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He clutched her to him tightly, her back pressed against his chest. His hairy arms encircling her body, so that she could not move. The palms of his large hands, kneading her swollen breasts, lightly squeezing her engorged nipples until her milk dripped out, wetting his fingers and the bloom of the alabaster paleness swell of her four months pregnant body.

They had been lying in this position for the past half-hour. This was his bed, a large king size with thick mattress, covered with soft satin sheets. He moved slowly inside her, fucking her with long slow strokes, sometimes forcing himself as far in as he possibly could, as though he was trying to invade deep into the recess of her womb.

She could feel the huge girth of his solid penis as he fucked her. The squishing sound when he moved in and out of her was obscene to her ears. She already had three orgasms and was almost exhausted by the intensity of his lovemaking but still he was firm and had not ejaculated. Her vagina was soppy with her secretions, her pubic area soaked and matted. Still she could feel another spasm as his hairy chest pressed into the small of her smooth back as she felt his balls against her buttocks.

He felt her trembling again as her muscles clamped tightly around his phallus. Her breaths came in gasping intervals as he rocked against her. He began to fuck her faster, this time not caring for her pleasure but his. He squeezed her breasts until she whimpered in pain. Turning her body slightly towards him, he raised himself on his arms and his mouth seeks her nipple. He latched onto the right protrusion and sucked her. The sweet taste of her milk flowed onto his tongue as he began to swallow.

Then she felt him stiffened momentarily. Even in her throes of fulfillment, she felt as though his penis had swell to fill her completely as he began to shudder against her.

The act of sucking, tasting and swallowing her milk had finally made him reached his climax. He pressed tightly against the softness of her buttocks as he began ejaculating deep inside her vagina. Spurt after spurt of his incestuous sperm exploded deep into her. He called out her name, “Julie, baby”, Frank gasped as he shot his cum inside his only daughter. His mouth clamped tightly onto her nipple as he kept sucking and drinking her flowing fountain.

Julie Santini lay on her father’s bed, as she felt him filling her. Gradually, she felt his hold on her slackened and his mouth released her nipple. She felt him grow soft as his penis slipped out of her. His cum flowed out onto her inner thighs. The room, although air conditioned, reeked of their sexual secretions and sweat. Her father’s huge, 200 pound body, was giant-like compared to the slim 25 year old woman he held in his arms.

Frank Santini, the 58 year old Senator, kissed his daughter’s shoulders as he extracted himself from her. Sitting up beside her in the dim light of his bedroom, he caressed her naked body gently. His hand moved down to touch the beginnings of the gradual swelling of her stomach. It was his grandchild that her daughter was pregnant with. He took a deep breath knowing that they had committed the ultimate taboo act, more so, knowing that his sperm was now inside her body, coating his grandchild. Looking down at Julie, Frank saw that she was already asleep. He knew that he had made her cum so many times that night and she was exhausted.

He kissed her forehead and covered her nude body with the blanket. He got off the bed and headed for the bathroom. Frank got under the shower and washed himself. He thought back to the previous month when William, Julie’s husband, had informed him that he was leaving for Brazil to start on a road building project and would be gone for a month. He had assured William that the project was a big step for his career and that he should not worry about Julie. The project was in the interior of Brazil’s heartland and no place for Julie, especially when she was already four months pregnant with their first child. Frank was a widower, his wife, Julie’s mother had succumbed to cancer almost ten years before. Frank had assured William that Julie should stay with him for the time being. After all, he was the Senator and Julie could be his hostess when he entertained at home.

Julie and her father did not have a close relationship. He was always too busy with his political career and when her mother died, the parental link was even further eroded. She had gone to college and only saw him when he was in town for business. She was always in awe of him. She saw Tom Santini as a someone in the corridors of power, always in the media and heading towards a top political position. To those who did not know of their kinship, they would not suspect that the two were father and daughter. Tom was a huge man, built like a tank while Julie was petite, slim and beautiful, with long, flowing black hair. Although she was tall, she came only up to Tom’s shoulders. She had met William when she worked in the same construction firm and they had fell in love almost at first sight. William was a partner of the firm escort ataşehir and when they married, she had stopped working. When William had to leave for Brazil to take charge of the project there, they decided that she should stay with her father until such time when he could send for her. Tom Santini had immediately agreed to the arrangement and he was glad to have and to know the daughter that he had neglected for too long.

