Transforming Genevieve Ch. 13

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Transforming Genevieve Ch. 13
Marsha rang up my purchases, which only totaled $350.00. I’d have a hundred and a half left to pick up a couple more things. As she handed me the change I said, “What are you doing tonight after closing Marsha?”

“I have to go home and check on my hubby, but other than that I didn’t have any plans,” Marsha said.

All evening I had been toying with the idea of inviting her to my place for drinks and maybe more, remembering how exciting it had been when she and I played together for Peter.

“Would you like to stop by my place later for a drink?” I asked.

“I’d love to, but it might be a little late,” she said.

I replied, “That’s okay I hun, I’ll be chatting with Bill online this evening, and I don’t have an early class tomorrow.”

“Great, I could be there around eleven or so,” Marsha said.

“That’ll work perfectly,” I said.

Marsha came around from behind the counter and hugged me, while we embraced she whispered in my ear, “Should I bring my bag of sex toys baby?”

I grinned and nodded my approval saying, “I’ll see you later then.”

“For sure baby,” she replied.

One the way out of the mall I stopped to see if I could find a pair of feather-trimmed heels like Marsha had suggested for the long white gown. The store I tried didn’t carry that type, but instead, I opted for a pair of white satin heels with a very sexy ankle strap. I bought a pair in black also just for good measure.

After hanging my new lingerie in my closet and putting the other things in my drawer I changed into a comfortable nighty brushed out my hair and sat down at my computer. Bill had told me that the messenger service he used worked well and that it had the capability of file sharing and linking two chatters together so they could surf the web at the same time. I typed in the sights address and in a few minutes I’d downloaded the program installed it and set myself up with the user name Storygirl39.
I clicked on find a new friend. I typed in Novelist47 and hit enter. The program said it sent a request to Novelist47 to accept me as a new contact but that the request would not be delivered until Novelist47 logged on the next time. Keeping the program running I surfed a few of my favorite internet sites waiting for Bill to log on. About 20 minutes later Bill logged on, an instant message box opened with a message from Novelist47.
“Do I know you?” his first message asked.

I replied, “Yes Bill its Gen.”

“All right glad to see you Storygirl,” he typed. A moment later I got a message that my offer to add Novelist47 as a contact had been accepted. I click on the YES button when Bills request to add me popped up. Now his name showed in my list of contacts with a small icon next to it indicating Novelist47 was online.

The messenger service worked well, and the first thing I did was thank Bill for the beautiful letter he’d written me Monday evening He could hardly believe it was the first love letter I’d ever received.

He said, “Hope you enjoy going shopping.”

I typed, “Bill I already went shopping earlier this evening.”

“You did, so tell me what you bought,” his message said

“In detail!” he added with a cute little devil smiley face at the end of the message.

I described the teal colored lace teddy that I’d bought to replace the chemise he’d torn off me Sunday morning, and the lace bras and silk stockings. But I didn’t mention the white bridal gown or the French maid costume wanting both to be surprises for him.

“So you must still have a lot of the cash I sent left,” he asked.

I told a little white lie and said, “I have a lot of it left for when we go shopping together.”

We talked about all kinds of things that first night we chatted online. Time flew by and before I knew it we’d been logged on together for almost two hours. I quickly discovered that we had a lot more in common than enjoying fabulous sex together. I began getting a very nice connected feeling about Bill and me.

Before we logged off Bill said that Tess had a meeting scheduled for Friday afternoon and that if it ran long she might stay over and drive home Saturday morning.

I asked, “Does that mean there’s a possibility we could spend Friday night together.”

“I’m hoping that’s exactly what it means,” he replied.

“But I won’t know until late Friday afternoon,” Bill added.

I said, “Well I’m not going to make any plans then.”

“Thanks, I appreciate you keeping your Friday night free on the chance we could see each other,” Bill said.

As we logged off Bill told me how much he enjoyed chatting with me, and that he was very much looking forward to being with me Friday if possible.

We exchanged cute little smiley faces and our goodnights.

Bill’s last message to me was, “Sweet dreams love.”

It was the first time he’d used the “L” word in that way and reading it warmed my heart.

We logged off at 10:35 PM, after spending a most enjoyable two hours and forty minutes online together. The excitement of being able to seduce my lover in my new white bridal gown the day after tomorrow started to build instantly. I could hardly wait until his eyes first gazed on me in that incredibly sexy gown.

My excitement over being with my lover again was soon replaced with the anticipation of Marsha’s arrival with her bag of sex toys.

Before I shut down my computer I check my email and found nothing of interest deleting most of the contents of my inbox as spam or just plain junk mail.

I went to the living room and turned off all the lights except a low wattage light on a small table just inside my front door. I lit several candles and put on some soft jazz.

I still had most of the bottle of Merlot that Bill had brought over the weekend before, and poured myself a crystal wine goblet of the sweet liquid. I sat down on the big overstuffed chair that Bill had knelt in front of Sunday morning when he pleasured my loins so completely with his mouth and relaxed waiting to see if Marsha would appear.

Just about 10:55 PM there was a light knock at my door. I quickly made my way to the door and checked through the tiny peephole to make sure it wasn’t someone besides Marsha. Marsha was standing alone outside my door with a very warming smile on her lips.

I undid the deadbolt and opened the door.

“Hi Marsha, come on in,” I said.

She smiled and said, “Thanks.” as she slid by me carrying a small black bag. Marsha wore an almost floor-length fur coat that completely covered what she wore underneath, except the dark navy slacks and matching heels she had on earlier at the store.

