The Packages Ch. 03

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This is the third chapter of a story about a family receiving a series of packages that promises to reward them financially if they follow the rules. In this chapter the family agrees to carry out incestuous acts without waiting for a package. The mother and son stay at a hotel leaving you alone with your daughter. The acts include eating your daughter’s pussy for the first time, fucking and cumming inside her pussy and anal.

You are Jackson Quiller, and are the husband and father of your family. You work for yourself at home and have a business that has run into some financial difficulty. You can still pay the bills, but you know you will have to eat into your savings before long if things don’t turn around. You have never strayed from your devotion to your wife, but have been tempted by a few women. You are 6′ tall and keep yourself in decent shape. You have short blond hair and blue eyes, which your wife still finds attractive. You have one attribute that your wife especially enjoys, which is a 7″ cock with a massive girth. You and your wife have a pretty typical sex life for a married couple, which is to say it not all that often when it happens.

Your wife is Cindy. She has helped you with your business since you started it and has enjoyed the work. She is 5’9″ tall and is in good shape for a woman her age. She has long brown hair and brown eyes, which you still find sexy. She has D cup tits and a decent ass, but both have started to sag and you miss the look and feel of both from the time before.

Your only son is Bill. He has chosen to not go to college and chose to try to find work right out of high school. He wanted to make enough to leave home, but it never happened. He is 5’10” tall and in moderately athletic shape. He has brown hair and brown eyes, which are identical to your wife. He has 6″ cock with an average girth. He is not a virgin, but has limited experience.

Your only daughter is Tammy. She just graduated high school and hasn’t made any decisions between college and work. She is 5’6″ tall and in excellent shape. She has long blond hair and blue eyes that are identical to your own. She has B cup tits and a tight ass. She is not a virgin, but has very little experience.

Chapter 3

The day after receiving more cash than you have ever seen, you are sitting in the kitchen with your wife. The kids are both sound asleep, which gives you and your wife some time without interruption. It is clear that Cindy wants to talk to you about something, but you are not about to press. You know her very well and that means whatever is on her mind cannot be rushed or prodded in any way. She will tell you when she is ready and not a moment earlier.

You are about to take a sip of coffee when your wife says, “I need to say something.”

You put the cup down and look at her as you nod..”

Cindy says, “Now don’t say anything until I finish, please. I have to get this all out.”

You look at her and say, “I won’t, honey. What is it?”

Her eyes show she is quite serious as she says, “Ever since we started with that first task, we have crossed a lot of lines. It is pretty clear which direction this is all headed in and I know there is no stopping it. I’ve thought about this a lot and think it could be a good thing. I know I shouldn’t think of incest in that manner, but it gives us a chance to teach our kids how to get a lot better sexually.”

You can’t believe what you are hearing your wife say. You had no idea she was thinking about this situation in anything other than a negative light. You want to tell her you agree with her completely, but choose to remain silent and let her finish.

Cindy maintains her serious look as she continues, “I know I shouldn’t be thinking anything like this, but I don’t care. If your up for it, and if the kids agree, I think we should teach our kids without waiting for the next package that contains God only knows. What do you think?”

You take a sip of coffee to prevent from coming off overly eager to have access to your daughter, with your wife’s permission. You put the cup down and force yourself to remain silent. The last thing you want is to ruin the moment.

You take a breath and force a serious look on your face, then say, “I agree with everything you just said. You’re right, we have crossed a lot of lines and we are going to cross a lot more to get the millions promised. Provided the kids agree, I have no problem with you teaching Bill and me teaching Tammy.”

Cindy gives a sigh of relief as she says, “I’m happy you don’t think of me as some kind of freak. Thank you.”

You nod and say, “No more a freak than me, I guess. But I think we need to work out some details before talking to the kids.”

Cindy raises her eyebrows and asks, “What kind of details?”

You ask, “Do we all have to be in the same room? Do we have to tell each other what we are doing if not in the same room? Are there any limits?”

Your wife nods and says, “First, we don’t need to be in the same room. If you want ataşehir escort to take Tammy to a hotel room and leave me here with Bill, that’s fine. Or anything along those lines. Second, we don’t need to tell each other anything, unless we want to. Third, there are no limits as long as the kids agree. They can’t be forced to do anything.”

