Three Guys, A Girl, , A Fuckfest

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As I woke up to the rays of sunlight shining on my eyes I leaned over and looked at my naked wife lying next to me. I ran my palm down her beautiful, shapely ass and caressed the smooth skin. Exhausted from her exertions from the previous night Anu was fast asleep and did not notice me touching her. I can hardly blame her. She had put up quite a show last night!

It all began with a visit from my uncle Sunil and his business partner two days ago. Having moved to the US from India a few years ago we rarely got the opportunity to meet any of our relatives. Needless to say, both of us were keenly looking forward to my uncle’s arrival and were hoping for a memorable weekend. What followed thereupon exceeded both of our wildest expectations.

Following the arrival of Sunil and his partner Kumar, we spent the initial night eating dinner at our house and showing my uncle and his friend around town. While I didn’t reflect on it at the time, as I recount the event now, I realize that my uncle was a pretty good-looking guy with a reputation from being a bit of womanizer. Despite this, I had never suspected that anything sexual would happen on that weekend in my apartment.

After finishing a long tour of the city we came back pretty late at night and decided that it was best to go to sleep and give the two of them some time to rest. Having already taken care of their sleeping arrangements I went to our only bathroom to change before going to bed. I walked in and found my wife changing into her almost see-through nightgown. She normally wears this particular nightgown very infrequently, but each time it would really turn me on. As I stood there and brushed my teeth, she started to rub my back and kiss my neck. Even though there wasn’t much space in the bathroom, I didn’t want to wait the few seconds it would have taken for me to take her to the bedroom. So I picked her up right then and there and pushed her against the wall.

As I kissed her and caressed her breasts she started to remove my clothes. I did the same to her. Within seconds we were both naked and pinned against the wall. She then pushed me off and told me to sit on the edge of the bathtub. As I did so, she went down to her knees and started playing around with my cock. She began by sucking my balls and slowly rubbing her hand up and down my shaft. After a while she started to suck the shaft itself. We were so into this that we forgot to ensure that the bathroom door was locked. We soon were made to regret our decision as the door was flung open and in stepped my uncle. The next few seconds seemed like an eternity. My uncle and I stared at each other with shock while my wife scampered to get a towel to cover her. My uncle then quickly closed the door apologizing for not knocking. As we sat in our bathroom, still shocked from what happened moments ago, my wife jokingly (or so it appeared) said that it would have been a quite unique experience for her to give me a blowjob in front of my own uncle. While she seemed to be joking, the thought gave me an instant erection, a fact that she was well aware of thanks to my nudity. What followed was an awkward (do you really think that we should?) glance I would find hard to forget for the rest of the night.

The next day we went out again on the town until sunset. The entire day was very awkward, as all three of us did our best to try to act like nothing had happened the night before.

The awkwardness carried over to dinner at our house that same night. The difference being that time a copious amount of wine was being drunk. While the three of men were very tipsy, my wife Anu started to get extremely drunk. As her husband for many years, I knew very well how horny my wife usually got when she was drunk.

While Anu was busy preparing the dinner table, Sunil, Kumar and I sat around the living room. At first there was a long awkward silence, which was eventually broken when Kumar looked at me and said, “I heard Sunil interrupted you rather rudely last night.” The sudden mention of the awkward event from the previous night made me feel a little uncomfortable.

Sensing this Kumar quickly added, “Why are you feeling ashamed? If my wife was that hot I would be izmir escort bayan fucking her senseless every single day.”

“Well, who told you that I wasn’t doing that already,” I responded sheepishly.

With that, the two men burst into laughter. “You are a very lucky man, old guys like me and Sunil would die to have a piece of that action,” Kumar said.

“Too bad she’s my nephew’s lovely wife and not some horny girl at a bar,” Sunil added.

At this point I was unsure as to whether I should be angry or horny by their crude remarks. One thing I did know was that my cock was getting very excited. So I decided to play along and see where they wanted to take this. “Right now she’s a horny girl in my kitchen,” I pointed out, much to their amusement.

Accepting my invitation Kumar asked rather bluntly, “Have you ever thought about sharing her? I mean it would be quite selfish of you to keep that fine piece of ass all to yourself, right Sunil?


“I mean if that was my wife, I would love to see her get fucked by other men,” Kumar said.

As I pondered their little proposition I couldn’t help but think of how hot it would be to see my sexy, horny wife get fucked by my uncle and his friend. So I told them, “Well gentlemen, Anu can make her own decisions. So if you can convince her to give it up she’s all yours.”

“That’s all we need to hear,” added Sunil.

So after forming our little understanding we went over to the dinner table and joined Anu to have our little feast. After dinner the whole group moved back into the living room. But this time the two men sat on either side of my wife on the couch.

After a couple of minutes of small talk, the conversation took a much more steamy turn. It began when Sunil inquired about Kumar’s latest girlfriend back in India.

