The Ring of Truth Ch. 09

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As always, my characters involved in the sex are all over the age of 18. Since this is my fantasy, there are no STD’s or unwanted pregnancies. All of my characters enjoy good hygiene so showers are only mentioned when part of the sex. They also eat when needed; none of my characters go hungry.

This story has taken a huge curve. I wanted to see if the ring could be used for good versus evil. It is no longer a simple sex story. I have maintained that concept in this chapter as well.

Please enjoy, comments are always appreciated and high votes massage my ego.

“Pastor, before you say something stupid, you should leave. Get dressed and go home. I will see you in your office tomorrow right after school. Your women will be staying here tonight.”

And he gathered up his clothes, donned them, and left muttering obscenities and curses under his breath.

After all the upheaval of the day and our dealings with the bastard Pastor, the women and I had a quiet evening. A light meal, some TV, and off to bed. Mom and I shared her bed as usual while the Howard women took their slumber in mine.

Breakfast was a simple meal for all of us. Toast, jam, coffee, and gloating. I was not able to convince them to stop. Especially not Julia and Tabi. They felt positively ecstatic about the humiliation of the Pastor yesterday. Both also agreed they had enjoyed the best sleep in many months.

I was not in a gloating mood. Far from it. Mom must have sensed my uncertainty as she remained somewhat glum as well.

It was not a case of feeling the humiliation and mental torture of the asshole Pastor was not needed. And, I did enjoy it. He deserved everything he received and would continue to receive.

My qualms were about the further use of the ring and my pet djinn. Until now, I had not felt I was using the ring in an evil manner. I had not forced any of the women to be with me sexually. They seemed to desire me of their own accord. And everything we all did together was enjoyed by all.

Jennifer was a perfect example of me not taking advantage of a woman. The very hot cheerleader had been involved in a lesbian affaire with our teacher Ms. Walker and had never been with a guy before. As a matter of fact, she had never seen a hard cock before mine.

We added another dimension to her affaire by introducing Mom and me to Jennifer. She was able to see, feel, and taste her first cock with me. But when it came to fucking her, it was decided by us all that she needed a specific event of her own. She did not need to accept sloppy seconds or even thirds from me.

Before we could arrange anything, the Howard weekend occurred. I would need to find quality time for Jennifer if she wanted to move forward with me.

I was almost in a daze all that day at school. I guess I was kind of obvious about it as Ms. Walker asked me to stay after class so we could talk. She stayed behind her desk while I sat at a student’s desk in the front row.

“Ricky, what is wrong with you today? You seem to be out of it,” asked Ms. Walker.

“I am, I guess. I just have some things on my mind.”

“Do you want to tell me about them?” the teacher asked as she walked around the edge of the desk and perched on it. My eyes were drawn down to her long, athletic legs as she crossed them. This simple act became very sexual in my mind as her short skirt slid up her legs revealing the garter belt clips holding up her taupe stockings.

“I do need some advice and I think you are the perfect person to ask since we have such a close personal relationship.”

Ms. Walker licked her perfect lips and smiled in encouragement.

“Ms. Walker, do you regret what happened between us?” I asked very straightforwardly.

“I was sorry about it at first,” she replied. “I enjoyed the sex, it was great. You and your mother were wonderful lovers. But, it still felt awkward. After all, my life, my career was on the line since you are one of my students.”

“At first?” I asked.

“Yes, I became much more comfortable with it when I saw that nothing had changed in our student-teacher relationship. You didn’t mix the two.”

With that being said, Ms. Walker uncrossed her legs. Rather than recrossing them, she left her legs open. I knew she was deliberately letting me look up her skirt at her pale yellow silk and satin panties.

“Ms. Walker, did you feel coerced or forced to have sex with me?”

My teacher shook her slowly, giving me a wry smile. “No, Ricky, I felt seduced. A masterful seduction.”

I had to smile back in return. Ms. Walker had set my mind at ease.

“Thank you for setting my mind easy, Ms. Walker. I wish I could eat you out as a return.”

“I wish you could too, Ricky. Let’s get together soon.”

Mrs. Howard was waiting for me in her car when school let out. I almost leaned over to give her a kiss when I climbed in. Realizing quickly that would be inappropriate, I stopped leaning in her direction pendik escort before it became too obvious to bystanders what I had been about to do.

