clicked on it, and his jaw dropped. About a minute later, another picture came through, and a minute after that, another one. They were all pictures of Diamond and Sheila taking turns doing the dirty with some guy that had a fire hydrant for a dick. Then, he got a shot of the lucky man’s upper body and face.

“Holy shit!” Frankie exclaimed.

A couple of more pictures came through, confirming what he already knew.

“Holy shit!” He repeated, right before he punched in the number to his parents’ house.

His sister Amanda answered. “Hey, Frankie, what’s up?”

“This is really important, sis.” Frankie said. “Is Junior there?”

“Yeah, he’s outside trimming the hedges.” Amanda replied, her tone soon mirroring the alarm from his voice. “What’s going on, Frankie?”

“Uh, I meant that it’s important for Junior.” Frankie replied. “Do me a favor and get him on the phone, will you? Right away!”

“It’ll cost you a milkshake.” Amanda bartered with him.

“Yeah, yeah, I’ll pick up a burger and fries for you too, as soon as I get off work.” Frankie agreed. “Just let me talk to Junior, okay?”

Impatiently, he waited for his brother to come on the line.

“What’s up, bro?” Junior announced, finally.

“Dude, do not leave the house. Do you understand me?”

“What’s going on?”

“I can’t tell you over the phone. You’ve just got to see it to believe it. Stay at the house and wait for me to call you.”

“Well, should I take a shower or what? I’ve been out here cleaning up the yard all day. I smell like ass on a stick.”

“Shit, I don’t know.” Frankie replied. “You know what? Go ahead and get dressed. I have a feeling we’re going to be taking a drive over to Diamond’s house.”

“Are you going to tell me what’s going on or what?”

“No, I’m not.” Frankie answered. “You remember that time you kept me in the dark about Diamond bahis firmaları and your girl, right up until the last moment? Well, payback’s a bitch, isn’t it? You’ll just have to wait until I get there. I’ll tell you this much; it’s going to knock your socks off!”

Not too long after that, Junior got a second call. Frankie asked to meet him a couple of blocks away, at a place Carmela would not think to be looking for Frankie. He spotted Frankie’s car in that direction and jogged over.

“All right, what’s this all about?” Junior asked, as he slid into the passenger seat.

“Dude.” Frankie replied, passing over his cell phone. “Just scroll through these pictures.”

He saw his brother’s eyes widen as Junior went through the images. Finally, Junior had seen enough and gave the phone back.

“No shit.” Junior said.

Frankie punched up one more item, and showed it to his brother. “Here’s the last message I got from Diamond.”

Top that, bitches, the text read.

Junior saw it, closed up the phone, and leaned back in his seat to absorb the new dare. He sighed, “Fucking Sheila. I can’t believe she went along with it. I mean, we both know how crazy Diamond is, but Sheila, she could have said no. I mean, she’s screwing our dad now!”

“Who do you think made the first move?” Frankie asked. “Dad or our cousin?”

“Diamond, of course. They were doing it in Aunt Cessy’s living room. That’s why the pictures are all dark. I bet Cessy was upstairs asleep when all that was happening, or else all the lights would have been on. You know how Diamond likes to make a big show out of everything.”

Frankie went back to the pictures. He’d been so caught up in who was in the pictures that he hadn’t been paying attention to where the action had taken place. Sure enough, he recognized the pattern of Aunt Cessy’s couch. “Well, what would dad be doing over at Aunt Cessy’s house, anyway? You know how those two hate each other.”

Junior thought this over. “Dad would not have gone over there unless it was really important. I don’t think he’s ever gone to Aunt Cessy’s house without mom.”

“Shit. Imagine if mom was in these pictures, too.”

Junior squirmed around in his seat, before he made a face at his brother. “I can’t believe you slept with mom. You’re a fucking dick!”

“I told you, I didn’t do it on purpose!” Frankie returned. “I was after Cessy that night, but she’d gotten drunk and passed out. I was going to leave her house, except mom stopped me. She was the one who first…”

“All right, all right!” Junior halted him. “I don’t need a play by play of you and mom, okay?”

“She’s got some nice tits, bro.” Frankie teased.

“Shut the hell up! I don’t want to hear any of that!”

Frankie was still laughing a few moments later, when his phone rang. He checked the caller ID on it, before he brought it up to his ear. “What’s up, Diamond, you little hooker?”

For the next couple of minutes, Frankie simply listened, but the look on his face revealed that all was not well.

“Son of a bitch.” Frankie said, once the one-sided conversation was over. He quickly turned the engine over and burst away from his parking spot.

“What’s going on, bro?” Junior asked.

“We’re going over to Cessy’s house, right now.” He explained. “I guess Diamond and Sheila just got home from school. Mom and dad were already there, and Aunt Cessy is there, and everybody is fighting with everybody.”

“How bad is it?”

