The Lake House

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Double Penetration

As she emerged from the car, Juliet Douglas heaved a deep and melancholy sigh.

It was late in the spring and, although there had already been a few days of steamy summer heat, today had proven to be nice and comfortable, a breeze blowing briskly. The sky above her was mostly clear as well, only a few wispy clouds breaking up the azure blue. All in all, it was the kind of quiet, sunny day that it just isn’t possible to not enjoy.

The housewife’s unhappy mood had nothing to do with the weather though.

An avid fisherman, Juliet’s grandfather had spent so much time up at the lake that he’d apparently decided it would be a good idea to keep more comfortable quarters there than any humble tent could provide. It was he who had bought this patch of land, accessible only via a network of narrow dirt roads, and put up this sturdy little cabin. Over the years since, whenever they’d felt the need to get away from it all, the cabin had proven to be an ideal hideaway for the whole family.

Those had been good times to say the least, but such innocent memories were not what consumed her every time she returned to this place and they were certainly not what was now making her so sad.

With the death of her grandfather some years back and the family spending less and less time out here, it had been decided that they should just sell the place and be done with it. This place was very special to her and had done much to craft her into the woman she now was, so Juliet had hoped to keep the property in the family, but had found precious little support for the idea. Unable to buy it herself, she had gone down in defeat.

It was breaking her heart to think that she would never be able to come back to this place again.

With the deal about to go through and this land about to be lost to her forever, today had been her last chance to come up here and have one last look around when all was quiet and peaceful and when she was not trespassing.

This trip down memory lane would start of course down at the end of the building that was the farthest away from the cabin’s front door. The bare patch of ground she found there would have been as unremarkable to her as it must be to most everyone else if it weren’t for the series of events that were ignited right here about three decades ago.

Juliet closed her eyes, a wistful smile forming on her face as her mind traveled back across the years.

* * *

Blushing hotly as her aunt generously complimented how nice she looked in those little cut off shorts and a snug fitting T-shirt, the teenager ducked her head in embarrassment, but it was obvious that she was very flattered.

Nineteen years old and about to start her first year of college, it actually was true that Juliet Freeman had developed into quite the little heartbreaker. She had long and silky blonde hair that she was wearing pulled back into a ponytail, but a few loose strands still hung loose and blew across her face. Her eyes were large and a clear blue, her lips were full and moist, and her young face was clear and untouched by the scourge of acne. Her breasts were not large, but jutted from her chest proudly, their shape quite obvious through the thin top she was wearing since she had not chosen to wear a bra today. Her figure was lean and trim and came fully equipped with long, smooth legs and a taut little bottom.

Though a girl like this would certainly populate many a fantasy and wet dream, she was just too impossibly sweet and innocent to recognize the fact. Her natural shyness had inhibited her social life among her peers greatly, but out here alone with just her family she felt safe and relaxed and perfectly at ease.

In fact, she was so perfectly relaxed and so completely trusting that she didn’t even notice how her favorite aunt had so skillfully maneuvered her around to the side of the little cabin the girl was even now leaning back against. They were well away from the structure’s front door here and were also not near any of the windows, almost as if the older woman was trying to minimize the chance that anybody might overhear their conversation.

None of this ever entered Juliet’s mind though and so she never once suspected that the woman might have some kind of ulterior motive. Then again though, at this point it would have been news to her aunt as well.

Bracing herself with one hand against the side of the cabin and leaning in so close to the young girl that they could carry on this conversation in an intimate whisper, Madeline Freeman wore a warm smile as she took the opportunity to better examine her niece’s firm breasts while the teen was looking away.

About twice as old as this little girl and happily married to the brother of Juliet’s father since this young lady was just a toddler, Madeline had watched with great interest as her niece grew up. Madeline was someone who could well appreciate a person who was beautiful both on the inside and out regardless of whether they were male or female.

