The Perils of Photography Ch. 02

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Sequel to The Perils of Photography. Hopefully, this one is in incest. The first part is in NonConsent where you will meet Owen and his sister, Amelia.

Massive thanks to Radlas for all his help with story direction and editing.

Everyone is over the age of eighteen.


Everything was perfect for Owen until it wasn’t. Though he and Amelia fucked daily using the excuse that Sandra was blackmailing her to do it, it quickly became time for her to go back to University.

Having tasted the sweet pleasure of sex, Owen couldn’t go back to his five-fingered friend. It had felt like their bodies were made for each other and the more sex they had the more confident they became.

First came the teasing, Amelia often came into his room, made him hard then used his cock to rub her pussy to orgasm after orgasm before she even let him fuck her. Then came the filming. He filmed his sister begging him to fuck her, then holding the camera, he fucked her doggy, missionary and cowgirl recording her pleas and cries as she came time and time again.

Finally came the different locations and roleplay, they fucked in all the rooms of the house except their mum’s room. That was a bit too far even for them. Fucking outside in the snow was fun until they nearly got caught by the elderly next-door neighbour.

After all this, there was no way that Owen could go back to his right hand. It just wasn’t the same and soon all the dark feelings of wanting to blackmail someone for sex began to come back. Amelia had only been gone for three weeks when he found his next target.

His mum, Donna had just come back from yoga with Tessa, her sister. Still wearing her tight-fitting leggings, she began to stretch in the living room oblivious to the cameras that were still planted around the house.

Owen meanwhile was on his computer watching the live feed. The camera in the living room was hidden inside the ceiling light and had a perfect view of his mum stretching.

“Nice…” he breathed while zooming in on his mum’s toned arse as she performed the warrior pose.

There was something so wrong about watching someone who didn’t know they were being watched that it sent a powerful wave through Owen’s body.

When she moved into the cobra pose, thrusting out her chest, Owen began to wonder just how he could go about blackmailing his mother. He was interrupted from his thoughts by a text message from his friend’s group chat asking if they all wanted to watch a film together.

Obviously, Owen would have much preferred to sink his dick into a wet pussy or even continue spying on his mum but option one wasn’t an option anymore and he also saw that his mum was finishing up. Shutting down his computer, he got ready to leave before heading into the living room.

Donna was sitting in the lotus position with her eyes closed. She looked peaceful and her relaxed face was more beautiful for it. With her ginger hair tied up in a bun behind her ears, her lips were stretched into a smile and her cute button nose twitched as if she was remembering something nice.

“Sorry, Mum,” whispered Owen.

“Oh god! You gave me a shock,” Donna scolded. “When did you get so quiet?! You’re always so loud in the morning!”

“Sorry Mum,” Owen repeated. “Um, I’m heading out to watch a film with the guys. I’ll text you when I’m on my way back.”

“Okay darling, Text me when you get there and have a good time!” She beamed at him and Owen felt his cock twitch.

Deciding he would have to leave before she noticed he was growing an erection, he grabbed his bag and headed outside.

Forty minutes later and he had forgotten all about his mother. He was sitting with his mates discussing what film they should watch. He arrived mid discussion and finally, they settled on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s True Lies. The perfect over the top action film.

Settling down to watch it, Owen was caught up in the film and then the famous striptease scene came on.

“Geez, Jamie Lee Curtis is fucking hot!”

“Perfect milf right there.” Owen agreed.

They had come to the scene where Jamie’s character was, unknowingly, stripping and dancing for her husband. It was insanely hot and a scene he could watch over and over. As he dreamt it was him getting the dance from Jamie Lee Curtis, he started to think what it would be like to have his mum dance for him. He just needed something that would make her do it.


“It could be worse…” Donna started as she looked at her naked body in the mirror.

“But it could be better.” She finished, patting her tummy.

In her mid-forties, Donna had decided to get fitter. Though she had a body most women her age would dream of, after one too many liquid lunches, she found herself failing to fit her jeans.

With her sister, Tessa joining her, they became members of fat fighters and took up running. Now three years later and at the age of forty-eight, Donna could fit into clothes she wore two decades ago and was rightly proud of her achievement.