You nod and ask, “What happens if Tammy gets pregnant?”

Cindy says, “Then we help her raise the child.” You are about to respond, when she continues. “One last thing. You are to be with Tammy and I am to be with Bill. That’s it. So no threesomes unless one of the packages requires us to do so. Neither of us can be with anyone else, other than our children. It may sound strange, but I don’t think of this as cheating on you.”

You nod and say, “Completely understandable. Do you think the kids will agree?”

Cindy smiles and says, “Well, Tammy already saw your massive cock and didn’t run in terror.” She gives a little laugh as she continues. “In all seriousness, I don’t think either of them will have a problem with this. Neither has made any attempt to get out of doing anything with us.”

Once Bill and Tammy are awake, you and your wife lay out everything. Neither looks particularly shocked at the suggestion. In fact, they both look excited at the prospect. Once finished each of your children are given the opportunity to say whatever is on their minds.

Bill speaks first by saying, “Well, mom and dad, I’m game. We’re all adults here and I don’t have a problem with the whole incest thing. I know I don’t have a lot of experience with sex, so I am happy to receive lessons from you, mom.”

Tammy says, “I know I should think this is gross, or whatever, but I don’t. I have no problem with daddy teaching me things. And just like Bill, I don’t have a lot of experience and want to learn. Hell, the way I see it, me and Bill are lucky to have parents willing to teach us this kind of stuff.”

Cindy nods and says, “Then it’s settled. I’m going to take Bill to a hotel room. You two have fun.”

A few hours later Cindy and Bill are getting into the car to spend some time together. You close the door and look at your waiting daughter. Before indulging in anything, you go through the house to ensure the windows and doors are locked and all the blinds pulled tight. You have no idea which rooms are going to be used, so you take no chances.

Once satisfied, you and Cindy sit on the couch and you ask, “Is there anything you want to do with me?”

Her face gets very red as you stare at her blue eyes. She nods and says, “Yes, daddy. I want you to…” She can’t seem to find the words.

You reach over and caress her knee, which causes her to let out a soft sigh, and say, “It’s OK. You can tell me. There’s no need to be embarrassed, Tammy.”

She nods, but her face remains red. She takes a deep breath and quickly says, “I want you to lick me down there.” Here eyes drop as she says it, which makes you smile.

You continue to caress her knee as you say, “We’re both adults. You can use adult language. I am more than happy to eat out your pussy.”

She breathes a sigh of relief and her face loses some of the redness. She says, “Thank you, daddy.”

You say, “You’re welcome, Tammy. Now why don’t we go into my bedroom so we can get comfortable.”

She nods and you lead the way as you remove your clothes. You don’t even have to wonder is she is doing the same, since you have no doubt that she is. You reach your bed and turn to sit on the edge. Your daughter is right behind you so you reach out and gently hold her arms to keep her from sitting next to you.

She looks at you questioningly, so you say, “We have plenty of time, Tammy. There is no need to rush. Right now I want to look at your body.”

She smiles and says, “OK, daddy. I guess my tits don’t bother you.”

You say, “Not at all. It is nice to have variety.”

You stare at her tits and reach out to feel them in your hands. As soon as you make contact a shiver runs up and down your spine and your daughter lets out a soft sigh. You start to massage them gently as you slowly move your fingers closer to her nipple. Upon reaching them, Tammy lets out another soft sigh and you relish the feel of them between your fingers.

You slowly pull your hands away and give one last look at her tits, then say, “Turn around, Tammy. I want to see your ass.”

She turns slowly, which you enjoy, then stops with her ass in full view. You stare at her petite ass then bend over so you are only inches away. Your breath on her cheeks causes her to let out a soft sigh. You reach out and softly caress both cheeks, which you find even better than when you touched her tits. Her sigh gets a little louder.

You say, “Spread your legs.” She does so, but not quite enough. “Spread them a little more.” She spreads her legs a little more, which is perfect. “Now bend over.”

She bends over and you can see her asshole clearly. It looks extremely tight and kadıköy escort bayan you have no doubt that nothing has ever been inside that hole. You slowly move your finger up and down her crack, making sure not to touch that wonderful dark star. With every movement, her sighs become more pronounced.