Though she bahis firmaları led a fairly sedentary life as a housewife, Madeline had managed to keep from packing on the pounds with a strict regimen of diet and exercise. Oh, to be sure she had not managed to avoid gaining any extra pounds, but fortunately only enough to make her look voluptuous. When you add to this how her shoulder length auburn hair was being gloriously highlighted by the sun, how her eyes were a deep blue and dancing with pleasure at how well the teenager was responding to her, and with her lips curved into a wide smile, she had all of the features that were guaranteed to drive someone to distraction. It was going to be a hot summer day and so she had dressed not unlike her niece this morning in a simple top and shorts – though her’s were more conservative to say the least.

Madeline had not come here today with the intention of trying to seduce her lovely young niece or anyone else, but there was just something about this sweet girl that she was finding irresistible today. Even now, she would have rounded angrily on anyone who dared to accuse of her hitting on her brother-in-law’s daughter, but no outside observer could have seen how the two of them were interacting and drawn any other conclusion.

Tittering girlishly under the onslaught of the older woman’s flattery, Juliet murmured, “That’s very sweet of you to say, Aunt Maddy, but . . .”

Madeline hushed her quickly. “I wouldn’t say it if it weren’t true, honey,” she swore sincerely, reaching up to catch and finger one of those golden strands drifting around the girl’s face. “Why, you must have to beat the boys back home off with a stick.”

Juliet shook her head, her blush not dimming even one iota. “No, not really.”

“Oh, I can’t believe that for a second,” Madeline laughed playfully. “Not when it’s someone as sweet and sexy as you.”

Juliet’s head shot up at this and she gave her Aunt a startled, open mouthed look. She seemed to be having a little trouble finding her voice and the one she eventually came up with was hoarse and halting.

“. . . sexy?” the teenager gasped in disbelief. ” . . . do you really think I’m sexy?”

Madeline’s fingers surrendered that lock of golden blonde hair so that she could stroke the girl’s cheek lightly with the back of her hand.

“Of course I do,” she answered, her voice growing deep and husky. “I would have to be blind not to be able to see how incredibly hot you are.”

There followed a lengthy silence as the two women just gazed deep into each other’s eyes, completely lost in the profoundly intense emotion they were feeling at that moment. It was a time in which the couple completely forgot about the fact that they were related, about the fact that one of them was supposedly so happily married and the other was fresh out of childhood. It was an instant in time when the two of them were aware of nothing but each other and the new but passionate desire that they were feeling for each other.

It was the sort of moment when good sense fell by the wayside and anything at all could possibly happen.

This moment came to a sudden end though before anything actually did happen as the sound of voices and approaching footsteps suddenly broke through the haze of desire that had so clouded the two women’s minds.

Madeline and Juliet jerked apart guiltily, moving a step or two away from each other just in time to avoid being discovered in such an intimate moment. They watched breathlessly as the husband of one of them and the father of the other emerged together from the lake house with their tackle boxes and headed across to where a pick-up truck was parked, eagerly discussing how they were going to catch a boatload of fish today.

Together, Juliet and Madeline watched them in silence for a long moment as the two men prepared for today’s fishing trip. They glanced at each other then, what had been happening between them sinking in. It was a shocking moment to realize that what had started out as a simple and perfectly innocent conversation between aunt and niece had taken such an odd turn into flirting and forbidden desire.

Suddenly feeling very uncomfortable, the couple parted company then with one of them heading into the cabin and the other going over to join the two men by the truck.

Like moths to the flame though, they would not be able to stay away from each other for long.

* * *

As she remembered how that wondrously unique moment had come to a sudden end, Juliet slowly opened her eyes and brought the parade of vivid memories to a momentary stop.

When she’d come out to the cabin with her parents that day, she could recall that she had been very annoyed with her two cousins for making excuses so they wouldn’t have to come. Their two families were able to spend a weekend out at the cabin together only two or three times a year and so she thought these were moments to be treasured, not avoided. And didn’t they always end up having a great time kaçak iddaa together?

