The Morrisons Ch. 10

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A million thanks to BffseOhio for editing and story suggestions!

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**Author’s Note: This is a continuous story where each chapter builds on the previous chapter. If this is the first chapter you’ve encountered of The Morrisons then I suggest you go back and read the previous chapters first so you will understand the characters actions in this chapter. I’ve added a list of the main story characters on the last page of this chapter. Sounds interesting? …… Then please enjoy! ………

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For the record: All characters in this story are legal aged (over 18 years of age)!

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From – Chapter 9

My serenity only lasted a few seconds because Terri leaned over and kissed me on the lips then said quietly, “I’ll have coffee ready for you when you get down to the kitchen.

Slowly she slipped out of bed and I followed her. I walked to Mary’s room and saw Kim was the center piece with Mary on one side and Shelly on the other. I walked to the bottom of the bed and reached out and took Kim’s toe and shook it gently. Her eyes opened up and she smiled at me as I said in a whisper, “It’s that time again and today is going to be a long day.”

Kim tried to slip out of bed unnoticed but both Shelly and Mary woke up. I told them they could go back to sleep but they rolled over and got out of bed and headed for the bathroom. Kim and I walked into our bathroom and started our morning routines.

I asked Kim, “Are you ready for the events of the day?”

Kim smiled at me and said, “Dan, with you by my side, I am always ready for anything….”


Chapter 10

Kim and I talked about the fun each of us had with our bed partners as we went through all our normal morning routines. Kim spoke highly of both Mary and Shelly as she showered. She took a break from talking as she was blow drying her hair, but when she was finished she picked up where she left off and talked non-stop while she applied the little bit of makeup she wore. Before I left the bathroom, I told Kim how happy I was that she had such wonderful time with Mary and Shelly. I never got to tell her how much I enjoyed my time with Terri and Jenna, but I figured I would do that on the way to work. Before leaving our bedroom I shook Jenna and told her it was time to get up.

On our way down the hall, Kim stopped to wake up Becky and Lisa, telling them it was time to get up and get ready for work. She told them Jenna was in our room just waking up as well. Both of them smiled and mumbled “Good morning” while they groggily put their feet over the edge of the bed and stood up wiping the sleep from their eyes. Both Kim and I returned their morning sentiment.

We found Terri, Mary and Shelly sitting at the kitchen breakfast counter drinking coffee. Terri jumped up and immediately poured Kim and I a cup of coffee. We sat down and started fixing our coffee while Terri stood at the stove and made two egg and cheese omelets with wheat toast. Within a couple of minutes Terri placed our breakfast in front of us then sat down to drink her own coffee and talk to us.

Kim told Terri, “I’m going into work this morning, however, when Hanna calls to let you know when she is being released from the hospital, I want you to call me and I’ll take a taxi over to the hospital and meet Shelly.”

Shelly said, “I will be bringing the unmarked car to the hospital. But I’ll be in full uniform.”

Kim asked Terri, “What bedroom do you want Hanna to have?”

Terri thought for a moment then replied, “I think the bedroom next to mine will be perfect for her. I’ll have Debbie and Ashley go through the room and make sure it’s cleaned thoroughly and ready for her.”

Kim reminded Terri that Ted and Marion along with their expanded crew would be working around the house today and all of them will be nude so it would be hard to shield Hanna from all the nude people. Kim said, “We’ll just have to play it by ear.”

As Kim and I were finishing our breakfast, Jenna, Lisa, and Becky came downstairs and everyone greeted them with, “Good morning.”

All three of them smiled saying “Good morning.” Jenna looked at Terri and asked, “Terri, would you make us some eggs and toast. We’ll get some OJ out of the refrigerator.”

Terri smiled as she stood up saying, “I made mom and dad an egg and cheese omelet; do any of you want one?”

All three girls replied, “I’d like one please.”

Once again, Terri stood at the stove and within a few minutes she placed an omelet on each plate. Jenna operated the toaster and made the toast, buttered it and placed some on each plate. All three girls kartal escort bayan stood at the counter, picked up a plate and carried it to the table to sit down to eat.