“Oh she’s great man,” said Kumar before adding, “It’s the first time that I’ve been with an Indian woman who actually liked giving a blowjob. Wow that slut can really give head.”

I turned immediately to my wife to gauge her reaction. So blissfully drunk was she that all she could do was giggle like a little girl upon hearing all the dirty talk.

“So Anu, do you enjoy giving head?” asked Kumar.

“Yeah, I guess so,” Anu giggled.

“What do you mean you guess so? You either love it or you don’t”

“Well in that case, I love giving head,” Anu added.

“What exactly do you love about it?” inquired Sunil.

Thinking that this was all an innocent, albeit vulgar, joke Anu added, “Well, lets see, I love the feel of a cock in my mouth and the taste of cum in my throat.”

At that point all I could think of was ripping her clothes off and fucking her like a madman.

“And what about sexual positions, which one is your favorite?” asked Kumar.

“Hmm, I guess I like it best in the missionary position with my legs up near my shoulders. Although, with a big enough cock, any position works with me.”

Since it was clear that Anu seemed to be willing to play along, the three of us exchanged looks in search of a way to figure out the next step. The short silence was broken when Anu put her wine glass down and said, “I don’t know if it’s the wine or if it’s all the sex talk but I’m getting kind of warm.”

“Well, with all the clothes that you’re wearing I can’t blame you,” Sunil added.

“Yeah feel free to change into something more comfortable,” Kumar said with a hint of lust in his eyes.

“Those clothes don’t exactly show off your curvy body. I’m sure you can find something a little more revealing,” I finally said.

Hearing my voice for the first time probably jolted Anu back into reality as she quickly looked at me with confusion. I tried giving her my most reassuring smile.

Apparently my smile did its job as Anu stood up and walked towards our bedroom. She returned shortly wearing one of her ridiculously short skirts and a top that did little to hide her ample breasts.

As she stumbled onto the couch and sat in between the two men, I could sense that Sunil and Kumar’s horniness was reaching its breaking point. Sunil quickly placed his hand on Anu’s knee escort izmir and started rubbing it gently. Kumar, on the other hand, said the first word.

“I hear that you are a very naughty girl,” Kumar said.

“Well, I think there’s nothing wrong with being a little naughty and smutty,” Anu added coyly.

“I don’t know about that,” Sunil interrupted. “I think that as your uncle I have the responsibility to punish you for wearing such smutty clothes.”

“What do you have in mind uncle?” I could tell that my wife’s pussy was getting extremely moist.

“Well I think we should start with a little spank,” Sunil said. “Why don’t you be a good little girl and bend over in front of the chair.”

As soon as Sunil gave his command, Anu was on her feet and stood in front of the adjoining armchair. She then raised her skirt above her hips, revealing a well-proportioned and shapely ass, and bent over and placed her hands on the arms of the chair. Seeing the sexy piece of ass jutting out in front of them both Kumar and Sunil jumped to their feet and placed a hand on each of her ass cheeks.

“Let’s see, which one should we start with,” Kumar pondered.

“Let me start,” Sunil added.

With that he used one of his massive palms to slap Anu’s ass. The smack left a large red palm print on her ass and forced a loud “ahhhhhhhh” from her mouth. At this point both Kumar and Sunil started smacking her two ass cheeks until they were both bright red. Anu, clearly enjoying her little punishment, began to rub her pussy.

Seeing that Anu was enjoying the smacking, Kumar suggested that the punishment ought to be taken to the next level.

“What do you want me to do?” asked Anu.

“Well, I want you to do two things. First, from now on you will refer to us as your daddy. Second, we’re going to give you the fucking of your lifetime,” instructed Sunil.

“I like the sound of that a lot daddy,” Anu added with a look of pure lust.

“Good girl. Now why don’t you take the rest of your clothes off and get on your knees,” said Sunil.

As Anu started removing her skirt and top, both Kumar and Sunil also started undressing.

“Now come here and play with daddy’s cock,” ordered Sunil. “In fact, why don’t you be a good whore and start by sucking my balls.”

“Sure daddy,” said my slutty wife.

As Anu started sucking on Sunil’s nuts Kumar went behind Anu and started fingering her pussy.

“Ooohhhhh yes Kumar, play with my pussy,” Anu said before receiving a hard slap across her ass.

“I thought we told you to call us daddy, slut,” Kumar thundered.

“I’m sorry daddy,” Anu quickly replied.

“I’m afraid an apology is not going to cut it. Come over here and suck my balls,” Kumar ordered. Anu promptly complied.

Once both sets of nuts were thoroughly sucked, Anu was thrown onto the couch. At first Sunil lay on top of her and raised her legs behind her shoulder.

“Well since you like this position so much, we’ll start with it,” said Sunil before entering Anu’s pussy with one thrust.

