The Weekend Guest Pt. 01

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Note – The events related here were around ten years ago. My wife Sara and I had moved to Amsterdam when the business we worked for relocated an office from the south of England to take advantage of lower business taxes. We both got a relocation package, so we were living in some style in a large apartment overlooking the Amstel River. Around forty staff and their families moved over, and we spent a lot of time socializing together, especially in the first months we were there. This particular weekend, we had arranged to have Stuart, a friend and colleague stay with us. He had moved over with his wife and a new baby, and they were having a tough time of it. His wife and child had just gone back to the UK to spend some time with her family, so he was stuck on his own in a house in the commuter belt, miles away from the city. Sara and I had talked about if we wanted to go further with him than just sightseeing and bars, and while Sara fancied him, she wasn’t sure if she wanted to mix our business and personal lives.

To describe us; I’m pretty average – 5’9″ (quite small in the Netherlands), skinny/wiry depending on if you are feeling kind. Sara is, in my opinion, a stunner. She paid her way through university working part-time modelling lingerie for catalogues, or ‘big bras for big girls’ as she puts it. Sara is 5’7″, has blonde shoulder-length hair, flawless skin, a pretty, ‘girl-next-door’ face, and the body of a 50’s movie star; big tits & big hips.

I left work early to get some shopping in, while Stuart had spent the day in an off-site meeting, so we arranged to meet up in a bar close to our apartment. Sara and Stuart were both there when I arrived shortly after five. After exchanging greetings, Stuart excused himself and got up to go to the bathroom. “He’s having a hard time,” Sara said.

“What’s up?”

“He has no idea when Cath and Charlotte will come back, if ever.”

“Why not?”

“She was struggling being on her own so much.”

“Makes sense I guess.”

Sara nodded, “Maybe we should give him a weekend to remember.”

“You want to fuck him?”

“Amongst other things,” Sara smiled.

“So how do we approach it?”

“You know how the Dutch are direct? Leave it to me…” Sara said, unbuttoning the top button of her blouse.

Stuart returned via the bar with three fresh beers and sat back down. “Mark and I were just talking about how direct the Dutch can be,” Sara said, putting on her best butter-wouldn’t-melt expression, “And we were wondering if you fancied a threesome?”

“What, like…” Stuart could barely get the words out.

“Yes. Sex. You two. Me… Shall I draw pictures?”

“Are you having me on?”

Sara leant forward, giving Stuart an eyeful of cleavage. “No. There are some things I don’t joke about.”

Stuart’s eyes were wide “Now?”

“Right now. Drink up.”

We left the bar and walked the short distance to our flat. I opened the door to the building, and we headed up the steep flight of stairs to our apartment on the first floor. Sara unlocked the door and we stepped inside “Ok, get yourselves a drink, I’ll be with you in erotik film izle a minute,” she said, heading for our bedroom. I gave Stuart a quick tour of the rest of the flat, picking up three beers from the fridge in the kitchen. We walked back to the living room. The room was at the front of the house and ran the entire width of the building with large windows, giving us a great view of the river below. We stood at the window “Do you do this with all your guests?” Stuart asked.

“No… But we haven’t had many visitors here yet.”

“So you are OK with this?”

“Sure. Sara likes it. I’m happy watching her enjoy herself.”

“How on earth did you find that out?”

“It’s a long story…”

“Hello boys” Sara walked out of the bedroom wearing a short blue dressing gown. Stuart and I turned and gazed at her, rapt. She walked to the middle of the room, untied the gown and let it fall to the floor to reveal she was naked. “Wow,” Stuart breathed. Sara slowly turned around, showing off her big tits, full bush and round buttocks.

“You like?” Sara smiled. He nodded.

“Well, I’ve shown you mine, so it’s only fair you show me yours now.” Sara walked to Stuart and knelt, slowly undoing his belt and jeans, then pulling them down to reveal an impressive bulge in his boxer shorts. Stuart stepped out of his jeans and Sara pulled his pants down, her eyes wide. His cock sprang out, almost erect already. It was big, around nine inches, thick and heavily veined “My god, Cath’s a lucky girl,” she said in a low voice.

Sara sat in the middle of the sofa and motioned Stuart to her right-hand side. He pulled his shirt over his head and sat next to her. Sara pulled him closer and they kissed, Sara gently massaging his dick and balls, while Stuart reached out to caress her breasts. I quickly undressed then sat on Sara’s left and reached between her legs. “God you’re wet,” I said.

“Of course I am. I have you two to myself all weekend… What I need now is for you both to fuck me. Condoms are in that drawer.” she pointed.

I picked out a condom and offered it to Stuart. He looked at me “Are you sure?”

“Go ahead, you’re the guest,” I replied.

Stuart picked a condom out, unwrapped it and rolled it over his stiff dick. Sara arranged some cushions at one end of the sofa and reclined onto them, spreading her legs wide. Stuart knelt between Sara’s knees and slowly guided his cock into her wet pussy. She reached out and took my hand, squeezing hard, all the time giving instructions to Stuart in a low voice “Good, good, slowly…”

“Yeah, that’s good.” Stuart started to fuck her with slow deliberate strokes, each thrust pushing his cock a bit further into Sara. “Oh my god,” she exclaimed, as his dick went deeper “Fuck me… Fuck me hard.” Stuart obliged, grunting as he thrust faster and harder. I watched transfixed as Stuart plunged his fat cock into Sara, her juices glistening on his thick shaft. “Yes… Yes… That’s good… Right there. Fuck me right there!” Sara was almost shouting now, her chest flushed red and her breasts shaking in time with Stuart’s powerful thrusting. “I’m film izle coming. I’m… Oh fuck yes,” he grunted, his body spasming as he climaxed.