I stood up and said, “Come on darling, we need to hit the road so we can be ahead of all the traffic.”

Terri got up and stood by the door leading out to the garage and waited for us to walk over to her before she reached out and hugged and kissed both of us.

Our trip to work started silently, but that only lasted a few minutes. Kim told me she was a little bit nervous. She said, “I hope Ted has most of the system up and running later today so we can see what’s going on outside our home. I am worried about our safety and what might happen if one of the people find out we have both girls at our house.”

I looked over at Kim and said, “Honey, we are safer than any other family. We have two professional police officers staying at our home who are excellent marksmen and I’m positive they will make sure we are protected. Not only that, Ted is only a radio call away and if anything happens, he will come with screaming squad cars. If it will make you feel any better, I will stop by the gun shop on my way home tonight and buy a couple of hand guns so we can have them in our bedroom.”

Kim looked at me saying, “I think that’s a great idea, Dan. We live in the country and it would be good to have something to use just in case.”

That being settled, our conversation turned to the weekend and the fun we had. Kim said, “I love you so much for the lifestyle we live. I am living the life that other wives can only dream about.”

I looked at Kim and said, “Honey most husbands would give their left nut to be able to dip their wicks in as many pussies as I have. I only have to you to thank for allowing me to live a lifestyle most husbands wouldn’t dare to dream about for fear they would lose their nuts completely while they slept. It’s a good thing your name isn’t Lorena Bobbitt.”

Both of us burst out laughing and Kim added, “No problem honey, we won’t be calling you stubby any time soon.”

I told Kim how much fun I shared with Terri and Jenna last night. She let me ramble on for some time before she said, “Dan, both of our daughters love us very much and it is only fair that we show them how much love we have for them.”

We arrived at Kim’s office and I leaned over and kissed her before she got out of the car and closed the door. I sat in the car and watched her lovely ass as she walked up to the glass doors. Kim turned and saw me, then blew me a kiss before she disappeared inside.

Slowly I drove over to my office. I parked in my designated parking spot and as I got out of my car a co-worker named Hank came walking over to me and said, “I heard the rumor over the weekend that congratulations are in order.”

I smiled at him questioning, “What are you talking about?”

He smiled at me saying, “Don’t tell me the old man kept you in the dark?”

I smiled back at him saying, “The only thing I know is there’s a meeting first thing this morning to fill a position.”

Hank smiled at me and asked, “Are you sure that’s all you know?”

I smiled back at Hank as we walked into the building and said, “See you at the meeting.”


Meanwhile at home Terri finished fixing breakfast for herself, Mary and Shelly and they sat down to eat together. Mary said, “This still feels so strange being here and being nude and knowing that I’m being paid for working.”

Shelly relied, “I know. This is so surreal sitting here naked with our client and enjoying breakfast and yet at any moment we could be called upon to go into full swing and have to draw our weapons and protect her. I’m having the same feeling as you are, Mary.”

Terri smiled, saying, “When I came here to interview with the Morrisons for my housekeeping position and they informed me they were nudists, I was nervous too and once I took off my clothes I had the strangest of feelings, but I wanted to get away from Harold so bad, I was willing to do anything. However, now I think it is strange to put clothes on after living here as a nudist. I don’t know how Dan and Kim do it so easily.”

The doorbell sounded and Terri stood up along with Shelly and walked to the door. Both of them walked to the door and Shelly took her position behind the door while Terri opened it and saw Ashley and Debbie standing on the porch. Terri invited them in and the four of them walked towards the kitchen. Terri poured both of the newcomers a cup of coffee and they sat down and joined the conversation.

Terri said, “Before I forget it, we want you to go through the room next to mine even though it hasn’t been used. Please clean it and make sure everything is set in the bathroom. Hanna is coming here later today and we are going to give her that room to use.”

Both Ashley and Debbie were surprised that Hanna was getting out of the hospital so soon and both of them expressed their sentiment escort maltepe that this was the best place for Hanna to be because Mary and Shelly were here to protect her.

The doorbell sounded again and Terri stood up along with Shelly and walked to the door. Shelly took her place behind the door and Terri opened it and saw a man standing on the porch she didn’t know. The man asked, “Is Terri Powell at home?”

