The Invitation

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Nick sat nervously in the front seat of his car smoking and watching snowflakes fall from the dark sky. As smoke left his mouth, he waited until he had enough courage to get out of the car and walk along the road to the house where he had been invited.

Nick flicked the cigarette out of the window thinking ‘it’s now or never’. Getting out of his car, straightening out the wrinkles from his shirt and trousers, he started to walk to the house. The snow under his shoes making that crumpled noise that he loved. He opened the wooden gate, closed it behind him, and proceeded to the house.

Nick knocked on the door the way he was told to, a man in his early thirties dressed in a white tight t-shirt that really showed his muscles and tight blue jeans answered the door the man only asked one thing “name?”

There was no malice in his tone but Nick still felt intimidated by his presence but managed to say “Nick” the man seemed to change his demeanour his smiled showing all his brilliant white teeth and said “hey good to finally meet you Nick, I’m Paul come in please”.

Nick felt less intimidated and relaxed a little, he started to walk in as Paul stood to one side the warmth hit Nick and made his cold cheeks glow. Nick looked around noticing the large water colour portrait of Paul who had his arm around a beautiful woman with 2 kids in front of them that was hanging on the wall halfway up the stairs before the stairs disappeared.

Paul said “that’s my wife and kids but don’t worry the kids are at their Grandparents house. Paul smiled to himself as Paul gestured to proceed to go in the room that was next to him.

Nick opened the door as the conversation stopped Nick walked through, he really felt really uneasy and shy now and this showed as he put his hands in his pockets which is a defensive mode in body language and blushed.

A woman who looked like the lady in the portrait walked to Nick, she was wearing a Chinese silk green dress that had gold thread embroidery of flying dragons which fitted her just right, and the tags that looped through the buttons ran down the front of the dress.

Her large breasts were really stretching the material Nick noticed a long slit that ran from the bottom of the dress to the top of her thigh Nick thought she had great legs.

Smiling she said “Hi you must be Nick, I’m Sheila I’m really glad you turned up” Nick looked at her and had to come out of his stare to realise what she had said. “Thank you” he said ‘thinking she was about 35yrs old’ blushing even more.

“Let me introduce you to everyone else” Sheila led Nick around the room Nick counted 4 other women and 3 other men. Nick sat down with a cold can of beer in his hand next to Sheila as Paul stood in the centre of the room.

Paul started to say “first I would like to welcome Nick, as this is his first time here I shall state the rules.

Rule1. What happens in this house stays in this house.

Rule2. yenibosna escort All parties must agree before any activity is started.

Rule3. No condom no sex, unless other party agrees.

Rule4. No violence and or arguing.

Rule5. See rule 1.

Everyone laughed as Nick smiled Sheila turned to Nick putting her hand on his knee and said “you’re with me first, hope you don’t mind?” Nick couldn’t believe his luck and replied “no, of course not” with a big smile on his face.

Sheila smiled also, got up holding Nick’s hand gesturing him to get up and follow her. As Nick walked past Paul, Paul winked at Nick and said “enjoy”.

Nick smiled and thought ‘I will’. Walking up the stairs where the portrait was hanging Sheila opened a bedroom door Nick walked in and noticed the king size bed in the middle of the bedroom with red satin silk sheets, and matching pillow cases.

There was a large TV mounted on the other wall facing the bed which had something paused on the tele, Nick could smell something that was sweet but not over powering he liked it, Nick turned around and Sheila asked seductively “would you like me to undress you?”.

Nick replied “what about the rules?” Sheila laughed and said “honey, tonight with me they are no rules, I always get what I want and I want you”.

Pointing to Nick She got the remote control from the cabinet next to her then pressed play a porn film started to play. Sheila slowly walked to Nick then placed her full red lips on to his lips, Nick parted his lips to allow access for Sheila’s tongue to explore his mouth.

Nick’s hands found the zip on Sheila’s dress then slowly unzipped the dress allowing it to fall, Nick could feel her breasts pressing up against him Nick started to kiss Sheila’s neck as Sheila moaned in pleasure he unclasped her lace cream coloured bra then stood back, as the bra dropped to the ground.

Nick could see her now erect nipples Sheila wanted Nick to fuck her there and then but Nick had other ideas. Nick ordered Sheila to play with her nipples which she did obligingly. The thought of a younger man a stranger telling Sheila what to do in her own bedroom turned her on. Nick watched on as Sheila carried on playing with her nipples.

Nick stuck his hand out and ordered her to stop Sheila did as she was told then placed her hands down by her side. Nick then said “kneel down where you are” Sheila obeyed his command She loved been submissive, Nick got up from the bed and walked towards Sheila, she licked her top lip hoping to suck Nick’s cock.

Nick walked past Sheila, Sheila felt disappointed then Nick quickly turned around crouched down then pulled Sheila’s hair, Sheila let out a yelp as she enjoyed the pain. Nick whispered in her ear as he squeezed one of her nipples Sheila quickly gasped for breath enjoying the pain even more “now you can undress me”.

Nick let yeşilköy escort go of her nipple and hair then got on the bed and started to watch the film Sheila got up then walked to Nick she started to take off his trainers and socks, she then sucked his toes one by one starting with the smallest first on his left foot.

