Thoughts of Heather

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It was a little past two in the afternoon when Joyce finished cleaning the kitchen and decided to take a break. Carrying a gin and tonic, she stepped outside, onto the deck, and sat down on one of the white plastic chairs. She took a sip of her drink, leaned back and raised her bare feet to the top rail..

She was wearing a light blue, sleeveless, half-blouse and cut off Levi shorts. Joyce could feel the warmth of the sun on her legs and arms and exposed stomach. She was forty three years old and even though her body was not as slim and willowy as it had been twenty years ago, it still made a lot of men look twice. Unfortunately, for the ones who were interested, men did not interest Joyce as much as they once did. When Joyce closed her eyes, a vision of Heather, her son’s current girlfriend, floated through her mind.

She smiled at the thought of Heather’s young, fresh, beautiful face, surrounded by a tangle of long, thick and wavy, honey blond hair. Blue eyes, a small nose and full, sensual lips completed the picture. Joyce felt no guilt lusting for a girl who was twenty five years younger. It was her youth that made her so attractive.

The thought of Heather’s face made Joyce smile but the thought of Heather’s body made her nipples stiff, her crotch wet. The eighteen year old beauty was five feet, four inches tall. She had large breasts, full and straight, a slender waist and narrow hips. Her firmly muscled ass was shaped like an upside down heart. She had long, slim thighs, sleek calves, trim ankles and small feet.

Joyce suddenly realized that her left hand was between her legs, pressed against her crotch, slowly rubbing her pussy. With a quiet groan of pleasure and submission, Joyce moved her legs further apart. Using her right hand, she pulled the cloth that covered her crotch to one side, exposing her hairless pussy to the sun. “Oh, yesssss.” Joyce hissed as she rubbed her clitoris. “Oh, fuck yes,” she gasped as she slid two fingers between the thick, outer lips, into the hot, wet channel.

As she slowly bahis firmaları moved her fingers in and out, Joyce tried to picture Heather naked. She longed to touch that young, firm body, suck the straight, proud breasts, and explore the prize that lay hidden between her legs. She wondered how much of Heather her son had already explored.

Joyce stood up, unbuttoned her shorts and wriggled them down below her hips. Sitting, she slid the shorts to her feet and kicked them aside. As usual, Joyce was not wearing panties.

Sitting there on the deck, feeling the sun and breeze on her half nude body, was a sensual experience. Thinking about Heather made it a sexual one.

With two fingers of her left hand, Joyce slowly finger fucked herself as she rubbed her clitoris with the tip of her right hand’s middle finger.

In her mind, she was kissing Heather, first her mouth, then her breasts, then her pussy. God, she wanted to kiss Heather’s pussy. Lost in her thoughts, and the pleasure she was giving herself, Joyce had her eyes closed and her mouth slightly open, as she extended her tongue in anticipation of tasting Heather’s sex.

Her thoughts switched and now Heather was kneeling between Joyce’s legs, kissing and licking Joyce’s pussy. That would be so good, feeling Heather’s tongue sliding over the sensitive inner flesh, probing Joyce’s more than willing love tunnel. It gave her chills just thinking about it.

Standing, Joyce pulled her top up and off then unhooked and removed her bra. Her breasts had lost their firm fullness but they did not sag. Completely naked, Joyce sat down and resumed masturbating as she fantasized about Heather.

Her neighbors, on both sides, were at work so Joyce did not worry about being seen. The exhibitionistic side of her did not care if she was seen. This was not the first time Joyce sat on the deck naked. Nor was it the first time she masturbated while sitting on the deck naked.

With her right hand, Joyce rubbed and fingered her wet, over heated pussy as with her kaçak iddaa left, she massaged her breasts. In her mind, Heather was sucking on her breasts while in reality, Joyce’s fingers pinched and twisted the dark, sensitive nipples.

Somehow, Nick had become part of the fantasy. Heather sucked on one breast while Nick sucked the other. Joyce had no idea why her son had entered her thoughts. While part of her mind was repelled by the thought of her grown son sucking her breast, another part of her liked the idea.

Joyce’s mind drifted from Heather to Nick. She wondered how big his penis was. He was a good looking, well built twenty year old. Six feet tall and two hundred pounds, Nick looked a lot like his father but Joyce hoped he had a bigger penis. Frank had been a good man and after ten years there were still times when Joyce missed him. If only he had had a bigger, thicker cock.

Joyce’s thoughts were totally jumbled. First Heather, then Nick, now Frank. She picked up her drink and emptied the glass in one gulp.

Even though she was still aroused, Joyce knew that she would not be able to cum. Not here, on the deck. The sun and breeze, on her naked body, was too distracting. Joyce needed someplace dimly lit and quiet so she could concentrate on Heather. She would go upstairs, get B.O.B. (Battery Operated Boyfriend) out of his drawer, lie on the bed and try to get Heather back into her mind.

Holding the glass, Joyce picked up her clothing and went into the kitchen. As she put her glass in the sink, she noticed the fruit bowl on top of the fridge. Joyce reached out and picked up the piece of fruit that had caught her eye..

She looked down at the not yet ripe, green and yellow banana. It was ten inches long , two inches across, and gently curved. “If Frank had had a cock like this,” Joyce thought, “I would have been a happy girl.”

Though Joyce had never before used anything except her fingers, and her vibrator, she knew, without question, she was going to slide the banana into her belly. She really kaçak bahis wanted to know what something that big would feel like inside her. She brought the tip to her mouth and pressed it against her lips. Dropping her clothes on the floor, she lowered her free hand to her crotch and fingered herself as she licked the banana to make it wet. She slid half it’s length into her mouth, pumping it slowly in and out, covering it with her saliva.

With her feet separated, she bent her knees, to further separate her thighs, then inserted the banana into her cunt. Holding the stem, Joyce worked it in as deep as she could then moved it’s entire length in and out of her boiling pussy with long, deep, steady strokes. At the same time, the fingers of her other hand teased her erect clitoris. Tiny rivulets of moisture trickled down Joyce’s inner thighs, almost to her knees.

“Oh…oh…OHMYGOD!!!” Joyce gasped, as her orgasm grew, like an unstoppable force pushing her to the edge of a cliff and dangling her over the precipice. “OH….MY…GOD!!!”

She was not thinking about Frank, nor Nick, not even Heather. She was only aware of how good it felt, how deep it went, how it’s thickness opened her, it’s length filled her.

“Ohgod…ohgod…” Joyce gasped, just as she was released and plummeted into space, “OH FFUUCCKK!!!”

Her orgasm hit like a volcano, molten lava spreading through her entire body, melting her insides and squirting liquid cum from her pussy onto the floor.

Her legs trembled, suddenly weak and rubbery. She leaned against the sink, breathing deeply, momentarily unable to move. Joyce had no idea what made her cum like that, so strongly, so intensely, but she definitely wanted to experience it again.

The banana glistened with her own fluids. She brought the fruit to her mouth and licked her juices off, as though she were cleaning a cock, enjoying the taste of her own cum. After licking the banana clean, Joyce ran cold water over it and returned it to the bowl.

She glanced at the clock and was surprised by the time. Nick would be home from school any minute. Fun and games were over, at least for now. Joyce quickly wiped her cum off the floor, grabbed her clothes, and hurried up the stairs.


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