Terri had a cold shiver run through her body when she heard his words, yet somehow she remained calm and with a straight face she was able to say, “Just a moment please, I’ll get her for you. Please, wait right here.”

Terri quickly closed and clicked the lock on the door as Shelly dashed to the office, calling quietly to Mary as she ran. As both of them were putting on their shorts and tee-shirts only Mary put on her pistol belt. Shelly called Ted on her radio and used the code word they had set up between them. Terri quickly went to the kitchen and got Ashley and Debbie and took them upstairs to her room and closed and locked the door as prearranged.

Shelly went to the front door and opened it while Mary stood with her gun drawn behind the door. Shelly smiled at the young man waiting on the porch and said, “Hi, I’m Terri Powell, how may I help you?”

The young man looked Shelly up and down then said, “Hi, I was asked to come here and talk to you and see if you were ok.”

Shelly replied, “Well as you can see I am doing very well, but who asked you to come here and see me?”

The young man said, “I don’t know his name, but he knows you and he wanted me to talk to you, then stop and see him.”

Immediately Shelly threw the young man to the porch and Mary came out and the two of them cuffed him. The whole time the young man was being cuffed he continued to scream, “What are you doing? I only came here to talk to you!”

Seconds later Ted came to a screeching halt in front of the steps and ran up on the porch and grabbed the young man and stood him up. Immediately Ted started questioning him asking, “What’s your name?”

The young man said, “John. John Harrison. Why am I being handcuffed and thrown around?”

Ted asked, “Why are you here?”

“A guy asked me to stop by and see if Terri Powell was doing ok.” John replied.

“Where’s that guy now?” Ted demanded?

“He dropped me off and then said he would wait for me down by the road.” John said quickly.

Ted looked towards the road then said, “Watch him, I’ll be right back.”

Ted jumped in his car and drove down the driveway where he got out and looked around. He knew it was a lost cause because even though he came in his own private vehicle, he would have given himself away by the way he was driving. Ted drove back up to the house and called for a patrol car to come out and pick up the young man. While they were waiting Ted read the young man his Miranda Rights and asked him if he understood his rights. John stuttered, “Yes, I understand, but what I don’t understand is why I’m being arrested for just asking Terri if she was ok?”

The patrol car arrived and Ted gave his officer some instructions, then the officer left with John sitting in the back seat. Ted made a phone call to one of his other officers and instructed him to bring a marked car out and park on the south side of the driveway on the edge of the road. Ted said, “I’ll be awaiting your arrival so I can give you further instructions.”

Ted called Marion and said, “I want you to call Pete and Jeff and tell them I’m tied up with police work and ask them if they can work for me today. Tell them it is of the upmost importance that we have the system up and running today.”

Marion asked what happened and Ted gave her a brief description of the events and then told her he had to go to the office and interview the prisoner. Then he told Marion to pull in as many favors as she could to get the job done. Marion told Ted not to worry, she will do her best.

Ted turned to Mary and Shelly saying, “Apparently someone has figured out that Terri is here. The only way I can figure out is someone must have been watching the hospital and followed Kim back here yesterday. For the rest of the day, I want both of you to wear at least the shorts and tee-shirts you have on now and wear your pistol belts. I want both of you to be ready for anything. Just because we nabbed an innocent kid they sent up to the door doesn’t mean that we are out of the woods on this. Don’t let Terri go outside or at least out in the front of the house and if she goes out on the deck, one of you will have to be with her. Mary, I am going to put you on the clock, but please don’t put it down as overtime.”

Mary looked at Ted saying, “Don’t worry, Sergeant Johnson, we have the house covered. No one is coming in here unless we have your approval.”

Ted looked at Shelly and said, “Go up and tell Terri it’s all clear and tell her I want to talk to her.

When Terri came back down with Ashley and Debbie, Ted was waiting. pendik escort He looked at Ashley and Debbie then asked, “Do both of you know what’s going on? Do you remember what Dan said the other night at the party about being on the lookout?”