“Mom broke the windows on dad’s truck, and I guess the living room got all fucked up, too.” Frankie revealed. “Anyway, Diamond said we should get over there right away and try to calm everybody down.”

“Damn.” Junior said. “I bet dad is pissed about his truck. He loves that fucking truck more than he loves the two of us. Hey, that reminds me. Aunt Cessy still owes me twenty bucks, for that time she stiffed me after I cleaned her yard!”

“This probably isn’t the best time to bring that up.”

“Bullshit, it isn’t. I’m taking that twenty bucks out of her ass!”

Frankie chuckled. “She’d probably like that. Did I tell you she likes taking it up the ass?”

Junior glanced over at his brother, wondering if he’d done anything like that with their mother. A second after that, he decided he did not want to know. The phone went off again.

Frankie motioned over to the center console where he’d left it. “Go ahead and grab that.”

Junior answered and listened in on the update from their cousin. The conversation was brief. He passed on the gist of it over to the hurried driver. “Diamond and Sheila got dad into the truck. The three of them are driving away from the house already. It’s up to us to keep mom and Aunt Cessy from ripping each other’s hair out.”

“They got Dad to drive away with them? And Mom and Cessy are still going at it?”

“That’s what Diamond said.”

Frankie could easily visualize the two women getting physical with each other. His mother might have been small and petite, but she could be ferocious kaçak iddaa when she wanted to. Lorena had no problem pushing their dad around when she wanted to get something done, or to get into Frankie’s or Junior’s face if she caught them doing something they shouldn’t have been doing. Aunt Cessy, everybody knew, was as short-tempered as she was promiscuous.

“We’d better get over there.” Frankie mumbled. “Fast!”

Frankie pulled the car over and halted before their aunt’s house. Once the two brothers had burst out the doors, they saw the hundreds of tiny fragments of window glass lying on the floor of the driveway.

“I guess Diamond wasn’t kidding about Dad’s truck.” Junior said.

As they approached the front door, they could already hear the yelling and screaming taking place inside the home, followed by a loud crash of furniture.

“Bro, you’re going to have to grab mom and get her the hell out of here.” Junior said. “Get her as far away from this place as you can.”

“What about you? What are you going to do?”

“I’ll stay here and handle Aunt Cessy.” Junior decided. “And I’m going to get my twenty bucks, too. See if I don’t! Matter of fact, why don’t you give me your phone so I can take some pictures to send back to Diamond?”

Frankie didn’t understand how his younger sibling could be thinking of anything other than keeping their mom and their aunt from doing each other bodily harm. He handed the phone over just as the two brothers entered the house.

Right away, they saw that Aunt Cessy had pinned their much smaller mother down underneath her, and was swatting away at Lorena’s arms and head. A few feet away, they also saw that the cabinet that held Cessy’s entertainment system had been toppled over. Her stereo components and music collection were now strewn all over the floor.

“You bitch, that cost me a lot of money!” Cessy was shouting, as she continued to pummel their mother.

In retaliation, Lorena reached up and clenched a handful of Cessy’s hair. She started trying to yank it off Cessy’s head. Frankie and Junior moved in quickly, trying to separate the combatants before things got any worse.

“Get the fuck away from me!” Cessy snarled, as Junior dislodged her from her spot.

Lorena was much easier to handle, as Frankie reached around his mother’s waist and started pulling her away from the fray. In short time, he’d pulled his mother up to her feet and was dragging her across the living room.

“Here’s your hair, you fucking whore!” Lorena hissed, as she flung a handful of strands back at her sister.

Cessy made as if to lunge after her, only to start wrestling with Junior. At the same time, Lorena tried to wrench away from Frankie.

“Get mom out of here!” Junior shouted at his brother. “Just take her in the car and go!”

After several more moments of tussling, Frankie managed to drag his mother over to the foyer. Lorena was screaming obscenities that were heard across the entire neighborhood. For a good second, she managed to grab hold of the doorway, until Frankie dislodged her arms and shoved her out the door. The profanity and shouts started to fade, as the two made their way down the sidewalk and toward Frankie’s car.

Eventually, the sound of two car doors closing was heard, followed by the noise of the car starting up. Junior did not hear the car speed away, as by then Cessy was trying to tear loose from him again.

“I told you to get off of me!” Cessy snapped. “I’m going to scratch your eyes out if you don’t!”

When Cessy curved her hands into claws, Junior relented and moved to one side. He figured that with both his mother and his father out of the picture, his aunt would soon calm down. He was wrong! As Cessy got up, she lashed out and gave Junior a slap on the arm that was hard enough to echo through the living room. Cessy next stomped over to the door. After glaring outside and spotting no further aggravating family members, she violently slammed the door shut and spun back around.

“The entire stupid street probably heard what was going on!” Cessy hissed. Like an angry predator, the woman turned and stalked toward Junior. “And who do you think you are, that you can come into my house and start pushing me around?”

