The Jamesons (A Prequel)

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This is my second Jamesons story, ‘Meet the Jamesons’ was the first, and I think it’s best to read that one first, but for those attached to chronological order this one is chronologically first. I just write them, I do not judge.


Being a work of fiction, everything in this story is made up, even the stuff that bears the same names as stuff that existed before (Hurricane) Andrew.


That includes the sexual activity all of which occurs between characters at least 18 fictional years of age.


My birthday had been on Thursday but both Jeff and I had classes on that day so as a present to me he flew me up to Stuart on Saturday. The beach there was an easy walk for us from the airport where Jeff showed me the proper knots used to tie down the little Cessna and keep it safe for our return to Tamiami. We walked along the semi-deserted beach and watched the breakers roll in.

“Jeff, do you ever think about going back home?” I asked while throwing a shell or something like a shell out into the waves.

“Yeah, a lot.”

“I mean it’s kinda crazy, more and more people are moving to South Florida every day, other people seem to love it here. But I don’t.”

“Yeah, it will get better after you are released from the insane asylum.”

I smiled at Jeff’s euphemism for Miami Sunset High School. It was a totally different world for us. 1600 students, a great many of which had just come in the last few years to this country, with it seemed like 1600 particular issues and needs. There were as many social workers, psychiatrists, politicians, lawyers and interpreters as teachers milling around it seemed. Since the two of us hadn’t set the library on fire or assaulted anybody we were pretty much ignored by the faculty and administration.

1600 students, there had been like 2000 souls in all of Freedom Corners, Texas, our home.

Ignored we were, except for when we were the unwilling protagonists in a previously undiscovered novel by Franz Kafka.

“Oh, you loved it there, especially Senorita R.,” I said.

“Yeah, illiterate in two languages.”

“That’s jus’ ’cause you speak ‘Mexican Spanish.'”

“And ‘Texican English’ too.”

I laughed. It felt so good to laugh and in a flash I suddenly realized how long it had been since I had last laughed and who it was that made me laugh like this before, and then the time before that. I reached out and held his hand in mine.

“I love you Jeff.”

“Me too sis.”

“You’re just saying that.”

“Nope, I really do love me.”

I turned and punched my big brother on the shoulder as he just grinned like the darned Cheshire cat.

“And I love you too Janet… Even though you punch like a girl.”

I shoved him hard with both hands and took off running down the beach yelling, “tag, you’re it,” over my shoulder.

We had both run cross-country in high school and while I had a good jump on him, his legs were longer than mine and he eventually caught up with me and tagged me.

“No tag backs,” I triumphantly stated.

Jeff was right I had less than a semester to go. As hard as it was for him he did his final year of penance in the insane asylum. It was harder for him in that he just had that one year. At least I had two to check all of the arbitrary and ridiculous bureaucratic boxes and so fulfill the State of Florida’s requirements for granting bahis firmaları a high school diploma.

“I wish you weren’t so unhappy,” he said.

“It just that I have nobody.”

“Jan, you have it all, you could get somebody.”

“Yeah, I misspoke I don’t want just anybody. Do you?”

“Noticed my love life lately, sis?”

“You have one?”

“No, and that’s exactly what I meant.”

“Me neither, It’s kinda boring.”

“I’m pretty busy logging hours.”

“Yeah… You know that could help fix that boredom thing.”

“Janet, would you like to fly with me to Marco Island tomorrow? See the Gulf Coast, decide if it is really any better?”

“Yes, I would.”

“It’s a date.”

“Only one I’m getting.”

“But, do you know what I’m truly honored, I get to fly the prettiest girl in Florida around.”

“You’re just saying that because I am your sister.”

“No, I am saying it because you are the hottest gal in South Florida, the fact that you are my sister is incidental.”