At the temple, Mrs. Howard accompanied me to her husband’s office. We waited at his door while his assistant Pastor, who also served as the receptionist, announced us.

The Pastor obviously had good taste in women. Since it was a weekday and no services scheduled, she was wearing her street clothes. The AP had stood up slowly when we told her we were there to meet the Pastor.

The woman was about five foot six, wearing low heels, a tight skirt that ended above her knees, and a top that showed off her pleasant sized breasts. Long wavy dark hair that hung beneath her shoulders. A sexy youngish woman.

The Pastor was sitting behind his desk waiting for me nervously. He looked quite surprised when he saw his wife was my companion for this visit.

“Hello, Pastor, how are you today?” I asked.

He grunted out a response. “What are you doing here, Julia?” he asked his wife.

“I asked her to come with me,” I said. “We had a great night together, Pastor. How was your night?”

“Horrible,” he said with anger tingeing his cheeks.

“Did you manage to get a hard-on, Pastor?”

Anger turned to shame. “No,” he replied.

“Did you try?”

“Arrrghhh,” was his growled response.

“Well, Pastor, I think we need to discuss your sexual activities with the underage girls of the congregation. But, I think we should have your assistant join us to witness this conversation. Please call her in.”

Despite the Pastor not wanting to have any witnesses, he could no more ignore my instructions than he could stop eating for a month. You had to love it.

More chuckles from the crazy djinn.

His sexy assistant Pastor came into the room with a questioning look on her face.

“Can I help?” she asked.

The Pastor asked her to sit and be a witness to these proceedings.

The dark haired girl, Priscilla was her name, looked around before acknowledging there were only two extra chairs in the room, as always, and none for her. I suggested she share a seat with Mrs. Howard.

She walked over to the armchair giving me a glimpse of her delicate ass. The two women tried to share the armchair but there really was not enough room for the two of them. I suggested the Assistant Pastor sit on Mrs. Howard’s lap. So they did.

And, to my extreme viewing pleasure, Priscilla had to keep her legs straight out in order to maintain her position. Her skirt had inched up her legs giving me a good like from my side on position to them. She had good legs, long, lean, and athletic. I was a little disappointed that the view was not enhanced by stockings since she was not wearing any.

“Just to fill you in, Priscilla, the Pastor is about to confess to the various sexual crimes he has committed against the congregation,” I said.

The girl blushed. She turned her head to the side, trying to bury it in her shoulder.

The djinn whispered in my head.

“Priscilla,” I asked, “did he have sex with you as well.”

Tears filled her eyes as she looked over her shoulder at Mrs. Howard.

“Did you want to have sex with the Pastor, Priscilla?”

She shook her head negatively in an aggressive manner. Tears continued to flow. Her shoulders shook from the effort of her crying.

“Why did you have sex with him then?” I asked.

“He said if I didn’t fuck him, he would tell the whole congregation that I am a lesbian. He said I would be completely ostracized.”

“That is just evil, Pastor. How could you do that to this sweet girl!”

The Pastor offered no response at all.

“Is that how you captured all your sexual partners, Pastor? Blackmail?”

The Pastor glared at me with all the evil in his heart leaking out. There was no verbal response. Simply a shrug of his shoulders.

“Mrs. Howard and I are so sorry that you just had to endure this bastard’s treatment of you,” I said. Mrs. Howard put her arm around the crying assistant to the Pastor.

“Priscilla, would you like to give him back a taste of his own medicine?”

“Y-y-y-yessss,” she stammered at me.

“Do you find Mrs. Howard to be attractive? Are you attracted to her?”

Mrs. Howard smiled at the young woman and hugged her tighter. Priscilla smiled back at her while nodding her head affirmatively.

“Why don’t you and Mrs. Howard make love while the Pastor is forced to watch?” I asked her.

“You would love to see your wife and assistant pleasuring each other wouldn’t you, Pastor.”

He all but screamed out a no.

Taking that as her cue, Priscilla, the assistant, swung around, straddling Mrs. Howard. The two women that had been so close to the Pastor leaned together to make out. From where the Pastor was sitting he had a good view of his former pair.

Unfortunately I could see very little since, from my angle, I maltepe escort only had a view of Priscilla’s back. I saw that the women’s faces were moving against one another. Priscilla had her arms around the neck of the seductive older woman. Mrs. Howard was rubbing her hands lightly up and down the back of her partner.

