The Neighborhood Ch. 05

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Chapter 5: Mom comes clean to her son

Copyright 2012 by A. Van Peebles, All Rights Reserved


I’d just had sex with my daughter, and I knew the next step was my son. I’d seen him peeking at me in the shower a few times, and there was that other night when I’d seen him watching me masturbate. I had figured that it was just curiosity, but now I thought it was probably something more. I knew I couldn’t keep what I’d just done with Emily a secret from Chris, so I’d have to talk to him.

I swore Emily to secrecy, at least for a few days. She could keep it a secret for that long. She was so excited at the prospect, though, that I wasn’t sure she could be quiet for much longer than that. Chris was going to Nicole’s for dinner the next night, but I told him to be home early, that I thought we needed to spend some time just hanging out as a family. He just said, “okay,” as he walked out the door. I sent Emily off to spend the night with a friend of hers. I didn’t want her around in case this didn’t work. And then I spent the next several hours afraid and sexually frustrated. You never would have guessed that I’d been laid, wonderfully so, twice in less than forty-eight hours. I should have been blissfully satisfied, but the prospect of sex with my handsome son had me on edge all evening. The thought that this was very wrong didn’t stop me. If anything, it made me more excited.


Mom insisted that I be home early that night, something about spending time as a family. I was back by about seven thirty. Mom must have heard me come in and called to me from her bedroom, asking me to come in there with her. She was sitting on the edge of her bed, wearing a dress, which was unusual. She’s the jeans type of mom. I didn’t make anything of it at the time, but she was wearing makeup and perfume too. She patted the bed next to her and asked me to sit next to her.

“Chris, I wanted to talk to you about Nicole. You are having sex with her, aren’t you?”

I started to say something, what I’m not sure, but nothing came out.

“I’m not mad,” she continued.”You’re nineteen and certainly old enough. I just want to know.”

“Yeah,” I answered, not really knowing what to expect.

“You are being safe? She’s using birth control?”

“Yes,” Oh, God, this was the talk. I’d been through this with Dad four years ago. It was awkward then. This was going to be worse, because it was my Mom.

“Good. You know you can always talk to me about these things.”

“I know that.” Of course I couldn’t talk to her about those things. No guy could. But I knew what she wanted to hear.

“I thought you were, but some other things got me wondering. I know you’ve sometimes watched me when I showered and that you were watching me the other night when I was playing with myself.”

Oh my God! I was busted. My stomach twisted up in knots, my skin grew clammy, and I started to sweat.

“At first I thought that you were just curious about the female body and that maybe you and Nicole weren’t sleeping with each other. Because why else would you want to look at your mother’s naked body.”

She paused, as if she expected me to say something. I didn’t know what. So she continued.

“And then last night escort kartal I saw you and Emily having sex.”

My mind went blank with terror. I just froze. This was worse than being busted.

“You’re having sex with Nicole. You’re having sex with Emily. And still you’re sneaking peeks at your naked mother. I’m wondering if you don’t want something more.”

She paused again, but my brain was locked. She wasn’t mad. She should be yelling or crying. I couldn’t figure out where this was going.

“I’m wondering if you don’t also want to have sex with me.” She put her hand on my thigh as she said this.

This was unbelievable. I didn’t hear what I thought I just heard.

“Would you like to have sex with me?” she continued. “It’s okay if you do. And I won’t be upset if you don’t. Maybe a little disappointed, because I’d really like to have sex with you, but I understand if that’s just not what you want.”

I still just sat there.

“Well, would you?”

I found myself slowly nodding yes. It didn’t think about doing it, my brain was still frozen. I just knew I wanted to have sex with her.

Mom reached out and took my head in her hands, drawing me into her. She started to kiss me, with tongue. I responded, and we fell back onto bed necking hungrily.


My God, was Chris a good kisser. He was doing something right with Nicole and Emily.


The kissing itself wasn’t much different than it was with Nicole or Emily, but the combination of the kissing and the smell of Mom’s perfume sent all sorts of conflicting signals through my brain. She smelled like Mom, but I was so horny. I think something must have short circuited. It was wrong, but I wanted it so bad.

Mom stopped for moment, stood up, and slipped off her dress. She was just wearing panties underneath. I’d seen her breasts before, but never like this. I swallowed hard, and she lay down next to me, and we started kissing again. She grabbed my right hand and guided it to her left breast. I had been too scared to do it before, but now I cupped and fondled it, feeling her hard nipple, which was like Emily’s. By moving my hand, Mom had broken the spell and I found I could move of my own free will. I broke our kiss and moved down to suck on her nipples.

Mom’s hand moved down to my crotch, and I felt her grasp my cock through my jeans. I suddenly realized that I was in pain down there. My cock was straining, trying to burst through the material. I’d never been so hard before. Mom unsnapped my jeans, and unzipped my fly, and my cock just popped out at attention.


It was a beautiful cock. This was the first really good look at gotten at it in years. Long and firm, with a glistening bead of pre-cum at the tip. Without hesitating, I slipped my mouth around it. It tasted as good as it looked, musky and salty. I licked around the head and glans and then engulfed it again. He didn’t last long, but that was okay. He was only nineteen. He’d recover quickly. I swallowed all his cum, a trick I’d learned doing that to his father. I’d forgotten how much I liked the taste and feel of cum in my mouth.

I stood up and slipped off my panties. Chris just watched me and then stared at my naked body.