It had proven to be something of a blessing that they weren’t there however as there was no way in the world that she and her aunt would have ever ended up seducing each other if the other kids were constantly underfoot.

She didn’t even want to think about what her life might have been like if she and her aunt had not ventured into the taboo that day.

Finally stepping away from the cabin, Juliet walked slowly through the dust and the sparse stands of tall grass, through the tree line, and into the forest. These woods didn’t seem any thicker now than they had been when she was a girl and the trees that encircled the cabin were not large ones, so it was possible to walk several yards into the forest without the lake house disappearing from view.

There was a special spot out here in the woods though – one that Juliet and her cousins had discovered back when they were children. If you placed yourself into this little hollow, they could still see the cabin through the trees readily enough, but it was much more of a challenge for anyone in the cabin to see them out there.

That little hollow was a magical place as far as the children had been concerned. A place out in the woods where they could slip off to play together, a place where they did not have any concerns about getting lost, and a place without any parents to tell you what to do was a place that no kid in the world could resist.

Knowing that they would have a measure of privacy in a place like that, the nineteen year old Juliet had led her aunt out to that little hollow in the hope of continuing what they’d begun around the side of the cabin.

Now standing once again at the edge of that hollow, Juliet once more let the vivid memories wash over her.

* * *

A couple of hours had passed since the teenaged girl and middle-aged woman had slipped away from the rest of the family to flirt at the side of the lake house.

Ensconced in the one spot anywhere near the little cabin that gave them the most privacy without making it look too obvious that they had gone there looking for privacy, Juliet and Madeline had spent a little more time talking about things that would have raised the eyebrows of anyone who had been able to overhear them.

The flattery had been going the other way this time for the most part. More than ever before, Juliet now seemed to be aware of what a beautiful woman her aunt was and how well she had taken care of herself and so she just could not stop herself from gushing about it.

The older woman seemed even more overwhelmed by all the praise than Juliet had been earlier and she impulsively leaned in to give her a quick kiss on the cheek. Madeline drew back quickly afterward though and cautiously searched the girl’s expression – wondering if perhaps she had done something wrong, gone too far.

Juliet’s eyes were dancing gaily though and there was a delighted smile on her lips. Without a second thought, she returned the favor by leaning forward herself to plant a kiss of her own on her Aunt’s cheek.

Madeline’s breath caught and she raised a hand to the cheek the girl’s lips had so lightly brushed. She actually looked just a little startled at first, but then her face flushed warmly and she smiled broadly. A silly giggle bubbled up from inside her and was echoed by Juliet, who reached up to brush her fingers through the older woman’s hair.

Unable to resist, Madeline leaned in then and pressed an all too brief kiss to her niece’s lips. The contact lasted only an instant, but the electrical jolt it shot through these two women was stunning in it’s power.

Juliet gazed into her aunt’s eyes for a long moment, her smile fading as she felt something very unexpected come churning to life in her heart and soul.

The long and silent look she was receiving, the way that beautiful smile had disappeared, the wild and forbidden emotions that were threatening to overcome her, all conspired to make Madeline extremely nervous indeed. Had she moved too fast? Would this young girl get frightened and run to tell everyone about how her perverted aunt was putting the moves on her?

An instant later, all of those worries were cast aside when Juliet once more followed the older woman’s lead. With one hand on the back of Madeline’s neck and the other firmly taking hold of one of her hands, the teenager leaned in to kiss her aunt’s lips.

This second kiss was only a little less fleeting than the previous one had been and was probably still within the bounds of what was appropriate for a girl and her aunt, but it was quite clear to them both that a line was being crossed.

Again, a kiss was followed by a long pause as the couple just stared at each other, not only trying to gauge how the other was responding to what was happening, but also taking stock of their own reactions . Each was overjoyed – not to mention excited – to see nothing but approval and pleasure in the kaçak bahis other and were encouraged to press this even farther.