You sit up and say, “Turn around.” She does so without question and as tempted as you are to look at her tits, you look at her face. You ask, “Has anyone ever eaten your pussy before?”

She shakes her head and says, “No, daddy. But I heard it feels really good.”

You smile and say, “It does, Tammy. Now I am going to lay down on my back and put my hands over my head. Then you are going to stand over me with your back to my face.” You use your hands to show her where her feet need to be when she straddles you. “Then I want you to lower yourself slowly onto my face. I’ll guide your ass so it is in a good position, OK?”

She nods, but remains silent. You guess she is too excited to say anything. You lay on your bed and place your arms so they won’t get pinned by her legs. As you look up you see your daughter position herself perfectly and start to lower herself towards your waiting tongue. You grab her ass softly and guide her as her pussy gets closer to its goal.

Your tongue makes contact with her clit and you love the way it feels and tastes. Tammy gives a moan as she feels a tongue on her for the first time. You start to work your tongue and eat her out by using techniques developed over time and it does not take long before you feel her pussy start to drip as she moans louder.

You reach up and grab her cheeks to give a playful squeeze, which she doesn’t seem to mind as her moans continue. You decide to test your daughter a little and spread her cheeks just a little. Again, she continues to moan loudly as your tongue does the job and the dripping increases. You spread a little further and see her asshole open just slightly. She moans, but it isn’t as loud, so you release her cheeks and decide not to press it any further at this moment.

You know she is very close to experiencing what may be her first orgasm. You rub a finger down the crack of her ass until it reaches her asshole. You start to move your finger around the hole so you can feel every ridge. The result is the loudest moan yet and suddenly she locks up. You quickly remove your finger to prevent it from interfering with your view.

She screams loudly as you feel your face get flooded from her explosion. You open your mouth and take as much as you can while staring at her asshole contract and release over and over again. You swallow what she gives you and then work her clit a little more as she continues to scream. You can’t believe how long her orgasm is lasting and you are glad it is you that brought her to this point. This kind of result will ensure there is little, if anything, she will refuse to do for you.

She finally finishes and rolls off of you to collapse onto the bed. You look over and caress her leg as you say, “Guess you enjoyed it, my sweet little daughter.”

She takes a deep breath and manages to say, “Yes, daddy. It felt wonderful.”

As you continue to caress her leg, slowly moving it closer to her ass, you ask, “Was that your first orgasm?”

She takes another deep breath and says, “Yes, daddy. It’s amazing.”

You move your hand to her ass and ask, “Did you like the way I touched your ass while I ate out my daughter’s wonderful pussy?”

She is starting to be able to catch her breath a little easier. She says, “Yes, daddy. It felt good to have you touch my ass while eating my pussy.”

You adjust yourself a little and start to rub a finger up and down the crack of her ass. She spreads her legs to allow you to do so without interference from her cheeks. You reach her asshole and softly rub around the center in a slow circle.

She lets out a soft sigh and says, “That feels good, daddy. Keep rubbing my asshole like that.”

You oblige for a while, but once she has her energy back you move your finger and hand away. You know what you want, but you also know it will take time before she can get wet again. You get up and go into the bathroom to wash off your gleaming face. You don’t bother with mouthwash, since you want the taste of your daughter to last as long as possible.

You return to the bedroom and say, “How about we break for lunch, then we can do something I want to do.”

She nods and says, “Whatever you want, daddy. Just keep making me feel this good and you can do whatever you want with me.”

You are tempted to tell her to be careful about what she says, but let it lie instead. You walk to the kitchen to make lunch in the nude and you both eat in relative quiet. Your daughter doesn’t bother with putting any clothes on, so you get to enjoy the view.

After lunch you say, “I’m going to fuck you now, my wonderful daughter.”

She smiles and her blue eyes twinkle as they peak through her blond hair. Tammy escort maltepe asks, “Is my daddy going to fuck his daughter in here?”

You smile back and say, “On my bed with you on top. My incestuous daughter is going to impale herself in her father’s massive cock.”

She gives a wicked grin and asks, “Is there anything else my father wants his incestuous fucking daughter to do?”