Adding konyaaltı escort weights to her workout seemed to be the game-changer. Her whole body was more toned and the work she had put into her glutes definitely paid off. She had caught men her son’s age staring at her arse when she walked by.

Yet she was even happier with her chest. She didn’t know whether she was lucky or whether it was because she was young when she had her two children, but either way, her breasts had grown to a full C-cup and twenty-plus years later they remained plump and heavy.

It was just a shame she couldn’t find someone worth dating. Having the kids early into their relationship had put a strain on the young couple and a year after Owen was born, her husband left.

In the years since, Donna had dated but had gradually moved off men, preferring the gentle touch of a woman yet even then she had only dated two women seriously and neither of them had been brought home to meet her children.

If anything Donna was more worried for her kids. Up until a couple of weeks ago, they didn’t seem to get along. Though they were both pleasant to one another and talked briefly about school or work, it felt more like they were acquaintances than siblings and missed that special bond.

It was when she came back from the workout retreat that Tessa had brought her as a Christmas present that she noticed everything had changed.

Not only were Owen and Amelia talking together, but they were also spending hours in each other’s company. It was common for her to come home from work to see them giggling and teasing one another.

They had also taken to long hugs, she still didn’t know if it was done as a joke or with affection though she had once caught Owen with his hands on his sister’s bum. The siblings had laughed it off and not wanting to spoil the happiness, Donna ignored it.

She did wonder what had changed and the only thing she could think of was her holiday. Somehow, during her trip away the kids must have bonded. She just wished she could do the same with Owen.

Whether it was because there was no man in the house for him growing up or maybe she had a lot more in common with Amelia, but her relationship with Owen was indifferent at best.

When Amelia had gone back to university, Donna had hoped that she and Owen could spark a closer connection but her son had returned to his usual recluse self.

You’ve got mail

The loud notification from her phone startled Donna from her thoughts.

Opening the message, she saw a picture of jewellery. It looked vaguely familiar but she couldn’t quite place it until she got a follow-up message.

‘I have your necklace. If you want it back you have to do what I want.’

Checking the picture again, Donna could now see it was her necklace. It was a family heirloom celebrating their Welsh ancestry and she had hoped to pass it onto Amelia one day. It was made from Welsh gold with emeralds and diamonds hanging from it. Though it was priceless, more importantly to Donna, it was sentimental.

Even though she could see it in the picture, she still checked her jewellery box not wanting to believe what her eyes told her. With a sense of dread, she opened the box, to find it was gone.

She had worn it the other week for a work night out to the theatre, the green emeralds contrasted perfectly to her pale cleavage and she had received many compliments on it. She tried to remember if she had brought it home but the memory didn’t come. Clearly, she had lost it and this creep had found it.

Her first thought was to cry, despite living in London her entire life she had never been robbed before and it felt horrible. Letting the anger go, she took deep breaths before going back to her phone and replying to the message.

‘What do you want?’

‘Room 69 at the Travelodge on junction 10 of the M12. Wear something sexy. 8pm tonight. You do what I want and you’ll get what you want!’

‘How do I know I will get back my necklace? I can’t trust a thief’

There was silence after that. The seconds turned to minutes and wanting to distract her mind, Donna slowly got dressed for work.

You’ve got mail

Opening up the message, she saw several pictures were attached. Clicking on the first one, her breath caught in her mouth as she realised she was looking at Amelia posing in woodland in just lingerie and high heels.

The photograph looked professional and the way her daughter pouted towards the camera told Donna that she was posing for the picture. Moving through the other attachments they all involved her daughter in different positions but still wearing lingerie.

Only the last one didn’t look professional. Amelia, still in her bra and panties, was looking confused at a vibrator in her hand.

‘I reckon you can guess what the next couple of photos are of! I even have a video! Your daughter is a fine looking woman, I’m sure the students at her university would agree too!’

‘8pm and wear something sexy!’

Taking kültür escort breaths to calm herself, Donna went over her options but each time she tried to think her mind kept returning to the image of her daughter in the skimpy lingerie. Despite her better judgement, she found herself getting wet.