Juliet and Madeline leaned forward at the same time and shared a kiss that was long and tender and had absolutely nothing to do with the sort of chaste kisses normally shared between family members. It was a kiss of exploration, the kind of kiss that happens between two people who are just starting to realize just how much they love and desire each other.

The kiss had hardly ended before it was followed by another. This one was only slightly longer and firmer than that last one, but this was the one that changed everything forever as it completely ripped away every last trace of the facade that all of this could be explained away as innocent affection between an aunt and her niece.

It was during this kiss that Madeline’s tongue brushed lightly across the teenager’s lips, begging for admittance. Juliet was only too eager to open her mouth and the tip of her tongue touched the tip of her aunt’s.

It was a shocking, explosive moment and the two women broke apart suddenly with a loud gasp when they suddenly realized just how far they were going. They stared at each other long and hard, soaking in just how flushed and breathless they were and how the nipples which peaked their breasts were so obviously standing erect.

This was their absolute last chance to back off and pretend like none of this had ever happened, but neither one of them were even remotely interested in doing that.

However, just as the two of them were about to launch themselves at each other and indulge in the kind of kiss that would rocked their world, they were distracted by a shout from the cabin.

“Juliet?! Madeline?! Where are you two?!”

It was more than a little disconcerting to try to go from steamy and overheated all the way back to normal and innocent in an instant, but the voice of Juliet’s mother brought an immediate end to the women’s forbidden interlude among the trees. They both knew that they had no choice but to go back and rejoin the rest of the family or have to face difficult and unanswerable questions.

Juliet and Madeline did pause long enough however to take a few long, deep breaths to try to calm and compose themselves, not wanting it to be too obvious that they had been making out in their little hiding spot.

Reaching out, Juliet gave her aunt’s hand a squeeze and smiled reassuringly at her. It was her way of saying without words that this interruption did not mean that they could not resume what they had been doing later.

Madeline squeezed her hand back and smiled broadly.

* * *

Resurfacing again, Juliet shivered with pleasure and hugged herself as she remembered all of the wildly burning emotions she’d felt that day.

She’d been quite a little fool that long ago afternoon.

If the two of them had gotten caught messing around with each other like that there would have all kinds of trouble, of course. First and foremost, even though the two of them were related by marriage rather than blood, this was still incest. Secondly, there was the fact that Madeline was a married woman and her husband would not have been amused to learn that she was cheating on him. Given that his wife was betraying him with someone who was hardly more than a child surely would have made the insult even worse! But the teenaged Juliet simply hadn’t been thinking in those terms.

No, all she’d had on her mind back then was how wonderful it felt to know that someone like her had caught the eye of this beautiful and more experienced older woman. Given all the vagaries of dealing with boys her own age, she found the idea of being with someone whom she knew without question loved her just as much as she loved them awfully appealing An added benefit was that they could go all the way with this other woman and she didn’t have to worry about getting pregnant or catching some disease. Even the fact that this woman happened to be one of her relatives couldn’t dissuade her, instead making the whole affair seem that much more daring and exciting.

Her new lover was married? Rather than discourage her, this made her see it as a challenge. She would need to work out the best way to seem to spend no more time with the other woman than she ever had, yet find times and places where they could be alone together to do whatever their heart’s desired with nobody being the wiser.

No, she hadn’t been doing some of her clearest, most intelligent thinking that day. Instead, she been thinking like the impulsive, immature, hormone addled teenager that she was. Under the circumstances, it was very lucky that things had worked out so well.

Turning away from the hollow with a smile, Juliet now made her way back to the lake house.

As she remembered that magical day when she was introduced to the pleasures of the flesh by the wife of her father’s brother, the next pivotal moment occurred on a little wooden bench right in front of the cabin.

When she reached the bench, she just stared at it for a time, reflecting that nothing better demonstrated just how impulsive and indiscrete a teenaged girl could be than what happened right here.

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