Junior backed up by a few feet, but it wasn’t because of fear. Instead, he’d retrieved his brother’s phone from his pocket and quickly set it up to take a picture. Holding up the phone to eye level, he got a shot of a Cessy with a very angry and contorted face.

“Don’t you take my fucking picture when I look like this!” Cessy yelled at him, provoking Junior to duck behind the couch.

“I’ll take whatever pictures I feel like taking,” Junior shot back. “And I’m not erasing them until somebody gives me the twenty bucks they owe me for cleaning the fucking yard!”

When his angry aunt rounded the couch after him, Junior ran across the living room, through the hallway and into the kitchen. Placing the dining room table between him and his aunt, he managed to take a second kaçak bahis picture.

“Do you think this is a game?” Cessy snarled at him. “Stop taking my picture, and put that phone away before I shove it up your ass!”

“Make me.” Junior taunted the furious woman. “Like I said, twenty bucks or I’m taking even more pictures of you.”

Cessy lunged at him, but Junior evaded her by jumping to one side. They both realized that he was going to try and run away from her again. Even though his aunt backtracked and tried to cut him off at the opposite side of the table, Junior was still fast enough that she only managed to graze his arm. After that, Junior was running through the hall again.

“Come back here!” Cessy shouted after him.

Junior paused in the living room and considered his choices. He could have run out the front door and avoided Cessy’s clutches entirely, but that would have negated the ulterior motive he had for bringing the phone in with him. Instead, he trotted up the stairs and headed directly for his aunt’s bedroom. He heard Aunt Cessy’s plodding steps as she ascended the stairs and he positioned himself on the opposite side of her bed. His plan was to get her to step near him. Then he could wrestle the woman down on her own bed. If his aunt kept true to her wicked ways, they’d end up doing the nasty. After that, he could take the pictures he was really after to show up his cousin Diamond.

When Cessy came into the bedroom, however, his dastardly plan came unraveled. His aunt still looked good and angry, up until she set eyes on her bed. Then, all at once her foul demeanor seemed to loose all its fervor. Cessy lowered her head, bitterly, before she turned to mope her way out of the room. That wasn’t what he’d wanted, thought Junior. Quickly, he stuffed the phone in his pocket and hurried after his aunt. He caught up with her at the top of the stairs.

“You okay?” He asked.

“Leave me alone!” Cessy aimed to descend the stairs.

Junior reached out to grasp her by the arm. “Hey, look. I’m not taking any more pictures. I already put the phone away. I just want to know if you’re okay.”

Cessy seemed to pause, before she pulled away from his grasp and started down the stairs. Junior went after her. Once they were in the foyer, he reached out for her again. This time, the now dejected woman didn’t keep him from holding her arm.

“So, what’s going on?” Junior asked. “Why’d this whole mess start up in the first place?”

He stepped before his aunt, only now realizing that there were tears in her eyes. His initial reaction was to reach out to her and embrace her. Not knowing if she would welcome such a gesture, he tentatively brought his arms up and around her shoulders. This move seemed to break through whatever rage and resentment the woman still harbored, as Cessy stepped closer to him and allowed her body to be held. She set her head against his shoulder, where she began to sob softly. Her shudders informed Junior that although she was trying hard to keep from being seen and heard like this, she was still discharging a lot of frustration through her tears.

After several minutes, she finally murmured. “This was all my fault.”

Seeing that she said no more, Junior prodded her for more information. “What are you talking about?”

Cessy sighed. “Oh, your father came over here yesterday looking for my sister. Lorena wasn’t here, because she hasn’t been staying here thanks to something I made her do that she didn’t like. I guess she hates my guts now. Well, I took advantage of your father while he was with me. I took him up to my bedroom and I seduced him. I made him sleep with me.”

Silently, Junior absorbed all of this. He’d been right earlier, when he assumed that the only reason his father would have come over to his aunt’s house would be to look for his mother.

“That wasn’t even the worst part.” Cessy started crying again. “Your mother called, because she said she wanted to talk to me. Lorena said she didn’t have anybody else to talk to. I told her that your father wanted to talk to her too, about what they were going to do with the house now that they’re going to get divorced. I arranged it so that your father and your mother would both be here at the same time.

“I didn’t do it for them. I did it because I wanted to get back at your mother, because I always suspected that Lorena thought she was better than me. I wanted to rub it into her face that she wasn’t as perfect as she thought she was, with her perfect marriage, and her perfect husband, and her house and her kids. So, when they were both here, I told Lorena how I slept with your father. I told my sister how easy it was for me to take her husband into my bedroom, and how easy it was for me to get your father to do what I wanted him to.”

Despite that Junior knew that his parents had been on bad terms for several months now, he never thought they’d end up getting separated permanently. The idea that his parents might be getting a divorce had never seriously crossed his mind. He always figured they’d patch things up somehow and stay together. Also, he was just beginning to realize that in his arms, he was holding the woman that might have been the final wedge in his parents’ marriage.

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