The Master Ch. 02

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Alex sneaked into his sister’s dorm with ease. He was filled with purpose and could feel all eyes on him, Gloria, Denise, Rebecca, and above all, the Master. He had spent an entire day driving to her college without rest, and didn’t feel the least bit tired. Such limits were inherent to the human condition, and he wasn’t human. Not anymore.

He searched through his old self’s memories to get an idea of what his target looked like. Amy was her name. He smiled as he came across a past house party, and he saw his little sister, little in every sense of the word. She was barely over five feet tall, with dirty blonde hair gracing her shoulders and an ingenue face, her pink sweater straining against her heavy and magnificent breasts, a pin-up poster brought to life.

She had a roommate, a minor inconvenience that his former mother, Rebecca, would deal with, while Denise and Gloria stayed behind to tend to the Master and continue converting the neighborhood.

Alex patiently waited in her room, sitting in a chair while staring at the front door, her imminent arrival arousing him ever more. His eyes dilated, mouth drooled and his cock leaked torrents of virulent precum, all at the sheer thought of bringing his delicate little sister into the fold. To the collective. He restrained with all his might an orgasm as she finally came through the door.

Amy closed the door behind her before turning on the light, and when she did, the sight of her brother took her by complete surprise! How did he get in? And where the hell is Katy?

“Hey Amy, what’s up?” he stated calmly. The new Alex was unused to speaking, he much preferred the brute force method of converting like his mother, but alas, he couldn’t risk her escaping. Not yet.

“Alex you scared me! Jesus you’re just sitting there like some kind of spy or something…” she trailed off before remembering the first thing that crossed her mind. “By the way, how did you get in?”

“The door was unlocked,” he shrugged, before covering his tracks further. “And also…Katy was her name? Yeah she got along great with mom, they’re out doing girl things or whatever.”

“Oh…ok. Well come up and give your lil sister a hug!” she beamed.

Alex grinned as he could finally get to work. As he strode towards his future conquest, his skin started emitting pheromones that were rapidly filling up the room. As he moved in for the hug, he noticed his sister’s pupils grow bigger and her posture slackened imperceptibly. Already he was affecting her, and he exhaled with relish as he embraced her.

He hardened immediately after feeling her heavy breasts squish into his chest. He made subtle motions against her breasts, arousing her further and quickening her heartbeat. The longer he held her, the more his pheromones inundated her senses, lessening any future resistance.

Amy thought at first the lingering hug was a bit awkward, but the thought of pulling away was being pulled away, more and more. Something about Alex was so irresistible now. She breathed in deeply of her brother’s essence, and she shamefully became extremely wet. Whatever cologne he was wearing had to be made illegal! This was insane! kartal escort Her nipples soon became erect and felt a burning in her loins, before her mind felt like it was floating on clouds. She sighed in bliss, and her grip on her brother dwindled. Now he was simply holding her up, he licked his lips as his sister was wide open for the taking.

“Alex…” she said gently, looking up in her brother’s arms.”What’s…happening to me?”

Alex did not even look at her, simply moving into her room as he responded. “Shhhh…your mind is troubled…but not for long.”

He took her to bed before ripping off her skirt and tearing down her panties. His tongue made frenzied movements over her pussy lips before settling on her clit. His swirling tongue was driving her crazy, it had different sensations than a normal tongue, making unusual movements and feelings. Soon her juices were streaming into his mouth, and then, while moaning softly, she exploded in a burst of primordial elation. Torrents of her juices flooded his mouth, and he groaned in delight as he fed on them. His tongue then split into two tongues, one kept on pulsating along her clit while the other slithered into her pussy, priming itself for internal stimulation.

Amy made short, raspy gasps as she felt delectable pleasure rising in her body. Her hips had started to buck up and she forced her brother’s head as far as it could go down. The wrongness of her sibling’s tongue being in two places at once had occurred to her, but she was nonchalant. It felt too good and she was too much in a haze to do anything about it. Suddenly she exploded again, his writhing tongues had pushed her over the edge and her mind went blank from sheer pleasure. Her body contorted wildly as her fingers clutched the sheets, her milky thighs convulsing from irrepressible delight. It was then something very wrong happened.

Alex recombined his tongues, before unnaturally sending them deep into her vagina, like a probing vine. They split once more once they came upon her ovaries. He had to change her eggs, reform the chromosomes within to the Master’s specifications. Once the vines had reached their prize, the transformation began. A steady stream of liquid bulges passed down the vines before spewing onto her eggs, corrupting them for all time.

Amy’s body could sense something innately perverse happening within. Her mind struggled to come out of its daze. Everything felt so good! With each gusher of goo within her pussy she sighed in euphoria. Soon she felt her brother’s tongue withdrawing, creating a mixture of pleasure and disappointment as it tantalized every wall of her sex.

Her head lolled over as she saw her brother standing up. She looked up with glassy eyes. “Wwhat happensss now?” she slurred.

“Now…your womb is ready. Your mind is not. I will take it…and then you will be a fit vessel for the Master’s progeny.”

Her eyes suddenly became very doe like as they widened in total fear. “Nnn-no….please! It doesn’t have to be this way,” she pleaded as tears streamed down her rosy cheeks. “D-don’t you care about me?!”