“Well, maltepe escort aren’t you going to get undressed too? We’ve got a lot to do and it’s not going to get done as long as you’re dressed?”

Chris jumped off, and this time I lay on the bed and watched him undress, which I’ve found is always a treat. He’s so slim and hard, real eye candy. Then he lay next to me. For a few minutes, we didn’t do anything except stare into each other’s eyes, like young lovers, which I guess half of us were.

“Well, my studly son, have you gone down on Nicole and Emily yet?”


“Would you like to do it to me?”

“Oh, yes.”

“Well then, have at it.” I lay back and spread my legs.


I laid down between my Mom’s legs. Her pussy was right in front of my face. I really hadn’t done this all that much, just once with Nicole and a couple of times with Emily. Mom’s pussy was a lot hairier. It was kind of scary—not her pussy, that was very nice—but the prospect of going down on her was intimidating. Neither Nicole or Emily would have anything to judge me against, but Mom had been with Dad at least, and probably a bunch of guys before they got married.

But there was nothing to do but stick my tongue out and dive in, so I did. First a few licks around her lips, then I found her clit. Mom let out a soft moan when I first hit it. I guess I was a little too tentative, because she said something about not being able to hurt her, so I started to lick more firmly and aggressively. She responded by grabbing my head and pushing it harder against her pussy. I guess she liked that.

It wasn’t too long before she started letting out short, little yelps, just like Emily does when she starts to cum. And a minute later Mom was thrashing about the bed screaming. She got really wet and coated my face. Then she calmed down and pulled me up to her. She kissed me and started licking her juices off my face. God, was that hot!


I don’t know why I licked my juices off Chris’s face. It wasn’t anything I would have ever done before, but I guess that night with James and Lisa had taught me a thing or two. And my son turned out to be a pretty good pussy-licker. Although that night wasn’t a fair test; I was on a short fuse and came really quickly. All that nervous waiting beforehand really got me wound up.

I reached down to feel whether Chris was ready for more, and he was rock hard again. Thank God for teenage libidos! Since he was already lying on top of me, I just maneuvered his cock to my entrance and Chris took it from there.

I shuddered a bit when he first thrust into me; it was a little too soon after that last orgasm, and I was still sensitive down there, but that wore off quickly. His cock was the perfect size. Big and wide enough to hit all my sensitive spots at once, but not so big that it was uncomfortable. The only problem is that Chris was still being a little to tentative and tender.

“Fuck me harder,” I whispered into his ear. “You’re not going to hurt me. Fuck your mom hard. Go to town, you motherfucker.”

And he did. He picked up the pace and started slamming into me. Since I’d just cum a few minutes ago, the next orgasm came quickly too. And then two more in rapid succession pendik escort bayan after that. They weren’t as big as the first—I didn’t thrash around the bed this time—but they were still intense. I’ve been with a lot of different men since then, but no one does it to me like my son. Not only does he have a good-sized and very nice cock, but he knows how to use it—and he’s only gotten better with experience—plus there is the intangible eroticism of him being my son. No other guy can hope to compete with that.

Somewhere in all those orgasms of mine, Chris came. I was preoccupied and didn’t notice, but I hope it was nice for him too.


I was actually fucking my mom. It was like a dream come true, except I’d hardly dared to dream it. And when she started talking dirty in my ear, calling me a “motherfucker,” I nearly lost it. That was so hot! Amazingly, and I never told Mom this, but I actually came twice. I was so turned on that I never went soft.


We collapsed in a sweaty pile, gently kissing and fondling each other. After a few minutes I spoke.

“I gather that you enjoyed that.”

“Fuck, yeah, Mom. It was unbelievable.”

“Would you like to do it again? I don’t mean this minute, but is this something you’d like to keep doing with me?


I couldn’t believe it. Mom was offering to keep fucking. This wasn’t a one-time thing. Then something really amazing happened. Mom just opened up to me. We started talking. She told me all about the divorce, how she had been really hurt by Dad’s affair, and how she had been so sexually frustrated, only she didn’t really know it. She’d never spoken to me about her feelings like that, like I was an adult, not just her son, but a friend. I’m probably turning into a girl just saying this, but that conversation afterwards was even more satisfying than the sex. That night I learned what made sex so really great. It wasn’t the fucking, although that was pretty fucking great in and of itself, it was the closeness and sharing that the fucking enabled you to do.

Then Mom really dropped the bomb. She told me all about the Giamattis next door, how they were swingers and also fucked their kids. And then she told me that the night before she and Emily and the two Giamatti women had got it on over at the neighbors’ house. And best of all, I could fuck them too.


I don’t know why I opened up to Chris like that. I guess a lot had been building up inside me. It was so satisfying to just get it out. And my dear boy, who was probably freaked out about his strange mother babbling on and on, was so sweet and engaging. He’s going to make some woman extremely lucky. You just don’t find that combination of cock and consideration that often.

I told him about the neighbors and what I’d done with Emily the other night. He was surprised, but not freaked out. So that was good. I could tell that he was eager to get it on with the Giamattis. He is nineteen, after all. The prospect of hot and cold running sex was his idea of heaven. (Come to think of it, it’s my idea of heaven too.)

I noticed that his cock started stirring again during this part of the conversation, so I just said we would figure it all the details later on, and I moved down and took his semi-hard cock into my mouth. After I’d gotten him fully hard, I straddled him and rode him to another climax. He didn’t make me cum this last time—I’d already cum so many times earlier—but it was still one of the most satisfying fucks I’ve had.

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