It was an interesting courtship. I’m not sure that a ‘courtship’ is what Jeff had in mind, but it isn’t as if he really had any choice. It’s just a fact of nature, girls develop faster than boys. Mom once told me any girl who couldn’t control her boy was a moron. We flew to Loxahachee on the Gold Coast, as well as to Marco Island south of Fort Meyers and to Jupiter a bit beyond Stuart as Jeff slowly banked the required hours for his commercial license.

In little, and I do mean little, we were forced into intimacy by the aeronautical engineering dictates of Clyde Cessna. In that little 152, november four niner eight six two two, or rather in the places that it took us I found my life partner. The boy, the beautiful man that had actually been there beside me all along just waiting for me to understand that it was him who would complete me.

Forty hours to a private license, that part had been completed before Jeff could fly me anywhere. Two fifty to a commercial, two thousand for that coveted ATP. One forty of that in a multi-engine, two hundred total IFR. Jeff had lots and lots of hours to burn in the little 152 base at Tamiami whose owners charged only by the accumulated numbers on the Hobbes Clock. As much as possible I was his persistent companion there in those hours. As much as possible we talked sharing our common frustration.

The move to Florida had been good for dad, for he had been one of many at DFW. He had been chosen to head his employer’s new operation out of MIA. They called it ‘corrosion corner’ that corridor along NW 36th street where the FAR 99 and 123 operations were based.

It had been good for mom, she got a nice condo in Kendall Lakes. A tasteful Spanish mission style stucco exterior with a barrel tile roof. Compared to our old home near Dallas it was rather smallish. But it had a very fancy kitchen with an oak floor, stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. The real cherrywood cabinets were lesser in number but oh so very perfect in their execution. The condo’s two very fancy bathrooms featured gauged slate in place of familiar glazed porcelain, and the showers featured floor to ceiling glass and gleaming chrome hardware.

Besides Jeff’s and my bedroom sets it seemed that mom’s beloved wrought iron and glass ice cream table and matching chairs were the only artifacts of my sixteen years growing up in Texas worth the relatively kaçak iddaa small cost of transportation to Florida. Mom was having a blast starting over.

So one day, months after my eighteenth birthday or more importantly that sweet Saturday thereafter when my brother had first said he loved me at least in my mind not in a platonic brother-sister way but in the way that lovers so often say they share love, we were again walking the Atlantic Ocean beach near Whitham field.

“Jeff, you say you love me.”

“I do Janet.”

“Prove it.”


“Prove that you love me.”

“What, how?”

“Did you love Jennifer?”

“Uh, I don’t know. I thought I did, but it didn’t work out, why?”

“That wasn’t what I asked you. I asked if you loved Jennifer.”

“I suppose, its kinda painful you know.”

“Yeah, bro. I KNOW, exactly. It is really, REALLY freaking painful. Since we came here, Florida I mean, just how many good romantic escapades have you charted?”


“Zero. That’s my answer. Is yours higher? We aren’t like the people here. But do you know who we are like?”

“Yes I do but…”


“Well you are…”








“Yes, certainly but are you sure…”

“Don’t want what I am offering?”

“Yes, maybe or maybe no, you are perfect Jan, I just don’t want to ruin perfect.”

“Wow, are you that bad?”


“‘Cause, I just never figured you for a dork. I just figured you could have somethin’ in you to make a girl smile.”

“Yes, No, I mean how do I answer that question.”

“Are you so bad at fucking that I would be just as frustrated after fucking you that I am now?”

“Uh, no,”

“‘Cause you know Jennifer would have already popped your fist one out and be ready for your guys second by now.”

“Jennifer had issues that had nothing to do with me.”

“Yeah. Don’t I know. But still if you married her you would have had like ten or twelve kids by twenty-five or so.”

“I am not with Jennifer anymore, so what is your point?”

“You are so smart, but you are also so dumb. I just totally love you Jeff.”

“And I love you, oh…”

“Yeah, figured it out finally, huh. Look at what I am offering you. I love you Jeff.”