Not quite believing what she was doing, she picked up her phone and stared at the pictures before typing in a reply.

‘I don’t believe you have a video’

She hit send and then spent the next couple of minutes mentally beating herself up. Why had she sent that message? Did she really want to see her daughter masturbating? Why was she getting turned on from thinking about her daughter playing with herself?!

These questions floated around her head until a new message came through.

You’ve got mail

Opening it she saw a video was attached. She had to wait for it to download but the screenshot clearly showed Amelia staring at the vibrator. Finally when it had finished downloading, Donna paused, her finger hovering over the clip.

Did she want to watch this? She asked herself but her body told her the answer and she clicked it open.

“Tell us who you are darling,” a gruff voice said as the camera lifted up to reveal Amelia sitting on a long tree branch, wearing a lacy light blue lingerie bodysuit.

“Um, my names… precious,” replied Amelia hesitantly.

“You’re precious alright! You grow those things all by yourself?!”

The camera zoomed into her tits and Donna gasped as she saw her daughter’s large chest for the first time in a sexual light. Of course, they had gone shopping together but this sheer outfit was different to choosing sports bras. A voice deep in her head wished Amelia would pull down the lace material.

“Um, yes.”

“Fuck me! Tell us why you’re here, dollface.”

“Money, I got told that this would pay me ten grand but now I’m not sure I want to do this,” Amelia said.

“You want money? Then this is the only way.” the gruff voice replied, “besides I bet a law-abiding girl like you is fucking loving getting a bit naughty!”

“No, I’m not!”

“That wet patch tells a different story!”

Again the camera zoomed in and sure enough, there was a small circle of dark blue. Quickly Amelia crossed her legs but not fast enough and Donna felt her body warm-up as she stared at her daughter’s arousal. Urging herself not to touch her pussy, she kept on watching.

“Tell you what, why don’t we just do the masturbation scene today. I’ll pay you a grand for that and then if you want the rest we can meet up again?”


“I’ll even give you the tape. Here take this… I promise you, that you will enjoy it!”

A hairy arm appeared to the side of the shot and Amelia reached out and grabbed the thick white vibrator. She looked at it before pressing the button on the side. After a couple of seconds, it came to life.

Looking in the camera, Amelia looked nervous before the man produced a wad of twenty-pound notes and threw them over her head.

“All I need is to see you cum and you’ll get the rest… it’s easy money!”

Glancing at the money on the floor, Amelia reached to the crotch of her bodysuit and popped it open. Donna eagerly tried to see her pussy, she wasn’t thinking of her daughter, all she saw now was a sexy woman and she wanted to see more.

Leaning back, Amelia pressed the head of the toy between her legs.

“Oh fuck… it feels so good!”

The clip was eight minutes long and her daughter was clearly enjoying herself. Several times she looked into the camera and each time she moaned a bit louder.

“You like watching me play with myself, don’t you?!”

“I bet you want to fuck me… stick your dirty big cock in my tight pussy…”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck… cumming!” She cried, throwing her head back as her body heaved.

The vibrator dropped to the floor and the camera faded away to the sounds of her daughter’s heavy breathing.

At some point, while Donna watched she had unknowingly ripped open her trouser buttons and forced her fingers inside to play with her burning pussy.

Everything she was doing was wrong, not only was she watching a video of her daughter masturbate, she was masturbating because of it. Just thinking of that was enough for her to cum seconds before Amelia.

“Yes…” she gasped as her walls clenched around her finger and a rush of warmth flooded her pussy.

In her post-orgasm haze, Donna felt dirty but when she looked down to see Amelia loudly climaxing on the phone, she felt the urge again.

Kicking off her trousers, she quickly found her own vibrator and in a state of horniness, she went into her daughter’s room. Searching Amelia’s wardrobe, she found a slinky pink thong, lifting it to her nose she inhaled. There was a slight scent of pussy there.

Lying on her daughter’s bed, she sniffed the panties while pressing the vibrator against her clit.

“Fuck… Amy, you taste so good!”

Saying her daughter’s markantalya escort name unlocked something inside of Donna, pressing the vibrator hard against her delicate clit, she pushed the thong into her mouth muffling her loud scream as she came.