“Can I take your coat?” I asked.

Marsha walked across the living room and slipped her fur off. She lay it down with the satin lining exposed on one end of the sofa.

“Here’s fine,” she said.

She turned toward me and smiled as she held up her little black bag, which I assumed contained an assortment of sex toys.

Marsha wore a pure white silk blouse unbuttoned almost halfway down. Her succulent cleavage nearly completely exposed, and her taut nipples pressing into the silk fabric. She didn’t bother to wear a bra.

“Would you like a goblet of wine?” I asked.

“I’d love it,” she replied.

Marsha dropped her toy bag on the sofa and walked toward me. Her full breasts jiggled seductively as she stepped toward me. A sexy grin appeared on her lips as she realized I was watching her tits move beneath the silk blouse.

When Marsha was close enough she lifted her hand to my shoulder and slowly ran a fingertip down my arm. “I love a girl’s night in,” she said.

Her touch caused the tiny hairs on my arm to stand up, and I felt goosebumps along the length of both arms.

Marsha followed me to the kitchen where I poured her a goblet of Merlot. As I prepared her drink she said, “So were you able to find the feather-trimmed heels to go with your bridal gown?”

“I only stopped at one store they didn’t have them, but I fell in love with a pair of white satin heels that look very sexy, and I got a matching pair in black,” I replied.

“Sounds to me like your bridal outfit is complete, so when will your lover get his first glimpse of you in that little number,” Marsha asked.

“It could be Friday evening if our plans work out,” I said.

“Sweet!” Marsha said

With our Merlot goblets, full Marsha and I returned to the living room. As I walked behind her I couldn’t help watching how her ass moved as she walked. Marsha is a master at walking seductively in high heels. Her hips moved from side to side and her feet almost glided across the floor.

As we reached the sofa Marsha asked, “So, do you wanna see my toys?”

“Love to!” I replied.

Marsha sat down on one end of the sofa, and I on the other with her fur coat spread between us acting as a display for the contents of her little black bag. I believe her toy bag had started life as a gift back for a bottle of liquor its opening held closed with two pull strings, and its oblong shape appeared to be long enough to hold a fifth of booze. I was quite certain that its contents were just as intoxicating now as when hit held a bottle.

Marsha reached into the bag and pulled out a cord, as she lifted it further and further out a series of balls came with the cord, each one slightly larger than the one before.

“One of my favorites,” Marsha said as the last anal bead slipped from her bag of toys.

I giggled at the thought of having them inserted in my tight little ass.

The next toy looked like a rubber ring with an inch long stub attached to it. The stub was covered with bumps and at the base near where the ring was a tiny electric cord extended to a control. Marsha flipped the switch and the stub began humming.

Marsha held it up for me to look at and said, “Clit vibrator, you’re gonna love this one.”

I smiled and replied, “I bet we’ll both love it.”

Her next toy was a pink two-pronged affair, one slightly longer than the other.

I giggled as she held it up for my inspection. “Ooooooh, that one looks like it could kill two birds with one stone,” I said, knowing where each prong was intended to be inserted.

Marsha was spreading her collection of toys out on the satin lining of her fur coat for me to see. Her hand slipped inside the bag and I could tell she was trying to find something near the bottom.

“Damn,” she said, “I forgot my little bottle of oil.”

“No problem, I have some in my nightstand,” I replied.

“Oh goodie, we’re gonna need it for my last toy,” Marsha said.

She pulled the last of her toys out, obviously saving it for last, and clearly using up the length of the bag. It was a thick rubbery looking shiny black cock. This was no dildo it looked almost as huge as the cock Bro had brought to my gangbang at Jim’s apartment a few weeks before. The base had two built-in balls that Marsha grabbed to hold this massive substitute cock up by. The shaft had molded in arteries and the flaring head looked bigger than any I’d ever seen before.

I smiled at Marsha and said, “Now that’s what I call an adult toy!”

Marsha laughed before she said, “It sure is, and it never goes soft on ya either.”

“Let me run and grab my massage oil,” I said.

I stood up and started toward my bedroom to retrieve my dome-shaped bottle of massage oil. As I passed Marsha her hand slid up my leg. “I can’t wait for this I’ve wanted to be alone with you again ever since our night with Peter,” she remarked.

While in my bedroom I slipped on my new black satin heels and buckled the ankle straps tightly around my legs. I wanted to show them to her, but more because it brought us to almost the same height.

As I returned Marsha instantly noticed the heels. “Oh yeah, very sexy, those ankle straps would be perfect with a matching black satin choker.”

I made a mental note to buy one before I wore the shoes for Bill. As I neared the sofa again I held up my massage oil for Marsha to see.

“Looks like that serves two purposes also,” Marsha said noticing the shape of the bottle.

I tossed it on her coat and sat down. Marsha’s fingers slid to her blouse and undid another button as she turned to face me more directly. The white silk spread even further open exposing the entire length of her deep cleavage along with the innermost part of the ring of areola surrounding her taut nipples. She took a healthy drink from her goblet and set it on the end table. I did the same nearly emptying my wine glass.

“Shall we?” Marsha asked as she lifted the coat by the furry collar spilling her toys on the illegal bahis floor, and tossing the coat fur side up on the carpeted floor in front of us.