“Ohhhhhhh yeah…oh my god…you’re so big daddy. Fuck me with that big cock daddy…ohhhhhh yes.”

“You like that don’t you, you little slut,” Sunil smirked before looking at me and saying, “You must have really opened her up, her pussy is as wide as a river.”

I simply smiled and watched as my uncle continued to pound my wife until they both started cumming. As soon as Sunil was done Kumar took over for his friend and entered my sweating, horny wife.

“You like your daddy’s big cock don’t you?” Kumar asked.

“Yes daddy…yes daddy…please don’t stop…. I love your big cock,” Anu moaned.

“I bet you do, you little slut,” Kumar said before unloading his thick semen into Anu’s pussy.

As Kumar got up from the couch, Sunil went over to Anu and sat down beside her. “Get up and sit on top of me,” he ordered. Anu quickly sat up and gently sat on top of him while using her hands to guide his knob into her cunt. As she started gyrating her hips with increasing intensity Kumar moved in front of her mouth and offered his limp cock to her. Anu responded with a big smile and gladly entered Kumar’s izmir escort cock into her mouth. This went on for a while, with Kumar and Sunil continuously alternating positions, but ensuring at all times that both her holes were filled.

After finishing what must have been the sixth round the two exhausted men moved away from Anu and sat down on the couch. However, knowing my wife, I knew that she still had plenty left to offer. Sensing the need to intervene to keep the orgy going I started undressing.

“Watching your wife getting banged getting you all horny, eh?” Kumar said with a smile.

“Yeah, I think I need to introduce a new element,” I said.

“Come here sweetie, get on your hands and knees and put your head on that cushion on the floor,” I instructed. As Anu’s beautiful ass jutted out in front of me I placed a large amount of lubricant on my fingers and started exploring her anus. She immediately started moaning.

“Damn, are you going to fuck her in the ass?” Kumar asked incredulously.

“You guys are more than welcome to try it after me,” I said with a smile before adding, “It’s a lot tighter than her pussy, I can guarantee that.”

As the two horny uncles watched on, I slowly entered Anu’s ass. Inch my inch I prodded until the majority of my sizeable cock was inside her ass. I then waited as her ass adjusted to my intrusion and then began to move inside of her. While starting off very slow I slowly increased my tempo until I was pounding her with such speed that she started biting the cushion near her mouth.

“Oh god, oh my god…fuck my ass, fuck my ass,” Anu shouted.

“Do you like this honey?” I asked rather redundantly.

“Ohhhhhhh god yes, I love it in the ass. Please don’t stop…fuck my ass. Oh god yes fuck my ass,” Anu moaned.

As she moaned and screamed I continued pumping my cock into her anus and watched as her pussy juices started gushing out of her cunt. I waited until her body started getting a little limp before unloading my cum into her ass.

Satisfied with my work I looked over to my uncles and said, “give her a little rest and then her ass is all yours.”

After a short break, Sunil approached Anu first and lifted her hips from the floor. He then pressed the head of his cock against her anus and started pushing it in. Having just been fucked in the ass, she was easier to penetrate the second time. So within moments Sunil was pumping his shaft into Anu’s ass.

“Yes daddy, that’s it…. fuck me hard,” Anu encouraged.

“Oh god, her ass is tight. Its like fucking a virgin again,” Sunil said.

“Hurry up and let me at it,” an impatient Kumar urged.

Fortunately for Kumar, Sunil did not last long inside Anu’s ass and started cumming within moments. He then slowly pulled out and moved out of the way for his friend. Having watched the two of us, Kumar seemed better prepared. Not only did he enter Anu’s ass, but also stuck two fingers into her pussy at the same time. The double penetration got Anu really excited.

“Ohhhhhhhh fuck yes…you big dick bastard. Make me cum,” Anu shouted.

Kumar, to his credit, was able to last a lot longer than Sunil and in the process gave Anu several orgasms. By the time he unloaded in her ass, they were both extremely exhausted.

Being the freshest of the group I was determined to continue. So I pushed Kumar off Anu’s back and turned her around.

“I bet all this has made you really thirsty, sweetie,” I suggested. Anu simply smiled at me, knowing full well that I wasn’t about to offer her a glass of water. Instead I started rubbing my own cock while holding her face in front of my cock.

“Wait, let me get into position,” Anu interjected. With that she got up and sat up on her knees. As she opened her mouth and closed her eyes, all three of us unloaded our cum on her face until it was dripping with semen. She did the best to lick as much of it from her face as she could. But despite her best efforts her face was still covered with cum.

Thinking that the ‘festivities’ were coming to a close, Sunil thanked both my wife and I for giving him the best ‘business’ trip he’s ever had.

“Where in the world did you find her?” Kumar asked.

All I could in response do was simply smile, just as I am smiling now as I rub my hand up and down my wife’s beautiful ass. I wonder if she wants a quick one before we get up. Hmm…wouldn’t bet against it.

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