You know she is clearly enjoying the use of the words, which causes you to give your own wicked grin in return. You nod and say, “While my fucking daughter is riding my cock, and gets it coated with her pussy juice, she is going to get off and suck it clean, then fuck it again.”

She is silent for a moment, then walks into your bedroom so you can stare at her ass while you follow closely behind. You lay on your back and watch as your daughter straddles you, but this time she is facing you. She slowly lowers herself down and you feel the moment of entry, which is incredible. Her hole is tight and you know she has never taken anything like what you have, but that doesn’t stop her from taking every inch you have to give.

She starts to ride you and you watch as her tits bounce. You can’t believe there was no hesitation from your daughter, not even when you told her that you wanted her to suck your cock after it has been in her pussy. You let out a moan of pleasure as she moves faster and lets out her own moans.

You say, “Suck my fucking dick, you little fucking whore of a daughter. Taste your own fucking pussy.”

She gets off without hesitation and smiles at you while she takes the head of your dick into her mouth. She can’t take much more, but she does try until she gags herself. After she moves her head up and down on your cock you are ready to have her pussy.

You say, “Impale yourself again, you fucking cunt. I want my daughter’s pussy wrapped around my cock.”

She releases and immediately takes your cock in her pussy again. She moans as she smiles down at you and you let out your own moan. You know you are very close to having a great orgasm.

You say, “I’m going to fucking cum in you.”

She continues to ride you and says, “Give me your cum, daddy. Fill me with your cum. I want my daddy’s cum deep inside my pussy.”

You let out a loud moan and tighten. Then thrust your dick up to ensure you are in as far as possible. The release is amazing as you explode inside your daughter. At the same time you are filling her with your cum, she explodes as well with a very loud scream. You feel her pussy tighten and release quickly, which adds to the sensation.

Once you both stop twitching, you don’t give her a chance to collapse. You quickly say, “Put your ass close to my face and suck my dick, you fucking whore of a daughter. I want to see my cum drip from your pussy.”

She slowly pulls her pussy off your cock, but then quickly gets into the position you instructed. The feeling of her mouth on your cock is wonderful and you know she can take far more inside since you are no longer hard. You reach up and spread her pussy lips to reveal her glistening hole and watch as it drips from the combination of orgasms that just took place.

Once satisfied, you say, “That’s good, Tammy. You can get off me now and rest up.”

You start to caress her ass as you ask, “Tammy, does the language I’ve been using bother you?”

She takes a deep breath and lets out a soft sigh from your caress. Then says, “No, daddy. It’s fun to hear you talk to me like that and for me to say similar things. I have no problem with you calling me a whore of a daughter or anything else. You make me feel really good, so call me whatever you want. If you want to call me your incestuous fucking cunt of a daughter, then call me just that.”

You start to rub the crack of her ass and ask, “Does it bother you that I didn’t ask my fucking, incestuous whore of a daughter if you wanted to fuck me?

She lets out another sigh and says, “No, daddy. If you want to fuck your daughter, than fuck me. Whatever you want me to do, I’ll fucking do it. I didn’t realize it before this all happened, but I like being told what to do. I’m glad you asked me this morning, because now I know for sure. I want to be treated like and incestuous fucking whore of a daughter. I want to be told what to do by you, my father.”

You smile and say, “Alright, you fucking incestuous cunt, I’m going to spend the afternoon massaging you and then we’ll eat dinner. After dinner, you are mine.”

She lets out another sigh and says, “I’m always yours, daddy. Just don’t stop treating me like the incestuous little slut of a daughter that I am.”

You keep your word and spend the afternoon massaging every part of her body. On occasion you spread her cheeks to open her asshole slightly, but don’t go any further than that. It is all about testing her to see what she does.

You break for dinner and both eat quickly. Then say, “Now, my incestuous whore of a daughter, I am going to fuck your ass.”

Tammy looks nervous and asks, “Doesn’t that hurt?”

You nod and say, “At first, but after a few times it starts to feel good and I need my incestuous fucking whore of a daughter to take my cock in any hole I want. Now get on my fucking bed and lay down on your back, you fucking cunt.”

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