Marsha stood and stretched two beautifully manicured red-tipped hands toward me. I lifted my soft delicate fingers and placed them into her hands as I stood. Our hands trembled in unison as the anticipation of what we knew was about to happen grew. Looking into her beautiful blue eyes, which now were sparkling with passion, I let me gaze travel down to her luscious red lips shimmering with a combination of lip-gloss and the remains of her last sip of Merlot.

As I lowered my gaze to her beautiful breasts, the contrast between the pure white of her silk blouse and the tanned flesh it no longer covered she moved her shoulders slowly from side to side allowing a hint of erect nipple appear, and then be instantly covered again by the silk fabric. Her fingertips slowly began to slide up my arms, barely touching my tingling flesh until they reached my soft shoulders.

“You are so lovely,” Marsha whispered. Her fingers lifted the thin spaghetti straps holding my nighty on my shoulders. She moved them outward off my shoulders and the garment floated down off my body forming a puddle of fabric around my black heels. Except for those sexy heels I stood before her completely naked.

“What an incredibly lovely body you have,” Marsha said as she moved closer to me.

The open edges of her silk blouse barely made contact with my taut nipples sending a shiver of excitement through my breasts, and down into my loins. My hands trembled as I moved them to caress her nipples through the white silk fabric barely covering her breasts.

Marsha moaned softly as I slowly caressed her nipples. Our eyes searching one another’s, our trembling lips wanting to make first contact, quivering tongues begging to begin a dance of gentle passion between parted lips.

Marsha whispered, “Undress me, very slowly undress me.”

I moved my fingers painstakingly slow toward the final exposed button of her silk blouse, the fabric easily parted, my fingertips touching her naked flesh beneath. Downward my fingers traveled toward the button that held her slacks tightly around her waist. A quick flick of my thumb and forefinger and the button was undone.

Marsha watched intently as my soft hands slowly slid her slacks from her wider hips. Her fingertips were touching, no hovering, above the tingling skin of my shoulders and upper arms. As the waistband of her slacks slid over her flaring hips the material slipped down her silk covered legs into a heap around her feet. I gasped at first sight of the silk tri-angle of thong covering her shaven pussy. The dark color of her stockings contrasted incredibly with the pure white of her thong. My fingers found and undid the final button that held her silk blouse closed just above her hips. As I moved my trembling hands up toward her breasts Marsha brought her hands to my tits softly caressing the soft skin.

“You have such beautiful breasts,” I whispered.

My fingers grasped the silk fabric just below her shoulders and I slowly slid her blouse off her body. It joined our other clothing in a heap at our feet. She moved her shoulders seductively causing her breasts to sway seductively from side-to-side, inviting my touch, my kisses, and my gentle caresses.

“Kiss me,” Marsha said.

As our lips moved closer and closer we both were trembling with sheer anticipation. Passionate stares turn to lustful glares as our mouths came within inches of one another.

My lips parted, offering Marsha the tip of my tongue, which she gladly accepted sucking softly on it. Our lust for each other finally took complete control pulling our mouths together in a deep passionate kiss.

We moaned in unison as this kiss between two bi-sexual lovers intensified. Marsha’s hands slid up to cup my tits, slowly massaging the heaving flesh and sliding over taut nipples. I lowered my mouth to kiss the soft flesh above her nipples moving from one full tit to the other and back again.

I gave in to my craving to feel her tits against mine and moved closer to her pulling her heaving chest against my tits, Marsha’s full tits pressing against my smaller but equally luscious breasts. Our nipples slid against each other. A tingle of pleasure spread from my sensitive nipples consuming my entire tit as it spread.

As we caressed each other with our tits and searched each other’s mouths with lips and tongues, Marsha slowly began to bend at the knees. I followed her until we were kneeling on her fur coat. She placed a hand softly on my chest and said, “Lay down, feel the luxury of fur on your naked skin.”

As I lowered myself to her soft fur coat I indulged my fingers in the feel of fur, allowing my body, my legs and finally my shoulders and head to settle into the folds of fabulous fur. I spread my long hair about my head and let my fingers slide down over my tits, before slipping from my hips and into the fullness of the fur.

“What an incredible feeling,” I said, as her coat engulfed my body.

Marsha kneeling over me slowly bent at the waist, her erect nipples making contact with the skin of my abdomen first as her lush full lips moved to suckle one erect nipple. My fingers instantly moved to her hair, running through the blonde waves and directing her lips and tongue from one taut nipple to the other.

“Your nipples feel so good on my lips,” Marsha exclaimed.

Her erect nipples hanging down at the tip of her breasts dragged across my flesh sending shivers through my body. Marsha slowly kissed her way up my chest, lips teasing the heaving flesh above my tits. Marsha showered my shoulders and neck with gentle soft kisses, my fingers constantly moving through her beautiful blonde locks directing her to one sensitive spot after another.

As she kissed toward my lips, her legs moved up. She pressed one shapely silk-covered thigh into my groin grinding her thigh into my loins. My pussy tingled with absolute ecstasy as her leg worked its magic on my moist lips, and hard clit.

“Oh, you’re turning me on so much,” I whispered as Marsha moved upward more to kiss my forehead. She moved even further up allowing her full tits to dangle in my face. My lips captured and suckled one erect nipple while my fingers pleasured the other.

“That’s it Gen suck my hard nipples,” Marsha whispered adding, “I love how you suck them.”

My lips drew one nipple tighter into my mouth and I flicked my tongue at the hard tip causing Marsha to groan deeply.

“Oh my god, there is no feeling better than a woman’s mouth on my tits,” she exclaimed.