While Donna was squirming in ecstasy, her son was watching in wonder. He had managed to find a quiet place at work and had been just in time to catch his mum returning from her morning shower to look in the mirror.

Seeing his mum naked had only fueled his desire to have her and ending her the message, he watched eagerly to see her reaction to the blackmail.

He had thought that the jewellery alone would have been enough of an incentive to make her do his bidding but when she asked for more, he was proud of his quick thinking to drag Amelia into it.

He had taken the pictures over Christmas. Apparently Sandra had told Amelia to buy and model lingerie for him, obviously Owen knew that was rubbish but he definitely wasn’t complaining.

Then when his mum had called his bluff over the video, he got a bit worried. If she was this hard-nosed over just meeting up, surely she would flat out refuse his requests later. Shaking his head from the concerns, he tried to find a suitable video.

Of course, he had lots of clips of Amelia, unfortunately, they nearly all contained him fucking her. It was another demand from Sandra and Owen had happily obliged even buying a better camera to film them with, obviously, he kept a copy of everything.

The video of his sister masturbating was a bit of roleplay Sandra had wanted them to act out. A new model getting the casting couch treatment. The clip finished moments after Amelia came because, unable to stand idly by, Owen had entered the shot and fucked his sister in the woodland.

Sitting in the breakroom, he watched the live feed of his mum’s room. He expected anger, maybe even tears but he couldn’t have predicted what actually happened. His mouth dropped when his mum frantically played with her pussy and it only got better when Donna rushed to his sister’s room to cum again using a thong he had fucked her in.

He would have pulled out his cock but being in a breakroom with ten other people ruined his plans. Realising he hadn’t sent a follow-up message, he quickly composed one.

‘So, now do you believe me?’

It took a while for the reply to come. His mum was guiltily putting her daughter’s thong in the wash before freshening up.

‘You’re a sick bastard and I want a guarantee that this is over after tonight.’

She’s a fine one to talk about being sick, Owen chuckled.

‘As a sign of good faith, when you arrive at the destination, I will hand over the necklace. Then when we are done, all the photos and the video of your daughter will be on a USB for you.’

‘Fine, you have me for one night.’


“Owen, what the fuck are you doing? We’ve got track to lay! Get your arse up, boy!”

The foreman’s shout was followed by the cheers of his team and Owen hurried to hide his phone before joining them.

During the next couple of hours, Owen had a stupid grin on his face. Everything had gone better than thought, not only had his mum agreed to meet, she had also given him a little show. One that had been recorded and would be added to his personal video collection.

He privately congratulated himself on his plan, though the Travelodge wasn’t a swanky hotel like the True Lies film, it would do. Checking his watch he saw that he would finish work in two hours which gave him four hours to prepare the room and make sure everything was running smoothly.

The rest of his shift passed by uneventfully, though several times he forgot what he was meant to be doing and had to be reminded. Finally, he was free and hurrying home, he packed his bag and then sent his mum a text telling her he would be staying around Jeff’s house for the night.

Leaving the house, he headed to the Travelodge.

“Hi there, Wayne King for room 69 please,” Owen said, impressed he hadn’t sniggered at his fake identity.

“Good afternoon Mr King. Here is your door card for the room. The reception will close at five today, so if you need to get in or out of the hotel you will have to use the door code. 36DD. I have written it down for you. Have a pleasant stay.” The man behind the desk explained as he slid over the plastic card, with the door code on a sticky note.

“Excellent, thank you.”

The reception being closed was the main reason Owen had chosen this place, he didn’t want anyone questioning his mother and for her to then lose her nerve. Pulling out his other phone, he texted the door code to his mum and reminded her once again, to wear something sexy.

Opening up the door to the room, he went inside and dumped his bag on the bed. The room was incredibly basic, a double bed dominated the space with a small cabinet on either side of the headrest and a television monitor attached to the opposite wall. There was a chair in the corner and a small bathroom next to the door. It wasn’t much but it would do.

Checking his phone, he had a message from his mum telling him that she would be out with Tessa tonight and not to wait up. Firing back a reply, he turned his attention to setting up the room.

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