“Me too.”

“Really? Then show me.”

“Yeah, really. You saw what happened with Jenn. And you musta seen what happened after.”

“Well, you had that. I never had anything.”


“Uh, huh.”

“But you are totally…”

“Totally, what?”

“Totally freaking hot Jan…”

“Yeah, that’s nothing.”

“Don’t you dare. Janet Jameson is the hottest, most totally gorgeous, smartest, sweetest girl out there. None are better.”

“Yeah, right says her platonic friend.”

“Take your shirt off.”


“Do it, you won’t be disappointed.”

I did not know what to say, what to do. We were on a public beach, but it was deserted. My big brother stepped towards me and removed my tee-shirt, then he made sweet affectionate love to my neck and my chest and my breasts.

Afterward he stood there waiting for my decision and he helped me comprehend his offer. He loved me like no other human ever would, ever could, knowing and understanding every single thing kaçak bahis that was me. Accepting every single thing. He would stay by my side and wait forever he said, but he preferred to take me now, to show me every single thing that true love mean could conceivably mean in all of its carnal forms.

I acquiesced, and it was the best decision that I had ever made.

Jeff kissed the outside of me, then he kissed the inside of me. He became one with me inserting part of him into me. He set off those fireworks that only I could see. He drank the fragrant juices that my body created as if they were the rarest and most valuable substance on earth. Then he shared with me a hardness born of his desire for me. A shaft of steel surrounded by pliable sensitive flesh. What a wonderous thing, it is no wonder boys are obsessed with them. I guided his into me. Were I to die right now, this is how I would want to die, my big brothers unit within me.

He said that the next time it would be special. Silly me, I had no idea that it could get any more special than having all of Martin County Beach to ourselves, but Jeff came through. We were supposed to be in our respective classes but we had more important things to attend to. While mom and dad were in San Juan we drove down to Florida City, and once there we spent two nights as man and wife in a little motor inn.

We registered as Mr. Jeffery and Mrs. Janet Jameson, a mere half hour from home and nobody questioned us. It wasn’t the swankiest, but it was absolute heaven. We could touch each other, kiss in public, play hanky-panky at the pool or be affectionate at the bar, basically just be silly like newlyweds are. And if anyone heard the happy noises emanating from our room, “well that’s the Jamesons, they’re newlyweds, isn’t young love grand.”

It was hard coming back to our mundane reality, Miami Sunset High School and Miami-Dade Community College after our ‘honeymoon’ in Florida City, but being at the very least technically grown-ups that is exactly what we did.

Since dad was the chief-pilot he could assign flight crews, and since he had mom listed as a ‘corporate representative’ she could tag along if she felt like it, we often had the condo to ourselves. On these days we could wander around the house naked and partake of the multitude of wonders that God gave us in the design of our mortal flesh.

I could inhale my Jeff’s wonderous oh so simultaneously hard and soft penis within the confines of my mouth, my throat. Him pushing his way into me his wonderous penis cutting off my supply of life-giving oxygen, him thrusting but then withdrawing so his little sister could breathe before returning. He would try my other orifices one by one exploring the depths of my vagina with his lips, his tongue and his fingers, drinking in the juices it created.

Exploring my anus, so sensitive and carrying with it so much societal baggage. But Jeff loved it as he loved all the various parts of me. It freaked me out a bit the first time his tongue went there, but he was happy, happy making his Jan happy, so I was happy too. I could play with all of his many parts, that wonderous penis, so wonderous in my mouth or throat, my anus or vagina. His sensitive testicles their feel and their taste, and surprise look what I found here up Jeff’s bum, a magic squirt button when pushed.

Life was totally wonderful up until that ill-fated day when an order requiring a quick jaunt to Atlanta-Hartsfield came in and dad covered it by sacrificing a day that he had planned to spend with mom waiting for a load in Montego Bay. But that is another story.


Lisa Ann

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