I circled one nipple with my tongue leaving trails of wet saliva where ever it touched, Marsha’s thigh and now her knee ground into my ever-wetter pussy, soaking her silk stocking from the hem down to her knee.

“Oooooooh baby, I need your mouth on my pussy,” I pleaded.

Marsha smiled as she looked down at me between her swaying orbs of tit flesh and slowly began moving down over my body. Quicker than her ascent but still sensuously slow. I spread my thighs wider as she moved closer and closer to my now dripping wet pussy.

She paused her downward slide to press one taut rock hard nipple against my pulsing clit and then moved fully between my thighs. I spread myself open to her. My pussy lips glistening invitingly pleaded for her moist sensual mouth.

“Your pussy is so beautiful,” Marsha whispered as she softly kissed one inner thigh then the other.

“God Marsha, please don’t tease me, I need to have your sweet lips on me,” I begged.

Marsha pursed her lips and moved to suck my hard clit between them. A shard of ecstasy shot up my spine and swirled around inside my brain as she began her soft sensual oral lovemaking. Her delicate finger probed the moist folds of my pussy lips as her lips and tongue pleasured my pulsing clit.

My entire body withered deeper into the soft fur as Marsha lifted her lips from my clit and glanced to her left. I felt one hand slid across my thigh then move back holding the small pink two-headed dildo. An instant later the longer of the two was pressed between my pussy lips, as her mouth again pleasured my hard clit. As she sank the tip of her pleasure tool deeper into my searing heat, the shorter part touched my sphincter. I tensed involuntarily but instantly relaxed knowing her tender touch would cause me no pain. The shafts of her toy slipped inside my open pussy and ass. Very slowly it sank deeper and deeper until it was completely inserted in my willing fuck tunnels.

“Oh god that feels so fucking good,” I said.

Incredibly Marsha’s lips and soft tongue continued their oral pleasure of my clit as she began fucking me with her little two-headed monster. Waves of pleasure spread from my loins as she moved it faster and faster into me. I groaned deeply as my sexy lover worked her magic on my throbbing loins. I was so close to climax, so close to the pinnacle of absolute ecstasy, so close to an incredible bi-sexual orgasm.

“Not yet Genevieve,” Marsha said as she slowed the tempo of both her toy and her mouth on my throbbing pussy and ass.

“It’ll be so much more intense if you get to the edge and come back several times,” Marsha said.

She withdrew her toy and moved her mouth back to my thighs as she began letting me slowly return from the edge of orgasm my withering body sliding sensually over her fur coat my tingling flesh feeling every soft fold of the fabric.

Marsha slowly moved up over me once again until her passionate sexy eyes were staring down into my emerald pits of total sensuality.

“Now you do me, Gen, take me to the very edge then back again,” Marsha said as she reclined next to me letting her soft body sink into the soft fur.

I moved to kneel beside her, looking down as she gently spread her blonde hair seductively about her beautiful face. Her deep blue eyes staring up at me, her shimmering red lips begging to be kissed her heaving tits spread widening the succulent cleavage rock hard nipples begging for my lips, and tongue.

I smiled as I leaned down and kissed her softly on the mouth. My hand slid down over her breasts, pausing to caress each hard nipple, then continuing down over her abdomen toward her cleanly shaven pussy. My lips slowly traveled from her sexy mouth to the soft jiggling flesh of her full breasts, kissing every inch of sensual skin until I reached her taut nipples. My delicate fingers found the swollen sheave covering her clit and I circled it several times before spreading the moist folds exposing her hard clit one hand gently caressing her clit while the other moved from one hard nipple to the other my mouth constantly kissing her full heaving tits, my tongue licking between the beautiful orbs of pleasure moistening the sensual cleavage between.

Marsha moaned deeply and arched her back pressing her sensitive breasts harder against my mouth. Her hips began moving to the tempo of my invading fingers near her shimmering pussy lips.

“Please Gen, put a finger inside me, I need something inside my cunt,” Marsha said.

Her thighs parted as my middle finger slid down between swollen lips. Lifting her knees and hooking the heels of her stilettos in the fur she spread her thighs wide open to my advancing delicate digit. In an instant my finger sank into her, swishing around in the pool of juices inside her dripping pussy.

I kissed my way down her body, as my lips left her throbbing tits she moved her own hands to continue pleasuring the beautiful fullness of her tits and the taut flesh of her nipples herself.

She cooed softly as my lips slid across her abdomen, licking at the tiny indentation of her belly button as I slowly continued my oral descent toward her lustful loins.

“God, I love how you excite me,” she whispered.

My mouth dipped between her raised thighs and I moved to position myself 69 over her throbbing pussy. As my knee settled into the soft fur I again slid my tongue across her throbbing clit. I flicked the tip at her hard nub, eliciting a sensual groan from her throat.

My lips and tongue worked their magic on the clit as my fingers explored and probed every nook and cranny of her searing hot soaking wet pussy.

Marsha moaned over and over as waves of pleasure spread from her loins. She finally pleaded with me, “Gen give me the big black one PLEASE!”

I reached over and with one hand grabbed both the huge black dildo and my massage canlı casino oil. Positioning the head just outside her pussy, I squeezed a stream of oil along the length of its rubbery shaft. It glistened with oil. I pressed it between her swollen lips, twisting it to smear the oil evenly on her pussy.

“Hmmmmmm, that oil is so warming,” Marsha said.

