The Party Continues

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I had just gotten downstairs after cleaning myself up, and was in the process of heating up the queso when Chris arrived at the front door.

“Hey, Josh. Where’s Sherry?”

“Chris, hey. Um, She went upstairs a few minutes ago to take a shower before people started to get here.”

“Oh. Okay. Well, I’m gonna go upstairs and say hi, then I’ll be down to help get things ready.”

And with that, he trotted up the stairs and out of sight. I was starting to feel a little guilty about what Sherry and I had done just 30 minutes or so before, but looking back on it, I couldn’t have denied her or my desires. The circumstances were right, and it was simply a decision I was going to have to live with for as long as Sherry, Chris, and I were friends.

Most of the party was set up, and I opened the microwave to see if Sherry had indeed started to prepare something before she headed upstairs. There was a hot pocket on a plate in the center, and it had cooled off in the interim, so I quickly wolfed it down and put the finishing touches on the decorations. Chris and Sherry had chosen ‘Bacchanal” as the theme of the evening, in honor of the Greek god of celebration and wine. The house was decorated in fake olive branches, cardboard cutouts of pillars, and in the center, we had set up a large, plastic fountain (thank goodness for party rental stores) with enough room in it for 10 or 12 people to feasibly climb in. Fortunately the thing wasn’t all that deep. I could just imagine the horror of trying to explain to the coroner how 5 drunken twentysomethings had drowned when they passed out in a party supply fountain. I sighed. It looked like I was going to be the designated sober guy tonight if I wanted things to go safely.

Eventually, Chris came back downstairs, and we chatted. I gave him his gift early, and we hung out as one or two people started to arrive. First one there was Jerry, a guy who had started at the University the same semester as Sherry and I. Jerry was tall, thin, and very smooth with the ladies – at least those who fell in to his particular line of bullshit. Chris and I regularly amused ourselves reveling in watching Jerry operate. Despite it all, however, Jerry was still a good friend, and one hell of an impromptu bartender. Jerry gave Chris his gift, and he opened it up.

“Awesome,” Chris smiled, “Thanks, Jerry.”

Chris pulled out of the box and wrapping a large bottle of Seagram’s and two glasses, under which was a book of mixed drinks.

“You call the shots tonight, birthday boy – I’ll make whatever’s in there that we’ve got supplies for.”

Chris laughed, and he and Jerry headed into the kitchen as the doorbell rang. I opened it to find Darla and Jeff standing there, closely followed up the walkway by Allison Pottwell. Darla and Jeff had been dating since sophomore year. Jeff was an accomplished sculptor and the pride of the art school’s program. Darla, a 5’7″ blonde with a thin figure, was a bio-chem major who hung out with us artsy types because all of the students in her major were not exactly the type you wanted to go out and have a good time with – plus, Darla and Allison had been best friends since they had shared a dorm room together when they were freshmen.

Allison, a psych major, was one of those girls you just couldn’t help but try to hide your erection when she smiled at you. Everything about her emanated pure sex. She had brownish-auburn curly hair, full red pouty lips, dark eyes which melted your defenses, a set of perky, b cup breasts that any red blooded heterosexual male would want to take in their mouth and stretch with his teeth, a slender figure with hips that swayed back and forth, whispering, “feminine.”

Unfortunately, Allison had all but sworn off men in favor of a fetish I could hardly blame her for. Girls. Not that Allison wasn’t rumored to have enjoyed the filling feeling of a cock from time to time, but all of her long-term relationships were with women. Guys were reserved for one-night stands.

“Hey guys,” I said, opening the door wide.

“What’s up, Josh?” Jeff said, grabbing my extended hand. Jeff was a quintessential nice guy. Anything he could ever do for you, he would. He was one of the tallest guys I knew, standing about 6’5″. He had a very engaging smile, and had been a track and field guy before şişli escort he transferred here a year and a half ago. It had stuck with him, and he was still a very lean and muscular guy.

“Not much, Jeff,” I responded, gesturing them inside. “Come on in and relax a while.”

Just then Sherry made her way down the stairs, all freshened up. “Hey there, guys, glad you could make it.”

“Hi Sherry!” Darla chirped. “I brought some costumes.” And with that, Darla reached into this brown paper bag she had been carrying and pulled out several bed sheets. “Now we can all wear togas!”

“Awesome,” Sherry responded, a wicked smile sweeping across her face. “That’ll work out great.”

“Actually, togas were worn by the Romans. The Greek garments were called chitons.” The voice from behind us who filled us in with that tidbit of information was unmistakable. I turned around to see Judy Millsap standing in the doorway with Linda. Judy and Linda were old friends and in the past year or so, while Linda, Sherry and Jenny had been sharing this house, Judy had made several not necessarily welcome visits to our group’s get-togethers. And she was off with a bang on this one. Judy watched for any dumb thing one of us might say like a vulture, and she had found her opening. “And unless the Greeks were into two dimensional pillars and plastic stones, this party isn’t going to get Dionysus’ attention.”