Nick let out a moan of pleasure he was disappointed with himself as he didn’t want Sheila to know that he was enjoying it.

Nick could feel his cock grow inside his trousers after Sheila had sucked all his toes she then ran her hands up Nick’s legs feeling the smooth fabric on her hands.

Sheila stopped at the base of his trouser zip Sheila noticed the big bulge smiled and asked “what have we got here?” Nick pretended he didn’t hear her as he continued to watch the film Sheila slowly ran her hand over the bulge and felt his cock twitch.

Sheila wanted a better view so she took off his trousers. Sheila was gob smacked about three things the first was that Nick wasn’t wearing any boxers that she liked a lot.

The second was that Nick’s cock must have been at least 10 inches long and about 2 inches thick she knew she was going to enjoy that.

The third was Nick’s cock was circumcised which was her favourite kind of cock.

Sheila lifted the heavy cock with her fingers bent down opened her mouth to engulf Nick’s big cock, Nick stopped her by putting his hands over his cock, he then said with a disappointment in his voice “I’m not fully undressed yet”.

Sheila smiled and replied “yes Sir” She unbuttoned his shirt, then slipped the shirt off Sheila kissed his shaven chest licked and sucked both of his nipples in turn as they became erect and sensitive.

Nick’s cock twitched and became erect leaving a line of pre-cum on Nick’s thigh, Sheila slid her hand down and started to slowly teasingly touched his cock with her long finger nail the sensation was overpowering for Nick as his cock came to full erection.

This sensation was out of this world for Nick he kissed Sheila and ordered her to suck his cock, Sheila had noticed the time and effort Nick had given to ensure his back, crack and sack was waxed.She didn’t need telling twice Sheila kissed the head of his cock and tasted the pre-cum, she then licked his cock from the head to his balls which were heavy.

Nick moaned as he closed his eyes enjoying what was happening to him Sheila opened her mouth and took his big cock and started to suck, Sheila started slow but soon found a rhythm as her saliva ran down his cock. Nick held Sheila’s head and fucked her mouth as she gagged and gasped for breath but wanted more.

Nick told Sheila he wanted to do a 69, as she was still sucking him she managed to turn herself around and positioned her wet shaven pussy onto Nick’s face Nick knew she had done this manoeuvre before but he didn’t mind one bit.

He used his fingers zeytinburnu escort to spread her pussy lips apart he noticed her swollen clit and nibbled on it this was too much for Sheila as she bucked, then screamed in pleasure whilst having an orgasm. She squirted her juices onto Nick’s face, Nick wanted more so he continued to suck lick and poke her pussy.

Orgasm after orgasm, wave after wave of pure pleasure shot through her body Sheila had never had so many orgasms in one go, as soon as she recovered from one orgasm another orgasm started. Nick inserted his thumb into her pussy and a finger into her ass.

Sheila had never let another man do that to her before not even her own husband but tonight she wanted it all. Nick started to finger fuck her as Sheila laid there squirming and writhing Nick told Sheila to sit on his cock she did as she was told.

Sheila straddled him slowly inserted his cock into her wet pussy until he was fully in, Sheila sat there for a moment until she was comfortable as she had never had a cock as big as this inside her.

She started to rock backwards and forwards as she was screaming in pleasure her juices were flowing out of her wet pussy, Nick lifted himself up then sucked hard on her nipples as she dug her nails into his back as she quickly had another orgasm, Sheila leaned backwards and soon realised that she could fuck him hard.

Sheila’s screaming could be heard outside the bedroom as she rode his big cock both bodies covered in sweat as they fucked. Sheila said “fuck me doggy style” Sheila bent over showing her ass in the air.

Nick inserted two fingers into her pussy fucked her hard and brought her to another squirting orgasm. He then rammed his cock into her wanting wet pussy as she screamed in delight Nick held on to her thighs as he fucked her as hard as he could his large heavy balls slapping against her ass.

Nick sucked his thumb and made sure they were plenty of saliva as he inserted his thumb into her ass Sheila gasped with the mixture of pain and pleasure whilst having another orgasm. Nick withdrew and placed his cock at the base of her arse he slowly started to nudge his cock into her but Sheila stopped him and said “no baby you’re just too big for that”.

Nick rammed his cock back into her sopping wet pussy as Sheila laid her head on the pillow as she used one of her hands to play with Nick’s balls,

this was too much for him and he felt his cock twitch he was about to pull out and cum on her back when Sheila cried out “cum in me baby”.

Nick carried on fucking her he then shouted out as Nick shot his hot cum into her, spurt after spurt of cum came out of his cock as he continued to fuck Sheila.

Nick withdrew his cock which had a mixture of his cum and her juices Sheila sucked his cock until there was no more cum left. Sheila laid next to Nick with her head on his chest listening to his fast heart beat as they fell asleep together. There was a knock at the door Paul peered his head in he was aroused at what he saw then said “time to change guys”.

Paul winked at Nick as he could see the smile on his wife’s face “hope you’ve still got some energy left Nick”? Paul said as this brunette lady walked in naked looking just as good as Sheila and wanting what Sheila had just had.

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