As the black monster reached halfway, I lowered my lips once again to her clit and suckled it gently. Marsha tensed her pussy muscles trying her best to pull the massive black cock deeper into her wet slit.

“Give me more please shove that big black cock deeper,” she begged.

Marsha squirmed with pleasure as I pushed it deeper and the head began rubbing against her g-spot. She slid her hands up the back of my thighs and slipped a finger into the fleshy folds of my pussy.

“Yes, that’s it suck my clit, eat that cunt,” Marsha exclaimed.

Her magic fingers encouraged me to suck her clit and lick where the black cock was stuck inside her. Marsha began rocking her pelvis causing the dildo to massage her deepest sensitive spot. She was quickly approaching a climax, climbing that monstrous black cock to the height of ecstasy.

She squealed in absolute pleasure before pleading with me, “Oh baby, go slower now.”

She teetered on the very edge of orgasm. Knowing she didn’t want to cum yet I slowed my sucking and began slowly withdrawing the black dildo from her throbbing pussy.

“Yes, that’s it, bring me down nice and slow,” Marsha exclaimed.

Ever so slowly I began kissing her thighs more than her pussy ever so slowly I pulled the massive black shaft from her pulsing cunt. Ever so slowly she slid back from the brink of complete orgasm. Her breathing slowed, as did the tempo of her heaving breasts.

“Ooooooh baby, I’m tingling all over,” Marsha whispered, “That was perfect I was so close to cuming. You brought me back at the perfect time.”

As I slid off her and turned to recline beside her beautiful body I brought that incredible black cock up and lay it between her tits.

Her hands instantly slid up and pressed her luscious tits together capturing the shaft of her biggest sex toy in the succulent cleavage.

“Hmm, I love having my tits fucked!” Marsha exclaimed.

Her luscious tits looked incredible with that black cock sliding between them I could almost imagine Bill’s rock hard cock doing the same, which I know he’d love to do.

Marsha arched her back increasing the pressure of the black magic sliding through her succulent cleavage.

“God I love that feeling, my tits are so sensitive, I only wish it was a real cock fucking my big titties,” Marsha whispered.

I leaned over and kissed her soft lips, then moved to her ear. I whispered, “My lover has fantasized about fucking tits like yours Marsha.”

“Hmmmmmmmm…” she replied, “I can’t wait to meet this guy.”

“Tell me more about him,” She asked.

“He’s an incredibly skilled oral lover, I had the most intense orgasm of my life when he gave me head the last time he was here. His cock gets very hard and when you hold it in your hand or have it in your mouth you can actually feel his heartbeat as the blood is pumped through the arteries along the shaft. He knows when to be tender, and when to be rough. He has soft hands, sensual dark eyes and the thickest chest hair I’ve ever touched,” I told her.

“Sounds very tasty,” Marsha interjected.

I continued telling her about Bill, “He loves having his cock sucked, but what man doesn’t. His wife never sucks him so when we’re together I make sure and give him the most incredible oral sex. When he shoots his cum it’s thick, sticky, and very salty. I love the taste of it, and even if he cums in my pussy I always lick him clean.

Marsha giggled and then said, “I hope you’ll be willing to share his load with me.”

“Trust me, Marsha, he will have more than enough tasty cum for the both of us,” I said.

“Marsha, do you remember telling me how all men love seeing a sexy woman in lingerie?” I asked.

“Yes, I know from experience just about any man will become more excited when they are seduced by a sexy woman dressed in lingerie,” Marsha replied.

“Well, Bill is at the top of that list, every time I’ve dressed in something sexy for him, he gets so turned on. He’s even ripped lingerie off my body a couple of times,” I said.

“I’ll bet he’s a voyeur,” she said.

“Oh absolutely, you should see how big his eyes get when I tease him with just a glimpse of what’s under my clothes,” I said.

“Wow, this man sounds like an incredible find. So when am I going to get to meet him?” She asked.

“His birthday is coming up soon. Hopefully, sometime around that day his wife will go out of town for a couple of days, and we’ll be able to surprise him in our maid outfits,” I said. “I should know better when I see him Friday,” I added.

“I hope it’s soon, even though I love my sex toys, there is nothing better than a real cock and it sure sounds like Bill has an incredible one. Since Pete dumped me I haven’t had a man, I’m getting hornier and hornier as the days go by,” she admitted.

I grinned at her and said, “Well let me see if I can help you out with that problem.”

Marsha smiled and whispered, “Yeah, let’s do each other again.”

We spent the next hour and a half licking sucking and pleasing each other intensely. Our orgasms were beautiful things to behold. First I would cum, and then I’d get her off. We stuffed sex toys inside each other’s pussies and asses. Marsha even had me deep throat that big black rubber cock. It was an evening to explore our bi-sexual side, to discover what the other loved most. And yes to make mental notes of where we might direct a man to please each other. I loved being that intimate with Marsha. She is a very passionate, sensual, and sexy woman who is very skilled in giving her partner, be it a man or woman untold pleasures. I, myself on the other hand, still prefer being with a man my sexual senses are more in tune with a man’s needs and desires, and no matter how tender a woman’s touch, or fascinating the sex toy, to me there is no substitute for a completely erect man.

Marsha and I played together until almost 3 in the morning, then she said, “I guess I should be heading home. I have to be at work tomorrow at noon.”

I mentioned to her that if she wanted she could stay the night, but she declined my offer because her husband would need lots of help when he woke in a few hours. I gathered up her toys as she dressed to leave. Helping her into her fur I wrapped my arms around from behind and hugged her.