“Yeah, thanks Judy,” Sherry mumbled, and then her voice resumed its normal cheer, undaunted, not wanting to spoil the party with a fight. “Anyway, let’s party!”

A couple of hours later the party was in full swing, and it was going very successfully. Several people had bought into the idea of wearing toga…. I mean, chitons at the party, and soon the entire house was full of happy, drunken people wearing their bed sheets. Some had chosen to keep their clothes on underneath their sheet, but others had gone ahead and stripped underneath, making it a game to see who could keep themselves contained in the fabric and who couldn’t.

I was at the stairwell, enjoying a beer and having a conversation with Martin, a music major who had been dating Linda for a short while, and Lucy, a very tall, very thin girl with short black hair and violet eyes. Lucy and I had just convinced Martin to pick up his guitar and provide some live music as a relief from some of this club shit we’d been listening to, when I heard a voice from upstairs calling “Josh!”

“Excuse me,” I said, and Lucy and Martin wandered off towards the living room. I walked up a couple of steps and responded to the call. “Yah?”

“Come up here a second. We need your opinion on something!”

“And bring a drink!” Chimed in a second voice, this one obviously Sherry’s.

My first assumption was that Sherry and a couple of others were already seriously drunk by now, and incapable of climbing up and down to get their own drinks. So I grabbed a wine cooler out of the ice chest and started upstairs.

What I found when I got there was not what I had expected. Sherry was there all right, sitting on her bed in a chiton, still with a devious grin on her face. Right next to her Allison was sitting, and lying next to Allison was Darla, with her sheet wide open, revealing her completely nude frame, and she was masturbating furiously, and obviously having quite a good time with it. Suddenly I became very aware of my own arousal.

“Josh,” Allison said, ” How would you like to be part of an experiment?”

“What kind of experiment?”

“Oh, nothing permanent,” she assured me, tenderly stroking Darla’s engorged nipple with her left hand, which sent Darla into a fit of ecstasy. ” Just something that Darla and I have been working on for a while – her in the lab, me with my journals.” As she was speaking, Allison gestured to a small pile of pills on Sherry’s nightstand.

“What’s that?” I asked suspiciously.

“Let’s just call them performance enhancers.”

“Creating a sex drug? Pretty ambitious for a couple of undergrads.”

“And you’re pretty quick to dismiss something you don’t know anything about. Look, Josh, I asked you up here because I thought you deserved a break in the lay department. You’re an attractive guy who hasn’t had a girlfriend in two years. taksim escort Now maybe I’m wrong, maybe you just aren’t looking for anything. But even if you’re not, why pass this up?”

“What do you want out of me?”

“To take one of the pills and then fuck the hell out of Darla.”

“Um… I’m sorry, I don’t think …”

“What? Don’t say ‘drugs and alcohol.’ This isn’t going to affect your health or give you an overdose or anything like that. The ingredients are all natural and they’re perfectly harmless. And don’t tell me you have a problem fucking someone else’s girlfriend, either.”

I shot a glance at Sherry, and the look on her face had gone from wicked smile to that all familiar please forgive me look. Then it became clear to me. Sherry had been sent to test me out – to see if I would be a willing candidate in Allison’s experiment.

Allison must have seen me putting the pieces together. “Don’t get mad at Sherry, Josh. Everyone you know can tell you’ve been wanting to put your dick in Sherry since the day you met her. She gave you that opportunity. Who are you to judge why? Now if you don’t want to take part in this, I can understand that. Just don’t tell anybody when you go downstairs, and if you wouldn’t mind, ask Jerry to come upstairs.

A thousand thoughts were racing through my head. This was rightfully my opportunity. But to submit myself to this test would mean relinquishing control of my own willpower, and giving way to the sexual animal inside of me. I looked at Sherry, Allison, and Darla – three beautiful girls and me in this room together. One of them very horny. And the thought of Jerry coming upstairs and taking advantage of what I’d passed up…

“Okay. I’ll do it.”

“Good boy,” Allison smirked.

“Don’t call me boy,” I said curtly. “Now, you take a pill first.”

Allison looked me straight in the eye. I held my gaze.

“All right,” she said finally, “I like the way you play this game.”

And Allison took the wine cooler from my hand, grabbed a pill off the nightstand, popped it in her mouth, and took a swig.

“You too, Sherry,” I said.

Sherry shrugged and willingly obeyed. That being done, it was now up to me. I took a pill, and washed it down with the last of my Foster’s. “Now what?”

“Be patient,” Allison said. “Give it a little time to work.”

We waited a few minutes, passing the time in relative silence. Eventually, I began to feel flushed, and could feel my dick growing straight and solid. A quick glance over to Sherry told me she was beginning to feel the effects as well. She had begun stroking her leg around the thigh back and forth. Her breathing began to grow rapid and short, and eventually, she stopped sitting up, and laid down on the bed where she continued to stroke herself, only this time, underneath the toga. I looked over at Allison. She showed no external signs of being too aroused, except that her nipples were now clearly visible through her chiton.

“Okay,” I said finally, “I’m aroused. Now what?”