Julie moved into her father’s palatial house and loved the surroundings. Tom too was happy to have her with him and both father and daughter began to learn about each other. They talked a lot, about the mother and wife that both missed. Tom began to notice his daughter and realized that she had grown into a lovely woman. And now that she was pregnant with his grandchild, the glow of impending motherhood made her more beautiful and vibrant. Sometimes, before bedtime, when Julie was in her nighties, Tom could see the silhouette of his daughter’s body when he passed her room. One evening, he paused at her doorway and when she bent down to pick up her dropped comb, the loose nightie exposed her breasts. Tom’s breath caught in his throat when he saw for the first time his daughter’s full breasts and her engorged nipples, standing out, pink against pale white flesh. He quickly step away and headed for his room. Tom could not believe the sudden feelings of wanting and the slow hardening of his penis. He tried to brush off the vision of what he saw but he could not.

On the third week, when Tom walked by Julie’s room, he saw her sitting on her bed, her hands brushing against her eyes. He saw that she was crying. “Julie,” he called out, “what is it honey,” as he walked into her room. He stood in front of her.

“Oh Dad,” she looked up at him.

“What is it Jules, are you sick,” he asked her.

She clasped her face in the palms of her hand. “No Dad,” she said softly, “it hurts…….”

“What is it honey,” Tom sat down beside her and took her hands in his. “Should I call Dr. Hendricks”, he asked urgently, “is it the baby?”

“No, Dad, it’s my breasts,” she replied, looking up at him shyly. “They are too full and I can’t relief them myself,” she continued in frustration.

Tom Santini stood in front of his distraught daughter, not really knowing what to do. He sat down beside her and took her hands in his. “Sweetheart, please tell me what to do, don’t be shy,” he gently brush her hair which was covering her face. “I know I’m not your mother, but let me help you in any way,” he assured her. He felt so useless, knowing that she was going through a phase where only a mother could be of help.

Julie was hurting and she felt comforted by her father’s concern. She looked at him and felt so safe in his presence. “Dad,” she said softly, “Help me. William used to do it when he was around.” With that, she slipped the straps of her nightie off her shoulders and unbuttoned the front. Her maternity bra was soaked with her milk.

Tom looked at his daughter as she unclasped her bra. Then her pale full breasts were exposed to his eyes for the very first time. Tom’s mouth went dry as his eyes feasted on the lovely shaped breasts, with her nipples still very pink and engorged, like two grapes. He could see that the nipples were wet with streaks of white milk. He could not help himself as his penis began to throb and hardened.

Julie cupped the twin mounds of swollen flesh in the palms of her hands and whispered softly, “help me to empty them, Dad,” she said in a voice he could hardly hear. “Just suck on my nipples, please,’ she told him.

Tom’s hands was visibly shaking as he reached out to move Julie’s hands away and took her place, cupping the heavily filled breasts in his own. He felt their weight and every so softly, he kneaded them. A spurt of milk squirted out and landed on his face. Instinctively, he lowered his head and his mouth sought a protruding nipple. He could feel it grow instantly hard when his mouth encircled it. And he began to suck, drawing the sweet tasting milk of his daughter onto his tongue and swallowing. He went from one nipple to the other, sucking her like a child until she was completely drained. He slid off the bed, kneeling on the floor, turning her, holding her by her arms as he kept his mouth sealed onto her breasts.

Julie was also gasping at the exquisite feeling of her father’s mouth, almost ravishing her breasts. She was taking in gulps of air as she felt his tongue rasping at her nipples. Now that her breasts were relieved of their tightness, she felt them growing firm and hard as he kept sucking on them. She slowly pushed his head away and he released her.

Father and daughter looked into each other’s eyes, both trying to catch their breaths.

Tom was first to speak, unevenly, “are you alright, dear,” he managed to say.

“Yes, Dad, thanks,” she blushed, as she covered herself with her nightie.