“Thanks for tonight Marsha, I enjoy being with you,” I said.

Marsha turned and kissed me softly on the mouth, “I’m looking forward to getting together with you and Bill, he sounds like a great lover.”

“I’ll call you over the weekend after I’ve talked to him,” I replied.

We kissed again as I opened my door to let her out. Her smile told me she was ready for another threesome, and I could hardly wait to spring our little surprise on Bill.

Before falling asleep I cleaned up the place so I could sleep in as late as I wanted Thursday. My head finally hit the pillow at about 3:45 AM, and I fell instantly asleep. Thursday was an uneventful day, with the exception that Steve Kosmerl stopped by right on schedule for the first of his blowjobs. I didn’t even unbutton my blouse, sucking him off in maybe ten minutes. He came in my mouth, I swallowed his load and licked him clean and sent him on his way. If that blackmailing bastard thought he would be getting anything more then a quick cock sucking he had another thought coming.

Just before five that afternoon Bill stopped by my office. He came in, and closed the door, but didn’t turn the deadbolt. A clear sign he wasn’t planning on more than a short visit.

“Hi baby,” he said as he walked toward my desk.

“Are we on for tomorrow night?” I asked.

“That’s why I stopped by, we’re on, but I still don’t know how late I’ll be able to stay. Tess won’t tell me if she’s going to stay over or not,” he said.

“I’ll take as much time as I can with you. If you have to leave early, we’ll just have to make the most of the time we have in the early evening,” I said.

Bill smiled “I’m so glad you’re not upset, I was worried all day that you wouldn’t want to see me I couldn’t stay the night.”

“Do you think Tess suspects something?” I asked.

“No, she’s fucking clueless. She’s convinced I’m happy with her once a month fuck,” Bill said.

“Well don’t press her for an answer, that would surely raise flags in her mind,” I suggested.

“Yeah, she told me she would call me during the day tomorrow and let me know if she was staying or driving home Friday night,” Bill added.

“That’s great, by the time you get to my place tomorrow evening you’ll know. We can take it from there sweetheart,” I said.

Bill smiled and said, “Well I’ve got to run, I’m supposed to meet her at TGI Friday for dinner.”

He walked around my desk and leaned down kissing me softly on the mouth. As we broke our kiss I looked into his eyes and noticed a strange expression. Instantly I thought, oh fuck he tasted a little of the salty residue of Steve Kosmerl’s cum on my lips. If he did he decided not to say anything at the moment because Bill just grinned and said, “I’ll see you online late tonight.”

“About ten?” I asked as he walked toward the door.

“There about,” Bill replied.

As he opened the door to leave, he paused and leaned back inside. “Can’t wait for tomorrow night, I’ve been thinking about us making love again all week.”

“Me too,” I replied as he closed the door.

I smiled to myself after Bill had left, actually not only couldn’t I wait to make love with him again, but I also couldn’t wait to surprise him with my new bridal gown. I hoped the sight of me dressed in that gown would prompt him into a blushing bride and her lustful groom role-play.

Later that evening when I signed on to our messenger service Bill was already signed on.

I typed, “Hi, whatcha doing?”

“I’m surfing the internet while I waited for you,” Bill replied.

“Looking for anything special on the web?” I questioned him.

“Actually I was Gen I thought I’d try to find some pictures of Angel Kassidy before she got implants.” He said.

I typed, “Oh really, well you better be careful, all that porno will make you horny,” Bill replied, “LOL… No, actually you make me horny, porno just helps pass the time between our fuck nights.”

“Aren’t we frisky?” I replied. “So we have fuck nights?” I added in a second message.

Bill typed, “I suppose we could call them lovemaking sessions, sex evenings, but let’s be honest, we get together to FUCK each others brains out.”

“Well I’m counting on you FUCKIN’ me senseless tomorrow night,” I replied figuring maybe he wanted to talk dirty in anticipation of our night together the next evening.

Bill sent me a cute little devil smiley face and a “hehehehe”

I replied with a shy eyelash batting smiley of my own.

“You know, tonight while I was at dinner with Tess I had this incredible fantasy,” Bill typed.

I answered, “I’m not sure I want to know what you fantasize about when you’re with her.”

“Let me explain,” Bill replied.

“Okay Bill, I’m listening.” I typed back.

He went on, “Tess had ordered a half rack of baby back ribs.”

“Yes,” I replied.

“Well when she started eating them she was licking the sauce off and sliding them in her mouth instead of just biting the meat off the bone,” Bill explained.

“Okay,” I typed letting him know I was listening.

Bill continued with his story, “Watching her eat made me think about you sucking my cock I got instantly hard thinking about having your hot mouth around my cock.”

“I like that you fantasize about me when you’re with Tess,” I replied.

“Thanks anyway Tess noticed me smiling and said, “What are you so happy about William?” she always calls me William,” Bill said.

“So what excuse did you use for smiling so much?” I asked.

Bill replied, “I leaned over toward her and told her I was going to buy a bottle of the BBQ sauce they use on their ribs.”

“Okay,” I interjected between his messages.

“I said maybe if I pour some of that sauce on my dick you’ll eat me like you’re eating those ribs,” Bill said.

I replied, “OMG Bill you didn’t. What did she say?”

Bill typed, “She said, “You’re disgusting William!” LOL”

“Bill, do you remember how you throat fucked me the first night we had sex?” I asked.