Naturally, I did the only thing I could do. I moved my chair closer and to the side. As soon as I was sitting and able to see the two women making out my dick began to swell and stiffen. Their kisses were long and passionate. True soul kisses.

I was able to see Mrs. Howard work her hands under the back of the younger woman’s top. She returned to caressing the woman’s back while slowly working the top up, showing me and the reverend bare skin.

My rod was quite hard at this point. I loved watching the two women make out. Have I mentioned lesbian porn videos were my favourites to watch?

The damned djinn seemed to be nodding and chuckling in agreement with me. How did he know what a video was anyway?

In a few moments the brunette was topless. She had beautiful palm sized breasts. They were very perky and she had no need of a bra. Mrs. Howard’s hands were all over those tits. She caressed them, squeezed them, and pinched the assistant’s nipples.

That was it, my cock was rock hard. The thing that seemed most natural to me at this point was to put myself in my most comfortable position for watching lesbian action.

I stripped out of my clothes as quickly as possible while continuing to watch the two women. Mrs. Howard at this point had her mouth sucking on Priscilla’s erect nipples. It was obvious the women were enjoying each other.

Sitting back down, I put one hand on my balls and the other on my cock giving myself slight squeezes. I was certainly not going to rush my masturbation session.

Mrs. Howard was alternating between kissing Priscilla’s nipples and Priscilla’s mouth. I found both to be extremely sexy no matter what was being kissed. Mrs. Howard stretched her neck making it possible for her to lick and nibble the girl’s jaw, neck, and ear lobes.

This was a scene well worth masturbating to. All my post puberty life I had wanted the opportunity to jerk off to two women. In recent weeks, I had ample opportunity to see woman on woman or women sex but always had women of my own to tend to. Being an observer like this was a new opportunity.

Priscilla had reversed their positions. Now it was her pushing Mrs. Howard’s head back. She was nibbling and kissing the Pastor’s wife’s neck and jaw while ecstatically fondling her massive mammaries. I have no doubt that these were the biggest boobs she ever had her hands on.

And she wanted more than to feel them through the wife’s dress. Priscilla’s hands went to the zipper at the front of Mrs. Howards dress, slowly pulling it down to her waist. Wasting no time, Priscilla pushed the dress off of the wife’s shoulders revealing those huge tits in their bra.

This was better than any video I had seen to date. I had my left hand cupping and rubbing my furry balls. My right hand had a loose grip on my rigid staff and was extremely slowly pulling the skin up and down.

At first I thought Priscilla had been hypnotized by those giant tits in front of her eyes. Not for long though as she quickly locked her hands onto those marshmallow soft boobs. It must have been an unconscious reflex as she licked her lips. In another moment, Priscilla had nudged her way under the other woman’s armpits to release the cumbersome bra.

Glancing quickly to the Pastor, I could see that he was running the emotional gamut between being turned on and anger at being unable to get hard. He was not even being given the luxury of masturbating as I was.

“Don’t you like this, Pastor? Watching these two hot and sexy women together? Watching your wife and your assistant together like this? Watching these two beauties that you will never be able to enjoy ever again?”

I loved hearing the roar of anger and indignation he let out. It brought a huge smile to my face as well. And to his wife’s face. Priscilla had a smile on her face as well but I tend to think it was due to the grand breasts she had in her hands.

Priscilla was reveling in squeezing the huge, soft boobs. She took them by the nipples and pulled. She would pull them up, pull them side to side, and pull them down. The look on her face was pure little girl in the candy shop.

My staff was still standing tall. I was jerking myself slowly, still in no rush, just enough to ensure there was no flagging in my staff.

There must have been some whispering going on between the two women as once my attention left my cock, I saw that they were both standing up and had resumed making out. Their hands travelled each other’s body but spent most of their time palming each other’s ass.

Mrs. Howard as I knew from first hand exploration had a great ass. Very firm and tight. I didn’t know if I would kartal escort ever get the opportunity to explore Priscilla’s ass but her tight skirt hugging her cheeks led me to believe that it was in a fine state as well.

The Pastor’s wife decided she needed no help in getting her partially undone dress off the rest of the way. With her arms out at her sides, she began to shimmy allowing it to slide down over her hips and down her legs to puddle on the floor. Still shimmying, Mrs. Howard stepped away from it.