Ashley was quick to say Terri had told them someone she didn’t know came to the door asking for her. That’s why we went to her room and stayed there until Shelly came up to get us.

Ted said, “Neither of you are in any danger. I have two officers here in the house and I have another officer at the end of the driveway who is going to stop anyone on this road and interview them.”

“Terri, I need you to give me a list of anyone who you are expecting to come here to work today, other than my crew.” Ted said.

Terri walked to the kitchen breakfast counter and wrote down, Tony, Patty, Beth and Barbie Williams and Bill Smith. Then she handed the list to Ted. Terri said, “That’s all I’m certain about but others may show up.”

Looking at Terri, Ted said, “This is a start. Jack is going to be sitting at the end of the driveway and I’m going to have him stop anyone who comes down the road and interview them. I will tell him to let these people in automatically, but all others will have to answer some questions and be approved by you before they are allowed in. I know it’s going to get crazy here in a little while, but my crew will be coming to work. I don’t want any of them working nude because I don’t want Jack to see them.

Terri said, “Under the circumstances Dan and Kim would understand. I will put on a pair of shorts and tee-shirt and I have something for Ashley and Debbie to wear too.”

Ted shrugged his shoulders saying, “Terri, it doesn’t matter to me, because one of my officers will be near you at all times and when Ashley and Debbie get ready to clean the deck, I can have Mary or Shelly out there with them.”

“I need to go down and talk to Jack and fill him in and give him instructions. For now, keep all the doors locked.” Ted said as he walked towards the door.

Ashley said, “Well Deb, this isn’t getting any work done.” Both girls turned and headed up the stairs.

As they were walking up the stairs Mary called out, “Let Shelly or me know if you have to go outside.”

Marion arrived with an entourage of workers about fifteen minutes later. Ted came back up to the house briefly and gathered everyone around. Once he had everyone’s attention he said, “We had a situation here about an hour ago, so it is imperative that we have this system in and running before we leave tonight. I know I’m asking a lot, but I will pay you the extra money to stay until the job it done. I have to go down to the station and interview our prisoner, so I will be gone for awhile. If any of you need anything, let Marion know and she will get it for you immediately. Does anyone have any questions?”

No one said anything so Ted smiled and said, “Thank you in advance for getting this done.”

As Ted was leaving, the guy with the ditch witch arrived so Ted got out of his car and talked to him. Ted told the guy, “The main lines to the gate will be run along the edge of the driveway. I also want you to check with Marion and the other workers before you load the equipment back on the trailer, they may want to hard wire somewhere else.

As Ted was getting in his car, Pete and Jeff his system wiring specialists arrived, so Ted got back out of his car and waved at his officer to let them enter. Ted explained that the lines would be buried and they could start with some of the monitor wiring. He said they added more cameras and another monitor. Both guys told Ted not to worry about a thing and to go take care of business.

Ted waved at Jack as he drove down to the end of the driveway. Jack walked over and got his last minute instructions before Ted drove off, heading for the station.


I got off the elevator at my floor and when I stopped by my secretary’s desk she smiled at me and said, “Congratulations.”

I asked Beth to follow me as I walked into my office, leaving my door ajar. Beth stepped into my office and once I was seated at my desk I asked her to close the door and sit down. When she was seated she looked at me and frowned. I asked, “Beth, why are you frowning at me?”

Beth said, “I’m sad because you’ll be leaving me.”

I sat patiently behind my desk and tried to piece together anything that has been said to me lately to give me a hint of what’s going on. When I couldn’t come up with an intelligent reason why Beth was sad, I finally asked her, “Beth, you have been an excellent secretary for me, why will I be leaving you?”

Suddenly Beth gasped and covered her mouth when she realized I had no idea what she was talking about. Beth started apologizing for letting the cat out of the bag. I looked at Beth, saying, “You haven’t let anything out of the bag……yet, but you’ve been a great secretary for me, I’m not leaving you anywhere.”

Beth suddenly started bouncing up and down in her seat and clapping her hands and giggled. I watched her for a few seconds with astonishment. Finally I said, “You are the second one to congratulate me this morning so I will be very happy to hear why I am receiving the congratulations.”

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