He got up and stood before her, his frame casting a shadow on her. Her eyes unintentionally caught sight of huge tent between his crotch. kadıköy escort Tom saw her looking and he made a coughing sound as he turned and sat down beside her. Both knew that something could never be the same again. Tom kissed her on her cheeks and walked out of her room.

As Tom walked away, Julie sat for awhile, panting softly. She could still feel the tingling sensations on her nipples and knew that she was completely wet between her thighs. She covered her face with her hands, her body shaking as tears fell down her cheeks. She knew that what had begun as an innocent act of help had crossed the invisible line of incestuous yearning between father and daughter.

Upon reaching his room, Tom immediately undressed himself and went into the bathroom. His hand clutched his hard penis and he masturbated, cumming onto the tissue that he had covered his penis with. Spurt after spurt of thick vicious sperm soaked the tissue. He leaned against the cool tile of the bathroom wall, his mind wandering back to the memory of his daughter’s wondrous breasts. He could still taste the milk that he had drained from her body.

They hardly talked to each other during breakfast the next day. Both were deep in their own thoughts, unsure of what the other was thinking. They avoided each other’s eyes, eating in silence.

Tom suddenly said, “I’ll be late tonight, I have a meeting with the town council, are you sure you’ll be ok, alone?”

Julie looked up for the first time. She offered him a smile, “don’t worry Dad, I’ll be fine, take care,” she replied.

Tom stood up and walked over to her. He kissed her on the forehead and left the house.

She heard the car moved away. Heaving a sigh of relief, she sat down and tried to come to terms of what had transpired between them both. She tried to reason out that what happened was only natural. Looking down, she could see the gentle swelling of her belly. Putting her hands onto her stomach, she felt pangs of guilt knowing that she had experienced the sexual wanting of her father and knowing that he too felt the same about her. She knew that he had stopped just in time. Now she wondered what the future would be. A thought of her husband and the child she was carrying was almost too much for her to bear. God, how could this happen to her, she said to herself.

The Senator’s meeting with the town council ended in disagreement. Tom Santini could not keep his mind on what they were discussing. His mind kept going back to Julie, the unfulfilled lust that he felt within himself. The smell of her, her softness and everything about her had released something that he knew he could not control. When the meeting ended, he went back to his office and sat by himself, trying to make sense of what he should do. Finally, he knew that there was only one thing that he wanted and hoped that Julie too felt the same. Looking at his watch, he saw that the time was already 11.45 at night.

Stepping quietly into the house, Tom saw that the light in Julie’s room was still on. Taking a deep breath, he headed towards her door and knocked softly. He opened it.

Julie was sitting at the edge of her bed.

Their eyes met. Both did not say a word as Tom closed the door. The big man stood looking at her, his eyes raping her body. She too just looked at him, not moving or saying a word. Tom went into her bathroom and stripped. He got under the shower. Julie heard her father bathing. Her body trembled knowing that her silence had given him her consent. The sudden quietness made her shiver again. Then the bathroom door opened. Tom Santini stood, freshly showered, with only her towel around his midriff.

Julie stood up, her eyes avoiding him as she walked past him and closed the bathroom door.

When she came out, Tom was standing in the middle of the room. Her knees were shaking and she could not move.

Tom came towards her and took her slender hand in his. He walked her to the single sofa chair and both stood beside it. The top of Julie’s head only reached his shoulders. Gently, Tom cupped her face in his large hands and his lips sought hers. He kissed her mouth for almost a minute and then his tongue invaded into hers. Stepping back, Tom pushed her bathrobe off her shoulders and it fell in a heap onto the floor. Julie stood nude before her father. Her breasts were full and firm and her nipples engorged and straining outwards. Her pregnant stomach gently sloping, and the soft pubic hair curling inwards between her crotch. Tom gasped at the goddess standing naked before him. He slipped off the towel and his turgid penis, hot and hard touched her belly.

Both just took in each other’s naked sights and with a groan, Tom bent his head down towards Julie’s chest and his mouth sought an engorged nipple. Sucking gently, his hands encircled her as he kneaded her buttocks, pressing her against him. Julie threw her head back, her mouth opening as she felt him sucking her milk. Then he slowly fell to his knees as his mouth and tongue trail downwards until his head was against her crotch. Trembling, she placed maltepe escort bayan her hands on his shoulders for support as she spread open her legs. Then she felt him against her vagina, licking her and feeling his tongue penetrating inside her body. She gasped as she felt him sucking for her love juice. The spasms of her vaginal muscles tried to trap his tongue as she had her first orgasm, her hands clutching tightly against his shoulder.