Stuart climbed off the sofa and pulled the full condom off, “There’s a bin by the desk,” Sara motioned. She turned to me, “Your turn.” I took my place on the sofa and slid my cock into her soaking pussy. We started to fuck slowly. Stuart came back over and knelt next to the sofa. Sara reached out and started to wank his still semi-erect cock. We began to build up our rhythm, Sara eagerly rubbing her clit. Given the circumstances, I was never going to last long. After a few minutes of frantic thrusting, I pulled out and shot a hot, sticky load over Sara’s belly and bush. I pulled out and began to massage gently just inside her lips with two fingers, feeling her pussy begin to spasm. A few moments later, she also came to a shuddering orgasm.

I took a few seconds to recover, then stood up and helped Sara to her feet. She kissed me and turned to kiss Stuart. “Ok boys, I’m starving. Let’s get cleaned up and get some food.”

“What do you fancy?”

“Meat… I think more meat,” Sara grinned and headed to our room.

After showering, we headed to a Brazilian restaurant a few blocks away where we took a booth towards the back of the room. A waiter came with menus and took our drinks order. “So,” Stuart said, “How did you get into…”

“Swinging?” I replied.

“If that’s what it is, yes.”

“Some sex on a beach on vacation, then a bit of a drunken fumble with a couple we were friends with. Sara and I enjoyed it, so we took it from there.”

“Getting people drunk and then propositioning them?”

Sara laughed, “Not really. You were sober, weren’t you? Anyway, meeting people in Amsterdam isn’t hard. There are a few clubs and bars for that sort of thing.”

“Sounds fun. Not something Cath would do.”

“You want to try one?” Sara asked.

Stuart nodded.

“Ok. The place we usually go to is couples only. I’ll see if I can fix something up for tomorrow though.”

The waiter arrived with our drinks, and we ordered steaks and a few sides to share. Sara was busy typing on her phone “Astrid thinks might be able to help with tomorrow,” she said, continuing to type.

Astrid? Stuart asked.

“Hang on” Sara replied, tapping at her phone, “Here you go,” she turned the phone to show Stuart the screen. “That’s Astrid. The guy on the left is Mark, and on the right is Rob. He’s Astrid’s partner.”

“She looks like quite a woman.”

“Oh, she is,” Sara replied.

Our food arrived, we were all pretty hungry and ate more or less in silence. Once we were done, we continued the conversation, with Stuart explaining how things were going with Cath in more detail. In fact, he was almost at the point of looking for a job back in the UK. We paid the bill, then returned to the bar we had started the evening at. We stayed there about an hour drinking and talking before Sara announced she was ready for a second round if we were up for it. Stuart and I both nodded, grinning. We left the bar and returned to the flat.

We entered the seks filmi izle flat. Once more Sara headed for our room, “Why don’t you put a film on?” she said to me, “I’m sure you can find something suitable.”

I went over to the TV and picked out a blank DVD case from a rack in the corner. I switched everything on and hit play. The screen flickered to life, showing a blond woman on all fours. A man was penetrating her at each end, and her huge tits swung back and forth in time with the thrusting. “Astrid?” Stuart asked.

“That’s her. And Rob and I,” I replied.

Sara returned from the bedroom, naked except for a pair of red stockings & suspenders. She looked over at the TV, “That looks like a good idea. Who’s going to go where?”

“Your choice,” Stuart said, looking at me. We both quickly stripped and moved over to the sofa.

Sara knelt on all fours in the middle of the sofa. I moved behind her, while Stuart knelt in front, Sara taking his cock hungrily into her mouth as I fucked her from behind. The beers and our earlier session meant this was going to be no quickie, and we settled into our rhythm, Sara still sucking hard on Stuart’s big dick. After a while, it became clear Stuart was getting close to coming again, so Sara motioned for me to move aside. Stuart rolled on another condom and moved to penetrate Sara, while I sat on the coffee table and watched, wanking my stiff dick. Stuart started thrusting into Sara, pumping his cock deep into her. “God yes… Fuck that big dick into me… There! There!” She moaned. Stuart was fucking her hard and fast now, and both his and Sara’s faces contorted in ecstasy. “Fuck… Yes… I’m coming…” Stuart groaned. He pulled out, removed the condom and shot a thick load of spunk across Sara’s buttocks and back.

“Mark, fuck me now!” Sara ordered. I took Stuart’s place and entered her, gripping her hips for maximum purchase. We fucked hard, Sara turning the air blue with her exhortations. I thrust hard and fast, driving myself to the brink of climax “I’m coming.” I said.

“Inside me… Come inside me…” Sara panted. A few final strokes and I was done, forcing my cock deep into Sara’s pussy as my cum pumped into her. I pulled out and Sara moved to lie on the sofa. Stuart and I sat back and watched as she frigged herself to a huge orgasm, cum dripping out of her pussy.

Sara lay on the sofa recovering, eyes closed. I went to the kitchen and poured three large glasses of water, then returned to the living room. Sara and Stuart were sitting on the sofa, talking. I handed the drinks over and sat on the coffee table opposite them. Sara took a long drink from the glass, “Thanks. I needed that.” she said.

“Your welcome. You earned it,” I replied.

“You two did quite a job as well,” Sara smiled. “Anyhow, we have a busy day tomorrow, so I think it’s time we got some sleep. Stuart – you don’t mind sleeping in the spare room, do you? I don’t think any of us would get much sleep If we tried three in the bed.”

Stuart laughed, “No problem, see you in the morning.” He gave Sara a quick peck on the cheek and walked to the spare room. Sara and I headed to our room, showered, then got into bed. “That was quite an evening,” I said.

“Yeah,” Sara replied sleepily. “Night night. Love you.”

“Love you too, night night,” I replied, and turned the lights out.

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