“Well, now is the time when I would have you fuck Darla, but thanks to your little ‘condition’, I’m going to have to get a shot at you first. Open up your sheet and give me your cock.”

I quickly complied, throwing open my chiton, underneath which I was nude. Allison pushed me back down into the chair I had been sitting in, and began to run her hands all over my body. The experience Allison had in her sex life was really paying off for me right about now, as I enjoyed the sensation of her expert hands caressing my body and driving me mad as she found erogenous zones I didn’t even know I had. Finally, as a result of the drug, she found herself pressed to get down to business. My cock disappeared as her lips enveloped it.

I had been treated to an incredible blowjob only a few hours earlier, but either as a result of this drug or Allison’s experience – or both, it felt as though my dick had never been touched before and was for the first time responding to the sensation of pleasure. And what’s even better, sucking my cock seemed to be getting Allison off as well. Her moans increased in intensity as it went on, and I felt as though I were going to pass out if my dick took any more blood from my head. At this point, Darla and topkapı escort Sherry, both of whom had been watching, began to shout encouragements.

“That’s right, Allison, suck the skin off of him!”

“Deepthroat him, Allison!”

“Ooh, and when she does that, Josh, come down her throat!”

But Allison was lost in a world that involved only her and my swollen member. Darla, obviously now frustrated with masturbating, slid off the bed and climbed up onto the chair legs, where she now stood, pussy right in front of my nose. This was all I needed to begin digging into her sweet, moist box. As soon as a foreign object came into contact with her clitoris, it sent her over the edge, and Darla began to have an orgasm from my eating her. Darla screamed so loudly I feared for a second that even with all the noise downstairs, someone would hear her. And if that someone was Jeff…

“Sherry,” I groaned, nearly contorting with pleasure. “Sherry, lock your door.”

Sherry quickly went to do so, and soon the door was shut. As she came back, however, instead of continuing to finger herself, she slid under Allison and began to eat her out. The shock of the pleasure caused Allison to intake for air sharply, but instead of finding oxygen, she took my dick all the way down her throat. This was too much for me, and I began to release waves of cum into her.

“Oh, God, oh, fuck, here I come….” was all I managed to get out as a warning, but Allison was more than eager to act as a receptacle for my sticky semen. After coming for what seemed like five minutes, Allison opened her throat and released the death grip her esophagus had on my penis.

“Dammit, Allison,” Darla moaned. “Now what am I gonna do?”

“He’s not done yet, Darla,” Allison assured her between gasps. “Look.”

Sure enough, my cock hadn’t lost a millimeter of its hardness. Darla, not wanting to wait and see if it would subside, pulled me quickly onto Sherry’s bed and began to mount me while Allison and Sherry at each other out on the floor below.

Lying supine on the bed, Darla sat on me and impaled herself on my still hard cock. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh… God, God, yes!” She wailed as she slowly lowered herself down. “Josh, you feel sooo good!”

Slowly, our rhythm increased, Darla bouncing happily on my dick, grunting and groaning all along. Below us, the sounds of the other two girls pleasuring each other was enough to drive me wild. Sherry had given way to Allison, who was using all of her prowess to give the redhead an intense clitoral orgasm the likes of which she had yet to experience. And from the sound of it, Allison was doing a pretty damn good job.

“uhnnghhhh… yeah, yeah, yeah, Allison, keep doing that, yeah, oh, fuck me!” Sherry was crying under Allison’s assaults. “That’s right, bite it, Allison. Bite my clit.”

This sparked my curiosity, and so I looked over the side of the bed to see exactly what Sherry meant. Allison was on all fours over Sherry, with her head buried deep in her loins, and from the looks of it, Allison was nibbling gently on Sherry’s clit. An interesting technique, I thought to myself, as I made a note of it, and fixed my focus once again on Darla.

It was time to vary things up a bit, so I flipped Darla onto her side, lifted one of her legs high in the air, and pushed my dick between into her pussy.

“Christ, Josh, oh my God… Jeff’s never done me like this… oh, oh Ohhhhhhhhh…”

I fucked away at her furiously, her initial orgasm quickly giving way to another, and then another, and before long the feeling in my balls was such that I knew another wave of sperm was ready. Down below, the sounds of Sherry and Allison had subsided, and I was about ready to unload, too.

“Here I come, Darla. I’m pulling out.”

As I did, Sherry and Allison came to join Darla for the cum shower that rained down upon her. It was one of the most intense orgasms I had experienced in all of my life. What felt like gallons emptied from my testicles as the three girls played in the liquid like a sprinkler. Darla took most of it, but the other two were quick to lick it off of her breasts and face.

Exhausted, the four of us collapsed back onto the bed, Allison and Darla laughing and congratulating each other.

“Oh, wow,” Darla said as she looked down. “He’s still horny.”

“And will be for quite some time,” Allison added. “As will all of us. But that’s okay. It simply makes it time for the next stage of the plan.”

“What’s that?” I asked, although I had a sneaking suspicion I already knew.

“What else? Time to test it on the entire party. Ever been to an actual orgy?”

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