She began to sag and he knew she would crumble to the floor, so he took his mouth from her matted pubic hair, carried her in his arms and headed for his room. Placing her on his bed, he turned her so that she lay on her side. His hand brushed her buttocks as he used his finger to rub against her clitoris until she started to flow with wetness again. Pressing gently against her in the spoon position, he rubbed the head of his penis against her vagina. Her wetness and his earlier tonguing had made her open to accept his huge phallus.

It was the first incestuous fuck between father and daughter.

As he showered, Frank could not believe the incredible love he felt for his daughter. He did not even want to think about the consequences of their act, neither did he want to think about his son-in-law nor what the future might bring. It was only the insatiable need of Julie’s pregnant body that he wanted, now and always.

They have passed the Rubicon. Both father and daughter knew in their hearts that they were lost in their craving for each other’s flesh. They could not even think of what the future would bring. Their first love making was so intensified that each time Frank recalled the vision of his penis deep inside Julie’s pregnant body, pre-cum seeped out of his hardened cock and wet his underpants.

Although both of them needed each other desperately, Tom did not touch his daughter after that first fuck. He acted normal whenever they were around one another but they kept stealing glances at each other when they thought the other was not looking. Julie now looked at her father in a different light. He was now her lover, something that never crossed her mind before. Her nipples grew hard and she could feel herself growing wet whenever he was around her. But she too maintained the undeclared understanding of not pursuing their taboo feelings for each other. It was tremendously difficult for father and daughter to pretend that nothing had happened between them. It was for her unborn baby and his future grandchild’s sake that they refrained from satisfying their wanting for one another.

But fate took a hand and decided for them what they had tried so hard to ignore. On the Friday of the third week, after their erotic encounter, Julie received a letter from William. In the letter, he told her of his loneliness out there in Brazil and how much he missed her. He was also looking eagerly to the arrival of their first born. William also wrote that he had a lovely house and had got ready all the amenities and wanted her to be with him. He also informed her that he had already dispatched her air tickets and she would be flying out on Sunday. She held the letter in her hands and feelings of guilt and remorse played on her mind.

When Tom got home, he noticed that Julie was in a pensive mood. He did not say anything but went straight to his room. As he was taking off his tie, Julie appeared at his door. She just held out the letter to him. Tom took the letter and read it. He read it silently and when he finished, he heaved a sigh of impending loss, knowing that this woman standing close to him, the only woman he ever really wanted would soon be gone from his life. They just looked at each other and he could see tears welling in her eyes. Tom opened his mouth to say something, but Julie put a finger against his lips, and then turned and walk out of his room. As she walked away, Tom wanted to rush to her and hold her in his arms, but he knew that it was over.

Dinner that night was a silent affair. In their hearts, both knew that probably they would not see each other again for sometime. Even when they do meet in future, the hunger that they had for each other would forever remain in the recess of their memories. When dinner was over, Julie washed up while Tom sat at the table. He could not take his eyes off her. Her young pregnant body, the firm full breasts, her flaring buttocks and long legs and he felt his penis going hard in his pants. Tom got up from his chair and moved behind Julie, who was still at the sink, wiping the plates. He hands encircled her stomach, rubbing it gently and he removed the plate that she was holding, putting it down on the sideboard. He nuzzled his face into her soft hair as his fingers began to unbutton her blouse. Julie let bent her head back, resting against his chest as Tom unclasped the hook of her bra. Her breasts sprang free and she gulps in a deep breath as she felt him caressing her firm nipples. The illicit sex was beginning again and she could not help but weakened against the exquisite feelings that began emit between the crotch of her thighs. Tom kneaded her breasts and soon he felt his fingers getting wet with her milk. Turning her around to face him, he bent down to suck her milk. Drinking from her body, Tom’s penis grew taut in his pants. He released her and father and daughter looked into each other’s eyes, both lost in lust.

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