Her brother had been gone for some time. He looked maltepe escort bayan down on her coldly. “No.” He continued, “I am not your brother. I am the Master. Just as you will be. Soon we will be one.”

Amy would’ve howled in despair if she could, but her angelic body was too polluted with sedatives to do much of anything but stare ahead, all but surrendering to the seductive lure of losing her humanity.

Alex may have had a cold intellect, but he was driven by animalistic passion, an inner instinct to breed the sensual specimen before him. He was going to bring the Master into human form through her. His sister was blessed with an ample bosom considering her size, but her hips were quite narrow, her ass almost pixie like, lacking in roundness and size. Once her mind had been subjugated she would be reformed to a more appropriate child bearing form. He grunted in delight at the thought of breeding her as he unfurled his cock, the veins on it had a greenish hue, attesting to his changed DNA. Soon she would have the same.

Amy’s misery melted away as her brother entered her. She raised her arms weakly in protest of her imminent enslavement, despite the pleasurable feelings but Alex just pinned both of them down with one hand. His thrusts were slow and deliberate at first, both of them wallowing in the exquisite sensation of each other. His cock had coated itself in an icy hot liquid, the contrast was driving her insane. She wanted more of it, faster, but he denied her, moving at his own speed, which just made her even more horny.

As his hips started slamming into hers, Alex was turned on even more by her jiggling, creamy breasts. They moved rhythmically with each thrust. He was sorely tempted to rush down and ravish them, reveling in their supple opulence. But first he had to break down more of her resistance.

He had picked up pace, his strokes long but fast. His cock had enlarged considerably, and her vagina could barely accommodate, if not for the ample lubrication that both were creating. She felt so tight! And he felt so big! Amy started to say something before it crumbled into an incoherent moan, as she retreated into indescribable pleasure.

Alex stopped pinning down her arms once he felt the last bits of resistance drop away, as he moved down to her body, finally able to fuck her face to face. They looked into each others eyes as he slammed away with passionate strokes, both moaning uncontrollably. Her eyes were honey brown, while every part of his eyes had turned green, intense arousal having revealed his true nature. He moved to kiss and lick her neck, eliciting more groans of delight, before descending on to her round, pouting breasts, smothering his face into her soft, pale globes, before mercilessly sucking them, coating her nipples with his toxic tongue, weakening her mind as he drove her into an explosive release.

Her hips bucked up to his rod, taking it in completely while wrapping her legs around him, as her orgasm rushed through every cell in her body. Fingers clawed down her brother’s back as her toes curled, her body helplessly thrashing and jerking from internal eruptions. She pushed her escort pendik brother’s face further into her swelling breasts, moaning as she was overcome with desire. Now, she didn’t care what happened to her. This felt so good, and the more she thought about submission and carrying the Master’s child, the more turned on she became, which lead to another mind shattering orgasm. Her back arched in passion as her pussy collided with her brother once more.

Rivulets of sweat streaked down her luscious breasts, before running down her shaking thighs. All that came out of her mouth were garbled whimpers and moans of lustful pleasure, she was utterly lost in her scrambled thoughts. She was only dimly aware of her brother’s groaning and increasingly forceful thrusts. Her time to be seeded was near, and her pussy milked him ever more because of it.

Alex was close to the end. He felt his body stiffening and his arousal reaching near breaking point. He derived no small amount of pleasure seeing his shattered sister below, her succulent rack rising in rhythm to her troubled breathing. Once he had claimed her womb, then he would finish transforming her, absorbing her thoughts and personality, leaving behind only a husk. The thought sent him over the edge. He grabbed her by her ass cheeks as he pumped his sacred load while swooping down to devour her lips, their tongues intertwining and locking in mutual orgasm. Her suctioning pussy drove him on even harder, as she drained more of his seed than he thought possible.

Amy no longer knew where she was, so great was her pleasure. She hardly knew her brother! All she felt inside was his seed, erupting and spreading like volcanic lava in her sex. On an instinctual level, she felt more than just the physical sensations. She felt the seed of the Master, reaching her ovum, fighting its way through to claim her. And once it breached the egg, she came as it was fertilized, corrupting her human bloodline forever. It aroused her to no end that she would be giving herself over to a new future of hybrids. She moaned in triumph.

Meanwhile, Alex looked down at his nearly paralyzed sister. Her eyes had rolled back into her head, completely white now, as drool trickled out of her mouth. Now to finish her subjugation. He leaned down to her mouth, kissing her lightly as his tongue proboscis moved past hers and broached her brain, her neural network. The takeover began as he imprinted orders onto her, he heard her moan as he bonded her to the Master forever. His cock was also simultaneously converting her body, injecting fluids that would remold her DNA and refine her form, more suited for motherhood and unbridled sex.

Amy felt nothing but intoxicating exaltation as her entire being was stripped away, memories of her childhood, of achievements, and friends…all taken away, she was being enslaved and she loved it, humping her brother wildly as she ached to quicken the process. She moaned faintly into the mouth of her lover as the transformation took its toll, her eyes fluttering as the last of her consciousness was emptied out. By midnight, some of the veins in her lily white skin were starting to show green. She felt her brother tenderly massaging her growing breasts, as his careful hand kept her steady, her curvy body going through some final jolts and twitches as the last of her resistance and will was disintegrated.

Her fate was sealed.

Amy had become one with the Master.

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