The Laundry Room Ch. 3

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Suck my tits, bitch,” snarled Mrs. Bellker to Candace. Candace looked startled and confused. Admittedly, our situation had been bizarre since she had first started flirting with me not long ago, but things had taken such an unusual turn.

“I said…” Mrs. Bellker, the landlord of our apartment complex, viciously grabbed the back of Candace’s head and forced the younger lady’s mouth against her enormous right tit, “…SUCK THEM!”

Candace resisted for a moment, but then something happened…she seemed to start enjoying having a nipple against her lips. She moaned softly, with Mrs. Bellker moaning too. Candace’s soft pink tongue began to lick experimental circles around Mrs. Bellker’s stiffening nipple.

“Suck it, you slut!”

Candace took the whole enormous tit into her mouth and began sucking in earnest. A second later her eyes fluttered open with a start…

“What the hell is that?” she demanded, gurgling.

“My milk, slut, and you’d better enjoy it,” muttered Mrs. Bellker. “I’ve kept my breasts lactating for five years…drink up, baby.”

To my surprise, Candace latched back on to Mrs. Bellker’s right tit and began sucking like her life depended on that milk. Mrs. Bellker grabbed Candace’s head with both hands and began moaning in delight. One of her hands slid down Candace’s body, tweaking her nipples on the way down to Candace’s twat. Her fingers danced around the lips of Candace’s pussy lips, getting sticky with my cum as she explored my Community College classmate’s crevice.

I was handcuffed to the floor, with a rock-hard erection as I got a firsthand view of this bizarre sex play. My roommate, Todd, was cuffed similarly directly across from me. Candace was hanging from a pair of fur-lined manacles which bostancı escort were suspended from a track in the ceiling, which ran between Todd’s and my locations.

Right now, this erotic lesbian display was occurring in the center of the room.

“Yes, my little one, keep sucking…”

Mrs. Bellker’s hands continued to work Candace’s cunt, whipping the 20-year-old into a frenzy. Despite it all, Candace hung on to Mrs. Bellker’s huge tit.

And then Candace screamed in ecstasy, stiffening and then hanging limp. Mrs. Bellker looked at me with a devilish grin.

“You’re next, big boy,” she said, strolling toward me with an evil gleam in her eye. As she reached me, she began to shimmy out of her jeans, revealing a shaved pussy, with a little heart tattoo on her pelvis.

She dropped to her hands and knees and delicately tweaked the head of my cock, which was again glistening with pre-cum. She tasted it and grinned.

“Ooooo…you taste good, sort of salty, but not nearly as bad as Kenneth,” she purred. Kenneth was her husband, a man who was at least a decade older than Mrs. Bellker’s late-30s to early-40s.

Before I could respond, she squatted over me and then slid her steamy cunt down the length of my straining cock. I grunted involuntarily feeling the almost searing heat of this woman’s pussy. Mrs. Bellker began to slowly grind the walls of her cunt against my throbbing cock. With my hands bound at my side, there was nothing to do but enjoy the ride, watching her huge tits bobbing up and down in my face.

She roughly grabbed me by the hair and shoved my mouth against her left breast. Her ample breast was warm and soft, with the tough skin of her nipple hardening in my mouth. The areola göztepe escort almost filled my mouth as I began to suck experimentally.

Hot, sweet liquid squirted to the back of my mouth. For a moment I was repulsed by this, but within seconds, the warm milk…something I hadn’t tasted since being an infant…had a hypnotic effect on me. I could have drowned in Mrs. Bellker’s milk, as her hot pussy continued to gyrate against my thick member. Mrs. Bellker had incredible muscular control too. I felt her pussy begin to impossibly tighten around my dick, squeezing it, sucking the pre-cum out of it. I ignored the feeling and hungrily sucked away at her beautiful left tit.

And suddenly, I had the most mind-numbing, explosive, almost painful, orgasm I had ever felt. My cock erupted in thick, gooey semen, filling Mrs. Bellker to capacity, spilling out on me as she continued to buck wildly. I released her huge tit from my mouth to grunt loudly.

She threw her head back, whipping her bright red hair out in a frenzy as she bounced herself to a screaming orgasm.

All was still for a moment, but eventually, Mrs. Bellker started to stir.

“Oh my God, Bryan,” she said. “That was fantastic! You’re the best fuck I’ve ever had!”

I was stunned, flattered and exhausted. I was a mess.

Mrs. Bellker stood and thick glops of my cum plopped onto my belly and drooping cock.

“Can’t leave any evidence, can we?” She asked with a sly grin. “N…no.” I stammered.

Before I realized what was happening, her shaved pussy was grinding into my face, dripping my cooling semen onto my lips and chin.

“Eat your cum, lover,” she purred.

I wanted to yell “HELL NO!” I wanted to struggle…but something…perhaps istanbul escort it was the compliment, perhaps it was her fiery eyes, perhaps it was that tantalizing breast milk…

I lapped furiously at her cunt. She was right, my cum tasted slightly salty, but sort of bland, like a gelatinous mucus…kind of nasty. But her tangy pussy juices had mingled with my semen, making it barely palatable. I slurped and lapped until the only thing I could taste was cunt. I buried my head into her beautiful twat and was rewarded with a shudder and whimper from Mrs. Bellker as she enjoyed her second orgasm in just a few minutes.

“What was that for, lover?” she whispered hotly into my ear.

“P…please…let me suck your tits again…please…”

“Later lover. I need to finish up my rounds.”

I felt betrayed as she stood and walked over to Todd. I couldn’t see him past the slowly recovering form of Candace. Mrs. Bellker pressed a button on the remote control she had dropped in the center of the room and Candace began to move toward me as the complex system of pulleys whirred to life.

Within moments, Candace had slid up to me, and was lowered onto my body, her warm, semi-conscious for acting as a blanket.

Now I could see the action across the way as Mrs. Bellker had just decided Todd’s mammoth cock was ready for her. Todd’s cock looked like two soda cans stacked one on the other. It was long and thick as could be.

Mrs. Bellker slowly slid down his behemoth dork. She took him inch-by-inch, slowly swallowing his cock into her luscious pussy. The pussy I would have died happy if I had suffocated in it.

Still, I couldn’t ignore the beautiful young Candace, resting on my chest. I loved the feeling of her soft, tanned flesh against my body. But I couldn’t overpower the jealousy I felt when I saw my roommate fucking Mrs. Bellker.

Neither, it turns out, could Mr. Bellker, who entered the room and hollered…

“Tami, I just wanted to say I’m…WHAT THE FUCK?!?”

To be concluded..

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