“I’ll never kaçak casino forget that,” he replied.

I continued, “I’ll bet if you had throat fucked Tess like that on your wedding night she’d be as good a cock sucker as me by now.”

“Trust me, baby, there is no way she’d ever be as good at sucking cock like you. Even if she practiced on a mule she could never give head as good as you do,” Bill said, and then quickly typed a second line.

“You’re the best cock sucker ever Gen.”

I replied, “LOL, like you have a lot to compare me to.”

“Ha Ha… I’ve had my share of cock suckers I didn’t marry Tess at birth you know,” Bill said.

I kept the conversation related to sucking cock when I told him, “You know Bill I’ve talked to so many married women who have the same attitude when it comes to sucking cock. They all think it’s disgusting until some man takes the bull by the horns and gives them a good throat fucking. Then they all say it’s the most erotic kind of sex there is.”

“Is that right?” Bill replied.

“Yep, in fact, I think every bride should get a good throat fucking on her wedding night. Might help keep the divorce rate down! LOL” I said.

“You devil you!” Bill replied, using the smiley face devil instead of the word between the two yous he typed.

What Bill didn’t know was that I was planning on playing the role of his shy but acquiescent bride the very next night, and I wanted him to fuck my throat just like he had the first night we had sex. I wanted to again feel the sensation of him thrusting into my throat. I wanted him to control the pace at which he impaled me with his beautiful pulsing cock.

Figuring I’d implanted the subliminal message about my role-play plans for Fri night well enough I changed the subject.

“So, did you find a picture of Angel before her boob job?” I asked.

Bill replied, “Actually I did Gen, and I believe she may have been a full B cup or a small C cup before.”

“So do you like her tits now or then better?” I asked.

“I suppose I like hers better now,” he said.

“I knew it! YOU do like women with big full fuck-able tits Bill.” I typed.

“Genevieve, you tricked me,” Bill said.

“Maybe so baby, but admit it if my tits were bigger you’d like them more,” I typed.

“That’s not true I love your tits just the way they are,” Bill said.

“But if they were a D cup you’d love them even more, admit it, baby,” I said.

Bill sent me a little smiley face and added, “Only because there would be more to love.”

“But.” He quickly added.

I waited for his “But”

“If you ever got implants, I’d be afraid to handle them for fear I could rupture one, and to be honest I’d be upset if you let some surgeon cut into your perfect areolas to insert the implants,” Bill said.

“Thank you,” I said.

“I’d never consider a boob job,” I added.

“Good Gen, cause I love the natural feel of your breasts. And to me they are perfect for titty fucking,” He said.

“Oooooooohhhh baby, will you fuck my tits tomorrow night? I asked.

“I sure will,” Bill promised.

“I can’t wait,” I said.

“When is your last class tomorrow?” He asked

“I’m done at three,” I replied.

“Damn, wish I was. I have a class at 3:30 so I’m going to be at Regis till 4:30,” Bill said.

“That’s perfect, I’ll be ready for you when you get to my place,” I typed adding the little devil smiley face to the end of my message.

“Do you want me to bring anything?” Bill asked.

“Just those soft hands, sweet lips, and your gorgeous cock,” I answered.

“LOL You’re the only woman who ever told me it’s gorgeous,” He said.

“I suppose I’m the only woman who’s ever taken the time to study it closely,” I replied.

“Well, I guess we should say goodnight. I want to get plenty of rest tonight,” Bill said.

“Okay hope we see each other during the day tomorrow,” I said.

“I’ll look for you,” Bill promised.

“Night lover,” I said.

“Night sexy,” Bill replied.

I clicked the exit messenger button and shut down my computer. Before I went to bed I lay out the bridal gown, a fresh pair of white seamed stockings, my new white lace thong and those sexy heels I had bought Wednesday night.

As I lay down in bed I realized Bill and I had talked online for nearly two and a half hours. Our conversation was almost exclusively about sex. Two and a half hours building the anticipation of what I hoped would be a Friday night we’d both remember always.

Up until now, our lovemaking was like two new lovers, passionate, intense, exploring each other’s sexuality. If my plan for the bride, groom role-play went as I hoped, tomorrow night would be the night we consummate our affair. I wanted him to consider me as his woman, and Tess as the other woman in his life. Time would tell if I’d succeed.

Friday morning dawned bright sunny and very cold. It was cold enough for the heat to kick on during the pre-dawn hours. As I readied myself for work I decided that to heighten my appearance as a blushing bride I would take the time to curl my long hair. Bill had not yet seen my hair done that way and I surmised it would turn him on even more. I’d have to work fast to be ready for him since I’d only have two hours from when my last class ended and when I expected him to arrive.

The day dragged on and on. The only highlight was when Bill popped in to tell me he was getting very excited about being with me later. I didn’t let on that I was planning a surprise, only that I could hardly wait to have his arms around me again.

I finished my lecture to the two o’clock class in record time. I suppose all my students wanted to get their weekends started so at a quarter of three, I let them go fifteen minutes early. The last student had hardly left before I locked up and bolted for my trusty Volvo. Five minutes later I was quickly making my way up the staircase to my flat. The place looked impeccable I wouldn’t need to waste any time straightening up before my lover arrived.