The shimmying brought an ache to my dick. Obviously an intentional move, the dancing had caused her tits to swing and sway as well. The huge marshmallowy boobs with the oversized nipples poking straight out—well, with the slightest sag—caught the bug eyed attention of her younger sex partner. Mine as well, of course.

Mrs. Howard returned to making out with Priscilla. While her lips and tongue were engaged by the assistant Pastor, her hands were busy undoing the button and zipper holding Priscilla’s skirt in place.

She began to tug on the girl’s dress so it would also slide down her long, lean, athletic legs. As my gaze followed the skirt down, I checked out Priscilla’s ass and legs very closely. I was disappointed she was not wearing stilettoes as was Mrs. Howard. They would have so enhanced my view.

Since Mrs. Howard’s hands had returned to fondling the young Pastor’s ass, my view was directed back as well. The girl must have been a runner, or maybe a spinner, since her ass was firm and toned. I saw that Mrs. Howard was needing to use her fingers like claws to get firm handholds.

Priscilla’s choice of panties was not as prim as her career path might have suggested. Her panties were not a thong but only slightly larger. The back only barely covered the cleft between her ass cheeks. At that point, I could only imagine that the pussy pouch was quite abbreviated as well. The assistant Pastor had good style taste.

I was enjoying the scenery and the masturbation and, therefore, felt instructions or directions from me were unneeded. The two women were moving and playing as if they were reading my mind anyway.

The dynamic duo resumed their seats on the chair. This time though, Mrs. Howard sat down first allowing Priscilla to straddle her but facing outwards this time. The assistant Pastor had an extremely hot body and I was horny enough to enjoy it.

Mrs. Howard went back to licking, kissing, and nibbling the girl’s neck and jawline. Priscilla sat with her head back and face raised, enjoying the loving expression of lust.

The Pastor’s wife’s hands slid from Priscilla’s shoulders to her boobs. She cupped them and tried to jiggle them to no avail. Priscilla’s tits were too firm and perky to allow much movement. Mrs. Howard pinching her one hard nipple and one lazy, still inverted nipple forced a heavy duty sigh from the girl as she arched her back forcing a tighter grip on her tits.

I sped up the jerking motion on my dick just a little as I pictured myself making the lazy nipple stand out with my teeth. After all, what guy has never dreamed of sucking a lesbian’s tits while another woman played with them?

The nasty djinn moaned in my head. Obviously he agreed with my comment.

Mrs. Howard whispered in the younger girl’s ear. Priscilla nodded and lifted her legs outside those of Mrs. Howard. This move, of course, put her pussy on full display for me and the Pastor. This was nothing new for him since he had already forced himself on her.

Yet, for me, it was new. Priscilla’s pussy was wide open. The wet, pink slit was hemmed in by long and large labia. Mrs. Howard was flicking them, the labia, with her fingertips causing Priscilla to moan in pleasure. I joined her in the moaning as my hand sped up even faster.

When Priscilla calmed down, the moans dropping off in volume, Mrs. Howard took two fingers and inserted them in Priscilla’s very wet cunt. I could see her fluids dripping out of her pussy.

“Hey, Pastor, see all that pussy juice? Bet you would love to taste it again, wouldn’t you?”

I laughed as he growled his response yet again.

Mrs. Howard was slowly finger fucking the assistant Pastor with one hand. Her other hand continued to maul Priscilla’s tits. I had to slow down the jerking of my cock as I felt semen beginning to edge its way out.

The Pastor’s wife, wanted to taste those juices dripping from the hot cunt her fingers were still fucking. She removed her fingers and held them up over Priscilla’s shoulder to her mouth. Sucking the fluids off, she let out a groan of appreciation for the taste.

But she was not leaving the cunt untended. Using her other hand, she dipped down to find the girl’s clit. Priscilla’s obvious reaction told me that Mrs. Howard had found her target. Reaching down with the previously used hand, she returned to finger fucking the panting assistant Pastor.

With the assistant Pastor’s entire body beginning to shake and shiver, her shrieks becoming louder and louder, her pussy leaking more and more fluids, it was apparent Priscilla was fast approaching her climax with the sexy older woman.

“Pastor, did she get that wet for you? Did she come this quickly? Or cum at all for you?”

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