I knew from previous attempts to curl my long tresses that I’d not have time to shampoo dry and curl it, so I twisted it up in a tight bun and quickly showered. After patting my body dry I applied a lovely lavender-scented lotion and slipped my new white lace thong on and plugged in the curling iron. When straight my long black hair cascades just below my waist, as I curled it in tight ringlets the length shortened to mid-back. I’d hoped those ringlets wouldn’t quite reach the top of white lace train which extends down the back of my gown. Curling my hair always builds a lot of heat around my head so I took my time letting each ringlet cool before moving on to the next. I finally finished the task at 4:15 PM. I expected Bill to arrive between a quarter of five and five o’clock, so I had thirty minutes to finish preparing my bridal surprise for him.

I carefully gathered the silk fabric of my stockings on my fingers and slipped one foot into the lace top hem, the last thing I wanted was a run, which would ruin my plans. Smoothing the sexy silk over my legs I checked to make sure the whiter seams ran perfectly straight up the back of my legs. I love the feel of silk on my thighs, and I knew Bill loved silk rather than the more durable nylon. My thighs are shapely enough that the elastic hidden in the lace hem held the stocking firmly in place on my long legs. When I was satisfied that my stockings were perfect I slipped my feet into and buckled the ankle strap of my white satin heels. Turning to face the make-up mirror I began by applying a tiny amount of blush to bring out my cheekbones just a little. I chose my favorite palest of green eye shadow and outlined by emerald green eyes with eyeliner. Since I’ve always felt my eyes should be the focal point of my face, I applied mascara to accentuate and lengthen my eyelashes.

I wanted my eyes to be the one part that portrayed passion, and sensuality, while the remainder of my appearance would depict me as a shy, demur almost virginal blushing bride. My choice of an ultra pale pink lip-gloss completed the exact look I had hoped for. My lips shimmered but the color was barely detectable.

Standing up from my make-up mirror at four thirty-five, I moved in front of the full-length mirror on the back of my closet door. This would be the image my lover would see once he’d slipped my gown off my shoulders and down my body. I was certain Bill would be pleased once our foreplay reached the point that he’d see me like this. I walked back to my make-up table and applied a dash of perfume to each side of my neck, and through the soft cleavage between my breasts.

I carefully stepped into the beautiful white gown, and positioned the thin straps over my shoulders, turning to make sure the crossed was perfectly in the middle of my back. My hair barely touched the bottom of the open back and hid none of the lace cascading three-tiered train. The hem of the gown reached perfectly to the top of my satin heels, and the train behind just touched the floor.

This outfit looked incredible I couldn’t wait for my lover to first lay his eyes on me. The satin fabric felt so luxurious sliding seductively as I moved. With the bonus of causing my nipples to become erect just having the sexy material against them. The plunging neckline gave my breasts an even more voluptuous appearance then I’d hoped for. I had just enough time to light a pair of lavender-scented jar candles on either side of my bed, and turn the white comforter down revealing silky smooth white satin sheets beneath as I stepped back from my bed I thought, what a perfect setting for a groom and his loving bride to consummate their union. Before I left the bedroom I pressed the power button on my stereo filling the room with very soft jazz.

My mantle clock showed four fifty as I walked into the living room to await my lover’s arrival. Not wanting to wrinkle my gown I paced the floor letting the anticipation of his knock on my door build as each minute passed. Five o’clock came and passed. At five-ten I started worrying. A minute or two later my cell phone rang. I picked it up and looked at the screen. Bill’s number appeared on the caller ID. A feeling of panic instantly engulfed me as I raised it to my ear. I feared that Bill was calling to cancel on me. To stand me up on the night when I’d planned to act out the consummation of our affair just like two newlyweds consummate their marriage.

I pressed the accept button and tentatively said, “Hi baby.”

“Hi Genevieve,” Bill replied.

He continued, “I have good news and bad news. Which do you want first?”

“I’ll take the bad news first Bill,” I said fearing the worst of bad news that he was not coming by.

“Okay baby, the bad news is I’m running late. I decided to stop at the wine and spirits shop for a bottle of champagne,” Bill said.

That bad news wasn’t so bad, he was only running late, I could deal with a tardy lover.

“The reason I wanted to get a bottle of champagne is that we’re going to celebrate the good news, which is that Tess is staying over I can spend the entire night with you Gen,” Bill said with an excited tone in his voice.

My instant reply was, “That’s not good news….” I paused letting him think there was a problem, “that’s absofuckinlutely incredible news!”

“I’m just leaving the wine shop I’ll be there in five minutes,” Bill said.

“When you get here the door will be unlocked, just come in okay, I’ll be waiting inside,” I said.

Before I flipped my phone closed I pushed the power off button knowing I’d not be accepting any other calls tonight. Since I’d invited my lover to enter without knocking I would now have the chance to let his first glimpse of me be the entire image. I decided to lean against the corner of the entrance of the short hall to my bedroom. That way I could sashay across the living room and allow him to enjoy seeing me move in this incredibly sensual gown.

As I leaned against the wall positioning my long ringlets of silky black hair perfectly along the sides of my satin covered breasts and smooth lavender-scented arms, waiting for the door to open my heart rate climbed beating ever so faster as the seconds ticked away. My nipples became taut and erect piercing at the satin fabric covering them my body trembled with anticipation until I watched the doorknob turn, and the door open. My lover stepped inside and closed the door behind him. He first glanced toward the kitchen.

“I’m here,” I whispered.

To be continued…..

To those readers who have joined Genevieve’s story midway, I’d suggest reading from Chapter One to understand where she’s been and how her Transformation has brought her to this point.

I encourage feedback from my readers. Please let me know if you enjoy Gen’s story

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